the story of reynard the fox

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This is where we are putting fics that we haven’t had a chance to look for or have and have come up with nothing. So if you know any of these, feel free to message us or use the ask box. We may not catch it if you use the ‘reply’ function. Thanks!!!

during a pack meeting at the hale house scott wanted allison to be a part of the pack but stiles snapped at him and told him no because he and the others weren’t comfortable with her yet


The sheriff is dead, killed by some werewolf. Stiles is taken in by the remaining Hale pack. Peter is the Alpha and Derek is his beta. At first Stiles hates werewolves and Derek but slowly they fall in love. Peter killed the sheriff and Laura.  And he was also behind the killing of Dereks parentes I think. I remember that Stiles helps Derek during his heat in this and that in the end Derek kills Peter and it Sterek endgame.  Derek is a beta and older then Stiles. Derek is a bit shy . Slow build Sterek and I don’t remember if it’s a one shot or not but it’s complete


Sterek one, and the only thing I remember is that there is a quote repeating in the fic, and one of them read it in a magazine or a book - how you fall in love with people once you see them how they act when no-one is looking


Stiles and Scott moved to NY where Scott is bitten, Stiles starts having magic.


stiles was largely ignored by he group of people at home so his half sister who he has never met brings Claudia back as a ghost and forces the group to watch stiles through visions and won’t let them contact him 


So many more after the cut! So many. Help if you can. But please don’t respond on this post. message us or ask us. 

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Finn the trickster hero

Finn is a lot of things–a military genius, a conscientious objector, a crack shot, an iconoclast–but beyond the realm of military and politics he also has mythological qualities in embodying certain archetypes, and to me the most prominent is that of the trickster.

Trickster figures are recognizable by distinguishing traits such as solving problems by wit and resourcefulness, actions that upset the social order, humor, crossing boundaries between realms, and physical transformation. Finn’s story contains all of these and more, with the effect that he plays the trickster’s role, a bearer of the unexpected and an agent of change.

A trickster is first and foremost defined by, well, trickery. Some tricksters are conspicuously lacking in physical force, such as Jacob in the Old Testament of the Bible in contrast to his stronger brother Esau. Some are depicted as smaller, weaker animals compared to their adversaries, such as Reynard the Fox in Western European fables in comparison to the wolf Isengrim, or Bre’r Rabbit of the Southern United States in comparison with Bre’r Fox. Other times martial prowess simply isn’t a big part of their story, such as Coyote of the Crow and Plains tribes’ mythologies and Prometheus in Greek mythology. Rather than physical force the trickster often uses some flaw in their opponent, such as vanity or cruelty, to get out of a tight situation or win the prize in a situation where they are at a disadvantage.

This is true of Finn, who made and executed a plan to steal a TIE fighter and rescue a Resistance pilot from under the First Order’s nose. In doing so he ingeniously exploited a flaw in the First Order’s organization by claiming it was Kylo Ren who wanted the prisoner–Ren, who reports directly to Snoke and is not a part of the strict military hierarchy that Hux so prizes, who has his own agenda and will act for it rather than his given orders, as he demonstrated more than once in The Force Awakens.

If Finn had tried to claim the prisoner transfer order had come from Hux or Phasma he may well have been required to verify the command, given that both these figures operate within the standard military system. But Ren? Who was going to question him and risk his explosive temper, short of Hux or Snoke himself?

In other words, Finn used the personal and organizational failings of his oppressors to brilliant effect in planning and executing his escape, and this planning made it possible for him and Poe to reach the TIE fighter without a single shot fired. Once they flew the TIE and hit a (literal) snag shots were fired indeed, in a sequence I have analyzed at length. A confrontation was inevitable at some point anyway, but it was due to Finn’s clever subterfuge that he and Poe were able to get so far without attracting deadly attention. This is itself a significant achievement that may have saved their lives when they were seriously outnumbered and Poe had endured physical and mental torture.

Finn also uses a subtle trick on the Resistance but of a different sort, which I will discuss near the end in the section about the trickster as communicator.

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Tales of Reynard the Fox go back to medieval times, a period of creaking castles, haunted woods and a shape-shifting fox who devoted his life to tricking people. 

One story goes that Reynard lived in a house with his roommate, Bruin the Bear. One day Reynard had been fishing, and when Bruin asked him for a share, Reynard refused and told him to fish for himself. Bruin didn’t know how, so Reynard told him to stick his tail in the water, which Bruin did – but Bruin kept his tail in the water so long that it froze off and now that Bruin was wounded and unable to fish, Reynard could catch the rest of them for himself. 


Don Bluth’s Rock-A-Doodle was first released on April 3, 1991.

The Disney Studios originally developed a version of this story in its early years, combining it with the French tales of Reynard the fox. Though Marc Davis’s character designs survive, Walt Disney personally rejected the pitch because of the difficulty of translating the folk tales to the big screen. (x)

You can see Marc Davis’ sketches here.

Loki the Fox

I am so glad they are addressing Loki’s affiliation with foxes by pointing out that the symbol on his headdress is a fox (though I hate staring at the broken horn!).  So few people are familiar with the legend of Reynard the Fox which heavily influenced the Disney version of Robin Hood.   The trickster who always won in the end.