the story of the jungle ball

“This was an actual game played at circuses & carnivals, mostly in celebration of “INDEPENDENCE DAY”, all over America from the late 19th century well into the early 1940s. 3 balls cost them a dime to hit a grinning Black CHILD peeking through a platform painted to resemble an African jungle while the child’s head appeared through the open mouth of a crocodile. This is a part of our history that you will NEVER see in any textbook or any class. Get in tune my people, to be ignorant of the past is to be blinded going into the future…. “

list of good disney animated films in no particular order everything else is either mediocre or bad
  • lion king (and lion king 2)
  • jungle book
  • fantasia
  • bambi (and bambi 2 because fuck you)
  • peter pan (i actually love the second one)
  • alice in wonderland
  • lady and tramp (actually the second is better again because fuck you)
  • aristocats (the best one actually)
  • robin hood (but only bc the animation the story kinda sucks)
  • fox and the hound
  • oliver and company 
  • little mermaid (though the second one executes the plot better imo)
  • beauty and the beast
  • aladdin (Best PRINCESS MOVIE !!!!)
  • a goofy movie
  • toy story (2nd one is best, third one sucks)
  • TARZAN~!
  • emperor’s new groove
  • monsters inc
  • lilo and stich
  • treasure planet can suck my huge giant balls!!!!!!! (as in its bad)
  • finding nemo
  • brother bear (UNDERRATED!)
  • CARS
  • BOLT
  • up
  • princess and frog
  • tangled
  • brave
  • inside out 
  • zootpia
  • moana

if yours isn’t on here it means it sucks

my mums been going on about downsizing for the new house because she doesn’t perform as much as she used to now - but this morning going through all our props was just me like ‘do you need this?’ and mums reaction every time just being ‘yES how could you want to throw that away????’

we’ve been through a giant sea shell we’ve spray painted pink and silver, a carousel house (yes, a fully sized one that has a pole and everything) a pole fitness pole, a pair of rollerskates, a pair of ice skates, a black bowling ball with pink flames, a bag of nine, NINE mermaid tails (because what if we do a group act??) and about 3 suitcases of costumes, ranging from leelou from fifth element, american horror story costumes to all the god damn animals in the jungle 

BONUS: we used to run a themed night club thingy like twice a year, and a couple of years back we did a Marvel new years eve night, and I just found ALL the costumes from it. shadowcat, rogue, mystique, thor, elektra, spiderwoman….this is pretty awesome XD 

In Other Words : Video Games Answers

Here are the answers for the last quiz.  I didn’t have too many players this time.

