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Ring Once

Story by reddit user Pippinacious

I’d never been good in storms, but I was even worse in hospitals, so when the choice came to go visit Nana, my ma’s mother, or stay home and brave the thunder and lightning on my own, I only hesitated for a moment before making my decision.

“You sure you don’t want to come, Hannah?” Ma asked, hovering uncertainly in the doorway leading to the garage.

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Quit my job at a bank and got my branch manager to resign.

So until August 16th of this year I was a teller at a local bank in my town. Our branch was small and rarely busy and I had 4 coworkers. There was my branch manager, my assistant branch manager, a personal banker / sometimes teller, another teller, and then me. Occasionally Brenda from marketing worked there. So we had very few customers coming in and we all just kinda sat around all day. All of us are females and so basically this place was Total Drama Fucking Island. But my branch manager, she was actually very cold and kind of an unpleasant and mean person.

Working in a bank is all about being super friendly to everyone all the time, and she was not. A lot of our customers straight up hated her, some would even close their accounts and go elsewhere because of the bank branch manager!! And she was not very pleasant to her employees. Before I arrived, she was so mean to two tellers that worked there that they both quit in the same week. She almost got fired and so by the time I started she had developed this weird fake nice / sweet personality but it just made you uncomfortable. She also put most of her work onto our assistant branch manager’s desk and didn’t know half of the information she should. So my ABM was basically running the entire branch, helping us out, doing twice the work (mortgages, HELOCS, other accts, etc.) and keeping the customers happy while the BM didn’t do jack shit. So everyone in the branch really had beef with the branch manager. And then she really went over the line and I fucked her day up.

Let me first say that my assistant branch manager has a very tough & stressful life. Her son is a heroin addict and all of her money goes to supporting him. She is a very sweet and caring person to other people but just gets shit on in life. She also did NOT make enough money at all for the work she was doing 40 hrs a week.

I had put my two weeks in so that I’d be done August 18th. Right after I did this we got news that my ABM was being demoted not only down to personal banker, but to HEAD TELLER. This is dropping back down to the bottom of the ladder basically. The reasoning was she did not submit her loan documents on time. What the upper level people made the decision, they couldn’t see how at the branch level the ABM was so overwhelmed by doing the BM’s responsibilities that she didn’t always have time to meet her own deadlines. The BM apologized profusely to the ABM and said it wasn’t her call, it was the higher ups, and that she tried to stop it from happening.

A few days after we found this out, the ABM personally spoke to the higher ups about it and they said that they didn’t write the write up, the BM did. That means after pushing all of her work onto the ABM and relying on her to keep the branch running, she tried to get her demoted that far down the ladder. We have no idea why, but all of us are aware of the ABM’s unfortunate life situation, and it was just such a cruel act.

So on August 16th, about a week after this happened, my branch manager was being unnecessarily bitchy to me and I basically said fuck this this is my last day I’m out. But at the end of the day, as we were closing, I quickly sent an e-mail to one of the higher ups in charge of this stuff. In the e-mail was a 3 page letter, basically an essay, thoroughly explaining all of the fucked up details about what was occurring at the branch level and how fucked up it was that the ABM was getting demoted. It did not make my branch manager look good, and I’m the fourth employee in the last year (basically all of them) to complain about her to HR. Where I work talking to HR is uncommon and serious. I sent it last minute so I didn’t have to stick around for anything that happened. My goal was to keep my assistant branch manager from being demoted.

I found out the next day that my branch manager immediately fucking RESIGNED. I quit on a Wednesday, Thursday morning she was cleaning out her office. She technically retired, she had the ability to but wanted to wait a couple more years so she could say she was the branch’s manager for 10 yrs. But HR read that letter and got rid of her THAT quickly. If she refused to resign she would have been fired. She has a high position, our bank only has like 9 branches and all the branch managers are considered assistant vice presidents. My letter dissing her literally immediately cost her her job.

