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The Breaking Wheel (J_Baillier) - The instant classic. Prolonged, nuanced medical angst. The best. (and the 7PercentSolution & J_Baillier sequel On the Rack  )

Lunar Landscapes (J_Baillier) - This author is a genius. And this work has practically every colour of Sherlock angst/whump that exists.

Fratros, Eros and Agape (emma221b) - John finds Sherlock bleeding in Magnusson’s office. What happens next (is glorious)

Harmless Things (J_Baillier) Scorpions do horrid things to Sherlock

All the Best and Brightest Creatures (wordstrings) - This is epic; and heartbreaking and beautiful. So beautiful….

My Will’s Not My Own (SailorChibi) - Read the warnings. This one broke my heart; oh Sherlock. It’s never his fault… 

The Dying Detective Remix (SailorChibi) - When will Sherlock EVER ask for help.

Whenever it’s right (Aliea) - John sees a beautiful man with green eyes on the train. And then the train explodes…

Electric Pink Hand Grenade (BeautifulFiction) - Everyone knows this one. The greatest brain in the world gets the world’s worst migraine…

Dangerous Mould (Benfan) - (Near) death via a petri dish

Raison d’etre (AmphigoricSymphony) - This is like the War and Peace of Sherlock whump. Bloody Mary…

Lopov (AmphigoricSymphony) - Mycroft saves a brutalised Sherlock in Serbia

Addicted to a Certain Lifestyle (sfmpco) - Another fill-in-the-gaps after Sherlock’s collapse at Baker Street during HLV.

Your Visible Ghost (anactoria) - Read the warnings. Sherlock goes missing and John receives a video message…

Staircase Wit (splix) - Sherlock just keeps getting beaten (up). And asphyxiated. Quite beautifully.

The way it was meant to be (whitchry9) - John leaves Sherlock for just four days. And of course; pneumonia.

Fever (thecommonplaceofexistence) - John leaves Sherlock again. Sherlock gets pneumonia. Again.

How to torture John (Dlvvanzor) - Read the warnings. Seriously. Read them. This is Sherlock whump but almost equally John.

The Yellow Poppies (SilentAuror) - Mary is a bad person. Sherlock suffers.

Rush (Valxyri) - Sherlock gets drugged with a massive overdose

In The Silence (ScopesMonkey) - A longer saga (Sugerverse) is worth the read but this section is quite angsty and Sherlock gets concussion. Chapters 3 – 5 esp.

A More Vicious Motivator (ShezzasCompanion) - Read the warnings. Sherlock returns from Serbia and well, things just go from bad to worse…

Perfectly Fine (cabintardlock) - Sherlock gets ill and like an idiot hides it from his doctor…

Pain Management (TheGracefulBlueCat**) - Missing scenes from HLV most about pain and angst and trauma. **So many of this author’s works are wonderful Sherlock / John whump which I am not going to list here but recommend…

The Game has Changed (youtextd) - Mycroft arrives in Serbia too late to save Sherlock from terrible, long-lasting trauma. This is the story of how John and Mycroft help Sherlock back.

Not the King’s Men (StoneWingedAngel) - Oh god. Sherlock :-( this is as far as you can go before Sherlock is too traumatised to recover…

Getting Over It (The_Cool_Aunt) - Something’s not quite right with Sherlock. John starts to notice…

Finger Painting in the Dark (whitchry9) - Read the warnings. Moriarty gets his hands on Sherlock and well… it doesn’t go well. At all.

Tears of the Violinist (SUPRNTRAL LVR) - Moriarty steals Sherlock again. It’s brutal.

Cleansing (CumberbatchCritter) - John stumbles across Sherlock detoxing after being in hospital for so long. It’s a painful process.

Confessions (hockeylass) - John and Sherlock hit the road on a case; and then everything goes to hell.

Not Quite in his Right Mind (BakerTumblings) - Sherlock gets a head injury and it’s a shock for John…

No Incentive So Great (thisprettywren) - Sherlock argues with John. And then gets kidnapped. John is awesome.

The Fix (peg22) - Sherlock goes out for milk. And is injected with heroin.

Blind-Spot in Your Intellect (Only_1_Truth) - Sherlock tests a drug on a military-trained flatmate with PTSD…

The Emergency Contact series (blueink3) - Who Sherlock has as his Emergency Contact when he gets hurt, changes over time…



And a Doctor (StillWaters1) - One of my absolute favourites. Sherlock whump too.  Doctor John everybody; stand clear.

