the stove in the studio

The Best Q&A

(Sammy’s pov)
Y/N and I are at my house. We’ve been dating for about 5 months and we don’t live together but she’s almost always at my house or I’m at hers because we live pretty far apart. She’s in the kitchen fixing lunch while I’m on the couch watching tv. I look over at her just to see a beautiful view. My stunning girlfriend wearing my shirt, I love it when she wears my clothes. I dont know why, maybe it’s the fact that it assures me that she’s mine or maybe it’s because they’re huge on her and it’s cute. I just love her, but she doesn’t know that.
(Y/N pov)
I’m in the middle of cutting the sandwiches I made for Sammy and myself when I feel two arms snake around my waist. I giggle as Sammy starts to kiss my cheeks repeatedly. I turn around to face him, both of us smiling insanely. He goes in for a kiss but I quickly dodge it and dash for the living room. “Ooooh no you didn’t” he says as he chases after me. I laugh as I’m at one end of the couch while he’s at the other, both of us ready for movement. I look at the stairs, then Sammy figuring the distance was far enough to get by him. I quickly try to dash for the stairs but Sammy latches his arm around me throwing me on the couch. I spring up grabbing his arms and pinning him down on the couch, straddling him. Panting from all the sudden movement, we stare at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Until I loosen my grip on him and he sits up. Still straddling him from the previous position, I put my arms around his neck. He puts his hands on my waist.
(Sammy’s pov)
“Babe?” I ask Y/N who’s on my lap facing me, arms around my neck. “Yea?” She responds staring into my eyes. “Can I ask you something?” I say “yea of course” she responds hopping off my lap and on the the couch beside me. “So there’s this friend I have-” I clear my throat and continue, “so my friend he um, he’s been dating this girl for almost a year and uh-” I try to make not so obvious that I’m talking about myself, and Y/N and my’s relationship. “Mhm go on” she says putting her hand on my thigh “basically he was telling me that he likes her a lot” I say “I would hope so if they’ve been together for that long” she laughs. “Haha” I nervously chuckle and continue “well he said that he thinks- he knows he loves her and he doesn’t know if he should tell her or not because he doesn’t know if she feels the same way and he thinks the period of time in which they’ve been together is too short to pull that love card. So my question is what should I- what should I tell him to do?” I quickly finish. She looks me dead in the eye, it was like she was staring into my soul. She studies my face for a bit more until she starts to jump back into the conversation saying “well Sammy, my advice is. To tell your friend, that love has no due date, and there are some people who fall in love after the first hello-” she smiles and continues “so when he’s ready, he should tell her because I guarantee that she is in love with him too and has been waiting for him this whole time.” She finishes kissing my cheek and walking off to the kitchen. I start to think long and hard about what Y/N said. Until she arrives back with the sandwiches she made earlier. We proceed to eat and watch some tv, until the time comes where I have to go to the studio.
(Y/N pov)
Sammy and I finish eating. While I’m bringing the plates to the kitchen Sammy comes up from behind me again hugging me “ohhhhh not again” I say turning around to face him. “You know I’m still missing that kiss from earlier” he says wiggling his eyebrows, I look at the stove clock to see it’s about time for Sammy’s studio session. “Isn’t it time for you to go to the studio?” I ask, he looks at the clock and jumps “OH SHIT! FUCK, yeah” he races to grab his belongings while I finish cleaning up the kitchen. Once I’m done which was fairly quick, I see Sammy is about to leave. As I’m grabbing a water bottle from the fridge, Sammy grabs my butt spinning me around and smashing his lips into mine. He grabs my waist bringing me closer to him if that was even possible, after about 15 seconds we pull apart breathing a bit heavily. “Bye baby oh and when I come back we have to make a Q&A for my channel, the fans wanna see wassup” he says laughing a bit “Ok, I might have to go run a few errands, stop by my house and meet up with some people but I’ll be here by the time you come back” I say. He smiles and nods leaving off to the studio.
(Sammy’s pov)
*at the studio*
Johnson gets out of the booth once he finishes his verse, “that was straight fire bro!” I say giving him the handshake as he approaches me Skate and Gilinsky. “Yeah man this songs gonna be dope” Gilinsky adds on, we all agree as Skate gets the weed out starting to roll up a few joints. “Yo G how’s Madison?” I ask him “she’s good why do you ask?” He questions “well ahh I was just wonderin’, when did you tell her you loved her?” I ask him my head facing downward avoiding eye contact. “Ooohh looks like someone got bit by the love bug, not surprised” Johnson says “yeah yeah whatever” I say taking a hit from a joint Skate passed to me. “You think you love Y/N bro?” Gilinsky asks “I mean I know I do, it’s just I don’t know if it’s the right time and-” Gilisnky cuts me off saying “and if she loves you back or if it’s too early, trust me I’ve been there” he takes a hit continuing “let me tell you this, when I told Mads I loved her all the weight came off my shoulders, it was by far the best decision I’ve made. We were friends for a while and one day we sat each other down and I was just like look I’m in love with you. And she felt the exact same.” “yeah but Y/N and I haven’t been together that long, isn’t it too soon tell her I’m IN LOVE?” I say “so? If you love her now why wait?” Gilinsky says. Then Johnson chimes in saying “I guarantee she loves you back bro, it’s all about the connection and how you guys feel. I may be single but I know about love”. “Johnson does know wassup and that’s a whole fact” Skate says. “Soooo what should I do?” I ask them. They all look at each other for a second and then say “do what you think is right”. I sigh as we change the subject, yet Y/N is always on my mind. After about a three hour studio session I notice it’s about time for me to head home. “Alright guys imma head out” I say. “Aight cool see ya later Sammy” Skate says “see ya Wilk” Gilinsky says “let us know how that Y/N thing goes” Johnson says. Suddenly an idea pops into my head “bye guys” I say as I rush out the studio on my way home. I text Y/N to see if she’s at my place.
