real talk how do i own 700 band shirts and beanies and flannels and then two identical pairs of black skinny jeans someone explain

wanted: hella lot of blogs to follow

hi, my name is dani & i’m from syd, australia. i’m looking for some cool blogs to follow/be mutuals/make friends with. send me a reblog, follow or dm if you’re interested in:

(poppunk/alt) bands like

  • modern baseball
  • real friends
  • moose blood
  • neck deep
  • state champs
  • citizen
  • mayday parade
  • between you & me
  • broadside
  • the maine
  • paramore
  • as it is
  • seaway
  • the wonder years
  • the story so far
  • roam
  • knucklepuck
  • with confidence
  • the front bottoms etc….

lofi or newage hip/hop vibes or vaporwave-esque (eg. tomppabeats, flatsound, blackbear etc.)

plants + flowers 🌿

band lyrics

pretty looking things

smol animals (esp. love hedgehogs, pugs, orangutans & hermit crabs)

shoujo manga or studying japanese (atm i study it as an int. studies/lote course)


mbti/personality types/16 personalities

pink x japanese-esque aesthetics

cloud, skies & sunsets/sunrises

hogwarts + hufflepuff (pride)

poetry + positive quotes + reading a shit tonne of books (rupi kaur, lang leav, michael faudet, rainbow rowell)

knee highs & cute things

pop culture (there’s actually too much to list but generally things like htgawm, marvel, over the garden wall, star wars, hp, rick & morty etc.)

feel free to ask me what i’m into & follow, if i wrote everything then this list would be 10 years long 😅  anyways, hope you have a great day x

ig/snap: daniomnom

my view for a good 20 minutes while waiting for sum 41 to play at warped tour. fun night. // 08.05.2016