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So I had a free pizza available from Dominos, so I ordered my usual- medium double pepperoni, extra sauce, light cheese. The delivery woman came, but brought a pizza that was entirely different from what I ordered, still tipped 20% of what I should have paid had it not been free, because I’m not a monster. I was a little bit miffed, so I called the store to let them know there was a mistake- the dude who answered was entirely awesome, and offered to send me the correct pizza for no additional cost. 10 minutes later, a second free pizza arrives, along with a voucher for a free pizza as an apology for the wait…

Rather than getting one free pizza I got three. 

This story happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. It is already over. Nothing can be done to change it.

It is a story of love and loss, brotherhood and betrayal, courage and sacrifice and the death of dreams. It is a story of the blurred line between our best and our worst.

It is the story of the end of an age.

A strange thing about stories—

Though this all happened so long ago and so far away that words cannot describe the time or the distance, it is also happening right now. Right here.

It is happening as you read these words.

This is how twenty-five millennia come to a close. Corruption and treachery have crushed a thousand years of peace. This is not just the end of a republic; night is falling on civilization itself.

This is the twilight of the Jedi.

The end starts now.

— Matthew Stover, Revenge of the Sith


u made this au like five billion years ago but i was like wait “PERFECT BOTTOM TJEFFS OPPORTUNITY RIGHT HERE???”

story time: tjeff was born into a good catholic family but the town was outcast plus he was pretty religious but one day,, this kid came to his church and befriended him,,, they became reALLY close and v gay w each other (they were basically each other first on everything) but alex moved away to the city (to pursuit his dreams),, and bc they live so far away,, thomas doesn’t know that alex was murdered

then one day, thomas sees alex in the forest and they have a fight™ and idk from here,,, alex turns into a demon???

Lance’s Family

So I’m trying to plan out Lance’s family for my story right, so I found the screencap here:

Now, my initial thought (before I properly looked this up) was 2 older brothers, and older sister, and younger twins. Clearly that’s not the case.

Now I’m thinking… grandparents, parents…. 2 older sisters, 1 older brother, 1 younger sister, 1 younger brother, and a young niece and nephew??

What do other’s think? what’s your take on this? I did think that maybe the guy on the far right is his sister’s boyfriend, but it seems to be direct family so I doubt that. Plus he looks too much like the rest.

But do you think the 2 on the right are younger or older? And do you think those little ones are children of the lady in yellow/orange? or more siblings?

Obviously, we can’t know for sure yet, but I’d love to get people’s ideas! basically, I’m trying to work out how many names I’m going to need lol

Fic Rec

I don’t know if you still take fic submissions, but if you do, I highly recommend everybody read Lemur710’s fics. All of them.

This author has, in my opinion, a truly unique writing style, very natural, fluent and inspiring. Every word is important in its own way, every word fits. You have nothing that feels superflous.
Characters are explored gorgeously on a deeper level, and the use of metaphors or certain imagery is truly remarkable and wonderful, as they are cleverly woven into the body of the story without feeling forced in any way!

I’ve enjoyed every single fic so far, which is why I’m here right now, begging people to please take a look at them. You won’t regret it!

Link to all the works:

Link to what, I think, is my favorite fic, although it is truly hard to choose because they are all amazing.

If anybody reads any of them, please leave a comment to the author, because I think that they truly deserve it, and if, after that, you want to further fangirl over them, my inbox is open

i completely agree @j2asndh!!!!! i read binding spell first, and it immediately went into my top ten favorite malec fics. i happily second this rec :) ♡ xx

NaNoWriMo 2016: Day 1

1,891 words so far

Wow, look at me not procrastinating! It’s 10:30AM and I’ve already hit the daily wordcount goal. Sure, I didn’t have to go to work today and the only useful thing I’ve done besides writing so far was a quick grocery shopping trip, but here I am, on top of things for once. 

It’s the beginning of the story, though, which is always the easiest part for me to write. I can speed through the first few chapters and then, suddenly, hit a road block. Fingers crossed that won’t happen anytime soon.

How’s your writing going? Is it November for you yet? (Yay timezones.) Are you ready? Are you procrastinating? You should probably be writing right now, shouldn’t you? Or be getting some sleep so you can write tomorrow. 

Rwby Analysis: The final fight with Adam

So I have been seeing post here and there that Sun will fight and defeat Adam. And tbh, that should not happen. Look, before I get more into detail, I can see that Sun could fight Adam but it will not be the final battle. Other than Sun being a faunus, there is no need for him to fight Adam—he has no other connections to Adam. How the story is set up right now, it all points to Yang being a part of that final battle. Besides Blake, the other person that should and needs to fight Adam is Yang for what he did to her. Everything that has happen so far leads to an Adam vs Blake and Yang, not Adam vs Blake and Sun. Here’s why:

1)     Let’s talk about Sun first. I see people saying Sun should fight and beat Adam because he is a faunus and he is with Blake. This does not hold up well. Just because Sun is a faunus who is on the opposite side of the coin than Adam doesn’t mean he should fight him. First, by that logic, Velvet or even Neon can fight Adam then. From what we got of those girls, they don’t seem to be a part of the White Fang. Both are training to be huntresses, just like Blake (who left the WF and joined Beacon to use her skills to aid others, not harm). Pretty much, with the “Sun is a faunus and should fight Adam’ argument, any faunus not in the WF and who opposes it could fight Adam.

