the story of two squares

Chained (Part 5)

Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1306

Warnings: swearing, violence, mention of blood, angst?

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

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The Impala’s rumble faded as Dean killed the engine. The three of you studied the old, abandoned shipping warehouse that stood before you. “Is this really the place?” you questioned. “The windows aren’t even sealed.” Definitely not the spiffy building they were stationed in when they captured you.

Dean cleared his throat. “It’s gotta be. It’s the only place around here where a nest that large could safely stay without the police sticking their noses in.”

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The Best in the World

Summary: A kindergarten classroom in Glass Shard Beach, New Jersey, circa 196?.

Stanford set his hand against the construction paper and took out his brown marker. Stanley, who was sitting next to him, had already drawn a rather shoddy drawing of a sailboat in the top corner.

“Okay, class,” the teacher, Mrs. Feldman, was saying, “make sure you keep your hand very still on the paper, or it won’t turn out right. Take your brown markers and trace around your handprints.”

Stanley grabbed a blue marker and slammed his hand down on the paper.

“Stan, turkeys are brown, not blue,” Stanford admonished, beginning to trace around his splayed hand very carefully.

“Well all the awesome turkeys are blue!” Stanley exclaimed, and began to trace his own hand, pressing down on the marker so hard it began to smash and dyed the edges of his hand.

“Would you want to eat a blue turkey?” Stanford asked as he finished his tracing.

“Yeah I would! That would be awesome!”

“Alright class, when you’ve finished, you can lift your hands from the paper. Your thumb will be the neck and head of your turkey, and your fingers are the feathers. Have fun decorating your turkeys however you like!”

The twins each lifted their hands in tandem. Stanley grinned at his drawing, the thick blue lines still shining from the drying ink. He turned to his brother, expecting to see the same smile looking back at him. Instead, Stanford was wearing a frown.

“What’s up, bro-bro?” Stanley took up a red marker and began to draw hot-rod flames on his turkey.

“My turkey came out wrong,” Stanford replied. Stanley stopped mid-flame and frowned at his brother’s handprint.

“How? I don’t see anything weird with it.”

“But it’s wrong,” Stanford insisted. He stared at his hand. The edges had still been dyed a faint brown, despite his best intentions. 

“There’s nothing wrong with it,” Stanley huffed. Stanford didn’t reply, so Stanley decided that his verdict of normalcy had been enough and went back to his hot-rod flames. He was totally immersed in the craft, tongue sticking out in concentration, when Stanford mumbled something so low that Stanley wasn’t even sure he’d heard it.

“My turkey came out wrong because I’m wrong.”

Stanley’s marker froze in place and he turned to his brother. He was just as Stanley had left him before, staring at his hand, but now there were fat tears in Stanford’s eyes. They hadn’t yet fallen, and Stanley wasn’t even sure his brother knew they were there. Stanley glanced back and forth between Stanford and his outstretched hand, trying to figure out what was making him so upset.

“What are you talking about, Ford?” Stanley asked cautiously. The red ink of his marker began to make a bleeding red dot at the end of one of his flames.

“Mine isn’t like everyone else’s. Everyone else has four feathers!” Stanford said around the lump in his throat. He was barely keeping in the tears now, and he was trembling. “I have five! Five feathers! It’s supposed to be four.”

“So? That just means your turkey is better than everyone else’s,” Stanley stated matter-of-factly. “The more feathers there are, the more awesomer the turkey is.”

Stanford stared at him, astonished. A thought came to Stanley and he beamed.

“Hey, that means you have the best turkey in the world!” he exclaimed.

A cautious smile broke out on Stanford’s face. He looked at his hand, and then at the other drawings around him. He broke out into a wide grin, and the fat tears were banished from his eyes.

“Well, you have the best looking turkey in the world,” Stanford beamed.

“Darn tootin’!” He threw his hands in the air and cheered, and Stanford joined him. A few kids laughed around them, but they were all too absorbed in their projects to pay attention.

“Yes! Best turkeys in the world!” he crowed.

“Best brothers in the world!” Stanford echoed. He held up his marker-stained hand. “High five!”

“No, best brothers in the world get the best high-five in the world: a high-six,” Stanley replied, and clapped hands with his brother.

Prompt Five

A story about two teachers who teach at the same school and since they started working there they kinda just hang out all the time and are kind of like the teenagers that go to the school. They team up and pull dumb pranks on the students and everyone knows them so they all let them get away with it.

