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They go through fertility problems before finally getting a pregnancy that sticks, can we have the story of when they discover that Yuuri's pregnant with Irina? (Have you done this one already I haven't seen it, sorry if you have, love your stories!)

Whispers I’ve been waiting for this ask.

So as mentioned before, Yuuri retires from skating at twenty-eight and begins coaching and choreographing with Viktor. Because their desire to have children is a big part of the reason why Yuuri retired, they start trying to have a child right away. This would probably be late March, after Worlds. By early May, one of Yuuri’s pregnancy tests comes back positive. 

Unfortunately, at Yuuri’s first ultrasound, they can’t find a heartbeat. (I wrote a long-ass scene to do with this but then I pretty much realized that it was full of medical gibberish and crying and probably very boring, so I left that out) 

The miscarriage happens in June–and it takes awhile before Yuuri’s hormones are back to normal, in part due to stress. This is a great contributing factor to their conception problems. 

In December, Yuuri is almost sure he’s pregnant. For Viktor’s birthday, one of Viktor’s gifts is a gift-wrapped pregnancy test. 

“Have you taken it?” Viktor asks, and he’s holding it in shaking hands.

“Not yet,” says Yuuri. “I was thinking we could–it would be a nice gift, if we found out together.”

Then it comes out negative. And Yuuri cries.

“I’m sorry,” Yuuri sobs into his pillow on their bed, curled up into a little ball with Viktor trying to wrap as much of himself around him as possible. “I ruined your birthday. It was a stupid idea, I should have just taken it by myself and not disappointed you. I’m sorry.”

“I thought it was a lovely gesture,” Viktor whispers against his shoulder blade. “I love you, you know.”

“I ruined your birthday,” Yuuri sniffs again. 

“The night isn’t over, yet,” Viktor tells him.

They go out and get pretty extravagantly drunk. It’s probably not the wisest course of action, but it’s better than sitting at home, staring at the four walls and crying. 

In February, Yuuri sits Viktor down and says, “Maybe we should take a break. Just for a little while.”

Viktor closes his eyes, sighs, and nods. Because he loves Yuuri, and he knows how tired they both are.

(But a little voice in the back of his mind is saying Lilia and Yakov said they were taking a break, too. And that break lasted twenty years. And then it was too late.)

They go out for White Day, which they enjoy celebrating despite not living in Japan at the moment, and when they go to bed after a nice dinner and some dancing, Yuuri realizes that some sort of…pressure has been lifted.

“That was fun,” Yuuri whispers to Viktor afterwards, head on his chest and palm against his belly.

“Mmm, one can only hope,” Viktor murmurs back, and laughs into Yuuri’s hair. “Isn’t sex supposed to be fun?”

“It hasn’t been, though,” Yuuri whispers. “Not for awhile.”

Viktor, almost contemplative, brushes Yuuri’s hair behind his ear and kisses his forehead. “Maybe we’ve been putting too much pressure on ourselves,” he says, and reaches over to turn out the bedside light.

A month and some change later, Yuuri is standing in at store with his phone out, staring at his grocery list. He accidentally flips to his calendar app, where he’s been keeping careful track of all his various cycles, and realizes something.

He counts backwards six times, grocery basket forgotten next to him in the aisle. Someone actually taps his shoulder to ask if he’s alright, because the look on his face must be similar to that of someone who’s seen a ghost.

“I’m fine, thanks,” he mumbles vaguely, and all but runs to the family planning aisle. 

“Yuuri?” Viktor asks, when he comes in the door without so much as a hello. “Everything okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine!” Yuuri calls. “I just–I need to go to the bathroom! Sorry!” He drops all his other purchases on the island counter and books it to the bathroom, more or less slamming the door behind him. He hears Makkachin whimper at the door for him. 

“Oh, that’s…that’s fine.” He hears Viktor going through the bags in the kitchen. “Did you get onions?”

Yuuri doesn’t really answer, since he’s so busy peeing into a cup–Viktor’s drinking cup, unfortunately. He dips every test he bought–eight tests of four different brands, because he is Viktor Nikiforov’s husband and being over-the-top is kind of the Nikiforov MO, also because he is not fucking around–and lines them up neatly on the counter, then tries not to hyperventilate as he sits on the edge of the bathtub and waits for the tests to develop. 