It was kinda heavy at first to hear that because I wasn’t expecting to make THAT big of an impact and wasn’t sure how I felt about costing her her job. But she truly was a negative and cruel person that wasn’t deserving of her job for various reasons and I improved the lives of my coworkers whom I do care about sooo much.

I went into the bank that Friday and they were literally all thanking me and were so happy one even hugged me. I felt like a hero for a sec it was awesome. The bank even wanted me to come back and keep working but I dipped outta there. Still way to much girl drama for me.

Soooo yeah. I got my branch manager fired like that because of my sick essay writing skills and I got a real ego boost from it.

EDIT / UPDATE ON ABM: As of 8/30 she is “on probation.” Basically she is still working as the assistant branch manager but needs to be extra careful because she’s proving she is capable of doing her job to the higher ups. I guess things are looking positively though and no one is really worried. If they demoted her the branch would essentially have no one in charge so I think things will work out for her. :)


Light rays dance across the Kauai Landscape

Cait Sidhe

(pronounced ‘caught shee’)

It was presumed that she was human, until it abruptly became apparent that she was Not.

Her nickname was Cait, but she pronounced it, and insisted that everyone else did too, as Caught.

The Gentry did not approach her with the intention of causing mischief, nor did they spin their half-truths when they did speak to her. It was as if she was one of them, she did not wear iron or use salt for protection.

She could be seen weaving flowers into crowns, plucking poisonous mushrooms from the South Forest’s edge, and trading anything she could with gems and stones. She kept a record of all that she made, found, and presumably used in a big book.

She was good friends with Dread (and by extension Eldritch), the Counsellor, although she never did seek advice.

It was decided by everyone that she had to be both a witch and have Fae blood, although how they did not know.

She was one of the very few who could find her way around the library with ease. One day when she went missing for weeks, she claimed, and truthfully so, that it was intentional.

She disappeared, not into the library, but altogether first in her first year, and was replaced with a black cat, with a white spot on its chest.

The Gentry avoided the cat for the first few days. Then they could be seen offering it gifts, with no obligations. The students followed suit.

The second, third, fourth and fifth times she disappeared happened during her second year, although these times the cat attended her classes, and appeared to submit work, as well as practicing the same sort of rituals that she always did.

Sixth, seventh, and eighth happened right before the summer before her last year, this time the cat could also be seen both slinking and sleeping throughout the library, whenever not in classes or doing whatever else she did.

The ninth time she disappeared, the black and white cat attended her graduation, and afterwards moved into the library. You do not forget to return books anymore, for the cat will enter your room, and will not leave until you return it.

If you leave out milk for the cat every Halloween, then she will guide you to wherever you wish in the library, and if you bring her a gift, freely given, then she will lead you out again. However, if you forget, and ask for her help, she will lead you into the depths of the library, and leave you there.

(Hello! I love Elsewhere University and wanted to contribute! This is based off the Cait Sidhe from both Irish and Scottish folklore; however, I took some creative liberties to fit it into Elsewhere properly, I hope you enjoyed it! Also, if anything seems spelled strange, it’s because I’m Australian.)


Bloody Mary is a B*tch

“We should make my last day legendary,” David told me with a smile. He hadn’t told anyone else in the school that he was moving away in the middle of February. “What if everyone thought that Bloody Mary took me away?”

The plan was brilliant. After class, he and I would announce that we would summon the ghost in the mirror, and he’d slip out the window. It was a short reach down to the second-floor balcony, and he would climb onto it, sneak down the stairs, and walk home. I would come out and announce that Bloody Mary had taken him into the Other World, and no one would ever see him again.

There were at least two dozen people who gathered around on that Friday after school. David and I were barely able to contain our smirks as we went into the bathroom alone.

“You know, we should at least try it,” I explained. “That way, we won’t be lying when we say we attempted to ‘bring forth the ghost.’”

He blanched just a little. “Um – okay, I suppose so.”

I boldly stepped in front of the mirror. He tentatively stood next to me.

“Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary – I killed your son.” His voice echoed mine, albeit haltingly.

We stared into our reflections. We blinked. So did they.

Nothing happened.

We both let out a sigh of relief.