De Ses Cendres (Amphigoric Symphony) - Tortured epic saga where Magnusson goes after Sherlock and well, everybody suffers. Endlessly

The Third Brother (uglycrow) - Another favourite. John gets wounded during a visit to the Three Garridebs.

The River Variations (withoutawish) - John gets hurt during a Three Garridebs encounter and Sherlock fractures

Into Dark Waters (Breath4Soul) - (TFP) John waits for Sherlock in the Holmes mansion’s well. He runs out of time.

We go anywhere but to the ground (geordielover) - Read the warnings. Sherlock is gone and John…. breaks.

There but for the Grace of John Watson / The Boys of Baker Street (skyefullofstars) - Parts one and two of a trilogy where John is kidnapped, drugged and becomes addicted and Sherlock is tested to the extreme. Bonus Sherlock whump amongst this sweeping narrative.

Reaction (Blind_Author) - Read the warnings. What happens to John before the semtex and vest incident at the pool.

Triage (scullyseviltwin) - John gets shot. Sherlock falls apart. The aftermath of that…

Handle With Care (TheGracefulBlueCat) - John gets attacked with a scorpion. What is it with these men and scorpions??

Very Good Indeed (stillwaters01) - John diagnoses what toxin he’s been drugged with and has seconds to guide Sherlock to saving him.

Deal (Basser**) - John underestimates his injury and scares Sherlock (**this author does lovely whumplets)

Vital Organs (firstdrafted) - How can John whump be so goddamned sweet. This is lovely

I did something really stupid today

Earlier today, I did something that received a lot of backlash and with good reason. It was wrong and insensitive for me to talk about something that’s happening in real life and use something that is supposed to be light hearted, fun, and loving as a vehicle to raise awareness about this issue. Even worse was to drag the fandom into this painful situation.

And I am going to name it: I mentioned and used the anime series, Yuri on Ice to raise awareness of the extreme homophobia and treatment of gays in Russia. In the post, I tactlessly and poorly pointed out how unrealistic the official couple, Viktuuri, would be due to the current nature of Russia in real life in regards to their stance on Same Sex relations. To finish, I used this relationship as a reason to protest against the homophobia there.
It was wrong of me to do that.

At that time of posting, I was mindless and impulsive. I heard about the news of what is happening on Tumblr and my thoughts were to spread that news in a fandom, which I personally am a part of, as the issue of same-sex relationships are also a major part of the story. I made the connection, hoping this would further highlight the homophobia in Russia, and raise awareness.

Instead, I received a harsh reminder from the tumblr community to keep these two things separated. I was told to delete my account, that they are not real people, that my behaviour went too far, and that the problems were real and I shouldn’t have taken it so lightly when responding to it.

And you are all right about that.
I am regretting what I have done and I don’t expect anyone here on tumblr to forgive or accept my apologies for what I have done.
So, I want to say how sorry I am for what I did earlier today.
I took down the post, but I am here to tell you that it did happen earlier today at 10:30-ish GMT+11 time.

And as for deletion of this account, there are too many happier memories of Tumblr in it, so I will not delete this account. I don’t want this disaster destroy my love for this platform. It raises awareness of so many issues, has beautiful fandoms and artwork, and many wonderful people on it.

I hope that this is enough for everyone.

TL;DR- I am regretting what I did earlier, and I am sorry for my impulsive and mindless actions. I will not take this account down, but I have deleted the post. This apology post will stay just to clear things up.

