the story about her mom is awesome hahaha

klcbrewr  asked:

I wanted to share this as a response to the girl asking what an appropriate response to catcallers would be. And this also goes along with the "shame on you" response. Give them a thumbs down. I read somewhere that if someone does something dumb while driving, giving them a thumbs down will give them more of a feeling of shame than if you were to give them the finger, which would mostly just provoke anger. I haven't tried this yet, but I'll be sure to post my results when I do!

YEAH! I have heard this too! (My friend told me to do it after I shared the story of a time when I was crossing the street and a car almost hit me because they ignored a stop sign, and I was about to flick off the driver, but I saw a little 8 year old girl in the front seat with her mouth dropped wide open, so I just smiled and waved like hahaha, me and your bad-driving mom are just playing a game!) ANYWAY, that’s awesome, I did not associate it with drive-by harassment, DO THIS to cars.