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Big Bang Reaction Masterlist Post

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rfa (or maybe a mini fic with jumin/zen?) when their s/o comes home looking really down and troubled, and when they ask, she just starts self-deprecating, insulting herself, particularly her appearance, because earlier that day someone told her that, "she isn't a girl lol look at her front, it's flat lolol" or something...? i just want to be comforted aah, someone was very rude today and my insecurities just...bursted out;;;;

I saw these as having pretty similar reactions so I decided to put them in one post ^^ also, I’ve kept MC genderless for all except Jaehee and Seven. and anon, I know the feeling of people saying rude things and bringing out insecurities, but most of those people are just assholes who can’t deal with their own lame lives and make fun of people to mask that, so just remember that you are 100x better than them and I’m here for you <3

-Admin Ace in Space


  • this poor little bean is so confused when you come home talking about how much you dislike yourself
  • you are perfect??? and he loves you??? and he could never imagine someone like you being insecure??
  • he gets surprisingly serious and wraps his arms around you
  • “MC… I never believed anyone would love me. I mean, I’m short, I have a horrible work ethic, all I do is game… but you love me. And I love you, no matter what you think about yourself.”
  • for the rest of the day, you can expect surprise kisses and hugs at any moment
  • he holds you really close to him at night and murmurs how much he loves you until you fall asleep
  • he may be new to romance and stuff, but he never wants to see you upset and does whatever he can to make you smile


  • dating him, you’re bound to have some insecurities
  • I mean, the guy is a God
  • but he soon manages to pick up on the tell-tale signs that you’re wallowing in insecurities
  • and he hugs you from behind and kisses your cheek
  • and tells you how much he loves you
  • when you come home one day self-deprecating because of what some stranger said, he’s really pissed
  • how dare anyone say something bad about his angel???
  • he’s EXTRA romantic for the rest of the day, constantly doing little things for you
  • if you’re okay with it, he has you lay down and kisses every part of your body that you’re insecure about


  • she’s been there, she’s had her fair share of guys tell her she doesn’t look feminine enough and that no guy would want her
  • joke’s on them, she’s dating the best woman in the world
  • and she makes sure you know it
  • she curls up on the couch with you, a movie running in the background, and whispers sweet nothings in your ear
  • Baehee is the sweetest
  • you two share stories about bullshit guys have said to you and end up laughing about it
  • and you make fun of them instead of yourself
  • she leaves cute notes on the mirror reminding you how perfect you are so that you can start every day feeling a little better about yourself


  • he won’t let you be insecure for even a few moments
  • immediately puts Elizabeth 3rd on your lap because we all know cats are perfect distractions
  • wraps his arm around your waist and holds you close
  • when you tell him that you’re feeling even more insecure than usual because of what a stranger said to you, he’s livid and ready to sue the bastard
  • pulls you in his lap and buries his face in your neck
  • when you ask him what he’s doing, he says, “This is now your insecurity-free zone. As long as I’m holding you, you’re surrounded by my love and can’t feel bad about yourself”
  • what a dork he’s perfect
  • it surprises you that he’s going for the “distract you by being funny” routine, but honestly? it works
  • the great Jumin Han making jokes to cheer up the love of his life
  • he’s still ready to sue whoever said anything bad about you


  • MC is insecure???
  • no no no no
  • sure, he’s insecure as fuck, but YOU’RE not allowed to be insecure
  • he sits you down and cups your cheeks
  • “MC, being insecure is my thing. You’re so wonderful and perfect and I love you, and if you think you’re ugly, then what am I?”
  • tickles you to make you laugh and tells you how much he loves you
  • when he hears someone said you’re too flat-chested he gets pissed
  • “I love your boobs!”
  • vouches to find that asshole and hack his bank account
  • whenever you feel down or bad about yourself, he distracts you with jokes or just hugs you really tight
  • “I’m hugging the bad feelings away! None of them can escape God 707!”
  • honestly who can focus on disliking themselves when you have this wonderful mess of a human being wrapped around you


  • the SECOND you have even the SLIGHTEST insecure thought, this boy is there
  • it’s like he has a built-in radar or something
  • and he takes your hand and kisses it softly and asks you to tell him what made you feel bad
  • when you explain that a stranger made a rude comment about you, be prepared for the shock of your life
  • Kim Jihyun, the world’s softest man, is angry
  • he may be an absolute pacifist, but he is so mad at whoever made you feel bad about yourself
  • because you deserve so much better
  • and he isn’t afraid to tell you that
  • he has a grumpy lil pout as he hugs you tightly and you can’t help but smile
  • because how is this man even cute when he’s mad
  • if you still feel bad after that, he talks about his own insecurities and how he also has to try every day not to let them get the best of him
  • and you two manage to have a good talk and let everything out
  • which is followed by you trying to out-pamper each other
Sweet, Sweet Revenge

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So, this was requested by @leyarren​! Hun, I hope you enjoy! Words written in italics are in the past! Feel free to request again, okay? 💖💖❤❤😘😊😊

“YOU BASTARD!” I screamed.