10,000 - 11,100 Follower Prompt Batch Special
  • “I took your memories for a good reason, but I shouldn’t have.”
  • “Is it too late to come over?”
  • “Hey, let me in. It’s so cold out here.”
  • “I wasn’t sure if you could understand my language, what with you being ancient and all.”
  • “When I told you that you could come along, I meant silently.”
  • “I’m the opposite of flexible.”
  • “You’ve been talking for eight months and you still don’t know their name?”
  • “You wanted to stand out, so now you do. Is this not what you meant?”
  • “I can’t sleep at night anymore. I don’t like closing my eyes.”
  • “You stood there and let it happen. You get to face the consequences.”
  • “I can’t say this was one of my proudest moments.”
  • “I figured that I could mold myself into someone you could admire whilst you were gone.”
  • “You stop me from making bad ideas all the time. Of course I got a little dependent on that.”
  • “Take a look at what I have to do and now tell me it’s easy.”
  • “They were conducting experiments here. I was a part of that.”
  • “You can teleport! Surely you can get us out of this mess, right?”
  • “Even a master such as I can make mistakes.”
  • “I’ve been patiently waiting, but I can’t do that anymore.”
  • “Sometimes change only happens when we make it.”
  • “Whoever put you on my team is getting a stern talking to.”
  • “Even after all the evidence I collected, you don’t believe me?”
  • “You said it was rare, but that means it’s happened before, so there must be someone else who knows about it.”
  • “Rock, paper, scissors solves everything.”
  • “I was trying really hard to listen to you, but I’m so bored.”
  • “I won’t forget this.”
  • “After a lot of confusion, I think I’ve finally figured this out.”
  • “If being honest is all I have, then so be it.”
  • “Why am I here? Why, that’s easy! You asked for a miracle, remember?”
  • “We’re already fifteen minutes into the project. Why are you trying to stop me now?”
  • “I can practically taste the disaster.”
  • “I promise you that you don’t want to stay around here for long.”
  • “If you find a way out of this, take me with you.”
  • “None of this was my idea.”
  • “You were the stone and we were the birds.”
  • “It wasn’t hopeless. Look at what you’ve accomplished.”
  • “I never minded when you were around me. Why would that change?”
  • “Hate to break it to you, but you’re turning into an alien.”
  • “Don’t you dare let go of my hand. You hear me?”
  • “Duck your head and follow me.”
  • “Thing is, if I continue to think about it, I’ll only get more anxious.”
  • “I never wanted this for you. For any of you.”
  • “Do those marks look like they were made by an animal to you?”
  • “If I had said something else, would it have made a difference?”
  • “It’s garbage night. That means we lay here and feel like trash.”
  • “Maybe if I turn the music up louder, I’ll be able to ignore it all.”
  • “I wonder if it still qualifies as a problem if it doesn’t affect you personally? Hm?”
  • “Take a look around. This is our world now.”
  • “Were you expecting the aliens to be hostile?”
  • “Let’s break the rules and take over the world.”
  • “It’s time you knew where you actually came from.”
  • “Truth be told, you’re not the first one I would have chosen for this.”
  • “If it was easy, don’t you think I would have changed already?”
  • “I’ve been dead for so long, I’ve forgotten how to live.”
  • “Making you mad is so easy. I’ve been trying to see if I could set a new record.”
  • “Why do you always assume everything is my fault?”
  • “We have a special guest. Go clean up.”
  • “Together, we can find a way.”
  • “You can call it anything, but that was love right there.”
  • “I know you’re headed in the right direction.”
  • “If I hadn’t held you back, who knew what would have happened?”
  • “I like it when you sing to me. Why’d you stop?”
  • “Can you blame me for my excitement? This is huge!”
  • “I didn’t need you to come along. You messed everything up.”
  • “What’s the interrogation for?”
  • “Can you imagine how boring an endless slide would be after the thirty minute mark?”
  • “We can make this work.”
  • “It’s like all I can ever do is make you unhappy.”
  • “You could have talked to me if you needed it.”
  • “Why would I turn you? You don’t want this life. I promise you that.”
  • “I can see the end. Hurry!”
  • “Getting lost in a maze with you was a nightmare that I can only hope to never experience again.”
  • “I don’t know if I should trust you to get us there safely.”
  • “Did you finally have enough of me?”
  • “Believe it or not, I’m actually tired of people comparing me with them.”
  • “I’m tired of you doubting me. At this point, what do I have to do to prove myself?”
  • “I don’t say it often, but I do love you. Very much so.”
  • “I like the friendship we have, but I want something more.”
  • “Well, the vision I had was pure chaos. Let’s prevent that, shall we?”
  • “I’m proud of you. That you moved on.”
  • “Contrary to popular belief, I am actually a mind reader.”
  • “I didn’t know how to ask.”
  • “I don’t want to bring you down, but sometimes I need your support.”
  • “I’m sick and tired of living here. It’s so bland and boring.”
  • “I don’t want to be alone for the vacation, so come with me. Drop everything and pack up.”
  • “I’m way too nice to do that, sorry.”
  • “You can’t pick and choose which parts of me you can fix.”
  • “There’s no reason to be so cold.”
  • “Wishful thinking is a blessing in disguise.”
  • “Look! You’re doing it! I’m so proud of you.”
  • “We got this far and it’d be a shame to turn back now.”
  • “I can’t just leave it here. It was all cold and alone. Come on, please?”
  • “You look over there and I’ll look over here.”
  • “I’ll do all the chores for two months if you do my paper for me.”
  • “I thought you liked my stories?”
  • “Can you remember how nervous you were? Now look at you!”
  • “I am glorious, admit it. Maybe it’ll rub off on you.”
  • “I wasn’t afraid. I was just… Concerned.”
  • “Your heart was in the right place. It’s the thought that counts.”
  • “I was ten minutes late. There’s no way they didn’t notice.”
  • “I’m both a lover and a fighter. I’ll take you down and then give you a kiss.”

