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insults against horses!

the feel when an georgian period englishman arrive in sweden, and he then focus his letters about sweden on insulting the size and health of swedish horses.

an outrage! defence for your horse slander georgian UK? @georgiansuggestion


Hey guys,

My salary is pretty low and my expenses have risen recently (health issues, plans to work abroad), so I decided to open up fic commissions. I’ve been writing original works and fanfiction for several years now and I’m also naturally an avid reader of a variety of genres.

You can find my fics here. Some of my best known, all in the Sherlock fandom, are:

Although Sherlock is my main fandom, there are a lot of other shows, movies etc. that I enjoy: Doctor Who, Firefly, Shadowhunters, Merlin, Supernatural, Grimm, Cabin Pressure, Haven, Star Wars, How to Train Your Dragon, The Hunger Games, MCU. And, of course, video games – Dragon Age, Dishonored, Bioshock, Vampire: The Masquerade, Portal, Mass Effect, Morrowind, Arcanum, The Secret World, and many more. I probably forgot a bunch of fandoms, so when in doubt just send me an ask.

I will write:

  • In English or in Polish (Yes! Tak!).
  • Pretty much all genres and all ratings.
  • I LOVE crossovers, fusions and AUs (omegaverse too), so if you want to see Sherlock living in the Void as the Outsider (with John as Corvo), Sam and Dean killing Darkspawn, or all your favourite characters murdering one another in the Hunger Games , I’m your gal.
  • Aside from a few NOTPs I’m pretty open to all ships.
  • Someone commission me so that I can finally write that Sherlock/The Hangover crossover I wanted to write since 2012.

I will not write:

  • Anything connected with season 4 of Sherlock (I deny its existence), so no Rosie, no Eurus, no Mary bending the laws of physics and catching the bullet Hollywood-style to save Sherlock. Although if you want to see some improved, alternate version of s4, we can discuss it.
  • Sherlock and John in a serious relationship with someone else. I mean, they could date someone else temporarily but Johnlock is the endgame.
  • Dark!characters unless they’re the villains of a story.
  • Dom/Sub universe, BDSM, paedophilia, certain kinks that squick me.
  • Anything that makes me uncomfortable for any reason. No judgment, though, I will simply refuse politely.



Fics in English:

1 dollar/1 euro for 100 words (the currency is up to you, whichever you prefer) . Payments are done via PayPal.

Fics in Polish:

2 zł za 100 słów (stawka niższa o połowę, bo u nas bida z nędzą). Opłata PayPalem.

How to request a commission

When you have an idea for a story, tell me about it and we’ll work out the details. Once we’ve settled on the plot, I’ll ask you for the payment. If you are not sure about the exact word count you want (because sometimes it’s hard to assess), we’ll make an estimation. If the story is shorter, I’ll refund you the excess and if it’s longer it’s on me, no need to pay more.

If for any reason I can’t complete your prompt, I will obviously refund you.

Once I start writing, you can contact me at any time and check on the progress and brainstorm ideas with me. When I’m done with a chapter/fic I will post it on my AO3 account. I can gift it to you or you may choose to remain anonymous. If you prefer to read the fic before publication that can be arranged as well.

Writing takes time, but I’ll try to finish the commission as quickly as I can.

Even if you’re not interested in making a commission, please signal boost this post. Thank you!



One of the joys of studying English, was the absolute rants we all got into every Tuesday afternoon. They were the best lectures by far, where we would literally all sit down, a group of around 100, and simply talk about whatever came naturally. People would come in raving about books, about something they’d read online, about articles and art and text conversations and literally anything that involved the written word.

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burrmelange  asked:

In English class my teacher caught me writing poems and short stories because I usually finished the reading very quickly. BUT instead of getting mad she convinced me to hand them in for extra credit, and that's how I finished high school with 100% in English. :)

That is awesome! Not only letting you fill your time constructively, but also letting you incorporate it into your schooling! That’s great teachering (a word that, in this case, means “teaching”)!