I slapped Jay with all my might. There was a red handprint on his face and a look of pure anger was directed toward me.

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Chris Pine as Cinderalla’s Prince in ‘Into the Woods’ (2014)

“It’s all about this kind of inner desire to be seen. And to play out this story that he’s probably been playing out in generation and generation and generation, he’s just like an LP that keeps on running itself back. And in the one moment that he’s given the opportunity to see what his effect has on Cinderella, where she says, ‘Well, look at me, I mean, look what’s happened.’ And he thinks about it for a second, you can see that it does hurt him, and he does have a moment of inner reflection but then chooses to get back on the horse and again play out the two dimensional story that he has been playing out for generations. So I had a lot of fun playing a guy with big hair and you know, a tan, and just loving himself, it was a joy.”

The Family Tree

Request by @jared-padaloveme: I don’t know if you’re still doing the drabbles but can I have one with Jared Padalacki and the prompt being: “And the family tree grows even bigger.”          

Word Count: 668

You couldn’t believe it. Every doctor you’d seen in the last two years told you it was impossible. And every month, Mother Nature confirmed their words.

But here you were, sitting in yet another doctor’s office: the positive pregnancy test laying on the counter, ultrasound films scattered on a desk, and an astounded doctor flipping through your chart beside you. “I can’t explain it. By all accounts and tests and everything we’ve seen, you shouldn’t be able to be pregnant…”

“But I am, right?” It was almost too much to hope.

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Give Us More Detonation

killjoy au part 2 Edit: the kids from yesterday pt 2

Donnie the catcher is andy hurley

Lucky Horseshoe Crab is joe trohman
Dr Benzedrine is patrick stump
Mr Sandman is pete

After a few weeks of being with the Killjoys, the name they call themselves, you have noticed the small things you and your group do differently. You realize that Party poison is obviously the group leader, as opposed to you guys where you all have a say in who does what; Jet star is always the one to call Party out on a dumb decision, you three rarely disagreed on decisions; Kobra Kid id the baby, you were the baby (Party argued that you weren’t babied enough); and Fun Ghoul runs into danger without consulting his partners first, meanwhile your group came up with a strategy.

After you had found out they called themselves Killjoys, Gear had decided to call your mini group ‘The Clique.’ It had emotional value to he and kid, so you never question it.

You also found out there are two other groups of rebels besides the Killjoys, one called ‘the Young Bloods’ and the other called ‘The Sinners.’ You guys had yet to meet them, unfortunately. And that’s where your story begins.

You are on your way back from a sweep of Zone 3 with the Killjoys and your Clique, and as you pull up to the diner, you see a mysterious car outside it. You expect the Killjoys to slow down, as they were in the car ahead of you, but they speed up. You guess they know the people in the car.

The Killjoys skid to a stop next to the mysterious car and Kobra is out of the car within seconds. Your own van comes to a halt and you wait until Kid is fully stopped and the van is shut off before hopping out. When you enter the diner, all you can see is a crowd of men and Kobra on the ground, a man with black hair underneath him. They’re both giggling and Kobra is kissing over the man’s face.

“Wooow,” Kid says when he walks in, “I’m not as tall as you guys, what’s happening?” His sight was covered by Gear, Party, and Jet. You giggle and make room for him to stand next to you.

Eventually you all are sat on the floor in a circle, you had been introduced to the men, who you’d found out were ‘The Young Bloods.’ Dr Benzedrine always wears a fedora, Mr Sandman has blonde hair that had grown out quite a bit, Donnie The Catcher is covered in tattoos and is very soft spoken, and Lucky Horseshoe Crab (they don’t explain how he got his name, they just laugh when they see the confused look on yours, Kids, and Gears faces.) had a giant mane of hair.

You find out that Kobra and Sandman are unofficially official and that they have been like that since before BL/ind.

The sun has gone down by the time you’re done getting to know everyone, and the Young Bloods decide they can sleep on the floor. You, Gear, and Kid are already headed toward the back room where you had put your mattress when the Killjoys had decided to let you stay. You usually lay in between the two boys, cuddling into Gears side, due to lack of space, and Kid is always up against you.

You hear giggling from Kobra and who you assume is Sandman, and your heart swells. You would be lying if you said that you weren’t attracted to Kobra, he was like you. You were treated like a child with the Killjoys, and so was he. He would always vouch for you, saying you could shoot more accurately than anyone in this zone.

“I’m happy for them,” Kid whispers, “they found each other in this world and stuck together even when it crumbled.”

“I wish I had that,” you whisper. Gear rubs your shoulder and kisses the top of your head.

“You will, no doubt about it.”

