the story of sam and jack

the signs as my favorite parts of the sword of summer
  • aries: Loki liking the Red-Sox and Poptarts
  • taurus: Otis the Goat who loves depressing stories
  • gemini: Jack the Sword wanting to be called Magnus
  • cancer: Thor wanting to fight Jesus
  • leo: Sam hiding behind a potted ficus tree
  • virgo: Blitz's bulletproof necktie
  • libra: Hearth signing 'I love you' at the giant.
  • scorpio: A pen sword is the stupidest thing Jack's heard of
  • sagittarius: Taylor Swift being a low-key dwarf
  • capricorn: Hearth and Blitz being known as Magnus's mom and dad
  • aquarius: Magnus, rhymes with Swag-ness
  • pisces: X being Odin the whole time
Just got back from The Magnificent Seven

and UM

Red Harvest and Jack Horne’s relationship (it was there, I ended up following it through the story as one of the things that just seemed to POP to me) was beautiful, it might have been my favorite part of the film. It shined so bright and affected me emotionally because I wasn’t expecting it. Literally “You little shit. We have a lot to talk about.” was my favorite line of the movie (I hope at least one person remembers this line). I laughed so heartily at the affection in it that the people behind me kicked my chair.

I literally laughed at almost everything Jack said I loved him so much

I demand a Red Harvest spin off

Billy teaching knife class and the students not giving af and he was like HEY WTF GUYS

btw the ending of the movie…I won’t say…but that was cute and I want THAT spinoff too

Billy and Goody don’t touch me, “WHEREVER I GO, BILLY GOES” -ugly sobbing-

Vasquez shooting that guy over and over again for Faraday (still dont touch me)

and Faraday was adorable af 

and Vasquez saying cabron made me laugh so hard i love that word

the damsel in distress that was actually not annoying

the bad guy i actually liked even though he was a dick

that scene with him and Chisolm acting was on point


Relax (Jack x FemReader) short

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Request:  Hey hey! Firstly, your writing is amazing! I love your fics so much and I’m jealous of your talent. Secondly, can i ask for a story involving jacksepticeye x reader? Where they have a lazy day after a hard week and not being able to see each other?

Warnings: I believe there is swearing???


Saying you didn’t love your job would be a complete lie. You do; you do love your job. Like, more than life. But at times, it was both physically and emotionally demanding.

Being a (genre) youtuber was ninety percent hilarity smudged with experience and ten percent taxing. Though, you would never complain. If you didn’t have your youtube career, you also wouldn’t have half your cronies, humour, or your beloved boyfriend.

At times like this, you felt yourself submerged in that ten percent.

It’s been exactly nine days, fourteen hours and thirty six minutes. You hated yourself for consciously keeping track of the technical numbers. It was a disruptive habit of yours; a habit that would bleed through every time you were nervous, compressed, or antsy.

Though, your inside voice was shot repeatedly, you could still manage a groan when reaching for your stray luggage being sauced around the conveyor belt.

Turning to release yourself from the sea of travelers, you sped your (size) frame away from the bag claim.

“I already hate life,” you whined aloud “where is Sean? Little Irish bastard has to be somewhere…”

It wasn’t long before you were charming the airport corridors with desperate footfalls. It’s been a week of complete shit and treachery and all you wanted to do was embrace your lovely boyfriend and get on with a lazy day.

“(Y/n)!” a lone voice called, though you didn’t hear it. Didn’t hear it until it was being chanted and drawing near to your current standings.

“(Y/nnnnn)!” Sean cheered, crashing into you “God, I missed you so fookin’ much.”

You laughed in surprise and tumbled your arms around him “Is that so?” you questioned. The mood you had previously been in had been wiped away thanks to Jack.

“Yes!” he whined “No one to cuddle, no one to have coffee with, no one to rage with.”

You giggle against his layered shoulder, waddling back and forth in his arms; struggling to regain balance.

“It was only a week, lover boy.” you taunted.

“Nine days,” Jack scoffed back “more like nine circles of hell.”

Once after you both laughed heartily, you released each other.

“So, while I was in L.A,” You began. The pair of you began to walk to the nearest exit, planning on hailing a cab.

“I bought the cutest pair of sweats, and frankly I don’t know about you but I’d love to use them real soon.”

Sean laughed again and tied a comforting arm around your waist.

“What does that mean? Don’t you want to start planning your trip back to collab with Mark this time?” he commented.

“God no.” you breathed.

“So let me get this straight,” Sean sorted. You both left the airport and you strung up a hand, forcing a near taxi to pull over.

“You want to lounge on the sofa, snacks a blaze, netflix ready, with me dozing off with my head in yer’ lap?”

“Exactly it.” you beamed up at him.

Jack was kind, and opened the cab door for you first “Well madam, you may have just proposed yourself a successful plan.”


(A/n): Do you know how lazy I am right now? Very.

But good news for you, I have a ten day break coming up soon and shit am I going to write a lot then so just hang in there guys

I Don’t Wanna Live Forever Credits

1) The three collaborators listed for writing “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” are Taylor Swift, Sam Dew, and Jack Antonoff.

2) Zayn participated and was credited for the writing of every single song on his solo album.

3) Zayn said on Elvis Duran yesterday that he comes up with lyrics first and then the music follows after.

