the story of madness

So, I was watching The Princess Bride yesterday

- correction: I somehow forced the movie on my friends yesterday (and they love me all the more for making them discover this gem).

And WOW, Moftiss are SO pulling a Princess Bride on their audience! Right now, most viewer are basically like the kid who is so upset at his grandpa for turning the story into sh*t - the mean prince is seemingly about to win, true love won’t save the day, Buttercup & Wesley won’t be reunited nor triumph, all this build-up about true love was apparently for nothing… The kid is mad at his grandpa for even beginning the story in the first place, telling him “you are wrong, you must be! It can’t be”, “why were you even telling me this story?!”.

The grandpa (bless Peter Falk btw, I love him) keeps reading the book and we realise a few minutes later all these tragic events were all Buttercup’s nightmare (Buttercup = John, imo: he’s Sherlock’s “damsel in distress”, who’s gotten engaged at a bad person when he thought Sherlock was dead).

When Buttercup wakes up, we hear the kid triumphantly claiming “I knew it! I knew it was wrong!” and the grandpa grumpily replies “Yes, you’re very smart. Now, shut up” before resuming the story.

Moftiss are making the audience mad on purpose, so they root for the real story: true love will save the day.

Series 4 is probably a sort of nightmare - mixing bits of reality with intense fear & insecurities => in reality, events will almost happen like that… but the end changes everything. Wesley/Sherlock & Buttercup/John will be reunited and kiss before the setting sun; true love prevails and saves everyone.

And the kid doesn’t mind the kissing anymore. :)

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oh hey!! fun story: my brother told us today that yesterday he cussed out a white lady a the post office cause she straight up said to his face “i can’t wait for trump to get you people out of our country” 

LIKE!! LMAO!!! damn trump presidency ‘boutta get me arrested if a white bitch thinks she can say a god damn word to me lmao

Star Wars Spin-Offs:

-Chirrut and Baze background story 

-Darth Vader “Welcome to My Emo Mansion”

-Cassian’s background story

-Diego Luna on a quest to discover the texture of Jabba

-Bohdi and how his internal conflict progressed while he worked for the Empire

-Galen farming for 2 hours and 19 minutes

-Rogue One was just a joke and we get a movie with a happy ending :’)

the possibilities are endless


Star Wars Quotes in Spanish and Danish, with Diego Luna and Mads Mikkelsen


The Handplates AU by @zarla-s is a pretty dark place, and it looks like Dr. Gaster will never reveal his secret to anyone. But, what if he got caught…?

I’m back! Sorry about the wait, last week was…a thing, and this one took a bit more editing on the back end than usual. So remember when I said I was writing a Handplates fic? Well here it is! Asgore and Gaster are both played by a good friend of mine who also helped me edit the story, @hatori1181, aka Batzmaru!

This accomplishes like 3 goals of mine for this channel in one. First, to get something handplates on it. Second, to get Batz involved in something. And third, to get something I wrote up here, so it’s totally new to everybody listening :3 If you’d rather read it though, here is a link to it on AO3. And this is a one-shot, buuuut I caught the writing bug again and now I’m well into a follow-up. So this may not be the last you see of this story!

Oh, and fun fact: One scene in this was heavily inspired by these sketches by zarla. If you listen to the story I think it should be clear which sketch, lol. I had this idea knocking around in my head for a while, but those sketches really kicked me into high gear and turned me into a writing hermit for a weekend.

Also I had this song on repeat like the whole time I was writing this.

This is kind of an unpopular opinion but really.

There’s nothing wrong with Killing Stalking.

Let me elaborate. There’s nothing exceptionally wrong about Killing Stalking on a fictional level. Yeah, it’s fucked up, but you know what else is fucked up? Corpse Party Tortured Souls. Sometimes there’s some touchy things in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure like what appears to be cannibalism and other things. Let’s be honest with ourselves. There are other things that are pretty messed up but the only reason as to why there’s a lot of negativity about KS is because the relationship is homosexual. That and some yuri on ice fans are clinging to it like it’s Victuuri 2.0. And some people are even getting all salty like “oh you guys wanted gay representation here it is” (tbh people who say that are big meanies and are probably trolls)

Killing Stalking is a psychological horror. It’s horrifiying. It’s not meant to be a healthy relationship and it never will be. It’s not real and it’s definitely not the worst thing in the world.

I’m just so tired of all the arguments that try to demonize it like it’s the worst thing since coleslaw. It’s basically like if you watched an episode criminal minds but only from the criminal’s side.


The cast of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Felicity Jones / Diego Luna / Donnie Yen / Jiang Wen / Riz Ahmed / Forest Whitaker / Ben Mendelsohn / Mads Mikkelsen / Alan Tudyk / Genevieve O’Reilly 

Adrift somewhere, with old traditions.

Merry Christmas!