To add on, besides Adam making faunus look even worse, he has not affected Sun in anyway. Don’t forget, Adam works in the kingdom of Vale. Sun is from Vacuo and now lives in Mistral. While we don’t really know what life is like for faunus in Mistral, we know that in Vacuo if you can fight you are welcome, so faunus have it easier there. He doesn’t have the pain or oppression that Blake and more than likely Adam have faced. The WF turned (or at least the Vale fraction) to what it is now because they were still being treated like second-class citizens, they were being attacked and possibly even killed. The WF/Vale WF had enough and turned to darker means. Again, Sun more than likely lived a relatively fine life in Vacuo where he did not face as much hate for being a faunus. Also, seeing how Sun did not know much of Menagerie (something that should be a part of his history), he might have not even known who Adam (who is making the Faunus and WF look worse) is until his name was mentioned in 4.5 by the brothers (that is pure speculation).

While I will get to it soon, yes Sun is with Blake and now because of the brothers, Adam will know where Blake is. A fight there, especially since we see Adam and Blake in a desert in the OP and 2/3 of Menagerie is a desert, is possible but as with what I said above, Sun should not calm the title of defeating Adam. That title belongs to, besides Blake, Yang.

2)     ‘Why must it be Yang? She is a human!’ You might ask. Why? Because Adam shattered Yang’s life. He cut off her arm when she tried to protect Blake. Blake ran because Adam swore to destroy ‘everything [she] loves’ and platonic or romantic, Blake loves Yang, she wants to keep her safe. But now Yang is angry at Blake for leaving. Yang also now has PTSD and nightmares from Adam, he haunts her in her dreams. Adam has affected Yang in many more ways than he has to Sun.

Yang might be a human but Adam has physically and psychology harmed her. Even in the OP, as Yang falls into fire, we see Adam in the background. She also now knows his name and face from the news reel. So Adam is tied into Yang’s life quite tightly. Adam also is a major part of Blake’s life. With that happened to both Blake and Yang because of Adam (Yang’s arm lost and Blake getting stabbed and almost beheaded) their stories now have become part of each other’s. Blake needs to fight her abuser and someone who harmed her friend she holds dear while Yang needs to fight her demons and face the man who ruined her life.

3)     Now as I said, Sun still could fight Adam. Yes, he is with Blake, and Adam might be heading to the island. A fight could happen but it won’t be the final fight for what I said above. If this happens, don’t forget we know Adam is incredibly powerful, Sun will lose. He will either be killed by Adam or seriously injured him. Blake cares for Sun also and if we take into account the ‘destroy everything you love’ quote, it looks like winning a fight or coming away without a serious injury will not be in Sun’s favor. To defeat Adam, Blake is going to need help and with Sun out of commission. Someone else needs to step up and that has to be Yang, her partner and the one who’s life also has been made worse by Adam.  

Everything that has happen so far in the story points to an Adam vs Yang and Blake fight. Both girls have been negatively affected by Adam. He has ruined their lives and have almost killed the two. Other than Sun being a faunus, there is not direct thing Adam has done to Sun. Adam has no clue who Sun is. To Adam, Sun is more than likely just a traitor faunus who turned his back to be with those that oppress him and his brothers/sisters/siblings. Nothing makes sense for a final fight to occur with Sun and Adam. Maybe some fight since Sun is someone Blake cares for but the final fight does not belong to Sun. Blake and Yang need to take Adam down to defeat some of their demons and to get back together because they are partners. Whenever this fight happens, Adam will face both Blake and Yang, not Sun.


So the Heaven’s Feel manga finally adapted this scene, which, contrary to what some may think, was actually in the VN! However the VN was still trying to preserve the plot twist of Sakura being involved with magical affairs, so the identity of who zouken was speaking to was obscured at first. I really like how the manga has completely given up on trying to preserve that twist (bc really fate zero and the 10+ years since the original VN have pretty much given it away to all but the newest of viewers) and are giving us tons of sakura’s point of view in place of that.

I really love how the manga has given zouken this new look, its fantastic. Look at this huge wet mass of disgusting worm flesh! It’s disgusting, its horrifying, it provokes an instinctual reaction of KILL IT WITH FIRE. It really emphasizes zouken’s inhumanity. At one point Kotomine compares him to a vampire, and in this form you can really see that, especially how in the darkness he’s a huge dark mass looming over whoever he’s speaking to, with only his glowing eyes visible in the dark. You really get the sense of this being a monster out of a horror film.