Viktor knocks on the door. “Kitten? You forgot beets. And half the other things on the list. I’m not complaining, just–is everything okay?”

“Um–just–just give me a minute!” One of the tests is starting to fade in–he knocks two others onto the floor in his hurry to grab it.

One pink line. His heart drops, and he drops with it–sinking onto the floor.

“Yuuri? Are you sick?” Viktor jiggles the doorknob. “Sweetheart? Can you talk to me?”

Yuuri, still vibrating with adrenaline, leans over and unlocks the bathroom door. “You can come in,” he murmurs, not even bothering to hide the despondency in his voice.

Viktor nudges the door open gently, and Yuuri can tell that he knows what’s happened the moment he sees Yuuri sitting on the bathroom floor surrounded by pregnancy tests.

“Oh, Kitten,” Viktor murmurs, hunkering down on the floor with him.

“I’m late,” Yuuri tells him, sniffing. “So I thought–I don’t know, I shouldn’t have even–but I thought maybe…”

Viktor sighs, and gathers the tests that fell on the floor–a pair of expensive ones, with the digital display. He glances at them and clicks his tongue, then does a double take. And a triple take.

“Yuuri,” he says carefully. “Did you look at all of them?”

“No,” Yuuri sniffs, swiping the tears of his cheeks somewhat fiercely. “I didn’t want to–to see all of them say negative.”

“Yuuri.” Viktor sets the two digital tests in front of him, and then reaches up to the counter to retrieve the other five. He lines them all up in a careful line.

Pregnant. Blue plus sign. Blue plus sign. The word YES–

“Oh my God,” Yuuri says, searching through them. “Oh my God. Viktor.”

“Where’s the negative one?” Viktor asks, eyes roving frantically along the floor. 

“Here.” Yuuri hands it to him, shaking now for a totally different reason.

Viktor holds it close to his face, and if Yuuri didn’t already know that that man loved him he would have at that moment–you have to love someone to willingly put something with their pee on it that close to your face.

“Look, look.” Viktor holds it out to him, and points to the spot where there might be a very, very faint pink line. “It’s early yet. It’s faint, but it’s there. They’re all positive. Eight positives. Yuuri. Yuuri.”

“Oh my God.” Yuuri presses his face into his hands. “Oh my God. Viktor, oh my God.”

“I know!” Viktor brushes his hair back, kisses the side of his head. “I know! Yuuri, oh baby, please don’t cry. Shh, don’t cry.”

“I’m crying because I’m happy!” Yuuri wails, feeling ridiculous with tears streaming down his face, a grown man huddled on a bathroom floor just sobbing his eyes out.

Come to think, this might be Yuuri’s first happy bathroom cry.

“We’re going to have a baby,” Viktor coos to him, head resting on his shoulder.

Yuuri wrings a hand, hiccuping. “What if I–”

“Don’t,” Viktor says. “Don’t think about that. Remember what the doctor said? Most people go on to have perfectly normal pregnancies after a miscarriage.”

“But I’ve been having so much trouble–”

“That was stress. And hormones. And maybe other things, but it doesn’t matter now because you are. You are pregnant. There are eight tests here telling me that you’re going to have my baby–and I have complete faith that they’re right.”

Yuuri stares at him, eye still swimming in tears. He sways forward until their foreheads are pressed together, and grabs Viktor’s hand to push it up underneath his shirt, pressed warm against his belly. 

“Who should we tell?” he murmurs.

“Let’s keep it to ourselves, for now,” Viktor whispers back. “You know me, Yuuri. I’m Russian. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t tell anyone until your water broke.”

Yuuri, who a year ago thought Russian pregnancy superstitions were pretty extreme, can’t disagree with him. 

When Yuuri announces to his and Viktor’s students and he won’t be skating for awhile, the look Lilia gives him across the rink is disturbing levels of all-knowing, but Yuuri figures that it doesn’t really jinx anything if the person figures it out themselves–and has as-yet undiscovered superpowers aiding them.

“I think Lilia just smiled at me,” he whispers to Viktor as he leans against the boards, watching their students warm up.