4) Zayn’s general story about the song is that he had it, played it for Taylor, she liked it, he offered to have her collaborate on it, she then wrote the lyrics and those lyrics matched for his vision of the song, and then they recorded separately.


Problem 1: Zayn has a record of writing his solo songs and since he didn’t seem to be planning on asking someone to collaborate with him at first, why would he have someone else write his original song with no direct input himself?

Problem 2: Zayn said he comes up with lyrics first and implied this song is his brainchild since he talked about Taylor’s lyrics aligning with his vision, so why did he have the melody without the lyrics to play for Taylor that she then added lyrics to?

Conclusion: Why, for the love of everything sane, is it impossible for the people running these narratives to come up with a basic, consistent story?  If this actually makes sense somehow, why are they so incapable of presenting it in a non-confusing way?

Late Last Night

You feel your feet lift off of the ground as arms wrap around you from behind. Pressure in your gut. You let out a laugh as you start to spin. “Nate put me down” you say continuing to giggle. Nate was always so playful. You loved your relationship with him, two long years of pure joy.

Finally he puts you down. You turn around and your eyes meet. He gives you a small kiss on your lips and then pulls back. He grabs your hand and leads you to your bed. You lay down. “I’ll be right back” he whispers heading into the bathroom. You watch him as he washes his face. You think to yourself, ‘How in the world did I get so lucky?’

You hear a loud ring go off. Your eyes shoot open while your heart rate rises. You look to your right to see your phone alarm is ringing. You slide your finger across the screen and lay back down. You didn’t have to go to work this week and forgot to turn your alarms off. Relieved, you close your eyes and feel yourself drifting into sleep. Before it hits you, you realize something is missing. Without opening your eyes, your hand examines the empty sheets next to you. When nothing is found you decide to open your eyes. The only thing beside you was bed spreads. Where was Nate? He was here when you went to bed. You check your phone and the time reads 5:30am. He was off of work just as you were. Worried, you get up and put on your robe.

You walk out into the kitchen area of your house. “Nate?” You call out. Silence replied. You ring his phone but no answer. Again, sent to voicemail. Nervous, you stay up and wait. You call Johnson, Sammy, Gilinsky, but no answers. You’re sitting on the couch with your thumbs tapping the screen waiting for it to buzz. Staring at a blank screen. Anticipation getting the best of you.

6:00am and you hear a loud bang outside your door. You quickly stand up, first instinct is someone trying to break in. You walk towards the hall leading to the door. You hear the key lock start to turn. “Nate?” You question as the door opens. No response but a body tumbling into your home. You get closer and you notice Nate. You quickly run to him and grab his arms to try and pull him up. “I’ve been worried about you.” you say struggling to get him off of the ground. “Get off of me!” He yelled in a serious tone. You release and step back, shocked at what you just heard. “Where have you been are you okay?” You ask as he stands up. He turns away with no contact. He puts both hands on the door until it’s closed. Locking it before turning around.

“Don’t worry about it.” he whispers looking you dead in the eye as he walks past you to the kitchen. The smell of liquor burns your nose. Your stomach drops and your chest tightens. You follow behind him. You get to the kitchen and see his head in the fridge door. “Do you need anything?” You ask politely trying not to upset him. “I need you to shut the fuck up.” He slurs as he takes a swig of beer. Slamming the refrigerator door closed. Your body gets hot as your heart starts racing in anger.
“What the fuck is your problem Nate!?” You scream back. You weren’t looking for a fight but the way he was acting was unacceptable.

He rushes over to you. Your back slams against the counter, eyes opened wide, fear takes over you. He’s on top of you. Both hands on the counter behind, holding you in. “Want to try and say that shit again? Huh?” He says. Nose touching yours. The scent of alcohol suffocating you. “Where have you been?” You say standing your ground. “Want to know where I’ve been? Hanging out with girls who let me have a little fun every once in a while unlike you.” He screams. Eyes drooping. His words cut like knifes. “You cheated on me?” You ask quietly. Eyes beginning to sting from tears. He smiles and let’s out a small laugh before nodding his head yes, his eyes looking deep into yours. You push him forward. Running into your room. You grab a suitcase from your closet, throw it on your bed and start filling it with necessities. “Where the hell do you think you’re going?” Nate asks as he forcefully grabs your arm and pulls you away from the luggage. “Get off!” You scream trying to pull his hand from your arm. The grip was too tight. You feel the burn of a bruise appearing.

A familiar voice appears. “What is going on in here?” John asks from the doorway. He notices the scene and swiftly pulls Nate off of you. “Dude chill out” John says. Nate trying to push from behind him. “You can’t leave me! I’m all you have!” He yells. You stop and your breathing gets heavy. He was right. He is all you have. You shake the thought from your mind and continue packing. You keep looking back to make sure John has him held back. Both boys now on the ground basically wrestling.

You finish packing the last two items, zip up the case as fast as possible, unlock the window and run out to your car. Cold tears now falling onto your skin. You throw the baggage into the passenger seat and reverse, not even looking for cars. Hyperventilating, you put the car in drive and hit the gas. You see Nate run out of the front door. He grabs a large rock and throws it at your car. You let out a slight squeal thinking it would break your window. Your body jerks to the right to get away from it. After realizing it did no damage, you hit the gas as hard as you could. You can barley see the road through all of your tears. Your body ached. You didn’t know where you were going, but you knew you had to go somewhere.