The fact that The Glass Scientists started about 2 YEARS AGO and it still hasn’t even been a full day in the story yet

My Fic Rec Lists

obsessedaboutanangel said: hey sorry i couldn’t write a message and instead have to write an instant message. um i wanted to ask you if you have a fic rec list and could send me a link to it?

HI LOVELY! I actually have a lot of them! I have a blog tag here, and this is the list of fic rec list I have made so far!

I’ve more in the works (right now working on an Angst one and a “Experiment” one and a “Fluff” one), so keep watching that blog tag! :D

This Text post is OOC

((This is going to be addressing the recent thing with Madalena and all that junk. I understand I am a silly character and I will be eliminated. I didn’t do this to win. Actually, I expected to get eliminated the first chance Alex got. I joined the OC to have fun and brighten days and to showcase my funny side, and I see that’s what Alex wanted to do with her OC Madalena, so why did I get dragged into that post? Alex, you said you made Madalena to have fun, that’s why I made Meme, so how come you trashed me for your exact reasoning? I guess what I’m trying to convey here is that I don’t understand why you (Alex) blame Meme when you did the exact thing with your OC. Hate is never okay and trying to push yours onto me wasn’t cool either. I have not once done anything to anyone out of seriousness or ooc that could be taken offensively and if my oc has really been that much of a burden I’m sorry. I just wanted to make some people laugh. Nothing meme said was out of malicious intent and I thought everyone understood she was just a joke. I’m sorry if my fun annoyed you. I have not sent any hate to anyone so I once again don’t understand why I was thrown into this. I thought my oc would be a nice distraction from all the chaos, but I guess I thought wrong. I apologize for this rant, but like you said I am allowed to have emotions and be upset about things.  Me being thrown into something that had nothing to my OC or me as a person just kind of upset me and I wanted to share so this didn’t happen again. 

~Just some thoughts from the creator. Also just a quick note: Thank you to everyone who enjoyed my jokes and played along. I deeply appreciate you and I don’t want it to seem like I got excessive hate because I got a couple comments here and there. The people who were kind to me, thanks geese, you were the best.))

(true to my ocs name I thought it would be appropriate to post a meme at the end of this all.)

  • White character: *murders an innocent person for power*
  • Fandom: He had no choice!
  • Character of color: *shows mercy*
  • Fandom: How weak, he never did anything!
  • White character: *stalks, harasses, and exploits vulnerable characters, in large part for their own gain*
  • Fandom: He's doing the best he can!
  • Character of color: *hurts someone in the process of saving their life, with the only other option being to let them die*
  • Fandom: He's no better than a rapist!
  • White character: *lies frequently, lashes out at loved ones in anger, and hurts an innocent person just because they are feeling hurt*
  • Fandom: He's been through a lot!
  • Character of color: *takes a while to recover from trauma and assault and needs time to feel safe around a person who tried to kill him*
  • Fandom: He's emotionally abusive! He's manipulative!
  • White character: *manipulates and lies to others*
  • Fandom: He's practical! He's getting things done!
  • Character of color: *manipulates and lies to others*
  • Fandom: HOW DARE HE?!
  • White character: *makes a plan we don't see the entirety of until after it happens*
  • Fandom: How clever!
  • Character of color: *makes a plan we don't see the entirety of until after it happens*
  • Fandom: How manipulative!
  • White character: *murders an innocent member of their family for power*
  • Fandom: He's just trying to preserve the rest of his family and help the community!
  • Character of color: *actually tries to help his family*
  • Fandom: He's selfish for helping his own family instead of everyone else's families!
  • White character: *is actually seen hurting someone in the canon material*
  • Fandom: The show is distorting events to make the hero of the show look like a hero!
  • Character of color: *actually goes through harm and trauma*
  • Fandom: It's made up/exaggerated! They should be able to recover right away!
  • White character: *does something shitty*
  • Fandom: He's traumatized! He has a mental illness!
  • Character of color: *makes a mistake they tried to avoid before it happened and try to rectify after*
  • Fandom: Trauma/mental illness is no excuse for anything!
  • White character: *background or recurring character with a simple/superficial story*
  • Fandom: Here's a million and one headcanons and AUs that we'll perpetuate so far that people don't realize they never actually happened in the show!
  • Character of color: *main character of the show, engaging story line, and deep narrative*
  • Fandom: This character is so boring! Nothing ever happens, he never changes, and he never does anything!