Me: baby u home?
Babe❤:at your place yeah
Babe❤: hurry!
Me:why what’s wrong??
Babe❤️: I miss you :(
(Y/N pov)
I was setting up everything for Sammy’s video when he walks in the door, panting as if he ran a mile. “Hey…Sam you good?” I ask confused “yeah,” he pants and continues “I’m just so excited for this Q&A, there are some great questions” he says “yea I started setting up the camera” I say gesturing to the camera. “Ohh I got that just sit riggggghhhttt here” he says placing me on the couch in front of the camera. He goes to turn the camera on adjusting it a bit until he comes and sits down next to me. “Ready?” He asks “yup” I smile and he starts the intro. “What’s up everybody it is your boy Sam Wilkinson and I’m here today with my girl Y/N” he says smiling at me throwing his arm around my shoulders. I smile at the camera as he continues “and today we are doing a Q&A which is what y'all asked for”. Sammy taps my shoulder slightly indicating that I should continue on “we got the questions off of Twitter by tweeting the hashtag ‘Ask Sammy&Y/N’ and thank you so much for trending WORLD WIDE, we appreciate the love and dedication, we love you all so much annnddddd first question Sammy?” I say and he starts. “What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you at a concert” he says chuckling. “Well, this one time-” I decide to cut him off “SAMMY FUCKING RIPPED HIS PANTS ON STAGE IT WAS HILARIOUS!” I yell laughing. Sammy being embarrassed, sticks his head in the crook in my neck and mumbles “stooopp, I wore these really tight pants and when I got on I was really hype and jumpy and….” he starts to fade out. “It’s ok baby it happens sometimes” I say but I gesture 'no it doesn’t’ to the camera, he’ll find that out once he starts editing. “And I had to go out on stage and help him get off without being exposed because keep in mind he ripped his underwear too, not that everyone hasn’t seen his nudes alrea-” Sammy cuts me off “OK OK that’s enough, next question”.
We get through many questions about tours and social media and the occasional relationship questions until some… unusual ones start to pop up.
(Sammy’s pov)
I decide after about 10min to start throwing in the serious questions. “What do you think about Y/N?” Y/N reads “Hmmm Sammy whatcha think about meh?” She adds on giggling. I smile and respond “I think you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever laid my eyes on”. She smiles at me, as if for a moment she forgot we were supposed to be filming because we were staring at each other for what seemed like hours. I then decided to speak “in fact,” I pause and look at the camera “Y/N is the probably the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me” “oh stoooooopp” she says blushing “No, actually I have to say something.” I say looking at Y/N then the camera then back to her and I continue “Y/N, you are so goddam beautiful, like I don’t think you understand how fucking stunning you are. You’re always talkin’ 'oh Sam I look so ugly today or wow I wish I was as pretty as her’, bullshit. If you could see yourself for a day in the way everyone else sees you, I think you’d finally understand how fucking gorgeous you are.” “Sammyyyyyyy” she says putting her head in my chest out of embarrassment. “Wait baby I’m not done” I say as she lifts her head, her glistening eyes gazing into mine. “I hope you know that every time I tell you to text me when you get home, put on your seat belt, watch your step, stay warm, sweet dreams or have a good day what I’m really saying is I love you. I love you so damn much that it’s starting to steal other words meanings. I didn’t want to fall in love or need someone
I really didn’t want anything 6 months ago, but then you came along and I wanted everything. So Y/N I’m telling you that I Samuel Wilkinson am in love with you, and when I tell you this it’ll be a forever reminder that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me” I finally finish. From the moment I said the words 'I love you’ her eyes lit up, she engulfs me in the best hug. Not just any hug, one of those tight 'lift me up off the floor mama bear hugs’ the hugs were you can feel the other persons heartbeat and a sense of care and love flows. Still hugging me she speaks “Sammy, baby, my love. I’ve been waiting to hear those words for the longest time, ever since we met I’ve known we were special. That the way we talk and laugh around each other is different than everyone else, that I will never meet anyone I trust as much as I do you. And I think most people search their whole lives searching for the thing that we’ve already found.” She pauses and lets go from our previous hugging position, holding my hands “Truthfully I could talk to you all night and day and still have a billion words to say, but too many words become meaningless. So I’ll leave it at that you Samuel Wilkinson are the most wonderful person I’ve ever met, and I couldn’t imagine my life without you in it.” She finishes. We stare into each others eyes both smiling from ear to ear. It’s like we read each other’s minds when we both leaned in for a kiss.
(Y/N pov)
It was like our first kiss all over again, the rhythm perfect, the sensation of each others lips unimaginable. But there was one big difference, it was out of love and that had to be the best feeling in the world. After we break apart I turn around to see the camera still sitting there, I walk closer to it to turn it off. I look to see that the camera is already off. Confused, I look up to see a grinning Sammy looking back at me.