“Pregnancy brain,” Viktor tells him gravely, but there’s a joviality to his voice that’s hard to miss. 

is what they call you;

is what you are;

—  they should concede to call you Ares | s.m.
My Seven Deadly Sins Ships

I am now currently caught up with the Seven Deadly Sins episodes. And man! This is one good ass show! I am like obsessed with it! Well…”obsessed” is a strong word. The only things I’ve ever been really obsessed with are animals, chocolate, vintage band tees, vintage bands(?)(90s, 80s, and 70s music) and my hair (considering I done a lot of shit to it lol).

Annnnnywaaaaaaaaaaaaayy, being pretty far in, the Seven Deadly Sins I’ve noticed has a lot of romance and couples/sorta-couples. Now I’m not one to care that much for romance unless it’s done right. I guess in a sense in this anime, considering the time/place/situation, the romance is done right. I also usually am all for the romance (cartoons/anime specifically) if it’s canon, and some of these are!

I actually ship 4 ships!

Diane x King

I mean come ON! King is has a huge crush on Diane, and I like that they both believe in and admire each other, whether as just friends or loved ones. I’m pretty upset this isn’t canon, so I hope it will be in the future.

Elizabeth x Meliodas

AKA, the Main Ship. The Main Ship is when the the two main characters ares shipped together. This happens in almost EVERY story, so I ain’t surprised that it happened in this one. I am surprised that this ship isn’t canon yet. I am positive this will become an official couple at some point in the anime. Seriously, it’s no surprise since they clearly love each other. And I think deep down, Meliodas and Elizabeth both want to get close, but something is stopping them.

Margaret x Gilthunder

This is canon. I don’t have much to say about this one. I like both the characters a lot, so I guess I leave it at that.

Elaine x Ban

Oh yes! This is the dramatic canon. The I-would-die-for-you-a-thousand-times canon. The I-would-do-anything-to-get-you-back canon. The some-people-ship-this-because-Ban-is-hot-or-Elaine-is-adorable canon. The canon-that-has-the-most-dramatic-backstory canon.  The canon-that-makes-you-cry-tears-of-sadness canon. The canon-you-pray-will-have-a-happy-ending-because-both-characters-ultimately-deserve-it canon.

Anywaaaaaaay, SDS community, I just wanted to share my ships with you. And now I will pleasure you with my notes!

This anime has:


Girl Power

Awesome Fights

Fanservice/Sexy Time

No Surrender | Chapter Two

Cassian Andor/ Reader

Originally posted by capitancassian

Words: 1,491

Summary: You’re safe back on base but you are afraid of the consequences after the failed mission on Kashyyyk. Luckily, you don’t have to go through this alone. Unfortunately, it’s with someone you can’t fathom at the moment.

Tagging: @kwaiky, @ly–canthrope

Author’s note: Don’t freak out! This is a reupload but to those who read it first, I love you to the end of the universe. Thank you so, so much for the love on this series!! I had a second chapter that was WAY shorter than this one but I felt like it didn’t explore the complexities of emotions going on. Here’s a bit of angst, a bit of frustration, and a lil’ bit of K-2 sass.


Chapter 2: Action

Your limbs feel heavy as you come to your senses. Taking in your environment, you realize you’re in your living quarters rather than in the medcenter. You don’t remember how you ended up in your own room since your memory caps at being on board the U-Wing. You guide your hands to the side of your waist to feel the stitches that had been done. You take a look to your left and find a neat stack of your clothes on the bedside table. Gathering all the strength you can, you hoist yourself up and change into said clothes. When you put the shirt over your head and smooth it out, you discover a weathered jacket. Whoever put the clothes out included one of Cassian’s jackets.

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I want to write about Hephaestus and Aphrosite but have no clue where to start, how they meet, and the roadblock that is Ares. Help? Thanks!