When you wake up, you’re still in the position you fell asleep in. You are surprised that Gear hasn’t gotten up yet. You get up, trying not to disturb the sleeping boys, and go toward the front room.

“Well isn’t it our baby,” Party greets as you enter. Kobra slaps his brother on the shoulder and reminds him you’re not much younger than he is.

“G'morning,” you say, sliding in next to Party. Kobra was sharing his spot in the booth with Sandman. You felt butterflies in your stomach seeing them so happy.

“I’d ask if you slept well, but that’s off the table in our situation,” Kobra chuckles. You shake your head, deciding to ignore his comment.

“So what are the plans for today?” You ask. Sandman and Kobra shrug, but Party gets a look on his face. A look you didn’t like, “what?”

“We can go race!” He exclaims. Sandmans eyes light up, you and Kobra share a look.

“I don’t want to suggest that you need to ask for permission, but what about Doctor?” You inquire. Sandman scoffed, giving you an incredulous look.

“I don’t need to ask him shit,” he says, placing his elbows on the table, “when and where, Poison?”

“In five minutes, around Zone 4,” He says, “I’m takin’ this baby with me.” He nudges you with his elbow, giving you a wild look.

You sigh, shaking your head at the thought, “Fine,” you answer, “but if I die, I’m haunting your ass.” All three of them chuckle at your response and the two drivers disperse. You and Kobra share another look.

“We’re probably gonna run into some Dracs,” he says. You nod, looking around for a gun.

“I’ll bring two if you bring two?”

“Agreed.” You hear a slight argument over who gets to change into the back room and eventually Party came into the room again and sulked while Sandman got changed.

You and Party are in the same car and Kobra is with Sandman in the car next to you. The Trans AM isn’t the same as the van, it moves faster and swifter, but it didn’t have the same feel. The van was lived in, the boys had used it for tour before everything happened.

“You ready, baby?” Party asks.

“I’m not a baby,” you say shyly.

“Oh I know, sweetheart,” he says, glancing at you, “but you’re my baby now.” That comment turned your organs turn to mush. You take a deep breath and turn your head toward him.

“I’m ready,” you say, suddenly having more confidence. He smiles at you, and gives a signal to the guys in the other car. They both give you a thumbs up and start the cars. Suddenly, Party hits the gas and flies away in front of the other car. You squeak at the sudden motion, but giggle when the wind starts to hit your face.

“You feel that, baby?” He asks, “the wind in your hair, the adrenaline in your veins, that’s called living.” You look over and notice he’s smiling wider than you’ve ever seen, “and that’s what we’ve gotta do sometimes. Just live.”

You place a hand on top of his and look out at the sandy area ahead, not even caring if you’ll win the race. When Party turns you squeal. You finally realized why he took you with him.

You never smiled outside of the diner, and he wanted to show you that there was still fun in the Zones. Even if it was rare.

No time for romance. Too busy fighting for freedom. Too busy surviving.


tell me if you want me to involve more of the other characters and who. So far, the only people getting endings will be party, sandman and Kobra, the Clique, and Dr. B (though he doesn’t show up much in this onel

Exhaulted Part Seven

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Parts: Prologue, One, Two, Three (M), Four, Five, Six (M), Seven, Eight (Coming Soon!)

Genre: Drama, Romance, Violence, drug use, plus more!

Pairing: UnidentifiedxReaderXUnidentified maybe?

Word Count: 4.4K

A/N: So the story is going to be just the character getting close to the guys for a bit. After that, then the real fun begins… well, the fun for me, at least!

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Concert fun story: it was my second I think, and there was this guy. Now this was a metal show and the band was killing it. And the said guy was sweating. But like, not a drop or two, he was fucking covered, wet like he was in a pool, it was like someone dropped a bucket over him, shining and awful, hair projecting sweat at everyone near. he was running around and I swear he walked through the crowd like moses did with the red sea, people were stepping so far from him it was hilarious

fuckin WILD

Best Buds Part 4

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words: 2950

Warnings: Smut, Unprotected sex (Sex is cleaner with a packaged wiener), almost getting caught, ignoring canon deaths because I fucking do what I want, drinking

Note: Again, I had so much fun writing this part. I really hope you guys like it and if you will, give me some good feedback. Not sure how many more parts I am going to write. I’ve been getting asked that question. I’m pretty much writing until I run out of ideas or until the story calls for it. Thanks again for reading! I love y’all! Let me know if you’d like to be tagged :)

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Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven

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You were pressed between the back seat of Baby and Dean’s firm body. It had been about two weeks since you and Dean started this little arrangement and you were elated. Consistent sex after hunts without worrying about where the random guy had been or wondering how drunk you were made “reducing stress” all the more easy. Dean parked behind the house where you’d just finished a quick salt and burn hunt. You were both pumped full of adrenaline from digging the grave, when he threw you over his shoulder and tossed you into the back seat. Now the glass of the Impala was fogged and you were seconds from reaching your impending bliss. Sammy left to go talk to the family of the previously haunted house to explain that everything was going to be fine, so you thought you had at least an hour or so before he came back. That is until Sammy’s voice called through the empty street, looking for Dean.