Making of soot..

So I received a couple of questions lately about Fuliggine and to answer I’m going to make a “making of” post, telling also some trivia about the comic. Ready with a cup of tea, let’s get started. 

I wrote Soot many many years ago, to feature in a collection of other spooky stories by me, it was mainly inspired by my childhood memories and by the magical creatures of soot in Ghibli’s movies

One of my uncles has a big old house in the mountains, we used to go there often and my grandparents too, on vacation. Differently from the kid in the story I was never alone, always playing with my borthers and cousins there. The big house was full of misterious places which triggered our imagination. We invented a lot of games and they were like enchanted moments. They lasted one day or two then they could not come again, because something just changed: one of us had to leave, we were on a bad mood, that room was closed, bad weather, or simply lost interest…

But I don’t like to make things in order to have one and only meaning, or at least this was not the purpose of this comic. So we can’t be sure that it was just the boy’s imagination, that coming out of the chimney and seeing himself all black by soot he pretended to be a black animal and had fun. And then because the chimney gets all new by the chimneysweep, he could not imagine it any more. 

Maybe soot is really bewitch… yes, this is also possible. He says that at the end: what he knows is just that he never transformed again. 

So I will not say that my comic is about how imagination works for children, but it is largely inspired by this. And secondly, every other interpretation is open and accepted. After all is a little spooky story.

Here is the storyboard..

There are some differences from the comic, like first animal was the cat, second the cockroach and then the crow, I inverted them because I thought the flying scene was more impressing for a beginning. 

That house exists!! Unfortunately I lost the photo which was my reference, I did it myself. This other photo is just an exemple, very closed to the original house as you can see. It is the kind of tipical architecture of the old houses here. I just love it, it’s like real life Ghibli Studio. 

The first concept for the stove was a bit more detailed. I wanted the type of old stove of South-Tyrol. It’s very big but the chimney is not so big so that a boy can climb it, like a fireplace chimney. But a fireplace has no door, I could not create the right situation with it. So I dealt with the issue drawing a sort of oven for pizza..

Well, I originally meant to make the cat episode more adventurous, hunting a mouse, jumping on trees, but then I looked at my cats and they answered to the question what cats like to do mostly, of course, sleeping. Isn’t it so?

 You know no old man can turn their spine in that way, maybe no human being can.. it’s 180 degrees or what, this makes me laugh every time I see it. Anyway, Giovanna is the actual name of my grandmother. 

And with this important information I’m finished, I hope you guys liked this post even if it was a bit long, I hope that I have fulfilled your curiosity. I’m eventually considering on making a video version for a second time, leave a comment if you please, and stay tuned for my next comic coming next month. Ciao!    

art history meme • [2/7] sculptures and other media: antonio canova - paolina borghese

It is a matter of debate as to whether she actually posed naked for the sculpture, since only the head is a realistic (if slightly idealised) portrait, whilst the nude torso is a neo-classically idealised female form. When asked how she could pose for the sculptor wearing so little, she reputedly replied that there was a stove in the studio that kept her warm, though this may be apochryphal. 

Canova was first instructed to depict Pauline Bonaparte fully clothed as the chaste goddess Diana, but Pauline insisted on Venus. She had a reputation for promiscuity, and may have enjoyed the controversy of posing naked. The subject of the sculpture may have also been affected by the Borghese family’s mythical ancestry: they traced their descent to Venus, through her son Aeneas, the founder of Rome.

Daguerreotype portrait of two unidentified men wearing top hats, c. 1840′s/1850′s. Possibly a double exposure portrait of one man.

Source: University of Kentucky.

64 days in heaven and hell (122)
Day 35, November 26
Van Gogh felt that his dream of a ‘Studio of the South’ was falling apart. First there were Gauguin’s plans to return to the tropics. Then there had been last week’s letter of “Les XX’ who invited him to participate in their next exhibition in Brussels. It made Van Gogh think that he might want to move to Belgium’s capital altogether.

You know that Gauguin has been invited to exhibit at the Vingtistes. His imagination is already leading him to think of settling in Brussels, which would indeed be a means of finding himself in a position to see his Danish wife again. (Letter 723 to his brother Theo, on or about  December 1, 1888)   

Unfortunately, Van Gogh didn’t express these concerns in a straightforward way to Gauguin, but in the studio, discussions flared up.

Gauguin must have felt relieved when he set off on his own  to the Roubine du Roi to make sketches for a few landscapes that he had in mind. This scene with the washerwomen was the first of those.

Anyway, Van Gogh preferred to stay in the warmth of their studio:

Working in the heat of a stove doesn’t bother me, but the cold isn’t for me, as you know. (Letter 723 to his brother Theo, on or about  December 1, 1888)

Paul Gauguin, Les laveuses (Washerwomen), November 1888. Oil on burlap, 75.9 x 92.1 cm. Museum of Modern Art, New York

Only One Rule

Pairing: Michael Clifford & (y/n)
Rating: Smut. Contains mature content, if this makes you uncomfortable or if you’re young, please don’t read!
Words: 3,500
Request: No
Summary: Michael and (Y/n) get into a heated argument that leads them to bring back their old tricks.

“Hi Mom.” My iPhone was currently being held between my ear and my right shoulder as I sat my almost one-year-old daughter in her high chair. She babbled happily while I searched the fridge for baby food.

“Hello darling.” Her voice sent a smile to my face. Living in Australia had been my idea, Michael toured around the world for months and I knew that after all of that time of not having a set location he would be extremely homesick and longing for some familiarity. This was a sacrifice I made for Michael, the rest of my family was in America, and I would go home and visit while he was on tour, but having a small baby made it difficult for me to make causal trips to the states.

“What’s up?” I began to feed Cara her peas and carrots mixture to which she gladly accepted.

“My birthday is in a month, and I would love to see my granddaughter.”

“Ah, you want to see your granddaughter but not your daughter, I see how it is.”

“Of course I want to see you honey! You know what I mean…”

“Well, I’ll look into plane tickets and get back to you. It would be nice to see everyone.”

“Here comes your father looking for dinner, send Michael and Cara my love!”

“Love you too mom.” I set down my phone and continued to feed my happy daughter.


The doctor had warned me that teething was well on the way. I held my screaming little girl in my arms as she screamed bloody murder and there was nothing I could do about it. The screaming was making my ears throb and my headache was slowly turning into a migraine. I glanced at the clock on the stove showing that Michael would be home from the studio and I let out a sigh of relief knowing that I could definitely use an extra hand right now.


The front door slammed shut signaling that Michael was home. Usually Michael entered the house calm and excited to see both of his girls, but he was human and every now and again he would throw a temper tantrum to show he was upset and would stomp around the house waiting for me to cheer him up again.