I’ve been thinking about writing this for a few days now. Another long ramble about how important Jack and his channel are to me, this time pertaining to the upcoming new year. Like, I knew I was gonna write something and it was gonna be nice and thoughtful but yesterday something really put a new perspective on it. 

 My friends and I exchanged gifts yesterday, and one of them got me a Septiceye Sam plushie. Can I tell you that my face lit up like the actual goddamn sun. This was my first piece of Jacksepticeye merch. I couldn’t contain myself and I literally teared up and I could have started crying. 

 I am a 21 year old woman, jaded by the world (#angst), and there I was, sat on the floor, crying over a stuffed green eyeball. Wtf? 

 That is just a nice little story to support what I actually wanted to ramble about- Jack, this year, and this community. Great segue. 

So yeah, 2016 mostly sucked. Many people agree with that. No one is gonna look back on this year and be like, “Wow, what a great, progressive year! Yay humanity!”, like that’s not gonna happen, BUT I can look back on this year and say that something really good happened in my life, I subscribed to Jacksepticeye

 I honestly couldn’t tell you when I first subscribed, or what was my first video, I don’t even remember how I discovered him, but it happened early this year and I’m so happy that it did. He’s become a friend, a voice in the room when I’m alone, a beacon of positivity and energy for when I don’t have any left. He’s someone that makes me laugh and inspires me to create things. And for that, I’m so thankful. 

 I was never the type of person to take things too seriously, or really get into a fandom/community. I’ve seen so many people on tumblr saying “This youtuber saved my life” or “they have inspired me to be a better person”, but that was never me. I had never made fan art. I had never watched videos as soon as they came out. I had never owned a lot of merch. And most of all, I never blogged about my fandoms. 

 Here I am now though, drawing and painting again, looking forward to videos at 12pm and 3pm every day, and running a blog with more lovely and beautiful followers than I ever expected, ever. It’s also unreal that Jack has noticed my blog on multiple occasions, like what? I love this community so much and that’s why I even feel okay writing this literal essay. Like, props if you made it this far.

 Sometimes I look at the big picture and I think I’m just being silly and that this isn’t that important. It’s just a channel. It’s just games. It’s just some guy I don’t know. But at a time like this, when I reflect on what I’ve done this year and I realize that the channel has really been there for me. It has helped me cope with some demons. It has helped me feel things. It has inspired me to help others. Well that’s not silly at all, now is it? 

 Thank you so much if you read this whole mess. I hope you all have a fun night of you haven’t had one already and I’m sending love and positive energy to you all. 2017, here we fucking go.

NEW STORY!! Chapter 1 ~Make Cameron Jealous~

Image for the Chapter

*Addis’ PoV*

“They won’t last.” one of my best friends Nash says. “How do you know that?” I ask him as we both sit on his bed.

“Because I just do. They don’t have the right chemistry at all. They only have physical attraction to each other. Nothing more than that.” he tells me, nodding his head as if he was telling me facts.

“Are you sure? I’m not so sure about that Nash.” I say, looking right at him.

“Yeah, I hear them all the time. They argue all the time. And it’s about stupid stuff, like if they actually got along it wouldn’t matter.” he says, moving off of the bed to close the door to his bedroom in the shared apartment of his and Camerons’, before he sits back down next to me.

“Are you serious?” I ask. He just nods his head before starting into something else. “Yeah. Don’t tell him I said this, but I never did really like her all that much. She’s just not right for him. She’s trying to change him into something he isn’t. In all honesty I think she only likes him because of his money and who he is.” he tells me, I gasp slightly at him. He puts his hands on my shoulders and his bright blue eyes stare into my own eyes.

“Don’t tell him I said that.” he adds. I just nod my head.

“In a weird way I can kind of see it.” I say. He smiles.

“Right?! I’m not the only one.” he mutters.

“I have to ask you a honest question.” I say. He drops his arms from my shoulders and nod his head.

“Does she like me?"I ask. He laughs at me question. "That’s another thing. I don’t think she does, and that drives Cameron crazy.” he says. I nod my head, afraid that that would be his answer.

“Why doesn’t she like me?” I ask.

“I think she sees you as a threat. That she doesn’t like you being around Cameron. And honestly she should be a little worried, not that you would do anything purposefully. But you’re better looking then her in my opinon, and he seems happier around you then her.” Nash answers me. “Maybe….”

“Another thing?” I say, his moves his eyes up to meet mine.

“Do you think I’ll ever have a chance with Cameron? Or is that to far out there?” He laughs.

“Honestly I’m surprised that it hasn’t happened yet. We would all rather you end up with Cameron. You actually like him. And you like us. We like you.” he says. “And honestly he compliments you all the time, he has to like you to some point. Whether it’s just friends or not.”

I guess he could be right.

“I hope they break up soon.” he says under his breath. I laugh slightly at him.

“So do I.” I agree. “You hope they do for other reasons then I do. I don’t want to them to break up so I can bang him.” he says laughing. “At this point, it’s not worth it do deny it.” I say. “But I’m gonna be honest, if I had to pick a dude, it would be him.” he says, only causing me to laugh harder. “I’m gonna tell him you said that.” I say grabbing my phone to text him. He pulls it out of my hands to stop me from telling Cameron what was said, I reach for it back and I end up falling over on him on the bed.