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Reversed Roles: Part 2

Summary: The reader is Jared Padalecki’s little sister. She’s finishing filming a movie and Jared tries to convince her to take a role on his show.

Word Count: 1895

Warnings: None in this part

A/N: Half of this series is just scenes that sound like fun to write that don’t really have anything to do with the story. I’m not even gonna apologize about that because I’m having so much fun. (Don’t worry guys, I’ll try not to make this into a 30 part series like my last few have been) Also, I love Danneel, but for the sake of this series, Jensen is definitely single.

Part 1

“They’ve got us surrounded,” Dean panted. You’d been running from the FBI for nearly half an hour. How they managed to keep up with two people trained to stay hidden was a mystery, but that didn’t change the fact that they would be on top of you any minute. Even this crowded street wouldn’t be enough to hide you and Dean. Your eyes skipped over the crowd, searching for anything that could help. Besides a few teenagers, some elderly, and a couple making out right in the middle of the sidewalk, there wasn’t anyth—

You snaked your hand around Dean’s neck and pulled his lips down to yours. After all, public displays of affection always made people’s gaze pass right over you.

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there's always That One Player

Playing a 5th edition game with my brother and his friends; he’s running DM, while the other players are a dragonborn Fighter, a halfling Monk, an elf Ranger, and me, a half-elf Bard. A few scenes in particular stand out.

Scene one. Enter upon the party traveling with a caravan, having been hired separately to guard it along its route between two forested hillsides to its final destination. We and the caravan stop when we see a few dead horses in the road ahead, arrows pierced into their bodies.

Fighter: I’m going to check the horses.
DM: Up close?
Fighter: Yup.
Monk: I’m… going to stay behind and watch.
Me: Yeah, I’ll get about halfway between the caravan and the horses.
Ranger: I’m staying with the caravan.

DM rolls for a surprise attack from the goblin party that left the horses out as a trap; Fighter spends the entire battle unconscious at 0 HP. Remainder of party takes out the goblins without dying.

Fighter is revived, party delivers caravan without further incident.

Scene two. Party is tasked with clearing out a cave that has been populated by goblins terrorizing the locals. We move through the forests to reach the cave, and upon entering the cave system after a quick bout with a few more goblins, find an offshoot chamber with two wolves chained to a post inside, with body parts littered around near what seems to be a chimney-like hole in the ceiling. They’re rail-thin, ragged, and growl in warning when we enter.

Fighter: I draw my sword and approach.
DM: The wolves don’t seem too happy about this, and they start to get angry.
Me: What? Why? They’re chained up, they can’t hurt us!
Fighter: They're wolves!
Me: [sighs] I cast Speak with Animals.
DM: They’re just pretty scared; they’ve been shackled up here for a while. They’re also, as you can probably tell on your own, pretty damn hungry.
Me: Right. Well, they can’t hurt us. I’m going to toss them one day’s rations to eat.
Fighter: What?? Don’t do that!
Me: What, why?
Fighter: Just throw them one of the goblin carcasses!
Ranger: Dude, that’s disgusting!
Fighter: They’re already there, and why waste rations on them??
DM: …Hey, [Fighter]. Roll a Knowledge check.
Fighter: Um… [He rolls.] Five, I don’t get what’s–
DM: Nothing that is alive wants to eat goblin.

I toss them the food, which calms them enough toward us for me to unchain them. They seem grateful and flee. The Fighter, however, doesn’t follow the party out of the chamber, which begins scene three.

Fighter: How large is the chimney?
Ranger: [Fighter], what are you doing?
DM: Um… [He checks his notes.] It’s about ten by six feet and at least thirty feet tall. It’s a pretty sheer drop, and judging by what’s in the room, it’s where the filthy body parts have been dropping from to the wolves.
Fighter: I’m gonna climb up it.
Ranger: What the heck, [Fighter]? Why are you running off on your own when we can just walk back to the waterflow and follow it in?
Fighter: Because I’m tired of you guys makin’ fun of me and saying I’m doin’ stupid stuff!
Monk: That is because you are!

Fighter ends up emerging from the chimney in a room with two goblins, an orc, and two more wolves in it. He barely escaped alive and proceeded to be knocked to 0 HP again when he rejoined the rest of the party engaged in a story battle.

One of my favorite sessions.

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nalu // in the rain

Part of my “10 Cliches” request day. I’ll see how many I can get done in the next few days :3

1) Kiss in the Rain

They walk silently, Natsu unaffected by the rain and Lucy swallowed up in his sweatshirt but still shivering. She sneezes, cuddling further into the over-sized garment, and he winces, swallowing thickly. He glances at her, lips pulled down in a frown, entirely ashamed with the date he planned. 

