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The wedding feast goes into the night. There is much laughter and fun. Bragi appears to recite a poem he created for the newly married couple, much of it is about the danger they faced on the road and Ivar’s conquests. The poem makes the story sound like a great saga, where the brave princess helps the warriors to defeat the evil men that tried to steal the fair maiden from her destined warrior husband. It’s a lovely work, even though it’s a little exaggerated.

“What is a warrior without his dreams about Valkyries? 
I thought that I would see a Valkyrie and feast with the Gods on the same day.
I would reach Valhalla to be reunited with the fiercest of warriors;
I would wake up as an Einherjar;
Drink mead from carved horns;
Rising again when the time of Ragnarök comes.

To my sorrow, I saw a Valkyrie;
Sorrow because instead of taking me to Valhalla, she saved my life;
She was a strange Valkyrie, my friends.”

Everyone is laughing, Ivar is watching Emer. She is blushing because she knows she is the female warrior the man is talking about.

Bragi keeps reciting the poem.

“Lords from my kin are to be jealous;
high-born and hardy, which my heart gladdens;
because the fair maiden won’t give mead to another;
than the mightiest of warriors;
Such a fierce lady deserves a famous warrior by husband.“


There’s a grave in the middle of the road in Franklin, Indiana. As the story goes, there was once a cemetery where the road now is and when they were turning it into a road some of her family had a problem with moving her grave, so she remained and they added a plaque for her. In 2016, Barnett’s remains were temporarily moved so they could repair the street. At this time they decided to exhume her corpse and ended up finding remains of not just Barnett, but six others.

This is what it looks like as of 2016, after its remodel. It’s literally in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by cornfields and some random houses around, but cars were lining up to see it the whole time I was there today.

Here’s the secret: you’re right. It’s headed for ruin. You’re right, it won’t end well. You’re right that the apocalypse is coming, d-day is approaching, it will all likely crash down around you.

Do it anyway. Walk the road anyway, even if you think you know where it goes. Cherish what it is while it’s there, revel in the success and set aside, for the moment, the failure to come.

I keep writing stories where there is some inevitable apocalypse, or an unstoppable prophecy. I wondered why, but the truth is I think that more than anything is at the core of my experience of life.

Nothing lasts. The best things aren’t forever (tangentially related: the worst things aren’t forever either). The thing we can know for sure, the true north of human existence, steady enough to guide ourselves by, is that it all changes…it all ends. Because of time or distance or age or death or just the whims of chance.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. With a long enough lens, with enough experience you can see all the ways it can go wrong. If you set your eyes, clear and steady, on the horizon you’ll see where it bends. Where you’ll tilt off the edge of the earth. But for the moment, for this moment, the sun is bright and the sea is fair and the sky is blue and you have to just…live it.

That’s what life is. That’s the secret. Sometimes it will be amazing. Sometimes it will come crashing down around your ears. But it is always, always worth it. You’ll walk out of that ruin, marked, changed, but alive. Alive and more than you were when you began it all.

It’s ALWAYS worth it.

Recently I wrote something in a journal: “And it will probably wreck me when it all comes crashing down. But I’ll rebuild. I always do. And the memories, at least, will be sweet.”

It all ends one day, it all changes one day, it all fades one day. There’s no choice you can make that will prevent that. So, why not live for the sweetest memories you can make while the chance is there? Clear eyes, full heart, choose it. Choose the sweetness and the sun and the wind and yes the bend in the horizon. The ruin. The rubble. The rebuilding. Choose that. That’s bravery. That’s the life I want to lead.

Here is a translated version of the interview with Araki from Jojonium volume 10, focusing on Hol Horse.

“Part 3 was built like a road movie, similar to the Mito Komon drama. The Joestar group goes on a journey and visits different places where they run into Stand users with different abilities. In order to bring out the personalities of the different Stand users, I needed to think about how to introduce them, and how the story would flow. Since it’s a long manga, I need to make sure the readers don’t get bored with it, so I always take care to balance my storytelling. The same is true with Hol Horse. I designed him in a way so that he would be completely different from Strength, Ebony Devil, and Yellow Temperance, the previous Stands, in both appearance and ability. Would he fight alone or with a partner? Since there had been a chain of one-on-one battles, I decided to bring out a Stand user duo next. The reason Hol Horse and J Geil appeared there is simply because I was following the rules I had set. What if I had made Hol Horse appear at a different point? Depending on the balance, he may have become the shortest lone gunman in existence.