The Year of the Confiscated Books (7th or 8th grade math, I can’t remember) was also the Year of Confiscated Journals for me. My math teacher also took away my notebook six or seven times, which was super embarrassing as it was filled with self-insert fanfiction.

So Netflix dropped their trailer for “Death Note” and I watched it and I have a few things to say that are maybe not REALLY about whitewashing but more about how stupid a movie I think it’s going to be:

  1. I feel like if it’s an ADAPTATION/REMAKE blah blah universal theme with no racial boundaries blahhhh then do a better job of changing the name of the main character. Why is his name still Light? Do you know in the manga they even specify the Kanji character (月) they use for his name, even though his name is “Light”, an English word?  I feel like it’s okay that the main character is named in such a way in Japanese, or in a manga but it’s just so… off as the name of a white guy in Seattle? Also, there’s some symbolism in the name Yagami Light (夜神月) which is obviously lost in the name Light TURNER (which is still find hilarious by the way). Like you know when they remade The Ring they at least had the common decency to change all the names (if your argument is really that IT'S JUST AN ADAPTATION IT DOESNT HAVE TO BE 100% THE SAME AND IT ISN’T EVEN SET IN JAPAN THIS STORY CAN TOTES BE ABOUT WHITE PEOPLE BLAAAHHHHH).
  2. Fun fact: “note” (ノート; pronounced Nōto) is the Japanese word for notebook lmao so it’s literally a DEATH NOTEBOOK you idiots it just looks dumb when it’s still called a “Death Note” when this story is framed in a western setting????  Like, would an English speaking shinigami (death deity) call his notebook a “Death Note”????? LOL yo, please, Netflix, plz I beg you, put some thought into this. Don’t be so fucking lazy. Do the homework. Unless you’re gonna tell me Willem Dafoe’s Ryuk is gonna be Japanese. Also, I’m quite interested in hearing how they’re gonna pronounce “Ryuk” LOL is it gonna be “Rye-you-k” cause, I mean, that would be HILARIOUS?
  3. Another thing: you know how Light leaves messages like “Justice of Kira” after he kills those criminals? LOL again Netflix step your shit up. In Japanese, a hard “L” sound doesn’t really exist, so it’s really a blend of “r” and “l” sounds, even though Japanese romanizations use “r” to represent that sound. So “Kira” is kind of like how a Japanese speaker would pronounce “Killer”. As in, this is why Japanese Yagami Light would use the name Kira…. DO YOU SEE WHAT I’M GETTING AT??? Why would WHITE SEATTLE GUY LIGHT TURNER use the pseudonym “Kira”?? Do you mean to tell me that he’s like “hmmm you know what sounds kind of like the word ‘killer’ and would be a perfect alias for me? Oh, I know, Kira!”
  4. Lastly, this is more just about how Light Turner looks like a fucken homeless teenage runaway. And, well, we all know Light in the manga is this “perfect” guy - genius, top student, well dressed, immaculate. And that’s how he pulls off everything he does, because he’s neat, he’s smart, he’s careful. I guess it IS an adaptation, so, I mean, well played, Netflix. Can’t wait to see this blonde reckless bumbling fool version of Light. 

This is what happens when I’m really bored at work…lol
Crunched numbers on AO3 for Klaine (14,433 stories) and for Kurtbastian (1660 stories) and filtered them down…

*about 90% are in English
*most are m/m category
*about 3,000 Klaine are over 7000 words (over 20 pages long). That means 11,000 were fan art, pod fics, and shorter one-shots.
*about 2,000 are complete
*about 900 have over 100 kudos
*40 were completed in 2017 so far… about 6 each month.

For Kurtbastian, around 400 fics are over 7000 words long. 254 of those are complete, and 190 have over 100 kudos. 8 were completed in 2017, or 1 a month.

There’s around 32,000 Glee fics on AO3, so about half of them are Klaine or Kurtbastian.

work thoughts

I have so many little sheets of paper with stuff written on them, here we go

-all my friends/mutuals should know that my text hearts (<3) are No Romo.  I love my friends!  but I’m not flirting with anyone so…pls take them platonically.