Are…are you asking me to tell you about Greek mythology? 🤓

Okay, here is a sort-or-not-really-brief summary of Hephaestus and Aphrodite (although to be honest, Hephaestus is more like the roadblock in this romance…)

It all started with Zeus being his usual all round asshole and terrible husband. See, he was married to Hera, the goddess of marriage and motherhood (as well as some other stuff) which made it even more embarrassing and hurtful when he cheated on her with…basically anything that breathes (seriously). Even worse were all the offspring that resulted from his trysts (like Apollo, Artemis, Hermes, Athena, Dionysus, Hercules, Perseus, the Muses…). It was no secret. 

Finally Hera decided she was going to get back at him a little and have a child of her own. Except even though her husband was a dirty cheater she was still the goddess of marriage and couldn’t really have a tryst herself. No, she was going to have a child by herself. Somehow, through the power of her goddessness, she managed to pop out a son, Hephaestus! He just was the ugliest thing she had ever seen in all her existence. After doing all that to get back at Zeus she could not show that “monster” as her child. So she threw him off Mount Olympus. He bumped his way all the way, ending up more disfigured and crippled than before. 

Fast forward a bit and Hephaestus is all grown, still crippled and disfigured, and pissed at Hera. For anyone who doesn’t know, Hephaestus is the god of the forge, which means he was the god of making crazy, amazing, fantastical machines and contraptions. And he was ready to use this against mother dearest. 

One day, Hephaestus sent some totally not suspicious gifts to the gods and they all accepted them. Including Hera, who had been sent a beautiful golden throne. The second she sat on it she was bound up by it as Hephaestus had designed it. None of the other gods could figure out how to get her free, which, aside from being a bummer for Hera, was unacceptable for the Queen of the Gods. They needed to do everything, anything. Zeus offered up Aphrodite’s hand in marriage to the god who could bring Hephaestus to Olympus and make him free Hera. Aphrodite went along with this because she thought her lover Ares would definitely be the one to pull it off. Only they didn’t count on Hephaestus showing up himself and therefor being able to claim the “prize” and marry Aphrodite himself.  

The rest of the story includes a lot of Aphrodite and Ares not-so-secretly sneaking around, having a bunch of children and Hephaestus coming up with some inventive ways to humiliate and expose them.  

Essentially, according to myth, Aphrodite never loved Hephaestus, but you can write about their half-forced marriage and all the drama in this love triangle. Take it from each other sides, make them sympathetic, villainous, however you’d like. There are lot’s of stories you can use for inspiration.

*Disclaimer: like all Greek myths there are many variations on some of the details. For example, some versions I’ve seen say that Hephaestus demanded Aphrodite as recompense for freeing Hera and some sources say that Aphrodite and Hephaestus divorced after he caught her with Ares, others say they didn’t. You can actually look at these variations to see how it changes the story. This is what happens when you let thousands of years pass by with incomplete and occasionally difficult to translate scripts from various cultures sharing the same general mythology just with their own twists.

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Tim headcanons?

-Tim’s the poster child for the Wayne Industries charity work, he has travelled to several African nations, places hit by natural disaster and basically anywhere you think of when you think of charity work

-His favorite thing to do and the thing he is most popular for is building schools, he will visit the schools he has built and teach, and will teach the first couple of weeks after the schools opening until they can go on their own

-Tim made a wattpad account when he was 12 and published stories on there. It still exists. (He’s Gothamboy3) 

-Once when Tim was quite young, he ended up getting separated from his parents on the street. His crying attracted the attention of young Jason who led him back to his parents. Neither of them remember the encounter.

-He was once offered a place at Gotham University when he was 16, but turned it down to stay with his parents. When they found out, they immediately started trying to discreetly tell him that he was better than them and needed to pursue it

-Tim used to have night terrors when he was young, which gave him insomnia. Now he avoids sleeping almost every night because of the nightmares he is plagued by. 

-His nightmares are most often about his one of  his worst fears, which is that he was never actually good enough and that people told him that he was good enough his entire life because they pitied him

Please don’t be afraid

Aus by the dozen who have great ideas and great story ar me not getting the attention they deserve so as a bonus we made this awesome group for people in community who feel like they'er ideas aren’t getting noticed.

  • The Killing Joke Movie: we're going to expand the story from the original source material
  • Me: that actually sounds kinda like a great idea. Some of that extra time could be used to flesh out Barbara Gordon's character and make her more than a plot device that shows up for two seconds to be brutalized and help give her an actual story ar--
  • TKJM: we made her fuck Batman
  • TKJM: so he can feel like, EXTRA sad when she gets shot by the Joker
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: did you even try???????