We lay there laughing hysterically because of the faces that had both just made at each other as we were falling over and the previous conversation.

“I thought you were into Cameron and not Nash.” I hear Gilinsky say as he walks into Nashs room. Nash and I start laughing more. “Actually this is going on right now because of Cameron.” Nash says, I push myself off of him, putting my hands on his chest. Once I was back on my own, I grabbed his hands and helped pull him up to sit next to me. Jack laughs at us and sits on the bed also.

“What are you doing in here?” Nash asks Jack once he was sitting up.

“Cameron and Kylie came back. And they’re freaking out at each other. And I ain’t got time for that.” he says, roughly running his fingers through his thick dark hair.

“I hear it all the time. I’m in my room more here lately then I was when I lived at home."he says, flipping his Iphone in his hands.

"Don’t break it. You just got that.” I say, he smiles at me and rolls his eyes.

“Yeah, dude you break your phone more then other any other person.” Jack adds with a light laugh.

The door swings open and we see a defeated Johnson standing there looking irritated.

“Why can’t he wake up and see she isn’t right for him?” he asks closing the door.

“I ask myself that all the time.” I say, they all start laughing.

“Who’s still out there?” I ask Johnson. “Matt, Sam and Shawn.”

“They’ll be in soon I assume.” I say, as if on cue they all come walking into the bedroom.

“I love Cameron like a brother but she needs to go.” Shawn says, closing the door quickly. “Damn Cameron, I know she’s hot but that’s it.” Sam adds. I roll my eyes.

“What are they arguing about?” I ask.

“Probably something stupid.” Matt says. “You.” Shawn and Sam say. Jack and Jack nod their heads in agreement with them.

“What?! Me?! Why would they be arguing about me?” I say.

“I mean I guess whatever. But damn.” I say, putting my head in my small hands. “She thinks you’re trying to steal Cam.” Johnson says. “Told you.” Nash says poking my arm.

“But you honestly just want to hangout with Cameron.” Gilinsky says. “Actually all I want to do. He’s my best friend.” I say.

“Maybe one day he’ll get his head out of his ass, and see that’s not what he wants.” Sam says.

I brush my long dark brown hair out of my face with my fingers as I let out a soft sigh.

“What can we do to make sure he finally sees her for what she is?” Sam asks.

“Make him jealous.” Gilinsky says, we all glance at him with raised eyebrows. “We all know how Cameron is. Protective. Especially of her. ” he adds. “Where are you going with this?” I ask him.

“Well why don’t one of flirt up a storm with you.” he says.

“And just who would do that?” I ask. They all raise their hands.

“Well, who should it do it?” I ask. I see Gilinsky look around the room before stopping near me, a smile spreads across his face as he looks. This was either going to be a mess or work. Maybe both?


The Moment You Fell In Love With The Seven:

Sam: Slides his drink down the bar, offering it to Joshua

Joshua: “Dan, you dead?  Pity, I had just ordered a drink from that man.” 

Jack: “I got a right to take back what belongs to me.  Are we in agreement?”

Vasquez: “Maybe my grandfather killed your grandfather, eh?”

Goodnight: “You nervous?  Don’t be.  Goodnight’s my name.”

Billy: Fucking hair pin, duh.

Red Harvest: The literal moment he came on screen.  No lie.  


Emma: “Then why won’t you at least LISTEN!?”

I tag: @janeapricity, @fangirlofmag7, @im-an-octopus and @poemsingreenink to share theirs, if they feel like it :)  

Imagine: Drunk Snapchatting Dean

“Wish you were here” you tagged your photo of your blankets curled up near a bottle of whiskey and your current movie marathon.
You sent it to your snapchat story & continued taking pictures. You snapped an adorable selfie of you all snuggled up with your blanket around you head, hugging the bottle of Jack Daniels, captioned it “Really wish you were here” and sent it to your snap story as well.
Moments later your phone pinged “Impala67 has screenshot your snap!”
You clicked the message and it opened the last photo you took. You smiled, surprised to see Dean screenshot it. So you decide to be less than subtle and send him a message.
If you wanted me to send you pictures you could’ve just asked.
The message went in answered for a few hours, you had been hitting the bottle a little harder than usual and decided to post a more risqué photo.
You were sitting in the tub bubbles clinging to your body, almost empty bottle of jack in your other hand you snapped a nose down, quite a bit of cleavage showing to the water photo with a nice smirk on your face.
Tagging it “still wish you were here” and sending it to Dean.
Dean looked at his phone from across the table, it had pinged the snapchat tone again. Sam looked up at him oddly when he didn’t answer it immediately.
“Something wrong?”
“Huh?” Dean broke his gaze from the notification.
“You didn’t instantly check your phone, it could be some hot chick.” Sam joked.
“Eh, it’s just y/n.”
“Are you scared? Do you want me to check it for you?”
He grabbed the phone and opened the message, his eyes got wide.

“What?” Dean asked reaching for the phone.
“I didn’t know she sent you snaps like that,” he handed the phone back.
“What do you mean,” he froze when he saw the image.

“Sammy I’ve gotta go.”
And with that he turned and ran for the car.

Late Last Night Part 3


“Nate, I don’t know this party seems sketchy.” You say sitting in the passenger seat of his car. Playing with your fingers, knowing in the pit of your stomach something wasn’t right. “Relax, I know all of these people” he replied. He got out of the car and you stayed in. He noticed you hesitating and came to your side of the car to open the door for you. You let out a deep breath before getting out.