Another one-shot I wrote for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash‘s second Writing Challenge. I honestly have no idea where I found the courage to actually post this, but there you have it, some priest!Negan smut… With a twist. 

Synopsis: Father Negan, the new priest in town, sparks the interest of Angelica, a girl who used to live there and is back only for the weekend.

Warnings: cursing, blasphemy galore, major priest kink, dirty talk, spanking, sliiiight name calling, unprotected sex.

Word count: 3379

Originally posted by jdm-negan-mcnaughty

The sun was starting to set as Angelica pulled her ash blonde hair up into a tight bun and applied a thin layer of colorless lip gloss over her rosy lips.

She was staying at her aunt’s place for a few days and couldn’t believe her younger cousin Maria had persuaded her to go to church with her. There wasn’t much to do in this small town anyways, so she’d agreed to join her for evening mass, despite the fact that she couldn’t remember the last time she’d been in the presence of a bible.

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anonymous asked:

Best BL series?!? I'm trash and must find ALL OF THEM AND WATCH THEM

You guys and your hard questions :o

I don’t know what you’ve watched so far but here you go:

 Go ahead and have fun ♥

// TSSF • Brand New // @dredth

anonymous asked:

Hi! I saw your tags on that James Olsen gifset and I eas wondering if you could elaborate on them?

tbh i think that the whole guardian storyline is a steaming pile of horseshit and the peripheral implications of it are really gross.

like, i think it’s bad writing because it doesn’t make sense. james demonstrably has been surrounded by superheroes for years, but suddenly now has a crisis of conscience and decides that He Should Be Doing More.  because He Can.  because he has a black belt?  i mean, okay.  sure jan.  you have a black belt, which is more than most people, but you also got it in a controlled environment of a gym, so that doesn’t exactly qualify you to go off fighting criminals who play dirty.  that’s not even accounting for the fact that criminals often have guns.  you know what a black belt is good for against a gun?  Very Very Little.

but back to the motivation.  they’re trying, and failing, i think, to write james as a foil to mon-el, where mon-el decides to be a hero because of a pretty girl, and james decides to be a hero because it’s the right thing to do.  mon-el has certainly made dumb choices, though not as dumb as i think fandom likes to think, but that isn’t the point here.  the point here is whether james is making the choice to be a hero for the right reasons.  and, well, no, jimmy, your justification so far that you have repeated many many many times is that You Are Meant For This punchy punchy heroing.  okay, well, what about the other heroic work you’ve been doing for years, the part where you help inform the flow of information to people and capture stories that they wouldn’t otherwise get to witness?  remember that whole thing in S1 where cat grant was the person who stabilized national city after the earthquake through media, not punchy punchy heroing?  remember how cat grant is now on sabbatical and james is literally sitting in the smae chair she used for that and he could be doing that but oh, no, why try to make a difference on a macro scale when you can go off punchy punching criminals in a micro sense?  totally makes sense.  

basically his entire justification for being the guardian– and guilting winn into helping him with it– is that he sees himself as a hero who just needs a stage to prove it, and that stage is helping people.  this is not “people need help and i have the capability to help them”, it’s “i am a hero and i will help people to prove it.”