As the door slammed shut Cara’s eyes grew wide before even more wailing endured. I rolled my eyes in annoyance as I continued to rock her in my arms as Michael stomped into the kitchen.

“Michael, leave your attitude at the door. I’m not in the mood.”

“Clearly.” He sighed noticing his screaming daughter, he gestured his hands out opening his arms to take his precious little girl. “Here, let me try.”

“Go for it before I lose my mind.”

“What’s wrong baby, what’s got you all worked up?” Michael cooed as he rocked his daughter softly in his arms.

Crossing my arms I took in the sight of my husband soothing our tiny daughter and even thought it was a sight that I had seen many times before, it still melted my heart.

“Why are you in a bad mood?” I asked when her sobs soften to just a few sporadic tears.

“I fucking sucked in the studio.”

“Michael Gordon, language.”

“Sorry,” he mumbled before smoothing Cara’s soft hair. “I was off the whole day, I wouldn’t be surprised if they made me redo everything I recorded today again.”

“So you had an off day, it happens to the best of us. Are you hungry?”

“No, the guys and I ordered Chinese there.”

I nodded before making my way over to the living room, if he already ate that meant I had the free pass to sit back and relax. Cara had settled peacefully in his arms and in a few moments I knew she would be sound asleep.

“Did you already give her a bath?”

“Yep, she’s all ready for bed.”

“Be right back.” He said before taking her upstairs to the nursery. I got my laptop out and began searching for flights to visit my family.

“What are you looking at?” Michael asked curiously while taking a seat next to before turning on our large flat screen television.

“Plane tickets.”

“Where are we going babe?”

“To see my mom for her birthday.”

“But, her birthday is in February.” He questioned.

“That it is.”

“I’ll be home in February recording.”    

“I know. But, my mom really misses us. Well Cara mostly, I come second now apparently.” I gave a light laugh, but he didn’t reciprocate the action.

“What about me?” His lips were turned down in a slight pout and I rolled my eyes at the notion.

“Well duh, she misses you too Michael.”

“No. I meant like what about me? This is one of the few times I’m home all year, and you two are leaving me?”

I shot him a puzzled look.

“I mean, we’ve been here with you for half of December and the entire month of January, she has only seen her twice in her life, Michael.”

Michael got up and went to the fridge to pull out a beer before flopping back onto the couch while propping his feet up on the coffee table.

“I’ll only stay for a week max.”

“Fine.” He took a long swig and directed all his attention to the TV.

“Not sure when I got two children… I don’t remember that happening.” I mumbled.

“I’m sorry if I’m a little upset (Y/n). I’m gone for months at a time and the whole time you make me feel guilty saying how much you miss me, how much my daughter misses me and then when I’m home you’re looking at plane tickets to leave the fucking country.” Michael was fighting to urge to not full on scream at me. It was rare that Michael and I ever fought. We were normally both very laid back, it was clear the stress of the day was taking a toll on us both.

“You’re acting like I’m going on some fancy vacation, I’m going to see my parents Michael!”

“Just forget it. You obviously don’t give a shit how I feel.”

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. You’re mad at me because I am not catering to your every need for once? Well, grow up princess!” I yelled before standing up to leave the living room, if there was a door I would have slammed it in his face.

I huffed up the stairs to our large master bedroom where I sat on the bed allowing a few tears to slide down my face.

The sound of the door opening caught my attention and I quickly wipe them away.

“I’m sorry.” He said as he sat down next to me on our shared king sized bed.

“You didn’t have to be so mean.”

“I know. I just had a tough day, all I wanted to do was lay with you but instead I saw you searching for plane tickets, and the thought of us being apart so soon again, it was just another bad component of an already shitty day.”

“I shouldn’t have yelled at you, like you said just the stress of today took ahold.”

Gently Michael grabbed my face and pulled me in for a light peck. “I love you.” He whispered into my ear.

I sighed as I pulled back in for another kiss this time adding tongue, of course his tongue fought with mine for dominance. But I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way; this was my loving husband, not that one that had been a complete and total dick downstairs.

As our kiss became more and more passionate I pulled away from him resting my hands on his chest as he wined from the distance before I bit my lip and as an idea popped into my head. It had been awhile since I acted in such a matter, but I knew Michael would appreciate the gesture, greatly.

I got off the bed to sit on the ground; I took my dainty hands and set them on his knees before I grabbed ahold of both of his legs before spreading them wide. I then unzipped his black skinny jeans and slowly brought them down so they were resting on his ankles.

“Baby, I should be doing this for you. I was a dick.” He whispered as his hand halted mine from reaching into his boxers.

“Yes, you were. But trust me you’ll deal with me later.” I slapped his hand away before sliding his boxers off completely. I wrapped my hand around his dick giving a few tugs until it was stiff and red.

I nodded my head in satisfaction before I got to work on him. A simple peck was placed on his tip before I tucked my hair behind my ears so I could give tiny kitten licks to lick off the precum that was forming.

I withdrew my hand causing Michael to groan from the loss of contact. I smiled before I licked the vein underneath his dick causing him to become putty in my hands.

“What if I take all of you, will that make you feel better?” I suggested with raised eyebrows before taking him all in my mouth choking down my gag reflexes simultaneously.

“Fuck yes!” Michael let out a rough groan as I began sucking him off.

Slowly I pulled it out of my mouth giving the tip a quick kiss before batting my eyelashes. “Your cock is so big baby. It’s a struggle. But I’ll manage.” I winked before taking it back into my mouth. Stroking his ego, like all guys drove him absolutely insane.

Michael grabbed my hair with his hand creating a make shift ponytail as he pulled me back and forth so my head was bobbing up and down on his dick.

“Fuck baby, you’re right this is exactly what I needed.”