They do dumb things like throw paper balls at the students and make crappy jokes and are really up to date with the social medias and say teenager things like “I’m such trash” “I can’t even” “fight me”. Extra plot point could be that ALL of their students ship them and try to hook them up.

Creepypasta #778: My Beautiful Baby

Length: Super long

Me and my wife have a one year old son. His name is Aidan. Like most young parents, we think he’s the best thing to ever happen to us. I know that pretty much all couples think their baby is beautiful, but if most people are honest with themselves, they definitely believe that there are ugly babies out there. 

Aidan is different. He was immensely beautiful and good looking even from birth. When we would take him out in public, strangers who were a good distance away would stare at him and then walk over to us and tell us how beautiful he was. Aidan’s smile was intoxicating and would light up a room full of people.

We moved into a house right before he turned a year old. It’s not anything fancy, but we were very happy that we finally found one that suited us. It had three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It’s a one story house with about 900 square feet of room. Moving in was stressful but well worth the trouble and money.

A few weeks ago we bathed Aidan and put him to bed around 9:00 PM. It was a Friday night and we were both looking forward to the weekend together as a family. Me and Jennie stayed up reading on the couch. 

After about an hour and a half we both went to bed. Our room is situated across from Aidan’s room. He’s still small enough to be in a crib and we haven’t converted it into a toddler bed yet. I peeked my head in to check on him. He was laying on his back and snoozing without a care in the world. His little chest rose and fell in a calm rhythm and I wished life and sleep could be that simple for me. Oh well, I was happy that he had that wonderful gift for a little while longer. 

I had the baby monitor with me and I plugged it into the wall. We laid down and fell asleep fairly quickly. The first time I heard Aidan cry was about midnight. I laid in bed awake and he eventually fell back to sleep after about a minute. I stayed awake for a few more minutes before I finally decided that he was back to sleep before I myself tried to go to sleep again.

A few hours later I heard him babbling. It was probably about 3 in the morning. He began bouncing in his crib and saying, “A-jump-a-jump-a-jump!” Jennie stayed asleep. I laid there and listened to him play in his crib and smiled. I knew that keeping me up like this made me lose quality sleep but at moments like those I didn’t care. 

Aidan kept babbling and jumping up and down every once in a while. I listened and expected him to start crying but he didn’t. He kept babbling and mixing in the few words that he knew with his babbles. About twenty minutes later he was finally asleep again.


In the morning we got up and I checked the baby monitor. Aidan was still asleep but was beginning to stir. It wouldn’t be long before he was fully awake and jumping around again. Jennie went into the kitchen to make some coffee. I walked out of our room and glanced at the door of Aidan’s room. 

There was a note on it. My first thought was that Jennie probably wrote it but, then again, that really wasn’t like her. I stepped across the hallway and took the note that was attached to the door by a piece of duct tape.

“Hello! I just wanted you to know that I don’t normally do this, but after seeing your baby boy how could I go through with it? It’s not everyday that two people meet who have genetics to produce such a beautiful offspring. Evolution makes a lot of ugly people, but not very many are as good looking as your boy. 

I played with him last night while you two were asleep. He loved me and though I was funny. At first I was determined to go through my plan with you all as my victims, but he convinced me otherwise. Please enjoy the rest of your lives and make more beautiful children like him.

P.S. I left him a present to play with from the last family I visited the other night.”

“Jennie…” I said.

“What, honey?” she said as she walked over to me with a cup of coffee.

“Did you or anyone else leave a note on Aidan’s door? Please tell me this is a sick joke,” I said.

“No. What-” she said as she glanced at the note.

“Aidan!” I shouted. We both ran inside his room. He was looking at us as soon as we came in and began to jump up and down excitedly. I was relieved.

But then Jennie screamed at the top of her lungs.

Aidan was jumping up and down while holding a severed human finger.

Credits to: JohnRavenhill


Edwin Ohl House [1899] ~ New Castle Pa ~ Historical House by Onasill ~ Bill Badzo
Via Flickr:
A two and one-half story square plan residence showing Queen Anne influence, It has coursed limestone foundation and running bond brick walls. It has a high hip roof, with east-west main ridge, tower with conical roof located in west bay, and gable roof wall dormers. It also has an arch motif cornice line. The house was built in 1899 for Edwin Newton Ohl (1850-1922. At that time he Served as the manager of the New Castle office of Republic Iron and Steel. He later became president of United Iron and Steel (1906), president of New Castle Portland Cement Company (1908) and a director of the First National Bank.