-the first step to not having anxiety about a distressing situation seems to be learning to bear it.  at work and in social situations, I’ve been slowly getting better at just being uncomfortable and experiencing it fully and accepting it.  it sucks and it’s real hard but I’m not full-on miserable as often?  so that’s nice.

-the other day I was trying to remember ryan gosling’s name and the first thing my brain coughed up was “Reynold Duckberg”

-I need a haircut so bad, ugh

-I like to picture myself in this one clothing commercial alongside its immaculately-dressed + made-up models.  not in like, a bitter way, I just think it’s funny?  the theme of the commercial is “come as you are” or something and everyone at this sexy party has long, slender arms and perfect hair and smiles that aren’t quite wide enough to be inelegant.  and then also toasty’s there, wearing pajama pants and a waffle weave mens’ shirt

-I don’t think I’m being clever pointing out a lack of realism in a clothing commercial of all things, but I’m amused by the idea that there are people who really spend their alone time in their artsy studio apartments looking photogenic and perfectly dressed.  that said, if they’re out there more credit to them.  I hope you’re having fun at your sexy elegant parties.

-you do not have to lie to compliment someone’s art–I don’t care how young or inexperienced or “””cliche””” they are.  look for their potential, find what pieces you think are cute or appealing or funny, and don’t be backhanded about it.  and unless they want a full critique, you don’t have to tell them what’s bad about it either.  there’s plenty to be said for positive reinforcement!

-I never lie when complimenting someone’s art.

-”If you see her in the street/walking by herself/talking to herself/grumbling at herself/swearing at herself–”

-the keys to easily understanding someone with a heavy accent or speech impediment seem to be 1. exposure and 2. relaxing.  Focusing Real Hard and getting freaked out unfortunately just makes it harder, in my experience.

-I like the fact that when a story mentions that someone was “shyly biting their lip” or whatever, they can specific lower lip but they don’t have to–it’s assumed.  but just for kicks, the next time you see that, you should imagine them biting their upper lip instead. :>[ 100% story improvement + laugh factor.

-the word “consternation” doesn’t seem to have any remaining grammatical forms in English?  no one ever says “I’m consternated” or “that was very consternating”.

Welcome to FrUK Week!

Admin:  [x]

Sidebar transparent by aph–china

The time for FrUK Week is upon us. It will be from 9 July to 15 July, 2017!

Here are the prompts:

9 July / Day 1: Royalty-Cardverse/Lavender            
10 July / Day 2: Pirate AU/Gold
11 July / Day 3: Mermaid-Siren AU/Emerald-Green
12 July / Day 4: Spy AU/Gray
13 July / Day 5: “It’s really hard to say ‘I love you’.”/Peach
14 July / Day 6: FACE Family/Teal
15 July / Day 7: NSFW/Scarlet

Each day has an assigned prompt, but if anyone can’t fulfill a prompt for that day, they are free to still do something for it on the following days. Don’t feel pressured to have everything on time. The prompts are there as motivators. If anyone misses day 4, they can post that entry on day 5 and it will be okay! If someone misses the whole week and wants to post all their entries in one day, go for it. Just make sure to keep with the dates!

In addition, there will be colors assigned to each day, so you all will have 2 options for each day. If you don’t feel the prompt of “Pirate AU”, for example, but you do feel the prompt of “Gold”, then you can have the choice to pick which one you want.

Here are the guidelines:

  • Please be respectful to everyone! That includes people that do and don’t participate. This is to enjoy the pretty work people have done. Please don’t bash it.
  • I feel like this is a very important rule: Please do not have France and England hit each other! Violence is not romantic.
  • We have a lot of AUs as prompts, woohoo!! Given that fact, I suggest using that AU that is assigned to their day, however, if you do not feel comfortable with the assigned au, you are more than welcome to use an AU you do like.  I do encourage you all to use the prompts assigned, though. This is to have fun so if you’re not comfortable with canon settings, and prefer AUs, go right ahead and use an AU to your liking.
  • That isn’t to say canon settings aren’t welcome. Historical stuff is great! Wanna do WWII setting? Go for it! Wanna do 100 Years War? Very okay. Entente Cordiale? A-okay.
  • Any rating is permitted, ranging from PG to R/NC-17/MA. I’ve used the rating system for years, so I know that better: K to M. Whatever works for you:
  1. K/K+ - very benign and no mature themes are featured.
  2. T - Language/swearing is featured and some make out stuff. In, it was called a lime, if anyone is familiar with that.
  3. M - Mature conent is featured, such as smut/lemons.
  • If writing fanfiction:
  1. Writing can be in any language the author feels comfortable writing. Although there are people that can write in English, others that do not wish to, or don’t feel comfortable, or simply don’t want to or can’t, have the opportunity and liberty to write in their language.
  2. There is no word limit as long as the fic is longer than 100 words at least.
  3. Authors can write drabbles/ficlets, one-shots, poems, and if anyone wants to do a chapter story, I’m all for it as long as the author can handle it. Just don’t stress yourselves.
  4. Please place stories under a READ MORE, if they’re longer than 100 words.
  • If drawing fanart, please write somewhere in the caption that the work belongs to you. If you watermark it, that is also good!

I don’t really have any rules for this other than do your thing and try your best. Wanna color it? Make it colorful. Wanna keep it black and white? Hey, man, aesthetic. If it is NSFW, it is up to you if you want to put it under a read more.

  • You are free to interpret the prompts however you like.

For example, if a person chooses the prompt ‘Married Couple’, they can write/draw/edit anything they want with that theme as long as it is there. Like, it could be that France and England always act like a married couple, they argue like a married couple, things like that. Living together like a married couple? Totally. Get creative, you guys can do it!

  • Whether you use our regular gay babies, nyotalia, 2p!talia, transtalia, nekotalia, other kinds of talias, so long as it’s FrUK, it is accepted!
  • Did you know you can also do edits? Yes, you can! Edits are great! If using canon artwork, state it is drawn by Hima-papa. If using outside images, please source accordingly. Sources that are not acceptable are:Zerochan, WeHeartIt, Photobucket, FanPop, and other sites like those. Provide a link to the original work if edited. If possible, ask the artists for permission.
  • I feel like this is necessary to note: Do not bash other ships. Please keep FrUK as the main focus of the prompt!


  • Use the tag #frukweek2017 so it can be easy to find.
  • Tag works accordingly, such as FrUK, nsfw, nyotalia, transtalia, etc.
  • Tag any triggers!!! Like guns, blood, and other stuff that can trigger people. If anyone has any triggers, let me know so I can add it to the list on here and so people can watch out for that while tagging.
  • Please tag with the day and prompt being used

For example, if using Day 2′s prompt, tag as #Day 2: pirate au gold, or #Day 2.

Works can also be submitted through this blog as well. If anyone has any questions, or need clarification, feel free to ask! Have fun and enjoy FrUK Week!

A little drabble

Set after chapter 27

A little fantasy I’ve been obsessing about for the past month or so, so much that I had to write it down.

Be warned, as I rarely write and English is not my native language, some sentences and word choices are bound to be a little awkward (or downright incorrect). And the rules for the use of punctuation signs differ a lot between English and French, so I probably got it wrong somewhere too. And I can’t get my software’s spell check to work in English, so there are probably typos in there as well.

Also, the story itself is a bit corny and OOC. Actually, I got carried away by my own fic and didn’t know how to end it.

For all these reasons, I’m far from 100% satisfied with it. I keep amending it a little, in the hope that I can make it better.

I’ve been lurking around the Saezuru fandom for a year, and never participated in anything. I took and never gave, not even an anon post or an intake on anyone’s theory. So now, I’m contributing with something, however small or lacking (or corny or OOC). I hope you enjoy reading it!

Doumeki burst into the room.