then there’s the fact that james’ Hero Epiphany came in the first six months he spent around supergirl.  despite spending years being superman’s boyfriend best friend he never felt the need to put on a suit of armor and go off gallivanting around the streets to get his punch on.  but suddenly he’s around supergirl, the girl he’s ostensibly in love with, who’s beautiful and wonderful and can lift a building over her head with no discernible effort, and suddenly NOW he feels the need to get all hypermasculine punchy punchy?

yeah, okay.  doing it for the right reasons.  sure, buddy.  

honestly i think that the whole storyline is bad, but that if they had to do it then ther ewas a much better way they could have done it, which would have been to build it off of him disagreeing with kara and the deo about holding aliens and maxwell lord in prison in S1.  he’s already demonstrated that he doesn’t agree with how they do everything, and hey, look, the show also introduced A DETECTIVE WHO IS BIG ON PROTECTING ALIENS FROM GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATIONS in this season.  if you have to do a stupid james-goes-punchy storyline, base it on that, an existing platform where he’s already disagreed with kara, and build it into somewhere where he’s actively giftwrapping bad guys and/or bad aliens to give to the NCPD, who then are meant to provide them due process.  this is a significantly more meaningful storyline for james than him getting pissy about mon-el and strutting around posturing and writing stories about himself where he basically calls his vigilante persona Ripped Shredded 8-Packed SuperDuperDuperHero Who Is Most Magnificent.  but eh, why write a storyline that builds on your existing characterization of james olsen that oculd also conveniently tie him to one of the other poc on the show when you can absolutely destroy said characterization?

100 Reasons Why - 07

BTS 방탄소년단 - Soulmate!AU

Warnings -  polyamorous relationships, swearing, smut

Summary - Love is a powerful thing. Let it settle under your skin and in your bones. Let it live, let it breathe. Do not beat it down and know that your love doesn’t reach one person, but everyone around you.

Glossary - 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07

I dreamt of you last night.” Hoseok mumbles, digging his nose into the back of your neck. You groan, arms circling around Taehyung’s shoulders.

“Why do you two always wake me up?” He rubs his eyes, blinking rapidly.

You can feel the bed shift on Hoseok’s side. Yoongi must be awake now.

Yoongi sighs, sitting on the edge of the bed, “Why don’t you tell us about your dream now that you’ve got us all up.”

Though you can’t see him, you can hear the grogginess in his voice. Before you climbed into bed with Hoseok and Taehyung, you had heard Yoongi typing furiously away at his keyboard. You hadn’t wanted to bother him.  

Hoseok smiles into your hair. “You were sitting in a rocking chair, while Yoongi and Taehyung were taking turns reading a story. I remember what story but it was just peaceful and serene. I didn’t want to wake up.”

With a soft hum of acknowledgement, you card your hands through Taehyung’s hair. He looks up at you with bright, curious eyes. He’s like a mirage, so pure and fresh and yet so far away. You feel distant from him though he’s right fucking here, smiling at you like you’re the only thing keeping him alive.

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Jealousy ~ Pt. 2 of ‘Nightmares’

Part 1:

Pairing: Young! Sirius Black x reader

Requested: sort of, in the comments

Warnings: none

Word count: 1265


Here it is! One day early! I have been working on it and I feel like it’s way better than the first part, although be sure that the story isn’t over yet and that there are a lot more parts coming up!

  It was here: the Graduation dance was merely a month away, so close, yet so far away. Every 7th year was looking forward to it, and so was (Y/N) Lawson. Although she was definitely one of the most wanted girls in her year, her four best friends scared away nearly every boy that wanted to ask her to the dance, until, Thomas Smith, probably the hottest boy in her year, right after Sirius Black of course, set is eyes on her.

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Fic: Heartlines Chapter 12

New chapter of my modern AU series. Slightly different as I’ve taken it out of Jamie’s POV (thought its still third person so hopefully its not too jarring)

The rest can be found here 

As always I would love feedback and I’m happy to incorporate prompts into future chapters.

The Home of the Heart

Originally posted by thecartierrug

The rest of the weekend was blissfully uneventful. Jamie showed Claire every inch of the estate of which he was so rightfully proud. They strolled through valleys, stole kisses behind trees and out buildings and every night he laid her down on the laird’s bed and loved her.