“I’d better get out of here,” David offered. “It’s time.”

He put one leg up on the sink, and one on the open window, before offering me a last goodbye. “See ya,” he said with a smile.

He looked down and shifted his weight in order to position himself for the window escape. He was halfway out when I decided that I couldn’t resist.

“Boo!” I shouted at him as I jumped forward.

His eyes shot up immediately and betrayed a moment of terror.

Honestly, I hadn’t meant to make him slip.

David fell through the window and out of sight before I could react.

‘Oh great,’ I thought, ‘now we’ll have to deal with a twisted ankle.’

I walked over to the window and peaked my head through.

David’s head was impaled, sideways, on a metal pole that had once been part of a chain-link fence. He must have fallen fifteen feet. It ran temple to temple. The top of the pole was coated in blood, and the tip of it had brain goop resting on it. His legs were twitching like he was running in place, but the pole held him firm. It wiggled as his legs danced.

His eyes never closed.

I think that Bloody Mary really did get us in the end.

At least, that’s what I told everyone. I said that David got spooked at what he saw after the incantation, and jumped out the window.

And I see David’s killer every time I look in the mirror.

anonymous asked:

Hello! So I have this idea, a fantasy idea, that there's this mythical item that could grant the user anything they wanted. But in this world it's considered legend and it suddenly came back up out of nowhere. A lot of people believe it to be evil, some think it could grant them fortune or help revive a dead loved one, and etc. My only problem is how it got in my world and what it is; like is it a sword or a crystal. I know this is kind of confusing, but can you help me at all?

Hi there!

Mythical items can be tricky little things and sometimes even as the writer, they stay hidden from you. You mentioned that it has a legend (hurray, step one complete!) but, you’re not sure what it is or where it came from. With a little bit of brainstorm and “reverse engineering” we should be able to solve your questions. Let’s begin!

Before we start on the problem, let’s talk about your legend a little bit. In most legends, a line or two is dedicated to the creation of this object. Whether it mentions a dark force forging the object or it being gifted to a hero by a mighty king, the very beginnings of the object are usually mentioned. Along with the beginnings, the disappearance of the object is included as well. If you have one of these two, figuring out the other one should be fairly easy. Some things to consider would be if the object is good or bad, who the original keeper was, and its last known location. These will serve as the basis for your legend as well as for deciding what your object is exactly.

Creation of the Magical and Mythical

In mythology and literature, objects that have some sort of reverence or powers attached to them are created three possible ways: by a magical being, by a powerful ruler, or by an element of the earth.

  1. Magical Being- The Magical Being can be anyone that has magical powers but some common ones are wizards, enchantresses, elves, and on occasion, fairies. Because the Magical Being is powerful and most of the time there to help your protagonist in their quest, it is not uncommon for magical gifts to be created and given by them. In one version of King Arthur, the Lady of the Lake, who has some magical orientation, is accredited with the giving of the great sword Excalibur to King Arthur. While the sword is not known for being magical, it is what gives Arthur his authority as the King of England.
  2. Powerful Ruler- Similarly with the Magical Being, the Powerful Ruler can have the item forged for them but the creation is accredited to them and they are the ones either using it or giving the item to your protagonist. In literature, this is very common with powerful weapons and happens twice in Beowulf with the two swords that help him in his quest. The Powerful Ruler can also be anyone who is considered a deity. It is extremely common in mythology that gods or goddesses gift objects to great mortals who are accomplishing good deeds.
  3. Element of the Earth- An Element of the Earth is common in cultures where certain mountains, forests, rivers, etc. are either holy or contain an unknown power. Sometimes, the Element of the Earth is described as having a bodily form like a fairy or spirit, and not just being “a gift from the mountain”. The Lady of the Lake is sometimes viewed as an Element of the Earth and a water nymph, but it depends on the version of the story.

Whether or not you have certain creatures in your world will help you decided how you object comes into being, but the origins I mentioned are only the three major categories that appear over and over in myths and literature alike. There is, of course, the possibility that a wise or pure human created the magical object, but these are less common and someone with the power or magical skills is usually the one creating and gifting such objects.