What an epically horrible first date it was. First, dinner had been ruined by his friends Gajeel and Gray when they completely crashed his date. Table for two turned into table for four, and the guys did absolutely everything to make Lucy run for the hills. Embarrassing baby stories? Check. Jokes about his dick and performance in the bedroom? Double check. And then, after things were ruined enough, he decided it would be fun to take a walk in the park late at night.

Which was great! 

Until it started raining.

And his bike ran out of gas.

So, they were left with no choice but walking home. In the dark. In the pouring rain.

Smooth, Natsu, smooth.

Glancing at her once more, he clears his throat awkwardly, gaining her attention. She sends him a small smile and his heart skips a beat. Sighing to himself, Natsu stops walking, kicking up his bike’s stand quickly. Lucy gives him an odd look, probably wondering why he would stop in the middle of the street while it’s raining, but he turns to face her with a heavy heart. 

Lucy frowns back, blinking up at him curiously, and he scratches the back of his head awkwardly. “I’m sorry,” he blurts, wincing.

Her frown deepens. “Natsu–”

He cuts her off, rambling. “I’m sorry that this date was such a huge failure, and i’m sorry you wasted your time tonight, and I’m sure you never want to see me again, because this is,like, the worst date in the history of dates, and–”

He’s cut off by a pair of lips pressed to his own, silencing him. Lucy, having grown impatient with his rambling, had reached up and grabbed him by the collar, jerking him down and slamming her lips against his with enough force to bruise.

Natsu certainly doesn’t mind.

His arms wrap around her tightly, practically crushing her smaller frame against his chest, a hand tangling through her messy, wet hair. Both of her arms slide around his neck. She tugs at the hairs at the nape of his neck, pressing up on her tiptoes while also dragging him down to her.

He forgets about the rain and the cold. Their horrible date disappears from his mind entirely, him being far too entranced by her lips moving against his slowly–sweetly.

Soft fingers trail across his cheek, her lips parting slowly, followed by her tongue briefly tracing the seam of his lips. He gasps, shocked at her bold move, but she immediately catches his lower lip between her teeth, nibbling slightly before releasing his lips and pulling only a breath away.

His eyes slip open, locking with her’s. She sends him a soft smile, her nose brushing his as he leans down, resting his forehead against hers. “Lucy,” he breathes, lips twitching into a smile.

Her lips brush his as she speaks, her voice low and husky. “If you think one bad date is going to send me running for the hills, then you are entirely wrong, Natsu Dragneel.” His smile can only grow.

The rain is soaking them both, but he can’t bring himself to care as he drags her lips back to his.

I’m not here for hate on the writers.

Robin had to die because:

  • They needed a big death that would make Henry - the one with the Heart of the Truest Believer - want to destroy all magic.
  • Regina’s growth has been tested but never like this and they want to show how far she has come.
  • Snow & Charming haven’t had much to do but putting them in a very familiar scenario as they had in S1 can jump start their next story.
  • Death happens and having hope after death is a really important story to explore on the show.
  • A large part of Emma’s story has been how she feels responsible for keeping everyone safe and this is going to force her to process that sometimes things happen but she can’t let guilt run her life.
  • It’s been two years since the last major character death and the audience needed to know that after saving someone from the Underworld that death can still be a permanent thing on the show.

It’s sad. No doubt about it. I think Sean was an awesome Robin Hood and a really fun guy to be a part of the cast. But the writers wanted to kill his character off to set in motion a larger story that they want to tell. I hope that Sean has a lot of future success in his career and I hope that his legacy on the show is well remembered both on screen and in the fandom.

How am I? Oh, you know… well, wait. I suppose you don’t.

I’ve been quiet on the Internet front the past few weeks for several reasons. The first and foremost honestly being I am so busy. So busy, in fact, that sometimes I truly don’t understand how I used to pop into this space so often, and find time to document my life so consistently. Good for me, because blogging takes time & effort and how have I been doing this for over 5.5 years?!

But there’s another reason, I must confess, and that’s that I’ve become awfully self conscious of this life I lead. The words I write. The photos I take.  The places I go, and things I see. I don’t know. I don’t know whether I’m worried about being judged, or that I feel like my life is so boring (to others) it’s odd to upload a photo or story or snippet about an outfit, or run, or every day things. I mean, really. My days through and through are just so, well, ordinary.

So… with that said, let me take advantage of this pint (or two) flowing through my veins, and the vulnerability that comes with the clock striking 2am. I've  been dating a lot. Let’s start there. Nothing serious, I think. I don’t know. One guy, whom I met through a mutual friend, has been around now for a few months. It’s fun, it’s casual, and it’s nice to have a consistent person to do something with.  We actually openly discussed what we’re doing the other day; it’s certainly not a relationship because our lack of communication and/or check-ins is quite impressive, but it’s also not a, ummm, for lack of a better term, booty call. We go on dates. Lots of dates. And hang out and watch movies and order food together. He cooks, I clean. It works well. And it is what it is, and I’m, we’re, happy with it, especially because my time (and his) is so limited these days due to work.

