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rlskipper0  asked:

In one of Jeremy's streams he talked about playing /competing in chess when he was younger. So if you can, a story where Ryan is playing chess against himself and Lil J comments on his technique and then beats him in a match. Fahc please

(so uhh… this prompt for some reason just made me think of Vulcan chess. Which made me think of star trek, so Star Trek au? Bc why not apparently)

It’s because of a few drinks and some goading from his friends that Jeremy even approaches him for the first time. At least for the first time one-on-one. They’ve seen each other on the bridge of course, seeing as they both work there on the same shift. But still. Jeremy doesn’t remember ever talking to Commander Ryan outside of the bridge.

It all starts because Jeremy’s friends just have to notice him staring at the Vulcan across the room. And just have to open their big mouths.

“Is he playing chess against himself?” Matt asks as he glances to where Jeremy was staring.

Jeremy felt immediately bad for staring, but he couldn’t help it. He doesn’t think he’s ever seen Ryan in the lounge before. He was pretty well known to just keep to himself, only ever really seen on the bridge. But there he was. Sitting in a chair, a three dimensional chess board in front of him, his face focused as he stared at it for a while and then moved a piece. Several moments of staring and he moved a piece of the other color.

“He’s definitely playing himself,” Trevor comments from Jeremy’s other side.

And then both Trevor and Matt’s faces turn to Jeremy, the same smirk on their faces and Jeremy just narrows his eyes suspiciously and asks “What?”

“Go talk to him,” Matt says. “We know you want to.”

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This hanging tongue decision
Of believing our
Separate truths
Is freedom enough
For convincing
That pride is a proper

Biting, as we are hunted

By an aggressive show
Of answers

With the strength
Of straight-edged pincers
And jaws
Made of sharpened

These teeth
We show

Dripping with
Eager saliva

Like silver scowls
In the night

As we track
Our wayward footprints
In efforts
And empty changes

With snarls
Of significant

Poised as threats
We’ve faked

Only as animals desparate
To forage
For nests or comforts  
As seekers
Of wilds abandoned
Or strays with no story
To tell.  

- J. Pigno

bugclub  asked:

yo recommend me some rap you like if youre down. i need some new stuff to listen to im getting bored

for sure! ima just go thru recently added on my itunes to try to rec newer stuff

obviously tyler’s new stuff if you haven’t listened 2 that yet, only kinda rap

lil wayne’s “in tune we trust” ep was p good, magnolia remix and fireworks are my favs

j.i.d.’s “the never story” just a real good rap album he has great lyricism and flows

i’ve only listened to smino’s “blkswn” a couple times but its a bit more moody modern rap

i thought “caught their eyes” on jay’s 4:44 was really good other than that it was just ok to me. maybe because he took shots at ye idk.

snoop dogg’s “neva left” is actually just a really good album thats like a revival of his old sound

chief keef’s “thot breaker” has a surprising amt of kind of reggae flavored summer jams

j-hus’s “common sense” is like the only british rap ive listened to recently but just some real good upbeat bangerszdszzszs

young thug and tee grizzley’s albums were both p good (shoutout first day out)

adamn killa’s “i am adamn” is great just for the production and him saying “adamn” adlibs

joyner lucas’s “508-507-2209″ is good except for the one song where he raps from the perspective of his dick, skip that song

Meanwhile, over in the Inn during the Beach Scene
  • Aedion: what was the weather supposed to be again for tonight?
  • Dorian: calm and clear...why?
  • Lysandra: *evil grin*
  • Aedion: well, if I haven't accidentally gotten drunk and started hallucinating, there appears to be a miniature fire hurricane going down over on the beach where... *face turns pale*
  • Dorian: well then
  • Lysandra: *giggles*
  • Aedion: *bangs head on nearest wall*
  • Dorian: just don't let them know we saw. We have to remain inconspicuous
  • Lysandra: I agree, so Aedion, you have to unsee EVERYTHING
  • Aedion: *still banging head against wall* CAN'T! *bang* my eyes *bang* MY EYES!! *bang* this is worse than the nightgown incident
  • Lysandra: *grins even wider*
  • Dorian: I didn't hear about this! Lysandra. Spill.
  • Aedion: Why me? Why me?!?!

Good Night Kiss

“It’s your turn” Yoongi mumbled softly as he entered the room and closed the door behind him.

It’s a quiet and comfortable night after a successful, yet tiring concert.
Hoseok let Yoongi step into the bath first and the freshly showered boy now rummaged around for his sleeping clothes, his hair still damp from the shower, comfortably wrapped in a bath robe.

Confused by the silence, he glanced over at the other boy to realize he had managed to fall asleep in a sitting position while waiting for Yoongi to finish up. A soft smile spread across the rapper’s face, before taking Hoeseok’s pouty sleeping face into his hands and softly placing a kiss on his lips.
“Falling asleep while waiting is my job. You’re copying me” he murmured with a grin against the awakening boy’s lips.