All things must come to an end though and Jamie spent the last day catching up with Lallybroch business before they returned to Glasgow, reality, and in Claire’s case a week of double shifts. Claire opted against her original plan of shopping in Inverness, instead choosing to spend the day with Jenny and the children. Already there seemed to be a budding friendship between Claire and Jenny, which heartened Jamie no end. They were very different women, of that there could be no doubt, but at their core both had a strength and determination of purpose which drew them together.

They spent the morning entertaining Jenny’s children, a trip to the estates soft play barn (“You have no idea how handy this is on wet days” Jenny had told her conspiratorially. “Even if it made no money I’d still think it was worth building”, followed by a walk up the meadows to check on Jenny’s pride and joy, her herd of imported Merino sheep.

After lunch the children were dispatched to the kitchen to do some baking with Mrs Crook, the estate’s housekeeper and the Murray’s nanny, JoJo.  Once safely distracted making fairy cakes and flapjack, Claire and Jenny had escaped to the tea rooms so that Claire might have the opportunity to sample Lallybroch’s famous afternoon tea.

As always the tea room was bustling, the cream tea, often booked out several weeks ahead, was the talk of the Highlands. Claire and Jenny seated themselves at a small table near the back and surveyed the room.

“Wow”, said Claire. “Jamie told me the afternoon tea was popular but I had no idea”

“Aye” replied Jenny. “We have a good reputation for it. Everything is baked fresh, here at the farm, the jam made here, the cream comes from our own sheep. I’ve worked verra hard to put this place on the map” There was no denying the pride in her voice or the way her shoulders straightened slightly as she talked.  They chatted amiably, schools, the dreadful Glasgow traffic, films they had seen. Jenny told some entertaining stories about her university life in Edinburgh, whilst Claire  shared her own stories, omitting all but the most vague mentions of Frank. As the talked she became aware of one of the women working in the tea rooms. Probably in her late twenties, she had shoulder length blonde hair, deep blue eyes and a delicate complexion. She was also looking at Claire with unconcealed venom.

“Um, Jenny?” she asked “Who is that and why is she staring at me like I broke into her house and stole her puppy?”

Jenny looked up to see who Claire was talking about and let out a laugh. “Ah that would be Laoghaire”. Claire raised an eyebrow encouraging Jenny to elaborate on what she saw as a wholly unsatisfactory explanation. “She has a bit of an unrequited crush on Jamie, ye ken. Has for years. Jamie has never encouraged her even a wee bit, but that hasna really discouraged her much. Ye’ll notice Jamie avoids the tea rooms unless he really has to come here. That’s why.”

“Oh.” Was Claire’s response, unable at that moment to come up with anything more.

Jenny continued. “Laoghaire is a verra distant cousin on our mother’s side so we’ve always known her a small bit, though she’s a lot younger than us so we were never that close.She moved over this way about 10 years ago, got married to Simon McKimmie and lived at Balriggan. She’s two lassies, the eldest is the same age as Maggie and the younger one the same age as Wee Janet and Michael. We got to know each other quite well again doing the school run and what have ye. Anyway, when wee Joanie, the youngest, was hardly more than a baby, Simon was killed. He was trying to break up a bar fight in Inverness and got glassed. Bled out before the ambulance could arrive. It was very sad. Laoghaire was no much more than 21 at the time and Simon was a good man. Loved her and those girls. The whole thing was very sad. Everyone rallied round to try and help them, we’re a close knit community bein’ so far away from civilisation, “She chucked at this before continuing. “Our bit was giving her a job here in the tea rooms. The hours suit the girls school and it no bother in the school holidays to have them around the estate. And she’s verra good at it it too. When she’s no glaring over the milk steamer at you or simpering at my brother, she’s got the right personality and temperament for it. “

Claire nodded and glanced at the girl, who was glaring again. She smiled at her, very much moved by the tragic story she’d just heard. Laoghaire flared her nostrils and flounced away. Jenny laughed. “Dinna fash, Claire. Yon lassie has no chance. She never had much in the first place, but now you’re in the picture those have gone down to less than zero.”

Claire tipped her head to the side in acknowledgement, but said nothing. She wasn’t the jealous type, nor was she insecure but after the drama with Geneva she wasn’t keen to once again find herself between Jamie and the amorous attentions of another.

“Do you love him, Claire?” The question was asked outright, startling Claire out of her revery slightly.

“Wah, what? Why do you ask?” The question had been unexpected and put Claire on the defensive slightly.