Michaels other hand reached out to pinch my hard nipple threw my shirt causing me to moan in the process of sucking him off. The vibrations from my mouth to his cock had him rolling his head in pleasure.

Michaels grip tighten in my hair and he forced me down a bit harder than the last times causing my eyes to water as I gaged a bit.

“Babe, I’m so sorry!” His voice was soft as he detached himself from me completely.

“It’s okay.” I said with a small laugh wiping the few tears from my eyes. “Just give me a sec.”

He nodded to which I cleared my throat before stroking him a few times before taking him all in my mouth again. Michael was hesitant at first to grip my hair and help bob me up and down on him but after a while the pleasure took over his anxious thoughts.

With him hitting the back of my throat I pulled out to catch my breath, taking the moment to lick the vein along his cock causing a loud grunt to escape his lips before taking it back in again.

My hands went to cup his balls massaging them while I sucked on his pulsating member.

“Fuck baby,” Michael gasped as his mouth flew open in a moment of pure ecstasy.

I could feel his member twitch within my mouth so I pulled it out only leaving the tip in to savor the taste of him. Strand after strand of cum flew freely into my mouth while Michael was having a field day. His eyes flew shut, his head fell back and loud manly grunts were filling up the room.

I closed my eyes as well feeling myself become wet from seeing Michael reach his orgasm. I made sure to swallow every last bit of him before removing his cock from my mouth to bat my eyelashes up at him innocently before licking what had escaped off of my lips.

“You taste just as good as I remember.”

“Thank you for that.” He said with a quick kiss to the crown of my head.

I nodded before standing up to straddle him on the bed.

I grabbed them hem of his shirt pulling it off over his head with ease before giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Is it my turn, daddy?” I purred as I scratched my nails down the front of his bare chest. His breathing picked up immediately and a wicked grin crossed his plump lips at the nickname.

“Oh God, you have no idea how much I’ve missed that.”

With both hands firmly grasping my ass Michael picked me up and tossed me onto the bed.

His hands went to remove my leggings while I tossed my shirt off, throwing it to the other side.

His skinny jeans were still pooled at his ankles and with a huff of frustration he jerked them off and threw them across the room. I let out a small laugh as I lay there in my black lingerie.

“Don’t laugh at me.” He unclasped my bra slowly pulling the material down before taking in the view of my breasts leaving him to sigh in wonder.

Hips lips carelessly attacked my chest, licking, pinching, and sucking all over my breasts before paying attention to each nipple.

“You want me to tie you up kitten?” he purred into my ear. I moaned at the thought, again it wasn’t something Michael and I had done in a while and the mere thought of the memories had me swooning for him.

“Answer me.” His voice dark clouded by lust asked.

“Yes, daddy, please.”

A wicked smile came over his normally sweet lips, and I felt a shiver run down my spine at the thought of this dark side coming out only for my eyes to see.

Reaching into the bedside table Michael pulled out a black bandana, he didn’t waste anytime before taking my hands and putting them overtop of my head. He tied my hands together to the headboard with the bandana while I squirmed underneath him trying to wiggle in some friction to relieve some of my sexual frustration.

“Patience baby.” He smirked before scattering kisses down my neck all the way to my naval, stopping as I wined underneath him as he got closer and closer to where I craved him the most.

His finger ghosted over the outline of my panties before lightly touching over my center through the panties shaking his head. I could feel the wetness escaping from me already.

Slowly his hands dragged the black lace material down my legs and balled them in his fist before taking them and thrusting them into my mouth.

“Taste how wet you are for me? I haven’t even touched you yet. Why are you such a dirty girl?” he asked before taking his long middle finger and rubbing it up and down my slit.

“No talking tonight, unless you’re calling me daddy. Those are the rules.”

I nodded my head showing I was game before he took my legs and spread them as far as they would go. Licking his lips in anticipation he put himself in between my legs and smiled up at me.

“I swear; you have the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen.”

With that his lips latched onto my clit sucking relentlessly. My body began to shake as I felt myself relax in ecstasy.

He slipped a finger in and slowly began to finger me. While his sucking on my clit surely had me all worked up and the taste of myself from the panties in my mouth would surely be enough to send me over the edge, I knew Michael better, and he was holding back on me and my hips bucked aggressively.

I took my skilled tongue to shove the panties out of my mouth before sassily shooting him daggers, as he looked up, boy if looks could kill.

“Michael, please do something.”

“Excuse you?”

His eyes were a completely different shade then they had been moments before. I felt a lump in my throat form as I instantly regretted my decision to provoke him.

“I’m sorry daddy, it slipped.” He let his hand smack my ass leaving me to wince in pain.

“Don’t let it happen again, or I promise you will regret it.”

I bit my lip and nodded showing that I would happily follow his lead.

Two fingers dug back into me as I made a weak attempt to control my uneven breathing. His skilled fingers dug into me curling up perfectly sending me into a fit of moans. His lips were swirling all over my center causing my legs to shake, but I wanted more.

“Oh daddy,” I moaned and I knew I had sparked him as he began to nip at me with his teeth. A mixture of pleasure and pain formed in my center as I felt my toes began to curl as my head flew back into our large fluffy pillows. I wanted to grab his hair so badly but the bandana kept me from doing that only adding to the intensity of it all.

Moments away from a mind shattering orgasm I allowed my mouth to fall open as my vision began to blur, “Oh my God, Michael right there…”

Everything he had been doing moments before immediately stopped. And I realize that I had broken the rule twice.

“I’m sorry daddy!” I wined like a child, I really just needed his lips on me again as I was flustered from not being able to cum.

“You knew the rules.” He slapped the right side of my ass about ten times causing my eyes to fill with tears.

“I was right there!” I wined hoping he would find sympathy on me. “I wouldn’t do that you daddy.” I pouted with a huff.