Kageyama and Kuga sprang apart. Clearly, Kuga had been trying to seduce a relunctant Kageyama into having sex at the clinic, as he often did – sometimes successfully. At the unexpected intrusion, Kuga shouted an angry ‘Who the -?’ and seemed ready to throw a few punches. But when the identity of the intruder was revealed, his expression actually turned pleased.


In a flash, he crossed the room to where Doumeki was frowning, looking lost and supremely oblivious to the two people in the room. His gaze swept the room twice before finally settling on them.

'Is Boss here?’ he asked with even more intensity than usual.

'What? Uh, no, haven’t seen him since yesterday.’ answered Kuga. 'Why, is playing hide and seek a new fantasy of his?’

The taller man ignored this as if he had not heard (indeed, he had not) and started to retreat, mumbling what sounded like a vague apology. Kuga, now very intrigued, grabed Doumeki’s arm, pulled him back into the room and threw him into a nearby chair, alarmed at the half-hearted way Doumeki was trying to fend him off. The more he watched him, the more he realised how dejected and anxious Doumeki was. He looked like an overgrown child who had just learned that his parents had abandoned him.

'What the hell’s wrong with you?’

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Proofreading and Editing Services

I’m offering proofreading and editing services through my blog.

I’m happy to proofread and edit anything, whether that be an academic essay, a dissertation, a story, a poem, a CV or a letter.

I have a BA (Hons) degree in history, and an A Level in English language, as well as several years of proofreading experience.

My rates as very low in comparison to companies and other freelancers, only $1 per 100 words. Payments are made securely via PayPal.

Please send me a message if you are interested in my services! 

Vaulted inside my head...

This wasn’t supposed to be smut, it really wasn’t. But apparently I couldn’t stop myself. Enjoy! As always thank you to my wonderful beta Ashley (@loveyoubeyondhope)!! Without her my stories would just not be as good.

Prompt from @bellarkepromptfills:

@thatsjustthepriceipay: “Clarke mortally embarrassed for being forced to face Bellamy just after waking up from a hot wild and sexy dream with him. Canon, please!”

Words: 1,782, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English 

  • Fandom: The 100 (TV)
  • Rating: Mature
  • Relationships: Bellamy Blake/Clarke Griffin

His hands and mouth were everywhere. It was like he wanted to leave no part of her untouched. And everywhere that his hand or his lips touched, seared her to the core.

When their lips met there was so much fire, so much pent up longing. Clarke ground her hips into him, feeling his erection so close to where she wanted it to be.

“C’mon, Clarke, you have to be patient.” Bellamy’s voice was husky as he spoke into her ear before his lips sank to her neck.

Her nails dug into his back, her head thrown back as his name spilled from her lips.

When she opened her eyes it was to see his eyes locked on hers, his signature smirk on his lips before they crashed down onto hers as his hand slipped between them.

In what seemed simultaneously like only moments and an eternity later, she was crashing over the edge. “Bellamy!”

“Clarke?” His voice pulled her from her dream.

Her eyes shot open, her face flushing more than she knew it probably had been. Not only had she just had a sex dream about Bellamy (one that had caused her to orgasm in her sleep), but now he was standing over her bed, a question in his eyes.

“I’m sorry I woke you…it’s just that I heard you call my name as I walking by so I thought…” Bellamy broke off, suddenly looking anywhere but at her.

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Some Accounts That Deserve All The Heart Eyes...

I just want to give some well-deserved shout-outs to some amazing people with amazing blogs, because they need more recognition. This is in no particular order of importance:

a) @llturner7 Bless ya, always so supportive of my stuff, and I adore your writing so much! Much love for you sweetheart <3

b) @incredibly-violent Considering English isn’t your first language, you could’ve 100% fooled me! You write beautifully and your really make Raphael come to life.

c) @wrath-and-ruin You are so sweet & such an amazing writer Jess! You’re also such a strong lady, which you don’t see often at all :).

d)  @localfatgirl PAINTING INTRICATE PICTURES WITH WORDS, you were the first person who made me feel like making this tumblr account was worth it. Thank you. 

e) @theboysinprimarycolors You just started, but I love your story “It’s Still You” Wonderful start sweets, keep up the great work! 