The smell of alcohol and weed filled the air around the house, or should you say, mansion. Nate firmly holds onto your hand as he leads you to the kitchen. He lets go to say hello to his friends. You stand directly behind him and watch. There was two blondes and a brunette. The music was too loud, you never heard Nate say their names. Next thing you know you feel an arm around your waist. Hand over your mouth, and body against your back. You freak out and push them off. You turn around and see John. A huge sigh of relief comes out as you hug him. “I’m shocked Nate brought you here, this is one intense party.” He said, words slurring as he clearly started before you guys. “Yeah, I’m shocked too.” You respond.

As the night went on the more you forgot what was happening. You were still awake but couldn’t comprehend anything. You remember random events. Starting to drink. Beating some girl in a shot contest. Talking to a brunette. Your next memory was Nate dragging you to an Uber and sending you home. You didn’t know why. When you got home you started drinking water to help calm your buzz. You weren’t all the way there when you heard Nate come into the door. “What the fuck was that shit!?” He says yelling, throwing his keys on the counter. “What are you talking about?” You ask him. “You think it’s cute to be all over my friend? Let him touch you like that?” He speaks using his hands as he walks closer to you. “Nate I can’t remember anything I don’t know what’s going on.” You say helplessly. “You’re never going to a fucking party with me again. That was bullshit.” He yells as he slams the door to your room. You’d never been in a fight with him before. The only thing you can remember was talking to a brunette. You don’t recall being on him or him touching you? You shake it off and head to sleep.


‘No no no no no’ you think to yourself as you see someone lying in your hotel bed. You stand there and try to take it in. Who was it? You run to the bathroom to wash your face. Maybe you were just seeing things? You walk back out and the figure is still sleeping there. You can’t make out their face because the sheets are covering it. Quickly you change into some real clothes before they wake up. You sit on the balcony and try to gather your thoughts. You couldn’t remember anything other than talking to the man. Nothing was there. Your whole body ached. Your hands meet your forehead as you shake it. Clearly you slept with him last night. At first you freak out thinking Nate will kill you, but he’s not with you anymore. You wish he was.

Your body jerks as you hear the door open. You took a quick glance and turned back around. You looked out onto the city, eyes widened as you recognized the figure. You turn back to get a second look. The brunette from the party a couple months ago. “Last night was great thank you for that.” He says in a deep voice as he sits down, smiling. Your mind won’t think. Alls you see is flashbacks. Meeting him. Nate getting upset over it. You look down at your legs. “Well shit I didn’t think I was that bad.” He said offended. “No, no. You weren’t bad. Actually I don’t remember. I just, I’ve met you before.” You say stuttering. “Yeah you’re the girl from the mansion party. This was supposed to happen a couple months ago before Nate freaked out and sent you home.” He responded. “Yeah he’s insane.” You say. “Why aren’t you with him?” He asked. “We broke up. He cheated on me.” You say quietly. “Sorry, I didn’t know.” He says. Leaning over and putting his hand on your thigh. “Quick question?” You ask him. “Of course.” He replied. “What is your name?” You say out of curiosity. “Jack. Jack Gilinsky.” He responds. You smile at him. Not considering the fact you can’t remember anything, at least he was nice enough to stay until the morning.

“Listen, if you need a place to stay, I have extra bedrooms at my house. That way you’re not alone.” Jack says. “Oh no I don’t want to be a burden.” You say standing up. About to walk through the door. He puts his arm out to stop you. Making eye contact. “You will never be a burden. I know the times we’ve met haven’t been the best, but I promise there is more to me then just that. The least I can do is give you some hospitality.” He says. You really enjoy his offer. Maybe it wouldn’t be bad to get to know him. “Okay sure.” You say.

He helps you pack and get your stuff into your car. “Follow my car.” He says as he gets into his Jeep across the lot. You follow him to this really nice, private home. He grabs your bags and you follow. The smell of new home filled your nose. He puts your case on an all white bed. The room was also all white with a splash of baby blue here and there. You smile as it was comforting. “Whatever you need don’t hesitate to ask please.” He says. “I won’t thank you.” You respond looking around the room. You feel a hand wrap around your wrist and pull you until you hit a body head on. The arm is now around your back and another hand under your chin. Soft lips meet yours. “Also, if you ever need a night that you will remember, I’m in the room next door.” He whispers. He winks and then leaves the room. As annoying as that was. You loved the offer.

It’s 10pm now. You’re alone in your room and thoughts are taking over your mind. Tears start to stream down your face as you don’t know what to do. The door cracks open and Jack stands in the light. “Are you okay?” He asks. Maybe having sex with him was what you needed? You didn’t actually think that, but in that moment in time nothing else mattered. He sat in front of you on the bed facing you. “Is everything okay?” He asks, putting a hand under your jaw, as his thumb wipes tears. You lean forward and kiss him. Soon your kisses added tongue. Jack shifted his body. He puts his arm on your lower back and pulls down so you’re laying. He is now planking on top of you. Before you know it, shirts are coming off, not long after, the pants follow. As he enters you feel your body release its stress. A feeling you’ve been longing for. With each stroke, more and more stress relieves. Finally you are feel happiness. Taking in everything. The jolt in your stomach. The softness of his hair in your fingers. The clench of his teeth on your neck.