When Kakyoin and Polnareff both appeared, they were under DIO’s control, but I had planned for them to join the party. This wasn’t the case with Hol Horse. But he ended up becoming an enemy character who made me feel that it might be okay to let him join the team. He’s an outlaw gunman, an essential element of the Westerns I love, and he’s got a unique atmosphere to him, so I thought it’d be a waste to get rid of him so soon. I also liked his personal philosophy of preferring to be #2 opposed to #1, which is similar to Kira Yoshikage from Part 4. I also drew him once with Jotaro and the others, as if he was part of the team, and I had him appear numerous times after the initial battle. But in the end, I decided that if he joined the group, it would ruin the balance. Character-wise, he’s too similar to Polnareff in both looks and personality, and his Emperor ability would be hard to deal with. I also didn’t put many limitations on the Emperor ability, in terms of range and bullet count. In Part 5, I only allowed Mista to fire 6 bullets at a time, but Hol Horse’s bullets were also a part of his Stand… So as long as he was still conscious, it could fire as many bullets as he wanted. If I had gone any further with his ability, anything would have been possible. The way he aims and fires at his enemies is also too similar to Kakyoin’s Emerald Splash. In the end, judging from the personality and Stand ability angles, I decided it would be better to leave Hol Horse as an enemy. And so, their next ally ended up not being human at all: a cute little dog named Iggy. Balance-wise, this was perfect. (LOL)

Q. Hol Horse seems really similar to Gyro from SBR!

A. Their outlaw personalities and toughness are definitely similar.

Their true link is their macaroni western atmospheres. If I was to tune up Hol Horse more, he would become Gyro. During the serialization, I went with the outlaw atmosphere and the quickdraw image, so in a way, he also links up with the Cobra manga.”

Here’s something weird. This woman is driving down the road when she sees a hot guy driving a Jeep pass her. She sees that he parked by the beach, so she parked her car and went down to the beach to see if he wanted to have sex with her. Here, she strips down and goes swimming, wondering where he is. In the next page, we see the twist that shows us that isn’t really his Jeep - it’s just an abandoned military Jeep and she’s not going to get laid. The story doesn’t really have a point, it just seems like an excuse to get this woman naked.

(Heavy Metal issue #148, January 1994 - Page 74 Torrid Beach by Trillo and Seijas)

forcekenobi  asked:

top 5 fictional heroines, top 5 feel good songs, top 5 characters film opening scenes :>


Fictional Heroines

  1. Hermione Granger
  2. Katara
  3. (listen can I put Toph as well?)
  4. Elizabeth Bennet
  5. Mabel Pines
  6. Éowyn
  7. (Annabeth Chase)

Feel Good Songs

  1. Go Do - Jónsi
  2. Underdog - Imagine Dragons
  3. He Mele No Lilo -  Mark Kealiʻi Hoʻomalo
  4. Define Dancing - Thomas Newman and Peter Gabriel 
  5. Yuri on ICE - 梅林太郎 

Characters Film Opening Scenes

  1. Furiosa - opening scene with her where she goes off road and in a few minutes of visual story telling you get - her position of an imperator, commanding others (they’ll follow her off road without much question), and her want to free the wives
  2. Rey - her opening montage - showing her hard working qualities, and her young outlook on life (stripping the ship and sliding down the sand) - it’s so perfect
  3. Hiccup - his opening monologue + visually showing his interaction with the villagers - posed as an outcast 
  4. Aragorn - NEED I SAY MORE - MOTHERHECKING RESTING IN THE SHADOWS - JUST STRAIGHT OUTTA THE BOOK - instantly drawn to this guy - you KNOW he’s important - and when he just rips off that hood like goddamn take me now

THANK YOU ALANA!! Sorry this took so long! Sidenote: I need you to listen to the 5th song on my list - just do it! It’s so good and I think you’ll like it!