What could it be?

Now that we have discussed creation and backstory, let’s review what you object could be. You had mentioned it is believed to possibly be evil, bring good fortune, or bring back the dead and that it might be a sword or a crystal. Using these five options that you have mentioned, I was able to come up with a few options for you to work with. Keep in mind that if they do not work, you can always do something different! In mythologies, there is literally everything from swords and shields to plates and cups that have some sort of special importance. Have fun and brainstorm away!

The sword option only has two logical possibilities as to whether it is good, bad, or raises the beloved. A sword is a weapon, so it could be used for evil in destruction of people and objects. However, it could be a pure sword and bring good fortune to the wielder, never failing and always destroying evil. I did some research, specifically on mythical swords, and I could not find anywhere that a sword had brought someone back from death. Logically, it makes perfect sense as it is a weapon, but you could have it be more of a pure and ceremonial sword for traditions and intertwine the ability to heal grievous wounds.

The crystal option actually works with all three possibilities and other types of stones or crystals are mentioned similarly in different mythologies. A crystal can be evil and from the darkest depths of the earth with the ability to only destroy. It could bring good fortune and be like a wishing stone that when the holder thinks of their one true desire it is granted. If it brings good fortune, you could go either way on raising the dead. Either you grant it the ability to occasionally raise a beloved or you could apply the Genie Rule and it cannot raise the dead along with no wishing for more wishes, it cannot make people fall in love, and it cannot kill anyone. 

I hope this has given you at least a spring board to begin working on your story more in depth. Like I mentioned earlier, you are not confined to just a crystal or sword. Anything you want could be mythical and magical and its origin story can be anything you want it to be. All you need to do is apply reader logic and make sure it fits your plot line. (Does it make sense and does it fit?) Don’t worry about it too much. Sometimes origin stories change later down the road as you learn more about your world and your characters.

Happy Writing!


"I Have To Study” - a short story

I wanna dedicate this to my good friend, Melissa, who tried to convince me that the man in this story was gay. Turns out, it’s much worse. Love you.

About eight or nine months ago, I was riding on the train, on my way to my boyfriend’s house from work. Sitting across from me is one of the finest men I’ve ever seen IN PERSON. No exaggeration. He’s Mexican, clean-cut, well-dressed. Really pretty brown skin, dark hair kinda like that poofy up-do Bruno Mars used to have. Bushy brows, the way I like! He was wearing this tan trench coat and a serious ass expression on his face, and his hands were in his pockets. Basically looked like he didn’t wanna be bothered. It was sexy though lol. But obviously, I’m just looking because I’m happily taken at this point. 

The next day, when I head to lunch at work, I see the same guy in the cafeteria at my job. I was like what the fuck… is he following me? Lmao. He looked up when I came in but then ignored me completely. I stared at him the entire time until he got up and left, he was just too fine yall. I wish I could post pictures lmao. The next day, I saw him yet again and he was with a group of trainees. So finally it made sense why I saw him on the train and at my job. He was about to start working there *insert Birdman hand rub*. Lol even when I have a man, I can appreciate some eye candy around the workplace even if I have no intentions of trying anything. He worked in the department right next to mine and they were always over in our section so I got to look at him every day. I wasn’t the only one admiring either lol, even an older lady I know said every time he walked past her, she just

So anyway, fast forward to September 14, 2017.

Here’s the scene. It’s my 25th birthday. I’m at work looking cute as fuck. I’m single and tryna mingle. So I decide to go ahead and take a chance and shoot my shot at him. Umm.. we just gone call him Javi because I don’t wanna use his real name. 

So I been noticing lately that this guy I know in my department, we’ll call him Carter, has been hanging around Javi a lot lately. He stops at his desk every time he walks past and always goes to stand with him whenever we all do things as a group. One of my work friends who had an inckling that Carter was gay thought that something might be going on between them. I mean, anything is possible, but I wasn’t gonna assume that just based off of her thoughts. I mean, she thought her own boyfriend was gay when she first met him because he had a lisp. And her only reasoning for thinking Carter was gay was that he takes his shoes off sometimes when he’s sitting at his desk. 