“Y/n?” You hear come from the door. “Fuck” you hear Jack whisper into your ear. The voice sounded familiar. You look towards the door and see Nate standing in the door way. There was a look on his face you’re not use to seeing. Sadness. Jack climbs off and sits up next to you, refusing to look up at anyone. You sit up and cover your body with the sheets. “Nate.. I.” You say. You don’t have any words. You guys weren’t dating. It wasn’t bad for you to do. After all he did cheat on you. Jack slips on his boxers and walks out of the room. Nate walks in and just stares at you. Silence starts to get the best of both of you. You don’t know how to feel. Tears now forming.

You get up and put your clothes on. Your mind running a thousand thoughts. “Were you seeing him behind my back?” Nate asked. “What?” You said. Tears stopped as your shocked by the question. “Have you been seeing him since the party?” He asks again. Anger fills your body. You start to tremble at the thought. You try to hold back but you’ve never been good at doing that. Why would he think that? You were always the loyal one. He’s the one who was cheating so why is he trying to put the blame on you. The question made you realize how toxic your relationship was with him. He would do one thing and try to blame it on you. “You need to leave.” You say sternly. “Excuse me?” He said. “I’m sick and tired of your bullshit.” You say standing your ground. “You’re leaving me for my best friend.” He says stepping closer to you. “I’m leaving you for someone who tries to take care of me before tearing me apart.” You say standing up. “You’re making a mistake.” He says walking out the door, looking back.

“I might be, but at least the sex is better.” You say with a wide smirk on your face as you walk into Jack’s room. When you close the door your body is pushed onto it. Lips pushed hard onto yours. “Are you ready to finish?” Jack says with the biggest smile. “I was born ready.” You say laughing as he picks you up and throws you onto the bed.


I smirked at my phone, teasing Sammy while he was in the studio was so fun. I looked at the time, and saw he’d be home in about 15 minutes, so I decided to change into something a little more comfortable, that I know would drive Sam wild.

He loves when I wear his sweatshirts, but he loves taking them off more. I threw my hair up in a messy bun, and lay down in my bed, just counting the minutes down till Sam gets home. 6 minutes later, I hear a car door shut, rather harshly. I turned my light off, and closed my eyes, pretending to be asleep. Sam opened the front door to the apartment, slammed it shut, and came stomping into my bedroom. His footsteps came to a halt when he reached the bedroom door. “Uhhh, hell no.” he growled, and pulled me up. “Oh, hey baby.” I smiled, rubbing my eyes to play it off like he woke me up. Sams eyes were dark as he moved his face closer, “I want you. now. Strip.” he said sternly. I gave him a pouty face and whispered, “I just wanna cuddle baby.” Looking up at him, his eyes softened a little, as he lay down on the bed pulling me on top of him. “You’re such a tease.” he mumbled. I lay my head down on his chest. He started humming, and rubbing my lower back. “Everybody wonders, where we run off to, my body on your body, baby sticking like some glue. Naughty lets get naughty, girl i’ts only one or two. Fevers fucking running feel the heat between us two.” he sung in my ear as he moved his hands lower, onto my butt. “Sammy.” I whined. He flipped us over, and started kissing on my neck. “Shouldn’t of gave me a boner at the studio babygirl. You’re gonna strip right now, and obey daddy.” He slid his index finger around the waistband of my underwear, as my heartbeat sped up and I looked at him like a deer caught in headlights. “Off.” he demanded, staring into my eyes as I slipped his hoodie off. He crawled between my legs and began kissing my jawline, running a finger down my stomach. “Hope you don’t have to do a lot of walking tomorrow.” He growled into my ear, and kissed down my body.


finally finished that merman au i promised! and i even added the palettes too


so here’s the basic story: jack is kinda curious so he washes up on a beach where mark and danny were testing soils and water concentration for their local aquarium. obviously they befriend him and take him in. but sam is that one protective asshole that hates them and shocks them if they get close to jack and or himself

jack can’t talk he can only screech and make clicky noises ; v;

hes a cutie


These are some of the things I will write about. I know more, im sure, but just inbox me if you you have an questions!


  • Chicago Fire
  • Chicago PD
  • Chicago Med
  • Chicago Justice
  • Teen Wolf
  • The Fosters 
  • The Walking Dead
  • Arrow
  • The Flash
  • Supergirl
  • Jane The Virgin
  • Shadowhunters
  • Riverdale
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Supernatural
  • Pretty Little Liars
  • Charmed
  • American Horror Story


  • Dan and Phil
  • Alfie Deyes
  • Zoe Sugg
  • Joe Sugg
  • Caspar Lee
  • Oli White
  • Mark Ferris
  • Jack Maynard
  • Conor Maynard
  • Roman Atwood
  • Brennen Taylor
  • Sam and Colby
  • Shawn Mendes
  • Cameron Dallas
  • Shane Dawson
  • Gabbie Hanna
  • Halsey 
  • The Chainsmokers
  • One Direction
drunk Uncharted characters

Nathan: “No.. you’re great…you really are. NO, don’t argue. You’re GREAT!”

Sam: *hangs all over you* This my girl here! *squeezing you* You’re my girl, you know that? *kisses you on the temple*

Rafe: *leaning in your face* “I’m rich and can have whatev-whoever I want. I don’t need money, it means jack-shit to me.”