1) The Restraint of Mr. Clarke of the Concordance Extraction Corporation

The Binding of Isaac

2) Flawless Blackness

Perfect Dark

3) Murderer VII


4) Beast Pursuer Tales

Monster Hunter Stories

5) Pocket Creatures Natural Satellite

Pokémon Moon

6) Extraterrestrial Seclusion

Alien Isolation

7) All of Us Admire a Ball that Clumps Stuff Together

We Love Katamari

8) 1000 Male Conflict Connection

Megaman Battle Network

9) Celestial Light Command

Star Control

10) Sud Wobble

Bubble Bobble

11) Party Citadel the Second

Team Fortress 2

12) Japanese Capital Overgrowth

Tokyo Jungle

13) Sick Hemorrhage


14) First in a Race’s Starting Grid

Pole Position

15) 33rd State Road

Oregon Trail

16) The Feral’s Exhalation

Breath of the Wild

17) Texas Hold ‘em Evening at the Item Storage

Poker Night at the Inventory

18) 50% Existance


19) Building Block Realities

Lego Dimensions

20) Titular Dinosaur’s Fleecy Planet

Yoshi’s Woolly World

Story time 1

When I was a kid I was a stupid fucking cunt and I was playing with a buddy of mine on the play ground we were throwing a football and he told me to go long. I did but I wasn’t paying attention because I had turned my head to watch the ball. He yelled at me to look out and when I turned my head I ran Fucking face first into a jungle gym looking thing. I hit it with so much Fucking force that one of my shoes flew the fuck off my foot. So I go to the school nurse, she takes one look at my bleeding fucked up eye and goes “Yeah you’re done for the day” so she calls my mom to pick me up. Well since it was so close to the end of the day she decided we might as well grab my older brother up from his class. My mom walks into my brothers class to go get him and all his class mates see my fucking destroyed eye and they just had this look of horror on their faces. I only knew how bad it was because one of my friends described it to me. The next day my mom and dad decided to keep me home from school but my mom had errands to run so she took me to the store with her. By this time my eye looked like I had gotten in a argument with Mike Tyson, it was swollen shut, my eyebrow had disappeared under a massive lump. While we were at the store I was in the toy aisle looking at nerf guns and a cop walked up to me and started asking me all these questions about what happened to my eye. My mom walked up and told the cop what had happened and the cop straight up hands me his card and went “well if you ever ‘run into another pole’ (with big finger quotes) let me know”. That wasn’t the end of it either because the cashier gave my mom some fucked up look as well. So that’s the time how a cop and a cashier thought my parents abused me because I was a dumb little shit.


Show Me Your Blood by Stepdad // Out Of Mind by Magic Man // Wishing Wells by The Colourist // Gravity Will Break Our Bones by Gentlemen Hall // Before The Dive by St. Lucia // No Story Time by Smallpools // Winterlude by Brite Futures // World On Fire by The Royal Concept // Wrecking Ball by Mother Mother // Kemosabe by Everything Everything // Jag In A Jungle by Brite Futures // Hurry Hurry by Air Traffic Controller


Jurassic World was a great movie, but I had a few problems with it:

  • If the pachycephalosaurus’ implants kept shorting out because they would headbutt, why not put the implants not in their head?
  • Why was there not some sort of recall over-ride on those hamster ball safari things for this exact situation?
  • Showing Zach’s girlfriend added nothing to the story, we would have thought he was an ass in the beginning regardless just due to how he treated Gray
  • If you’re aiming to kill Franken-Dino, and you have a bazooka, use the bazooka as an opener, not as a last resort.
  • I don’t care who you are, hair does not go from straighter than how the catholic church pretends to be to “y=sin” wavy when your in the jungle, it goes to frizzy mess.
  • Those raptors were hella fickle
  • What jurisdiction did the army have to take over?
  • You are not running through the jungle in high heels
  • You are NOT out running a T-Rex

Merry Christmas world.

Although we’ve spent most of the past twelve months holed up in our recording studio weaving the fabric of what promises to be Jets V, we have also had our ears firmly glued to the ground. So we thought we’d amass a compendium of some of our favourite music released in the past year, starting off with our top 20 tracks. Some you will be familiar with from other ‘Best of 2014 lists’, others you will perhaps never have chanced across. Note - we have made zero effort to omit some of the years’ most shamelessly commercial entries, which have gotten us through the dark winter weeks of late. Make no mistake, we are here to celebrate pop music.


HOT 20 TRACKS OF 2014 -

1. Just because I love you - BC Camplight 

2. Seasons (Waiting on you) Live on Letterman - Future Islands

3. Chandelier - Sia

4. Daffodils - Mark Ronson ft. Kevin Parker

5. Tears of Joy - Slow club

6. Magic - Coldplay

7. Is it raining in your mouth? - Fat white family

8. Can’t do without you - Caribou

9. Hunger of the pine - Alt J

10. Steal my girl - One Direction 

11. World pleasure - Peace

12. High Ball Stepper - Jack white

13. Cruel World - Lana del Rey

14. Wanderlust - Wild Beasts

15. Trainwreck 1979 - Death from above 1979

16. Rhythm of Devotion - Sisyphus

17. Black Metal - Max Jury

18. Silver Timothy - Damien Jurado 

19. Cool Story bro - Octopusses

20. Busy Earnin’ - Jungle