Speaking of work, I am taking advantage of being single these days.  I have no obligations come 5pm. No person to meet. No children to pick up. No places to be, and expectations to meet. So I work. A lot. When I look back on my corporate career I spent my twenties plotting and planning to travel the world. To escape to literally the other side of the world. And that, I did (yay!). But now that I’m back? Well now I am concentrating on my career. Twenty nine is the year of my life I have dedicated to my career.  I work hard in the office (and often miss social events because of it), but then when I can, I’m also very kind to myself outside of the office. Because if working fifteen plus hours a day means I lay in bed and watch Netflix until 3pm on a Saturday, even when it’s sunny out, and the birds are calling my name, I don’t really care. Because I know I’m working hard for a company I love and believe in, going after promotions I want, and putting in my time to make a place for myself in the corporate world. It’s exciting, and I love it, and have a grand plan to continue to work my ass off for, well, as long as I need to to define this chapter of my life.

Speaking of my ass, it’s grown. Well, wait. I shouldn’t say that. This morning I weighed 182, so really, I’m sitting around where I was at the beginning of this year. So my good, old, ass has actually stayed the same. It’s not ideal, but given how much sitting I do these days, and constant battles not to eat all the office treats, I’m okay with this. My Personal Trainer is going well, it’s a huge struggle to make it to the gym for our set times each week (because of work), but I enjoy the feeling of muscles returning (slowly) to my body, and the sore feeling the day after a good workout. I’ve been meaning to get outside and run for a while… umm, remember how I ran four full marathons? Good Lord, how did I ever do that?

I’ve also started volunteering for an *awesome* organization called Project Sunshine.  I’ll be sure to devote a whole post to this soon, as it’s an amazing charity, and I truly feel so lucky to have been accepted as a board member.  The commitment is fairly extensive, but it’s something I am passionate about (they help families with sick children in hospitals), and I can’t wait to raise money through awesome events, and volunteer with the kids and their families.

What else? Horse riding, Baby Lily, Seeing friends, and family.  I am living a content, full life, and I am thankful for every moment of it. My family is heading to a cottage next week, which will be sad times as I can’t go for work, but I’m going kayaking on Saturday, a bbq on Sunday, as well as Tim McGraw *yeehaw!* in the evening. I’m also online dating when I can fit it in - but folks, that’s a whole post in and of itself. Okay. Okay. I must get some rest.  My boss told me today that people who are productive at night (me!) have an on average higher IQ, so I’ll rest my head thinking about that, and not how I have to be up in a mere few hours.

GMWWriters Tweet Round Up #5

[one] [two] [three] [four] [q&a]


  • Master Plan: where was Auggie??“downstairs” (x)
  • Farkle’s Choice: “it was a very early episode. Everyone looks a little younger. It was the first Smackle.” (x)
  • First Date: “Josh also has a date. Things do not go well…” (x)
  • “Lucas is asked out by… Maya. What??” you know it’s going to be a rehash of My Best Friends Girl-you always replicate iconic bmw episodes. It’s horrible. Be unique! “Hey, lots of things are bad. Horrible is unique.” (x)
  • i like maya and Lucas as a couple!! Is there something between them!? "There is absolutely something between them. Right now, it’s Riley.“ (xDon’t do this to Riley. :( A true friend would never go after a best friends crush. "True” (x) but it happens. it’s common. it’s a real life problem. “Yep. Watch how we handle it. Girl Meets First Date." (x)
  • Demolition: will air in April. (x)
  • is there a chance of doing a crossover episode for season 2? "What about Season 1?” (x)


  • The first five episodes of season two are Gravity, Pluto, The New World, The Secret Of Life, and Mr. Squirrels. (x)

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Aaron Carpenter Imagine for Anon

Request: Can I have an Aaron imagineeeee

Aaron: Come over xx

You smile as you read the text on your phone. You know your boyfriend just got home from Magcon and was really tired but you thought it was incredibly sweet that he still wanted to hang out with you. You grab your phone and bag and exit your house.

Aaron lived about two blocks away from you and it was such a nice day that you decided to walk. You slung your bag over your shoulder and walked down the street in the direction of Aaron’s house. You walked up his driveway and rang his doorbell, standing on is porch waiting for him to answer.

The door flew open and there stood Aaron. The biggest smile spread across his face and he pulls you into a hug, wrapping his arms tight around you and spinning you around. When he puts you down, he lightly cups your face and presses his lips softly against yours.

“I missed you so much, y/n.” he says quietly, pressing his forehead to yours.

“I missed you too, Aaron.” You giggle. You two had been dating for six months. Most of it was long distance because he was at Magcon a lot, but you two made it work. He was the sweetest and you trusted him.