Elena: *beings to cry* “I just-LOVE him sooo much and like….He just like.. he doesn’t get it sometimes!”

Chloe: “SHhhhhhhhhh! Let me tell you this story!….Now, what was I saying?”

Nadine: *viciously agrees with everything you say*

Talbot: “Talbot do this, Talbot do that! I’m Katherine Marowe and I’m an old bag.

Sully: “Mmmmmmm” *snores*

Marlowe: “Come here. Nevermind, I don’t need you.”

Eddy Raja: *forgets personal space* “Hey, hey, hey, hey, look, hey.”

Flynn: “……Hey…hey, c’mere.. can I have a hug?”

Chapter Six~Make Cameron Jealous~

Image for the chapter:

*Nash’s PoV*

I wake up to the bright lights streaming in through the window, I notice a light weight on my chest, I open my eyes fully and I see Addi laying there. Still sleeping. Peacefully. Her head gently on my chest, and her hand relaxed on my lower torso. I smile to myself. I didn’t want to wake her up, so I reached for my phone without moving the rest of my body, and I began to mess around on the random apps that I had.

I went on Instagram to see if there were any pictures taken from last night. There were a few but it was only of us walking into the place and then walking back out. There was one picture that really stood out to me. It was of us all walking out, but the only ones in the picture were Addi and I. It was after I had put my arm around her to make sure that she didn’t get away from the group somehow, and I was looking down at her, and she was looking up at me. I smiled at the picture, and it made me oddly happy. It was kind of cute.

I dropped down one of my hands and rested it behind Addis back, her breathing still slow, so I knew she was still sleeping.

After about 10 minutes the door to my bedroom opened and I saw Cameron walk into the room. His eyes got wide and went right to Addi sleeping on my chest.

“Is she still sleeping?” he asks in a soft quiet tone. I nod my head. “Yeah, I just woke up a bit ago honestly.” I say, as Cameron closes the door trying to be quiet.

“Well, I’m kind of wanting a coffee and I know that Addi will want a coffee, so I was coming in her to ask if she wanted some, but she’s still sleeping.” he says. “I’m sure you could wake her."I say.

"I’ll go shower, and then you can wake her in a bit. I’ll let her sleep.” he says. “Sounds good.” I answer back.

“How did you sleep by the way?” I ask before he gets to the door, I knew he was drinking last night. “Ok, could have been better.” he says. “How about you?” “Really good honestly. She keep me warm all night.” I say. “Did she sleep like that all night?”

“Yeah, I think so. That’s how we feel asleep, and that’s how I woke up.” I say, a smiling forming into my lips. He nods his head, and furrows his brows.

“Well, just wake her in like 15 minutes.” he says. “Got it Cam.” I say as he leaves the room. He closes the door and I go back to playing on my phone.

I wondered to myself if it was finally starting to make him jealous that I was hanging out with Addi so much, and that she sleep with me last night. Would it ever get to him? I could tell he was noticing, and last night it got to him, I mean he took her away from me and started to dance with her so she wasn’t dancing with me, but he was also drinking and he was all over her last night. Was that what he really wanted and it only came out when he was drunk? Or was that just Cameron being flirty and a little thirsty? I guess I wouldn’t know, unless it came up somehow.

“Addi wake up.” I say gently tapping my fingers on her exposed skin on her shoulder from the cami that she was wearing. She moves her hands to cover her face. “No, I’m not getting up.” she says in a whiny voice. I smile and laugh a bit. “Come on Addi. You know you want to. I think Cameron wants to get coffee.” I say again. She turns face down into my chest. I put my hands on her waist to try and get her to move around and wake up. “Come on Addi, I know how you like coffee. ” I say, tickling her sides making her giggle into my skin. “Fine fine fine. Stop. I’ll get up.” she says in a breathless tone. She sits up and gives me a death glare. I smile at her. “Come on you know you want to get coffee. Turn that frown upside down.” I say. She smiles and rolls her eyes at me.

“No.” she says in a pouty voice. I move to her face and I put my two pointer fingers on her face and make her smile. She swats my hands away. “Alright alright I’m up.” she says with a real smile.

“How did you sleep?” I ask. “Good.” she says with a s big cheesy smile. “That’s good. So did I.” I say, giving her the same big cheesy smile back.

“Can I use your shower?” she asks me. I nod my head. “Thanks.” she says getting up out of the bed, her slightly messy brown hair down her back, and her makeup less face tan from the sun. She went into the bathroom and I rolled out of bed and slipped on a pair of jeans and a tshirt. I called it good for the day.

I walk out of my room and into the living room to see Cameron sitting on the couch. “Hey can I talk to you?” he asks me as I walk into the room. “Yeah, sure man.”  I say sitting down. I wondered what he had to talk to me about.

“How much of a ass was I last night?” he asks, concern lingering in his voice.

“Well… it wasn’t that bad. You danced with Addi for a while then you sung Or Nah to her in car and were kind of all over on the drive home.” I say, being honest with him.

“Was she mad at me?” he asks. I wouldn’t say mad was the right word, she was upset. “No, why would you say that.” I say.

“Well, I don’t know. Just- she didn’t sleep with me last night, she slept with you.” he says. I nod my head. “She just knew you drunk, and wanted to give you space.” I say.

“Was all over while we were dancing too?” he asks. I nod my head. “Great.” he says. “What’s wrong?” I ask.