Whats great about this gross look is that it not only ups zouken’s villain presence quite a bit imo, but it really shows us what kind of hell Sakura has been enduring the last 11 years, living under the control of this creature. Her abuser is literally a monster! Which makes the courage she shows disobeying him all the more impressive. She knows better then anyone what kind of punishment she’d get for defying him, but she does it anyway, even as she trembles and clutches her shaking hands. Sakura is so strong you guys.

if ufotable doesn’t use this look for zouken in the movies, or at least for this scene, im gonna be disappointed tbh.


two of my fics are nominated for the Phanfic Awards 2016!!!!!!!

can you tell im having a mild freak out right now because i AM

thank you so much if you nominated one of my stories - in this case First Impressions (Perhaps I Was Wrong) for Best Slow Burn and Secrets We Didn’t Need To Keep for Best Oneshot!!!!!!! :D 

it would mean the world to me if you could vote for them & possibly pass this on if you enjoyed my fics :):):):) and please vote for all the other (let’s be real, far more amazing) authors out there too!

you can vote here -

thank you in advance if you vote!!!!!! <3

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Are there any ways to help the project?

Thanks for your interest in supporting the project! The most helpful thing you can do right now is spread the word! Here are some links to share:

If you or anyone you know is a Holmes fan and has skills or experience related to production design (directing, producing, sound, costumes, props, etc), please send us a message directed to @sherlockgayaturgy​ so that we can keep you in mind for the future.

We also appreciate any amount of monetary donations via our “Buy Me a Coffee” button (ko-fi link) at the top of our website, but please be aware that we are not promising an outcome at this point in time. This is just an option for those who want and are able to help out financially. All proceeds will go to future production and paying for artwork and/or time that we use to promote the show.

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If there's gonna be a 5 years time jump, Clarke and Bellamy should end up separated in this season, because if they spend 5 years together, we would miss their "love story" development, right?

This right here is why I don’t think there will be a time jump.

If they’re together, their story will be wasted.

If they’re separate…5 years is a hella long time considering the entirety of the series so far has been about 5 MONTHS. Even if there was some means of communication for them to use during that time, it would drag things out unduly.

They’ve been separated before. They’ve realized they’re better together. Another prolonged separation would serve no purpose story wise. It would simply stall the inevitable and in spite of everything that’s happened, Bellarke’s trajectory has never stalled before. It may have slowed. It may have seemed to go backwards. But it has never just stayed still.

Plus, a five year jump has been guessed. How often have we ever actually been able to predict how a season would end and another begin? If you’re like me, never.

just a v sad and v cliché punkin’ playlist (with a dash of emo) for those bus rides when you stare out the window and pretend you’re in a music video

listen here

(1) clairvoyant - the story so far (2) the old gospel choir - modern baseball (3) a part of me - neck deep feat. laura whiteside (4) i’ve given up on you - real friends (5) she’s the prettiest girl at the party, and she can prove it with a solid right hook - frnkiero andthe cellabration (6) pothole - modern baseball (7) plane vs. tank vs. submarine - tigers jaw (8) navy blue - the story so far (9) drown - front porch step (10) i’m already gone - a day to remember (11) never saw it coming - tigers jaw (12) northern downpour - panic! at the disco (13) me vs. maradona vs. elvis - brand new (14) twin size mattress - the front bottoms (15) disenchanted - my chemical romance (16) hold onto me - mayday parade (17) stage 4 fear of trying - frnkiero andthe cellabration (18) truce - twenty one pilots

It’s been far too long my darlings. I figured that I would come off hiatus with a bang and finally finish Plague. You’ve been left on tenterhooks too long. It was surprisingly difficult to write this because I wanted to get it right and just couldn’t figure out how to do it. Hopefully some extra feel-sy music will help - play this during the final scene in Loki’s room to destroy your heart. :D So many people enjoyed this story that I don’t have space to tag them all here so I will do so at the end. In the mean time, enjoy! 

Plague (Part 9)

Part 8

Loki’s eyes fluttered apart and revealed a shadowed ceiling. He didn’t remember falling asleep but his entire memory seemed to have merged. Images of blood and fire stained his eyelids; he daren’t close them again.
“I hope you are feeling rested,” said a warm voice. Shifting slightly, he felt the gentle touch of a sheet covering his body. A pillow comforted his head from beneath, a head that felt irritatingly heavy when he tried to lift it. How long had he been asleep?

“When did I-”
“The journey back.” Thor smiled. “I’m not sure I’ve ever seen you so exhausted – your eyes were wavering for most of the flight, though their focus never shifted. You spent the entire flight by her side.”

“How is she?” Loki asked with sudden fervour. He turned to Thor and saw him, really saw him, in the dim bedside light. Thor’s face was hollow and pale, weighted with lines of worry.
“She is stable, for now.” He said, looking solemn, contradictory to the words that filled his brother’s heart with hope. “A lot of blood was lost and that has left her condition critical.”
“But she is alive?”
“Yes, Loki. For now (Y/n) is alive.”

Keep reading