He drags you into the house and you head into the living room. You choose a movie and let it play in the background as he tells you all about Magcon. He tells you about meeting all the fans and the funny pranks all the boys pulled on each other. He tells you about playing football outside with all the guys and going to the beach.

“Sounds like a lot of run!” you say enthusiastically once he wraps up his story.

“It would have been way more fun if you had been there.” Aaron blushes, looking down at his hands. His words make you smile and you lean your head on his shoulder as the credits for the movie begin to play.

“What should we do now?” you ask, flicking the TV off.

“Let’s do a younow.” Aaron suggests. You look at him warily. Although you two had been dating for six months, you two still hadn’t made your relationship public to the fans. You knew if you went on younow with him the fans would definitely ask. Aaron seems to read your mind because he takes both of your hands in his.

“I want to tell them about us.” Although you were nervous about telling the fans, his words comforted and reassured you. You nod your head in agreement and you both head into the kitchen where the Mac is sitting on the table. He pulls up twitter and tweets that he’s going to be doing a younow before beginning the broadcast.

You’re standing on the other side of the kitchen getting yourself a glass of water. You sip your water slowly, watching Aaron reply to a bunch of questions and act cute. He begins to play music and does silly little dances, making you giggle. He looks up at you and smiles.

“Y/n, come here.” He says, opening up his arms. You leave your glass of water on the counter and make your way towards him. You sit down next to him on the bench in view of the camera but Aaron has other plans. He pulls you right onto his lap, wrapping his arms around your waist and rests his chin on your shoulder as he continues to answer more questions.

Who is she?

Is she your girlfriend?

You two are adorable together!

I ship it!

Are you two dating?

The questions and comments start pouring in and suddenly the feed is flooded, every question and comment about you. Aaron kisses your cheek.

“This is my lovely and gorgeous girlfriend, y/n.” Aaron states proudly.

Omg I ship it, how long have the two of you been going out?

“Y/n and I have been going out for six months.”

Aaron continues to answer some of the questions.As he does, he continually gives you pecks on the cheek and lays a hand on your thigh. You relax and begin to feel more comfortable and eventually start helping him answer some of the questions. You two begin to laugh around and joke and you even tell a few funny stories about, Aaron, making him blush.

Ew she’s not even that pretty.

“Hey,” Aaron saying, narrowing his eyes on the computer screen. “I’m not liking any of the hate that’s coming in. Y/n is gorgeous and she is my girlfriend and if you don’t like that then get of my YouNow. If I see any more hate, I’m getting off.” Aaron gives your thigh a comforting squeeze and kisses your cheek.

“Don’t listen to them, you’re gorgeous.” He whispers in your ear. You smile and nod. You two spend another hour on YouNow before he signs off. He lets out a loud yawn as he shuts down the computer. He stretches out his arms and then lazily lays his head on your back in between your shoulder blades and his eyes flutter shut.

“You must be tired. Come on.” You grab his hand and the two of you make your way to his bedroom. You two climb into his bed and curl up together. You pull the covers over the both of you and relax in his embrace.

“I really missed you.” Aaron says, nuzzling his head into the crook of your neck.

“I missed you too.”

Hope you liked it! My Aaron feels are off the charts again! Send in requests! xx

I know this isn’t actually a podcast/video but our group mixes text RP with D&D setting/rules which means we get to post the results as an ongoing ‘novel’ of sorts here on tumblr. They’ve been poking me about submitting some quotes from our non-text sessions (I’m running 3 separate campaigns in a similar setting, only two of which are text-based) so I have to streamline those for you guys, but if anyone is looking for a fun read, come check us out over at The Wanderers.

(Warning, the main text campaign “Hunters” is already 200 pages worth of story XD)

What Do I Do Now?

Hey, guys! I’m the author from Hit and Run and I was thinking for a while now how I wanted to write a Volkevens fic, so I took a shot at it. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and actually like it, too. Let me know if you want this story to continue. :) Bon appétit! 

Summary: How do you act when it isn’t acting anymore?

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anonymous asked:

Oh my goodness gracious I love you mama Elle, like beyond words. I sadly missed your live stream because I was partying at a friend's surprise party with margaritas and lemon cupcakes. Anyway, I was wondering if you could maybe possibly link all of your children stories for me? I'm terribly bad at keeping up with them and just wanted one place for everything to do with the 5SOS kids. Thank you much, dear!

Ah cupcakes and margaritas trump everything every time. Seriously two things I love more than I should. I hope you had a really fun time!

This should be accurate. 

5SOS Stories:

Daughters Bios

The back story behind the badass ladies.

Sons Bios

A little history of the cool gents.


The Ballad of March and Daphne, ya dig.

Boundaries PT 2

Boundaries PT 3

Plunge [Prequel to Boundaries]

How did Maphne become a thing? 