“You’re not in charge.”

“You’re right, I’m sorry daddy.”

“If you promise to be good, I’ll let you cum.”

“I promise.”

Michael lined up his hard dick up at my entrance before pushing into me. I whimpered as my walls began to stretch around for him.

“Perfect fucking fit.” He groaned before grabbing my hips in his hands. My legs hooked around his waist before he lodged deep inside of me causing my breath to get caught in my throat. He pulled out before slamming into me once again.

It had been a few days since we had last been this intimate and I could already feel my stomach bubbling up ready for it’s release.

“Faster, daddy” I moaned as I began to pepper kisses on his collarbone while he thrust into me.

“I’m going to need you to beg for it.”

I rolled my eyes but obliged anyway not sparing on the dramatics, I knew he liked that best.

“Please, please daddy. Fuck me faster-“ and he did just that. He sped up his speed and increased the pressure inside of me. His right hand let go on my hip as he brought it up to pinch my nipple causing me to make out a deep moan.

I was an unraveling mess as Michael continued to plow into me. He stopped giving my breasts attention as he placed his thumb on my clit before rubbing it in circles.

“Are you going to be a good girl and cum for daddy?”

“Yes, oh God,” My head fell back onto the pillows as I shut my eyes, pleasure coursing through my veins like electricity once again.

I bucked my hips forward causing him to thrust even deeper than previously before, my walls beginning to clench around him.

“Fuck, FUCK,” Michael panted over top of me as his thrusts began to grow sloppier.

“I’m going to,” but I screamed as his cock rammed into my g-spot causing my body to go completely limp underneath him. My vision was gone, my body was numb and I felt 100% better now that I had my release.

“Holy shit!” Michael exclaimed before I felt his cock twitch inside of me releasing thick spurts of cum.

His head fell harshly onto my shoulder causing me to open my eyes as his hot breath panted onto my shoulder, his hands gripping my ass for dear life.

Once he had finished cumming he released his firm grip and rolled over beside me to catch his breath.

“Baby, can you untie me now? My arms have gone numb…”

Michael’s eyes widen as he took in my appearance before getting up to untie my arms. “Shit, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s alright, I might have enjoyed it.”

“Might have? You were fucking screaming, I can’t believe Cara isn’t crying through the baby monitor right now.”

I slapped his arm lightly, a bit embarrassed, but he grabbed my face in his hands kissing me softly before pulling away from me with a crooked smile. “You can go visit your parents every month as long as we continue to have sex like that.” 

[TRANSLATION] Lay - 140812 Modern Music: "Lay's Individual Schedules Exclusive Collection"

External image

Secret files
“The previous issue’s exclusive interview showcased LAY as a dedicated idol, a member of a top group, and an active composer full of layers, with a wholesome image. But Zhang Yixing, as LAY, who presented all sorts of details in his three day schedule, even a bursting issue full of curveballs is unable to capture all the details. With the principle of serving everyone, Dang (Note: Interviewer) went back to the issue again, to ensure no loveable moment of LAY-kun’s was missed.

External image

Keyword 1. T-shirt
Before the interview, Dang was on Weibo doing a straw poll, hoping to determine the public’s points of interest regarding LAY. Everyone’s reaction was very active and enthusiastic, and they one asked many questions, but Dang discovered that everyone’s questions nearly always had a ‘When are you going to distribute the clothes’ component. Actually, before EXO’s first concert, LAY revealed on his personal Weibo that T-shirts he had personally printed with his name, 'Xing’, would be given out on his birthday, and these shirts clearly remained im the fans’ memory. Although the company would have made the arrangements for him, the basic message still has to be looked into. Following is Dang and Yixing’s talk pertaining to the T-shirts.
Q: They’re all asking when you’ll be distributing the T-shirts.
A: Ah, T-shirts…
Q: Actually, the fans will all obediently wait for your original, but you will be unable to block Taobao’s (Note: China’s premier online marketplace, analogous to Amazon and eBay) explosion of versions.
A: Hahahahahahaha, aren’t those on Taobao fakes. Mine is the original ah.
Q: Why does the version you made only has the word 'Xing’? But the one you have has the word 'Ye’ (Note: The single word means 'grandfather’, but is colloqually used to refer to a 'man’ or a 'bro’ in the phrase '爷们’)
A: My clothes are purely 100% made by hand, only my version has the word 'Ye’. Everyone can just wear 'Xing’ and that’s alright, ai ya, I originally didn’t post the 'Ye’ word in a photo, but when I was coming out of the car into the stadium in those few seconds I was photographed with the word 'Ye’ on the back OTL.
Q: But how do you want to distibute this? Is it to be something like a uniform?
A: Firts, everyone don’t panic and don’t go to Taobao. This is what I made myself with my own money, but I don’t have much money so maybe I will make 200 pieces? Then during my birthday I will give these to my fans through the company, but the details will have to depend on the company’s arrangements.
Q: So the order is for fans to not blindly go to Taobao, but obediently wait for the original?
A: Yes.