Anyway, I approach Carter and bring up his friendship with Javi and ask how old he is? It turns out he’s way too young for my taste when it comes to dating, and I just say nevermind and walk away. But now Carter’s all in my business trying to find out why I’m curious and saying “I could get his number for you, I got you”. I decline, but of course when he comes back from his break, he has a sticky note with Javi’s name and number on it and hands it to me. Didn’t even tell the guy who I was, just that someone was interested in him. I had no intentions of using it at first cause I thought the shit was kinda creepy, butttttt he did know about it and gave his number up willingly. And in all honesty, I’d still hit even though I wouldn’t seriously date him. So what the hell, right?

So I text him that night and give him my name and he immediately knows who I am, even though we’ve never spoken before. He asked me what was on my mind and I told him straight up that I was really physically attracted to him and I wanted to know if we could be friends, who have sex sometimes lmao. He said we could talk. I’m like… And he said yeah, how else would anything start. So I’m thinking okay okay, so he’s fucking with it. He wants to make something happen. He said he saw my art that I’d presented at our work talent show that night and he asked to see more of it. And he’s clearly trying to keep the convo going so he must be interested. 

After a while though, I notice that he texts as if he’s writing poetry or bible verses or some shit. Like everything sound deep as fuck. And when I bring it up, he says the bible is his favorite book. I think back to all the times I saw him reading alone at lunch and realize was the bible. That’s cool or whatever. Then he sends me an actual bible verse. So I’m like “Okay so you’re very religious? Does this mean casual sex is out of the question? Or sex, period? I guess?” And he says “It hurts to say it, but yes. I would prefer to not induldge in that.”


At this point, I’m thinking there’s no way my sex life could get any worse. There’s nothing that can happen that hasn’t already happened. And then I run into a nigga who’s saving himself for marriage. The one I been lusting after for eight months now. If yall know me at all, you know I wasn’t about to just completely give up after that. I was willing to settle for fucking MAKING OUT AND DRY HUMPING if I had to. I could always get intercourse from someone else lol. So I ask about kissing. He says “Haha I can give you a holy kiss, as saying hello”. I’m like no tongue???? What the fuck is happening? Why the fuck wouldn’t he tell me all this in the beginning when I first told him that I wanted to fuck? His response to that was that we wouldn’t be talking now if he had. 

So I just go ahead and let him know we can be cool and everything, but we’re just completely incompatible. I’m still in my hoe phase right now, I’m not trying to do anything but fuck and be friends. And he can’t give me the one thing I want most. Even if I didn’t just want sex, we wouldn’t work in a committed relationship either. I’m like the opposite of what a Christian man should be going after. And that’s coming from one wholesome motherfucker. We text more that night, pretty much just me asking him questions about his religion because I don’t know how all that works. I know Christian people, but obviously not any who takes it as seriously as he does. 

This nigga don’t listen to secular music, watch TV, or do anything for fun really (his words). He just goes to bible study every day, gets haircuts, eat, study, and talk. That’s what he listed as his favorite things to do. And since he’s constantly studying for church in his downtime, he pretty much never hangs out with anybody. He has friends at work but says they don’t hang out because they have different mindsets. He did mention that if I needed physical affection, he could give me a massage. That’s how he shows physical affection. It’s better than intercourse, according to him. But idek how to feel at this point, I was taking in too much information at once lmao. And every time I learned something new, I would think “He can’t be serious” “Am I being punk’d” “This nigga is not fr”. But he told me he wanted to help me with my Spanish, so I figured at least I had that. I really needed someone fluent to practice speaking it with. 