Don't fuck with an Australian. Mate.

This is your typical a*shole neighbour revenge with a twist.
I have an a*shole neighbour. He is an elderly-ish man - maybe around 60. Still works down in town. Anyway, we share the start of our driveway, except his goes past my house and down the valley a ways, where his house is.
Now we had just got our driveway paved, meaning he had to park up on the road for the two days they were laying the sand and pavers. Its maybe a 25 meter walk down to his house.

Not only did he berate me at long length when our paths met at the letterbox on the first day, but on the second, he outright abused me in front of my student (I tutor drums). I told my young student to go inside, as he was swearing furiously at me for having the nerve to ask him to park out front for two days.

Fast forward to the next week. He decides to park in the middle of where our driveways split up. Meaning I have to park out on the road. Keep in mind this is actually my property, he’s just a prick. That night, instead of abusing him the next time I saw him, I thought of a better revenge.

In the dead of the night, I take a pack of frozen prawns out of my freezer. I sneak down my driveway and kneel down by one of his tyres. I then begin sliding frozen prawns one by one into his hubcap. Pushing them far enough in that they are invisible from the out side. I systematically fill each of his four hubcaps with two kilos of frozen prawns (4.4 pounds).

Now keep in mind this is in the middle of a boiling hot Australian summer. Even by the next morning i could smell the prawns had thawed and were beginning to cook. Over the course of the next week I watched him inspect his car thoroughly, trying to work out where the abhorrent stench was coming from. He looked in his engine, all through his car, in his f*cking exhaust for christs sake.
But never deep within his hubcaps.

They must have festered there for a good month before he finally sold his car. The smell was bloody horrible. Serves him right, the c*nt.

Too Long; Didnt Read > Australians like to throw a shrimp on the barby, amongst other places.

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11 songs for vox machina fighting, dancing and singing to each other drunkenly

1 ▶  don’t you know that we’re outlaws / giving the finger to death itself / we got no one to hide from / we got no one to toast our health / rules were meant to be pushed and pulled / we were meant to be sparks of light / running now with the raging bulls  outlaws by delta rae

2 ▶ come, all you no hopers / you jokers and rogues / we’re on the road to nowhere / let’s find out where it goes  no hopers, jokers & rogues by botany bay boys

3 ▶ i may not live to see our glory / but i will gladly join the fight / and when our children tell our story / they’ll tell the story of tonight  the story of tonight by hamilton

4 ▶ and when we fall we will fall together / no one will catch us, so we’ll catch ourselves / and where we roam, we will roam forever  we will wall together by streetlight manifesto

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Z tree, by frank_delargy

This is an iconic tree in the Everglades National Park that goes by the popular name of the Z Tree. There are stories about how it’s unusual shape came to be. One of those stories is that the native americans bent it, and other trees in the area, to mark directions and locations. It is located right next to the main road but when looked at from the road it looks straight or crooked depending on where you are.

Watched Fury Road again (of course)

I want to see a fic where Max was so concerned with fixing Furiosa that he kind of forgot to sort out his hand when there was all that medical equipment available.

So off he trots into the wilderness with his hand-with-a-hole-in-it and fingers going numb and whatever.

Hand goes more numb. Starts to swell. Starts to smell.

Someone finds him half-dead from blood poisoning, his hand blackened and crawling with maggots. They see the brand on his neck and figure: Return To Sender.

Long story short, Max has to have his hand amputated and Furiosa builds him a prosthetic to match hers.

  • English teacher: ok here's a road map, the plot line, the initiating event, the rising action, the buildup and climax, the falling action, and the resolution and you write all the events on this diagram and character development goes here and villain defeat goes here, so where are you in that original story?
  • Me:
  • Me: uh
  • Me: I make shit up as I go along?
Shaykh from Azhar and the prostitute

Shaykh Ali Tantawi said: 

The Shaykh (Ahmad Al-Zayaat) was a teacher, who did not know anything of this world except: The Azhar where he used to teach, the house he used to live in, and the road between them.

As years passed by, and he got older, his health started to deteriorate, and he needed to rest. So the doctor forced him to take some time of, and suggested that he goes somewhere away from his place of work and residence, and advised him to enjoy the quietness and calmness of the parks next to the Nile.