Duel - Ashton Irwin 

Frustrated, Miles seeks out a little advice from the guy he knows loves to give it.

Running For Home - Luke Hemmings (Sequel to Duel)

Miles could use a little support from his Dad even if he doesn’t know how to ask.

Read My Mind

Connor Irwin’s crush is slightly ill-timed.


Three Hemmings children catch up over greasy goodness.


Penelope’s super powers are not enough to fight off allergies.

Yellow Belly

Chicken pox strike and March sees an opportunity. 

Hang Tough 

No one puts March in a corner.

Summer Skin 

If ‘Keeping Up with the Hemmings’ was a show, Luke was a couple episodes behind.

Animal Instinct

Ashton doesn’t always think, it's innate in his bones to want to hold her close to him.

Rattle - Luke Hemmings

Daphne pulls the ultimate 'oops’ in front of one unsuspecting Uncle.

Emmeline Clifford VS The People - Everyone

There is no bigger fan of 5SOS than Emmeline Clifford.

Slip - [Michael/Calum]

When Emmeline screws up, she does it in style.

Implode - Michael Clifford [Warning: Trigger/Depression

Iden Clifford is on the verge.

Sunday Coffee - Luke Hemmings

Luke tries to enjoy a relaxed bite with March.

Don’t Take No Mess - Calum Hood

Even if he has to go on The Maury Show, Calum will prove that he is the father.

Spectacle - Ashton Irwin

Molly Irwin will not be bullied…or have her books removed from her person.


March and Daphne’s first fight takes a surprising turn.

Encircle Me PT 1

If Luke had a dime for every time he told Penelope 'no’ to surfing, he could have paid the devil for sympathy.

Encircle Me PT 2


11. Nieces

Let an Uncle help out.

16. Ready, Set, Don’t Go

Only features children in Ashton’s and Calum’s. Daphne’s first day of school and Molly heading off to college.

18. Nieces [Tweet]

To go with the preference of the same name.

26. Daughters

It’s not always backstage passes and Versace when your Dad is a rock star.

49. Nephews [Tweet]

Love for some baby boys

31. Curiosity

“Where do babies come from and what is a va-jina?”

35. Extended Family

Sometimes a Super Uncle needs to step in for a Super Dad.

37. Babysitting [Tweet]

Who told Ashton it was a good idea to give baby Emmeline a bowl of chocolate?!

40. Nostalgia - Daughters

They’re grown up now. Sneaking out, trying new things, turning down ice cream dates, but thank God for the memories.

45. Nostalgia - Sons

They’re older now, some wiser than others, but it feels like just yesterday they were peeing in house plants…

41. Baby Talk

Is Calum ready? Is Michael just horny again? How antsy is Ashton? Has it been on Luke’s mind? “Look, we’ve been together a while and I want to throw a baby in the mix!”

44. How I Met Your Mother

The four recall to some of their children how it was they wound up with their respective others.

50. Visits [Tweet]

When the kids visit, the cutest tweets happen.

Other kid stuff, but not with the families above:

28. Too Soon

29. Too Soon [Tweet]

30. Struggling Musician

13. “I Hate You”

22. “I Hate You” [Tweet]

23. Trying

Plutonium - Calum Hood

Preference #342: Big Rides Are Scary!


Request: Can you do an imagine where you are friends with all the guys and when they are in town you all go spend the day at the theme park, & they are scared to go on the big rides :)

You were best friends with the guys from 5 Seconds of Summer, and Ashton, Luke, Calum and Michael were currently in town. You all made sure you got to hang out with each other. The five of you headed to six flags. You rode batman: the ride, El Toro, Congo Rapids, Saw Mill Log Flume and Swashbuckler.

“I want to go on Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom” you yelled excitedly.
“No way” Calum said with a look of fear in his eyes.
“Can’t we do the Batman ride again?” Luke asked.
“Or you know get food?” Michael piped up.
“I conquer” Ashton said.
“With who?” Luke asked.
“All of you” Ashton said, clearly not wanting to do the ride.
“Wait are you guys scared?” you giggled.
“What…no” Luke, Calum and Michael said in unison. The looks on their faces clearly implied they were scared to go on the ride, which amused you.
“It shoots you 41 stories into the sky, then rockets you back to Earth at 90 miles per hour” Ashton said “fuck yeah we are scared” he said. The boys all looked at Ashton and sighed before nodding in agreement.
“Oh come on guys, it will be fun. Don’t make me go on, on my own” you whined.

The boys argued with each other for a moment “fine” Luke said, and went on the ride with you whilst Calum, Michael and Ashton waited for the two of you.

Once off of the ride you went running over to the guys “that was so fun” you laughed.
“Luke are you okay?” Calum said, seeing Luke looking rather off colour.
“That was fucking awful” he said before sitting down “next time you guys do the rides” he said lying down on the wall “ugh I feel sick” he whined. Everyone else laughed, at poor unfortunate Luke.