So the whole next week at work, whenever we walk past each other, he can’t help but smile at me and his smile is so pretty that I can’t help but smile back. It was lowkey pissing me off cause it wasn’t fair how fine he is and I can’t even put my hands on him!!!!! I’m sure we looked goofy as hell to everyone around us, steady smirking at each other like we was in on some inside joke nobody else knew about. We ate lunch together once. And we’d text each other in Spanish. He texted me every single day to say good morning and we’d have long convos after work til almost 3am. I found out he’s been looking at me just as long as I’ve been looking at him! He said he notices everything about me… when I change my hair, how I always sit at a desk in the back facing the wall, how I’m always so into my music at work. I never even knew he saw me at all before this. And naturally, all this shit is starting to make me feel mushy and I really did enjoy talking to him, even though I thought he was weird as fuck at first. 

And come to find out, he’s only been living his life this way for the past eight months (yeah, that’s right, eight months) when he really got into the bible more. I’m over here thinking he’s a complete virgin, but he’s had four girlfriends and has had sex before and been intimate in all the ways I WANTED to be intimate with him. Just not the past eight months. And if I allowed him to MASSAGE me, I’d be the first woman he ever did it to. I’m thinking okay… so if he’s never done it before, he has no idea how he’s gonna react to it when it’s actually happening. He’d told me before that he gets nothing out of sex beside some white creamy texture that comes out of him and makes him feel tingly, then he cleans himself and it’s over. Basically said he’d only have sex again to have the little girl he wants. He made it seem like he was really disgusted by it. And you know all my friends were like

They felt like he was into men and just hiding behind his religion. I didn’t know WHAT the fuck was going on. I  just knew he seemed to genuinely be into me and that was unfortunate because I was never gonna get to do him lol. I ain’t gone lie, after he said that shit I thought he might be gay too, but after being around each other more, I started defending him against my friends. Like shit… he just dedicated as fuck to his religion. I personally don’t understand it and wouldn’t wanna live that way, but he says he’s been tremendously happier in the past eight months and your happiness is the only thing that matters when it comes to how you live your life, nobody else’s. So I wasn’t about to try to corrupt him. But yall… he kept bringing up the massages. And Thursday night, the convo almost seemed…. sexual?

He said we can hang out any day as long as it doesn’t interfere with his work and that he was in need of a “rubbing”. He said he wanted us to “exchange rubbings” (LMAO) and that he wanted to give me that physical affection. Then he said it would be in his room or mine. Which threw me off…. cause I’m like ummm… he can massage a woman who’s not his wife alone in his bedroom? Idk, based on the other shit he told me, it didn’t seem like that would be appropriate? But shit, he knows better than me, so if he said it was cool it must be. And when I told him that he makes me blush a lot, he said “Without a touch? What will happen then?” and that I’d be overwhelmed…. and that shit made me think. Is this why tantric sex works so well???? LMAO. (I’ve always been interested in that, btw). 

But moving on. It’s Friday.

I notice he’s not at work that day. I was kinda sad about it cause I looked good as fuck, but whatever lol. When we text that night after I get home at midnight, he says he wants to hear me speak Spanish out loud and tells me to come over.

I’m like NOW??? After midnight??? He said he wanted me to come take a nap with him until he had to wake up at 4am to study for church, then he’d drive me home at 7 when he had to leave the house. Dude. So not only do you want me, a woman you’re not married to, to come over AFTER MIDNIGHT, but you wanna share a bed with me??? Solo???? En tu dormitorio?????!!! lmaooo. Nigga, I was stuffing White Castle in my face at the time, but I bagged that shit up real quick, fast, and in a hurry, took a good shit right quick, and got ready to go LMAOOOO. My friend was texting me saying I needed to gone head and let him put the tip in lol. But I’m like no…. I’m not gonna use this opportunity to try to pressure him. I respect his decision to not have sex til marriage and I enjoyed talking to him every day and didn’t wanna mess that up. Shit, I’m capable of laying next to a man I want and not jump his bones. I actually like when shit moves slow like that, the buildup makes everything better (when sex is actually the end goal). 