There’s many many more accounts that deserve shout-outs, but these are the only ones that come to mind right now. Maybe this will become a monthly thing? Who knows. Anyways, I LOVE YOUR ACCOUNTS GUYS! 

invuctis  asked:

Hi I'm interested in learning linguistics on my own to see if I really do like it enough to take classes for it and then potentially major in it but I have no idea what books would give me what I need. What I'm thinking of are books that cover the basics of linguistics, and cover the various areas of linguistics (applied, historical, anthropological, etc.) on a basic level. I know a google search would give me something, but I'd like to know what you would suggest, as a person in the field.


I really like The Study of Language by George Yule - he goes from the very beginnings (origins of language, all major subfields, lg acquisition, etc) to more complicated stuff, chapter by chapter. And it’s all written in a very accessible way. (and apparently he’s just published the 6th edition)

If you want separate books for each subfield: Lass’ Phonology or Roach’s English Phonology and Phonetics (English-specific); Haspelmath & Sims’ Understanding Morphology; Carnie’s Introduction to Syntax; Palmer’s Semantics; Mey’s Pragmatics: An Introduction.

If you want something less technical, Crystal’s You Say Potato and The Story of English in 100 Words; Peterson’s The Art of Language Invention (surprisingly enough, it’s a really good intro to Linguistics); Forsyth’s The Etymologicon.

If you want something that will speak to your soul, awaken your inner linguist and show you the meaning of life, read Pinker’s Language Instinct

Ship a rarepair with barely any content? Got an idea for a fic but don’t know how to write it? Have ocs and a story but no writing skills? Want a fun little poem to describe your ocs? Hate proofreading? 

I’ve got your remedy! 

Hi, I’m Thorne / Lucio and I’m 16 with no work experience. I need money for the school year so I’m starting commissions! I ranked 4th in my countries’ English Literacy Exams and have been writing for 6 years now! I’ll do anything from fanfiction to proofreading your essay! Check below for prices and details!

Message me privately if you’re interested!!

Prices (starting at…)

Drabbles (under 100 words) ==> 25-50 ¢

One Shot ==> $1.00 

Two Shot ==> $2.00 

Series ==> $1.50/per chapter 

Proofreading ==> 75 ¢ /per page (ask about discounts if english isn’t your first language!) 

Beta ==> 10 ¢

Poems ==> 10 ¢

**Prices may change depending on requests! 

Check under the cut for any questions you may have!

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anonymous asked:

speaking of switching from L1 to L2 I have two stories -I'm not bilingual (yet) but I'm learning Spanish and once I 100% intended to say "yes" and it came out as "sí" and I was like ...what -a few years ago a bilingual girl was doing a book report on a book where the characters occasionally spoke Spanish. She started her sentence in English, read a quote in Spanish, and then started to finish her sentence in Spanish

sometimes i forget that doch and genau aren’t english words

Writing commissions!

I am poor and need money, so I figured I would put to good use the skills I have, namely:
- creative writing in English and French
- nonfiction writing in English and French,
- translation (French to English, English to French, German to French, German to English, Latin to English, Latin to French)
- proofreading in English and French

Here are my fees:


English to French, German to French: 5€/100 words (for example, 500 words = 25€)

French to English, German to English: 5.50€/100 words (for example, 500 words = 27.5€)

Latin to English, Latin to French: 6€/100 words (for example, 500 words = 30€)

I will not accept commissions over 3,000 words.


In English: 3€/100 words (for example, 500 words = 15€)

In French: 1.5€/100 words (for example, 500 words = 7.5€)

I will not accept commissions over 5,000 words.

Nonfiction writing

I will only accept nonfiction writing commissions if all pertinent research has already been done.

In English: 12€/100 words (for example, 500 words = 60€)

In French: 10€/100 words (for example, 500 words = 50€)

I will not accept commissions over 3,500 words.