So one day, the Shaykh went out and stopped a carriage. He told the driver: My son, take me to a nice place were I can enjoy the view and relax.

The driver of the carriage, however, was a wicked person, and took the Shaykh to a place in Egypt, which at the time had several prostitution houses.

After arriving he told the Shaykh: Here.

The Shaykh said: O son, Maghrib prayer is drawing near, where can I pray? Take me first to the Masjid.

The Driver [pointing to one of those houses] said: The Masjid is over there.

The door [of the place] was open, and the lady running that house was sitting, in the manner those like her usually sit.

When the Shaykh saw her, he lowered his gaze. He saw a seat, so he headed there and sat, waiting for the Adhan.

[The woman in confusion, just] stared at him.

What brought that man here?

He doesn’t look like any of her regular customers.

She kept thinking to herself, but did not dare ask him what he was doing here.

What kept her from asking was the shyness that remained in her heart, even as a prostitute. However, that shyness only appears in front of people of piety.

He, on the other hand, kept doing Tasbeeh, whilst looking at his watch, until he heard the Adhan of Maghrib from far away.

He asked her: Where is the Moazin here?

Why didn’t he call for prayer when the time entered?

Are you his daughter?

She … kept silent.

He waited for a while, and then said: My daughter, Maghrib time is short, and it is not permissible to delay it, and I do not see anyone here, so if you have your Wudhu then pray behind me Jama’ah.

He gave the call for prayer, and without looking at her, as he was about to give the Iqamah, he noticed stillness behind him?!

He asked: What is wrong? Don’t you have your Wudhu?

All of a sudden, as if her Imaan woke up and she remembered the old days. The days when she was filled with purity, and was away from sin, she started to cry loudly, and threw herself at his feet.

The Shaykh surprised, did not know in what way he can calm her.

She then, started narrating her story.

He saw in her words great regret, and felt the truth in her repentance. He realized the sincerity in what she was saying, so he told her: Listen, my daughter, to what the Lord of all creation says: 

قُلْ يَا عِبَادِيَ الَّذِينَ أَسْرَفُوا عَلَىٰ أَنفُسِهِمْ لَا تَقْنَطُوا مِن رَّحْمَةِ اللَّهِ إِنَّ اللَّهَ يَغْفِرُ الذُّنُوبَ جَمِيعًا إِنَّهُ هُوَ الْغَفُورُ الرَّحِيمُ

Say, “O My servants who have transgressed against themselves [by sinning], do not despair of the Mercy of Allāh. Indeed, Allāh forgives the sins all. Indeed He, He the Oft-Forgiving, the Most Merciful. ” [39:53]

All sins, my daughter, all sins …

The door of repentance is open to every sinner and it is so wide that it can encompass them all no matter how heavy their load is … even Kufr.

So whoever disbelieves in the all Mighty, after he was a believer, but repents before the hour of his death comes, and he was sincere in his repentance, and he renewed his Islam, Allāh will accept him.

Allāh, my dear daughter, is the most Generous of all. Did you ever hear of anyone generous shutting the door in the face of those who come seeking Him?

Stand up and go wash yourself, and cover yourself. Go and clean your skin with water and your heart with repentance and regret. Approach your Lord, and I will wait for you.

But do not delay, so that we do not miss Maghrib prayer.

She did as he asked, and returned to him with a new dress and a new heart. She stood behind him and prayed. She felt and tasted the sweetness of that prayer, and felt that this prayer purified her heart.

When the prayer was over, he told her: Come with me, and try to cut every relation you have with this place and everyone in it. Try to erase the time you spent here from your memory.

Consistently ask Allāh for his forgiveness, and increase in doing righteous deeds.

Verily, adultery is not as big a sin as Kufr, and Hind, who was a disbeliever and had animosity in her heart to the Prophet of Allāh. After that she became from the righteous believers, and we started saying: Allāh is well-pleased with her.

The Shaykh then took her to a house of righteous ladies, and then found her a righteous husband and advised him to take good care of her.

Reference : Memoir about Sh Ahmad Al-Zayaat