So I get all cute. He texts me when he’s outside. He smelling and looking good as fuck, as usual. And this time, he’s way more silly and normal than he is at work, and definitely more normal than he is through text. He was joking around with me the whole time, talking about how he had five aunts sleeping in bunk beds in his basement and I had to say hi to everybody when I got there lmaoo. And he was really laid back and cool as hell. Which just made me like him more. He teased me about turning the air on because I’m always cold. I was like “How would you know I’m always cold?” and he said “I already told you, I notice everything about you.” And I figured he must see me at work walking with my arms crossed trying to stay warm. *sigh*. 

When we get there, his room is fucking spotless as fuck. I was silently thanking God, ya’ll know I hate a man who lives dirty and Javi is only the second guy I’ve met who actually keeps his shit clean. I just sat down on the bed and he went and got us both some water, then he turned Netflix on this hugeeee fucking wide screen tv that was mounted on the wall. He had to go find the wifi password and shit cause he doesn’t actually use it because he doesn’t watch TV?? Idk why he has the biggest TV on earth in front of his bed then?? But whatever.

He had a nice BIG comfortable bed too, and he laid down sideways on my legs while I laid with my head against the headboard and we turned on The Office. Everything was going so chill…. we were laughing, talking, enjoying each other…. he touches my hands, asking me to rub his back and shit… ummhmmm… then he started to say something but stopped himself. And started mumbling. I’m like spit it out! He said he couldn’t if he wanted this space to stay holy and pure, and he knew what he was tryna say but it was about what was right and what was wrong. I said that’s fine, I’m not gonna try to persuade you to do anything you don’t wanna do. A little while later he was asking if I ever thought I would be there (I’m guessing with him, in his bed) and I said nope… it escalated quickly. And he agreed and said “a lot more could happen right now if we wanted it to…… but I can’t”. And once again I said I wasn’t gonna pressure him and didn’t wanna corrupt him. 

His dick was hard, I could tell cause he had these skinny ass jeans on before he laid down. And he took a pillow and said he was gonna sleep with it between his legs, tryna hide it and shit. He was telling me not to sleep on my side cause then he would have to come behind me. He took his shirt off. He said some more shit about where things could go at any moment and I asked him why he keeps talking about it if he doesn’t want it to happen?? Just going on and on and on. You wanna fuck or nah?? I would been down either way, but I needed him to make up his damn mind lmaobs. Then suddenly, this nigga jumps out of bed quick as fuck, turns the light on, starts putting a shirt on and I’m like what are you doing…. and he says he’s gonna take me home. WTF.

He was mumbling a bunch of shit….all I caught was “I guess this is my way of apologizing” but I didn’t care about what he was saying. I was just like whatever… put my shoes on and grabbed my bag. He was obviously confused about what he wanted. I knew this shit would happen. I don’t even know why I went. He was way too confident in his abilities to avoid temptation and talking about how only people with no equanimity allowed themselves to be tempted. So while we in the car, the convo went like this:

Me: Are you taking me home because you’re scared you might try something? 

Him: Why would I be scared, if I wanted to try something I would have done it 

Me: Then why are you taking me home?

Him: I have to study

Me: Okay but you were gonna study and take me home at 7am so what’s the problem?”

Him: I have to study

And that’s when I got mad and let him talk to himself for the rest of the ride home. I couldn’t believe this shit. I was gone for only two hours. I decided I was gonna leave him alone because he obviously needs to get his thoughts together on what he wants to do. It was all on him…. HE asked me to come over, HE asked me to share a bed with him, HE was the one all over me in bed and saying suggestive things, I was just going with the flow. Yeah, he was looking good as fuck and he thick as hell and his ass was looking extra grippable, but I didn’t try anything, didn’t even flirt. I was being respectful as fuck. I wasn’t gonna be the one he blamed for making him stray away from God or whatever the fuck lmao. So that has been my week. It’s the afternoon the next day now and I woke up thinking about this shit because his scent is still on me  *eyeroll*



yuribeletsky Bizarre shapes of the Sun :) Here is an interesting view we witnessed during one of the sunset in Atacama desert. While approaching horizon the Sun’s appearance was changing quite dramatically due to instabilities in atmosphere. At the end a small green flash shortly appeared too ! I hope you’ll enjoy the view :)