External image

Keyword 2. Fish and Hosting
Yixing was once revealed by the entire team to be a masterchef, as long as there are eggs there is nothing he can’t make. At that time he proudly displayed his dimple on one side; Dang still mocked him, 'make it on the spot then we can talk’, and he countered that the studio didn’t have a stove or a pan, don’t mention the past again. When he got back to the country his first personal schedule was to go to an outdoor shooting and make a meal, and he even made braised carp - that commonly made dish, but one that’s difficult to master. You don’t say, sliding a fish into a pan without breaking the fish’s skin, the thick sauce with good flavour, rather beautiful handiwork. But the first slap of Yixing’s confidence didn’t extend to the hosting recording at night. Having watched the programme’s BTS, everyone knows this, although 'tomorrow bye bye’, 'kicking a ball, hitting a human’, 'Star Walk’, these sorts of spontaneous errors did get full marks for cuteness. But regarding these fields that he is relatively more foreign to, Yixing’s ambition and self-condfidence is still pretty big. It’s just that, the more you want to do it well, the more you end up tripping over your own words. Or, perhaps we should put it this way: many new hosts freeze on on the spot, and it even happened to him for a while, but the frustration and anxiety only appeared for a short while, quickly to be replaced by an active 'searching for a solution’ state. He started to record and was quickly searching for a method to enter the correct state and to not trip up. He humbly and enthusiastically continuously communicated with the producer and a few cameramen, and when he made mistakes he apologised and actively looked for a solution, without saying anything unnecessary. When you mention that he hasn’t eaten and was working very hard, he would shake his head like a drum, ”'I’m not tired, you are all the more tired.’ He knows that the programme staff can only finish work when recording ends, and this sort of sincere attitude quickly received recognition from everyone around him. Seeing this sort of Yixing, I recall him saying, 'Besides us, there are so many staff working for us, who would never say a word that they are tired no matter how hard they work, I must work hard even if just for them’. With this sort of common understanding, the long one-shot recording for seven episodes also became a very meaningful process, and at submission date, there were preparations for the next replacement hosting to be scheduled. With the valuable experience from before, I believe that letting Yixing record a further seven episodes, or even more, should also be completed smoothly.

External image

Keyword 3. Broadcast station’s rice box
During the day of the broadcast of Global Chinese Music Standings, Dang went to the television station’s rehearsal to have a look. Yixing arrived after Wang Su Long’s first rehearsal. Bringing the team passing the first row, he continuously greeted the director. I thought that the overall rehearsal was brought up, but he went all the way to the side of the stage to greet Wang Su Long, discussing about the interations during the performance, but it was the way of communication in the first meeting between a Libra and Virgo that was most interesting. All quiet words and polite requests, the two of them were dressed simply in personal white clothes, and with the two being the tallest members in their teams, from the side it looked like the meeting of two mountains bowing to each other. The scene was full of love. Later during the broadcast the interactions were great and in-sync, Xiao Long even joined the Xing fans off-stage in making the 'L’ sign, and later when Dang was conducting the interview, he was full of praises for Yixing ^^. That day, the television station had organised a backstage group media interview. As Dang hoisted the camera and followed the huge media team in for the interview, Yixing had already finished his makeup and was waiting to start. Seeing the bustled rush of camera equipment and media, he was a little startled. This was his first live-broadcast hosting gig, and was the first time for him to face so much media and cameras on his own, after his group weathered the recent storms and waves. To say that he was not nervous would be highly inaccurate. It was good that these media sisters had for the most part watched him debut and grow up, ensuring their interview questions weren’t too cutting, and their attitude wasn’t so forceful. Everyone knows that when he looks at the camera his eyelids won’t be raised very high, and his speaking pace is kept rather slow, which made the process of him answering questions rather interesting, often eliciting kind laughter from the media. It’s just that, in the middle there was a segment asking him to record production-style MD (Note: audio clip), on the contrary, he stuttered. After this he was a little regretful, scratching his head and looking at everyone apologetically. Dang carried the camera, taking photos and encouraging him, saying, 'It’s ok, say it out’. He pursed his lips and nodded, eventually getting past it. As for the live broadcast itself, although MC Zhang performed smoothly and confidently, he was constantly tense. The moment the broadcast finished, he whooped and ran back to the break room, with manager Cody unable to catch up behind him, only hearing his celebratory 'WOO LA’ shouts, as though relieved from a huge burden - although the subsequent Weibo was mistakenly sent, but MC Zhang performed very well, his hosting style was also very well suited to live broadcasts, and he will need to keep up the good work in the future.“

Credit: translation,, Source: wanlyn莞莞.

Original text: 当代歌坛.


WOOD SMOKE crystal series

Ashes from the wood stove in my studio were mixed into clear resin and poured into molds made from real crystals, giving them a dark translucence reminiscent of smoky quartz. Larger bits of charcoal and ash make for neat “inclusions” in the crystals.

for sale Friday 21st, 7pm eastern time,


64 days in heaven and hell (123)
Day 36, November 27
While Gauguin was exploring the Roubine du Roi, Van Gogh returned to an old love and ambition of his: the portrait. He preferred to stay in the comfortable warmth of the stove in his studio and portray the family of the postman Joseph Roulin  and his wife Augustine. Their oldest son, Armand, may have been the first to sit for him during that last week of November.

Vincent Van Gogh, Portrait d’Armand Roulin, c. November 27, 1888:
- Oil on canvas, 65 x 54.1 cm. Folkwang Museum, Essen, Germany (F 492, JH 1642)
- Oil on canvas, 65 x 54 cm. Museum Boymans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, Netherlands (F 493, JH 1643)

Are You Really Wearing That? - Ashton

Requested by anon - Ashton is being overprotective over what you wear when u guys wanted to go to some party

“Yeah, I can go with you but where is it?” I asked my best friend. I sense Ashton staring at me from across the room. 

“It’s at ‘Zero’ which is over there on Palace Street. Tina knows the bouncer there so we can get in for free” she tells me. 

“Tina doesn’t even like Lando but she is willing to go to his party?” I roll my eyes and try to ignore the feeling that Ashton is STILL staring at me. 

“That girl will pretend to like anyone if it gets her free entry and free booze” she laughs. 

“Yeah, I guess you are right. Okay, I will see you around 8 then” I reply.

“Okay, do I need to come pick you up?  Are the boys coming?”

“Not tonight, they have to finish recording, it’s the last night” I answer and I chance the glance up and I was right, Ashton could burn a hole through me with that look.

“Do you want me to bring that red dress I got in New York? I bet it would look awesome on you!” She asks me.