“I just hate when I do that. I try and make sure no guys get all over her if she doesn’t want them to, but then I do it myself.” he says.

“If she didn’t want you to dance with her she wouldn’t let you. She’s strong. She’s a girl. She can take a lot more then we give her credit for. There was a guy last night who wanted to dance with her and she flat out told him no. She has no problem saying no.”
I say.

“I guess, that’s true….” he says.

After a while longer about talking about the events of last night my door opens and I see Addi walk out in her shorts and the tanktop that she was wearing last night.

“Cammmm…” she says walking over to us. “Yeah?” he asks, his attention going to her.

“Can I borrow a shirt?” she asks. “Yeah, of course.” he answer, and she goes over and into his room and comes out a few minutes later wearing a shirt of Camerons. It was a black tshirt that had maroon sleeves.

She walks over to us and sits down, I could tell her hair was still wet from taking a shower. It wasn’t it’s normal straight, it was a bit wavy and looked damp still. She only had a minimal amount of makeup.

“Selfie?” Cameron asks. She nods her head.

They take a selfie. “She’s wearing my shirt.” Cameron says as he posts it to Snapchat, then they take another one. “Selfies with bae.” he says.

“Should we go get coffee now?” he asks. She nods her head.

“Can we walk? I kind of want the fresh air?” she asks. “Of course.” he says, grabbing his wallet from the table.

“You want to come with?” Cameron asks. “No, I’ll stay here.” I say. “See you later Nash.” she says walking out of the apartment with Cameron.

I go to Instagram and I find the picture of Addi and I and I screenshot it and then crop it and find another picture of all the guys and I walking into the concert and I put them together and I post them to Instagram.‘Had a great time last night at the concert with all my faves. Hope you all had as much as fun as I did’ and I tag them all in it.

Soon after I see that Addi liked the picture as did Cameron. Then the comments asking about Addi started to come in. I ignored them, and hoped they would eventually end. Addi didn’t need this, she was trying to date Cameron, she didn’t need fans thinking she was dating me.

*Addi’s PoV*

Cameron and I had just left to go get coffee.

“How are you feeling today?” I ask, wanting to know if he was hungover or not today.

“Pretty good, I mean I could be better.” he says. I laugh. “Someone had a little to much fun last night.” I say, looking up at him as we stop at a light before we cross the road.

“Yeah, I know. And I acted like an ass.” he says. We start walking again and I grab onto his hand.

“No you didn’t.” I say.

“I feel like I did.” he says.

“I would tell you if you did, you didn’t. You were just fine.” I say smiling.

“But what I did in the car..” he starts. “Was funny, it was just joking around.” I say. “Yeah, you’re right.” he says.

He puts his arm around me and pulls me into his side as we both hear our names being said from near bye. I felt safe in his arms, like I didn’t feel safe anywhere else.

We get to the coffee shop and we both order what we always get. I start to take out my money to pay. “What are you doing?” he asks. “Paying for the coffee.” I say.

“No, it was my idea to come here. I’ll pay.” he says. “Cameron, I can pay for myself.” I say.

“You know I’m not going to let you do this.” he says. I nod my head, it was true. I put my money away and he took out his card and swiped it for the amount on the screen.

“Thanks Cam.” I say smiling at him. He smiles back at me and we go and wait at the end of the line to get our coffee.


We had just gotten back to Camerons place and all the boys were awake.

“Hey Addi.” Sam says first. “Hey Sam.” I say, as all the other boy start to say hi also.

“So… Nate is going to fly out tonight, and we have an idea for you.” he says as I sit on the couch next to Johnson and Matt.

“And just what is that Wilkinson?” I ask, calling him by his last name. He rolls his eyes at me while smiling.

“We are going to make a music video and we were wondering if you wanted to be in it?” he asks. “I would be honored.” I say, smiling as I sip on my iced latte.

“Well if you’re interested in doing that would you like to be in ours?” Johnson asks turning to face me. “Of course, I would be in any of your music videos.” I say. “That means you too Shawn.” I say. He smiles. “I’ll let you know when I’m doing one.” he says.

“Anyone feel like listening to music?” Matt asks. We all nod our heads yes. He grabs his phone and connects it to the Blu-Tooth speaker in the corner of the room on the desk. Teenagers by My Chemical Romance comes on and we all start singing to the song.

I feel my phone go off in my pocket and I pull it out and see that it was a text message from Bryant.

Hey Addi. So I was wondering if you were interested in doing a photo shoot with me? I know we had talked a little about it before, but I would really like to shoot you sometime soon. And if you would be interested we could have you take some shots with one of the boys your choosing to make it easier. And if that goes good like I imagine it will I would love you featured in all of the boys pictures a few times.

Yeah, I would love that. When you get back from NYC we can work out the details, and then I’ll have picked the boy I want to shoot with by then.

Sounds perfect. Talk to you then :)

“Who was that?” Cameron asks me.

“Bryant.” I say.

“What was he up to?”

“He wants to do a photo shoot with me.” I say. “Oh that’s fun.” he says smiling going back to playing around on his phone. Who would I choose. Cameron, my best friend or Nash who was quickly becoming tied with Cameron for my best friend. Who would I pick? Who would be the right choice.

What do you think about this new chapter? Who do you think she is going to pick? Who do you want to her pick?