“I ken he’s in love with you, Claire. I’ve never seen him the way he is with you. Never, and Jamie and I are close. I know him. And I know that he is completely and madly in love wi’ you Claire. I also ken its probably not my business and I shouldna ask, and don’t get me wrong I’d never interfere in his relationships. I never liked Geneva, but she was his choice so I never said a word. But I also never saw him like this. I’m so happy for him, but I’m also scared for him.” She looked at Claire intently.Claire returned the look. She took a deep breath.

“Yes. Yes, I love him.” she said quietly but with certainty. “I’m not a flighty young girl who gets carried away in the moment. I’m a grown woman, a surgeon, I have a career and a life outside of Jamie. I’m not with Jamie because I’m afraid to be alone, or I need a man to complete me or even because I’ve been swept off my feet. I’m with him because I love him. I want him. I want him in my life. I want to share what I have with him. I want him to share his life with me.” She gazed steadily at Jenny. Jenny nodded in a business like manner. “I just needed to check ye ken” A small smile played on her lips and was mirrored on Claire’s. “Yes,” she replied “I ken.”

They both laughed. “Well then,” said Janet, “how about you let my brother drive that funny coloured car of yours back to Glasgow and we’ll have a bottle of Moet to go with our scones”

And so it was that Jamie loaded a slightly drunk Claire into the car for the drive back. Jenny had embraced them both with enthusiasm, whispering none too discreetly to Jamie how happy she was for him and how he shouldn’t “fuck it up, for fuck’s sake”

Claire dozed as the drove through the fading light, the rain starting to come down steadily. Jamie kept his eyes on the road but he could sense her there and just the knowledge of that made him smile. The trip had been a success. Of that he was sure. After Claire’s initial doubts she had taken to Lallybroch as if she had always belonged there. And he was sure that she did. He could feel the shape of the box in his jacket pocket, the true purpose of his afternoon’s endeavours. He jumped slightly as Claire spoke, he hadn’t noticed her stir.

“Sorry, Jamie. I didn’t mean to nod off. It’s just Jenny…” Jamie laughed and waved a hand. ‘

“Aye, I know full well what Jenny’s like. And I wouldna mind of the two of you had spent the afternoon drinking the 18 year old whiskey and I had to listen to ye snore all the way back to Glasgow. I’m glad ye had a good time, Mo Neighean Donne. I’m glad ye and Jenny got along. You’re the two most important people in my life.”

“I had a wonderful time, Jamie. Not just with Jenny, but the whole trip. Inverness, Lallybroch, the kids, Jenny and Ian… you” She reached across and put her hand on his arm. With little warning, Jamie pulled abruptly into the side of the road and kissed her intensely, leaving them both a little breathless. “I’m sorry,” he said when they broke apart, looking slightly sheepish. “It just couldna wait all the way to Glasgow.”

Claire smiled at him and then kissed him again. When they broke apart they rested their foreheads against each other, just breathing each other in, sharing air. In the confines of the car in the gloaming light it was as if they were the only two people that existed. Claire reached out and kissed him lightly this time, running her fingers through his hair and down his neck.

They kissed again, letting it go on and on. The windows of the car steamed up and they eventually broke apart some time later when the local constable, who had been alerted to the possibility of a stolen Porsche parked on the Inverness to Glasgow road, tapped discreetly on the window and with many blushes suggested they move on.

“Let’s go home, Sassenach” he smirked

“I already am home” was Claire’s answer. And she was. They both were.

​The moment we’ve all been waiting for is almost here!

But before we send ourselves into a complete emotional tailspin over the beauty of (in our opinion) one of the best crafted relationships on air right now, we went ahead a compiled a masterlist of all the fantastic stories written so far by our amazing and talented fandom writers for our 50 Reasons To Have (Richonne) Sex Challenge. We started this weeks ago in preparation for this very episode and we want to help you all pass the time because If your anything like us, we know the anticpation must be killing you!

So please! sit back, relax and take the time to enjoy these oh so sinfully delicious treats created just for pleasure while you wait for what promises to be a glorious Richonne filled episode. 

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A/N: And here is the much-requested part 2! I an shocked by the response to this story. Based on notes it’s my most popular one so far! Thank you so much! Hope y’all like it! Sorry it took so long! Let me know what you think!


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