“No thanks, I’m a bit taller then you. I need a dress that will one past my butt” I laugh and she does too.

“Yeah, I suppose that’s true. Okay, see you later.”

“See you at 8 Meliss” I tell her and hang up the phone.

“Who is this Lando guy” Ashton asks as soon as the phone is hung up. 

“Some guy that we used to go to school with.”

“Have I ever met him?” He keeps pushing.

“No, because we were never really friends with him but apparently he invited on his Facebook and told them to bring friends.”

“So you weren’t directly invited? How do I know you will be safe?”

It’s his dad’s club or uncles or something so they want to get publicity. Tina knows the bouncer there and said we could get in for free and it’s just on Palace Street Ashton. It’s not like I’m going to Detroit. I figure since you will be here recording, I could go out and just let loose.“

"You need other people to do that? You can’t let loose with us?” he asks and I hear a little snideness in his voice.

“First of all Ashton, turn off the attitude. Second of all, I let loose with you guys at home but I can’t go out with you without 4,000 girls screaming for you. If anyone needs to get snippy here, it’s me. I don’t want to fight about this, I’m going to a party with my 2 best friends and I will be home when we are done.” I stand and go to leave the room.

“Where are you going now?” Ashton stands and walks towards me.

“I thought maybe I could shower and get ready if that is okay with you.”

“It’s only 4” he tries. I sigh and put my hands against his chest.

“Listen Ash, I don’t know what this is all about but you need to relax. There is a 20 minute drive back to the house, I need to shower, shave, pick an outfit, put some make up on and cook something to eat before I go.”

“Can I come home and have dinner with you then?” He says while looking away, almost embarrassed to ask.

“Sure Ash, I will cook for both of us.” I lift his face up. “I love you, you know that right?”

“Yeah, I know. I love you too baby” he says before kissing me on the lips and going back to playing with Michael’s guitar. I walk out of the room and to my car.


I had taken my shower and shaved about an hour and a half ago then spent time in my robe preparing dinner. I put home made meat balls in the oven and spread some garlic butter on bread to toast right before we ate. I looked at the clock. 

“Oh geeze! I better get going on my hair” I tell myself. I head back upstairs after one last check on the meatballs and set to work. I had put my hair up in a couple loose buns in the hope that it would curl nicely and it worked. I finished drying my hair and sprayed it into place then starting on my make up. As I placed the last of my powder on, opting to hold out on lipstick until dinner was over, I heard the door open. I made my way downstairs and found Ashton just kicking off his shoes. 

“It smells awesome in here baby” he smiles. 

“Thank you. I’m just about to put the pasta on so why don’t you go clean up” I tell him, knowing that his hands get dirty after a day in the studio. I turn the stove on and place the pot on top, take the meatballs out of the oven and place the sauce in a pan. Ashton walks up behind me and wraps his hands around my waist.

“I thought you would have been all dressed and ready by now” he tells me.

“No, I did my hair and most of my make up but I didn’t want to get dressed before eating spaghetti” I giggled.

“What are you going to wear?” He has a weird tone in his voice again.

“I planned on wearing that pink dress with the black sequins that fade from the bottom to the top” I tell him as I take the bread out and set the strainer in the sink. 

“How many people are going?" 

"I don’t know Ashton, probably a lot. It is at a club so probably normal club volume” I say in a huff as I strain the pasta and put it in a big bowl. Ashton sets the table as I mix the sauce and meatballs into the pasta. I hear him cut the bread and I bring the pasta to the table. We are silent as we eat but near the ending he places his fork down.

“I want to go to this thing with you.”

“Ashton, I’m going out with my girlfriends and you have to do your job. You need to finish recording tonight and I refuse to be the reason you don’t finish” I say, struggling to keep calm.

“There will be a lot of horny guys there and I don’t want you running off with them” he mumbles. I huff and stand. 

“Please clean up the table while I get dressed” I answer. After making my way upstairs, I take my robe off and slide into the pink dress. I adjust the straps and pick out a perfect lipstick to go with it along with my black clutch that matches my heels. I hear Ashton groan at the door.

“You are really going to wear that?” I can tell he is unhappy.

“Yes Ashton, I am really going to wear this and I am really going to go out with my friends and I am really going to have fun. I might even get crazy and have a drink or two because that is what people our age do. They don’t sit at home and wait alone for their boyfriends to get home from the studio” I snap. I feel bad for snapping but I can’t take his attitude anymore. “I don’t know why you have such an aversion to me going out and having fun with someone who isn’t you!” I practically shout. I hear a honk outside and look at my phone. “I’m going Ashton, get over it.” He follows me to the door but stops just as I reach for the handle.

“I just don’t want other guys approaching you and seeing this much and trying to get something from you. It’s not that I don’t trust you. I just….what if one of them has more to offer you then I do. What if he thinks he can take what he wants even if you don’t want it. What if I can’t get to you in time." 

"Are you jealous?” I ask, trying to hide a hint of laughter.

“I’m not jealous. I’m worried that something will happen and I can’t do anything. I can’t protect you if I am not there” he says sadly, opening the door for me. I give him a sad smile and lean in to kiss him.

“You don’t need to protect me Ash, not all the time. I have the pepper spray you got me in my purse and I know how to use my shoe as a weapon. I love you and don’t worry. I will text you and keep you up to date” I smile, give him another kiss and head out to Melissa’s car. Ashton still looks sad/worried and a little turned on. 

“I love you too Y/N” he tells me and stays at the door until we pull away. Melissa looks over at me.

“What is he scared of? That you will leave him?”

“No. He is scared that he can’t protect me.”

“He knows you once hit a man with your shoe who tried to kiss you when you didn’t want it right?” She laughs.

“Nah, that’s a story for another day” I laugh with her.