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What did you think of Batman v Superman??????

this is all i’m going to say


You let him stew in his confusion, listening to the soft clatter as Kankri fumbles to a sitting position in the pile, shedding cookware and branches and empty cans. He sucks in a breath. You slice your hand through the air and shoot him a sharp look over the top of your shades. You’re more than a little pleased with yourself when this actually succeeds in halting him. Jerking a thumb sternly towards the two still-sleeping occupants of the cave, you touch a finger to your smirk in a shushing gesture.

Don’t wake them up, you mouth.

Kankri sits and blinks repeatedly at you. His mouth works several times in silence. His face twists. He scrubs two hands over his eyes and back into sleep-tufted black hair, knocking a few leaves out and casting it into further disarray, and then blinks at you again. When he looks as if he might say something after all, you raise your eyebrows. Pointedly.

Pinching his lips shut, he huffs air out through his nose. You half expect him to puff up all over and hiss. People caught in surprise avalanches of felty puppet buttocks have been known to look less flummoxed and offended.

This was the best decision. It was this one.

llustrations for awesome fics cyber!bunny apocalypse ` verse

written by curlicuecal

I so enjoy Kankri and AR, rly, they are the best in this story :D *inner fangirl squee* I wonder what will happen next to the pair, but I don`t want to be pushy. I just wanted to thank you for your awesome story curlicuecal , had wonderfull time reading it, so yeah, thanks ^^

~●●● About Rankstuck AU ●●●~


Title: Prince of Heart

Ranking index: 0,45 (#15)

Heart skills: Change people’s feelings

(Left - casual outfit, right - formal).

Unlike Roxy, Dirk, despite having a low rank, had some weight in making political decisions, obviously because he was a Prince. Nothing compared to Jane or Jake, of course, but still, it was a job he was tied to and liked, even though Alphas treated him and Roxy without respect. So when Roxy announced she wanted to become an outcast, he was torn between wanting to stay in the land that was important for him after all, with people he cared about a lot - Jake and Jane; or to leave with Roxy, Equius and Nepeta, who were also significant.

In the end Dirk realized that no matter what his decision would be he is going to regret it; he figured Magenta Shadows would need his help more, living in the Horrorterror forest, so he went with them.

As you can remember, Heart is considered mostly meaningless Aspect because all Aspecters usually do is changing current emotions, making people feel better, etc. - work on the surface. Dirk’s Heart powers go deeper than that, he can change more fundamental feelings, like what someone loves/hates/believes in, etc.

He began getting hold of the Aspect since young age, but both times he tried to do something serious it almost ended in disaster, so he decided to keep away from his Aspect and just stick with being smart and a good warrior. 

The first time was when he was 13 and realized he was in love with Jake; he thought it was wrong and tried to “heal” himself by extracting this feeling. It ended it with him nearly dying (thanks to Jane this didn’t happen) and his mind splitting and a part of it being transferred into the nearest object it could find - his shades (so yeah, AR is also a thing in this story). The second time happened when he was 14 and Roxy complained about a guy she liked who won’t notice her, so Dirk made him fall in love with her. But he overdid it and the guy committed suicide because she didn’t love him enough in his brainwashed opinion.

His story of being in the Magenta Shadows will be basically repeating everything said about the other members of the group, so I’ll just say he is responsible for close combat, and his and Equius’s current project is building a communication tower (the forest is cut out of all electricity and signals don’t get there, so the outcasts can’t communicate with the rest of the world).


Britney Spears was an idol, a real inspiring and beautiful girl to this world. On the late 90’s and early 2000’s she was a lovely child (first picture). Her career was at the top, and everyone loved her.
Then she shaved her head (as shown on the second picture). She totally shaved it. Everyone cried and was disappointed. Then, she did drugs.. you know what drugs do: they KILL.
Now Britney regrets what she did.
This year a paparazzi took a picture of her (third picture), she’s all bald and old, because of DRUGS.
Kids, don’t do drugs or you will end as Britney…