Creative writing

You can commission me for poems, short stories and fanfictions. I can write fanfics for the following fandoms: Harry Potter, Jessica Jones, Daredevil (series), Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3, Dragon Age 1 and 3, Skyrim, Discworld, Lord of the Rings (books and movie), Downton Abbey, House of Cards, Marseille (series), Gotham (series), Elementary, and Hannibal.

I am open to writing porn but you will have to provide proof that you’re 18+.


Poem: fixed fee, 25€

Short stories and fanfics: 30€ up to 1,500 words; 40€ up to 2,500 words; 50€ up to 4,000 words.

You can find samples of my writing under the tag “my writing” on my blog, and on my AO3 account, “Eitch”.

Commission me!

A thank you to translators!

Lately there have been a few issues in some fandoms that I follow about translators and generally disrespecting them and/or being rude when they ask for permission to translate people’s work.

 Most of the people who act like that are native English speakers and I think doesn’t get the importance of translators.

So a foreigner and a person who depended on translations, let me tell you the story of how I got to the position I am in currently with fandoms and as a writer.

I first ‘joined’ the hp fandom in 2001 when I were 9 years old, as a natively speaking Dane I couldn’t speak, read or understand a lick of English. I started on a site called Diagon Alley a danish site for FanFiction and community.

Alot of the stories there were translations of English stories from different sites, the thing is if the site was in English I couldn’t go on it cause I didn’t understand it. I can’t remember if these stories were labeled as translations or credited, but to me it didn’t matter I finally had more of my fandom to eat up. Which I did.

This was also what lead to me writing my first (Terrible) FanFiction about Hermione's sister, it was probably 100 words per chapter, but I lobed it. And I kept on writing.

10 years after I got my first job teaching ‘Character development and Worldbuilding.’ and while I no longer teach I still write FanFiction, and Hidden Omega my current work is over 200k long at the moment.

My point is that I would never have gotten to that place if it hadn’t been for translations and translators, my life would have been very different it wasn’t for translators.

So if you get asked for permission for your work to be translated please consider it, while English might come easily to you for the vast majority of us it really doesn’t.

And for the people disrespecting translators, that work is hard as fuck. Most languages have completely different sentence structures and some words don’t even exist in some languages. It is a hard job.

So to translators, Thank you so much for your hard work! A lot of us appreciate your work and for some of us, we wouldn’t be here without you!

- Prussia


post-gravel wars and post-comics, heavy and medic quietly retire from mercenary business, and buy a cottage in a secluded farming town in the middle of nowhere. they get a sizable chunk of land- what the hell, they can afford it- and some chickens, a goat, and ofc a huge loft for all of medic’s pigeons and doves. 

misha spends most of the days reading novels he didn’t have the time on the battlefield, re-editing his old manuscripts and typing up new ones- he predominantly writes his poetry and stories in Russian, though he’s begun slowly translating a few of the more well received ones into English. ludwig reads the Russian ones anyway, saying he prefers them, that they have the most heart in them. “Cannot even read Russian,” Misha chastises him, and Ludwig responds, “I can feel it. The soul you have put into your words, it radiates off the page, yes?” 

ludwig becomes the town doctor [“this place has a population of like 100 ppl and no one else knows shit about medicine please help us” “ok lol”], making house calls and overall sort of practicing medicine illegally, but wasnt that the case back on the battlefield, too? and they’re grateful. “more grateful than some of our old teammates, ja?” he says, having come home from sewing someone’s chest back together. Misha grunts in response, lovingly wiping the blood off his husband’s glasses. “Often too worried with bullets,” he says. 

At night, while the birds sleep in their coops and lofts, Ludwig curls into Misha’s chest, his nails gently digging into his back, breathing deeply into the crook of Misha’s neck. “I loooooove you,” he says, drawing out the syllables and flashing a crooked, sleepy grin.

In the morning, after Ludwig finishes making himself look presentable for whatever patient has called upon him[and after his doves have ruffled his hair and ruined his clothes all over again], Misha cups his face in his hand, meeting his eyes determinedly. “I love you,” he says, with a gentle sort of firmness that leaves no question of his sincerity.

its good.