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100 Royai Drabbles (53)

Finally, something with Winry. I’ve been trying to work her into this for ages.

53. Sigh

This was supposed to be a special day – and it was truly beautiful – but Riza felt more out of place than ever before. She didn’t really know how she’d found herself in this room with all the other women in a town that she’d only been to a handful of times, but she’d agreed to it without even thinking and now there was no backing out. Besides, she wasn’t the one that was supposed to be nervous, but the young woman in question was beaming and practically glowing in her beautiful wedding dress.

Riza sat on the edge of a bed, smoothing out her light pink dress, and watched as the other women continued to help Winry Rockbell get ready for her wedding that was about to begin. It helped that she wasn’t the only one that felt out of place in their bridesmaid gown. Winry’s friend from Rush Valley, Paninya, tugged at the skirt of her dress, like she was worried that it wasn’t long enough, but she gritted her teeth into a smile and didn’t complain. Riza could admire the young woman for that. She wasn’t comfortable, but this wasn’t her day.

Fighting back a sigh, Riza forced her own smile onto her face. This was a wonderful day, and she was extremely happy for Winry and Edward both. She could still remember talking to Edward when he’d come to return her gun to her and how hysterical he’d reacted when she’d pointed out that he was protecting Winry because he’d loved her. Oh, how she’d smiled and laughed to herself after he’d left. The poor boy had had it bad for his childhood friend and truthfully still did. It was entirely too sweet to watch the way he was with his fiancée.

If she had thought it plain that Edward was in love with Winry then, it was obvious as hell now.

Once Winry was mostly taken care of, the rest of the women frittered around to get ready as well. There wasn’t that many of them, but the room was small, but it still managed to fit all the women. Pinako Rockbell didn’t worry too much about her appearance, instead taking the time to help the other girls. There was a girl from Resembool that Winry had known for most of her life, Paninya of course, and then Princess Mei Chang, who had come for the wedding with Alphonse. All of them wore beautiful matching dresses.

Riza’s alone was different, the same color, but with a high neckline so that her back was covered, along with most of the scar on her neck. The top part of the front was sheer with pretty designs and then a light pink material that fell to the middle of her thighs. It was a little shorter than she and Paninya would’ve liked, but the measurements had come out wrong. Winry had been upset, but Riza had promised her that it wasn’t a problem.

She almost hadn’t stopped Winry from throwing a wrench at Edward when he’d pointed out, “That’s going to have General Bastard distracted all day.”

Once again, Riza had to fight a sigh. She did not want to admit that she was nervous about Roy’s reaction to her in such a short dress, especially since she hadn’t worn a skirt this short since she was a teenager. After all, she was an adult. This was nothing. It was a simple dress on one day that Winry was to be the star of anyways. Riza was not going to sit in this room, a bundle of nerves, because of her superior officer. She did wish that Rebecca had been allowed to come in here with her, but at least she was here, even if it was as Havoc’s date. The only other woman she knew was Gracia Hughes, but the woman had stepped out to help Elicia into her flower girl dress.


Riza blinked out of her thoughts and found that Winry was looking down at her and biting her lip nervously. A soft smile found its way onto Riza’s face. “You don’t have to call me that today. Riza will do just fine.”

“Oh, yes, Riza.” Winry smiled. She looked positively radiant. Edward was going to get his socks knocked off. The young woman tittered for a moment and then sat down next to Riza on the bed. “I just… I just wanted to thank you for coming and being here. I know it startled you when I asked you to be a part of things, but… I needed you to know how important of a role you’ve played in my life.”

At first, Riza merely stared back, not sure of what to say. As Rebecca would say, Riza was not excellent at forming female bonds, though it wasn’t for lack of want. Strange as it was, even though she hadn’t been around very much for Winry, Riza could honestly say that there was something about the younger woman that had impacted her as well. Even if it was something as simple as growing her hair out, the image of the girl she’d met what felt like a lifetime ago in this very house had stuck with her throughout the years. Winry Rockbell was a spitfire, someone that you couldn’t forget. It was easy to see how Edward fell in love with her.

“Thank you for this opportunity, Winry,” Riza replied earnestly, taking the younger woman’s hands. They weren’t soft, due to the all the time she spent working on automail, but that was something Riza could understand very well. She’d lost the softness of her hands years ago during her time at the Academy. Rough, hardworking hands that were meant to hold softer ones. “That means a lot to me, honestly. I am so happy for you. Are you nervous?”

Winry laughed lightly. “Not really. I’m more nervous that Edward will panic during the ceremony. He’s not really one for public speaking, but he was determined to write his own vows. I could hear him lamenting to Alphonse all weekend over it.”

Riza thought of all the times that Edward and Roy would get into it in Roy’s office after a mission. She’d watch the dogged way the young alchemist would storm inside, everything he wanted to yell at Roy on the tip of his tongue, but when push came to shove, all the words would spill out in a flurry and he’d sputter and screech and then stomp right on back out. No game for the politics that came with being in the military. That was where he and Roy differed quite a bit.

“He loves you,” Riza pointed out. “It’s only natural that he wants to make this as special for you as possible.”

“I can only imagine how many alchemy references he’s going to make,” Winry sighed. “He proposed to me using equivalent exchange.”

Despite herself, Riza actually laughed. “Alchemists are impossible.”

When Winry grinned, it was a lot more wry than before. “You would know, wouldn’t you?”

“Hm, yes, I suppose I would.” Riza understood what the look on Winry’s face meant. But for once she wasn’t going to get all flustered about it. She did know just how ridiculous alchemists could be. Edward was bad, but he couldn’t possibly be any worse than Roy. “People sometimes get blinded by his rank, but the General is still an alchemist at heart. And an alchemist’s brain works a lot differently than ours.”

“Ed wasn’t wrong, you know,” Winry said. “General Mustang is in for the shock of his life.”

Riza hummed. “It’s not right for anyone to outshine the bride.”

Winry shook her head. “I’m not worried about that. I’ve got Ed. I know everyone keeps saying that this is my day, but I want it to be special for everyone, including you. I think you deserve as much for all that you’ve done.” She stood up and tugged to fix her dress. “Besides, it’s ridiculous to think that the General is going to pay attention to any other woman here but you.”

Letting that sink in, Winry left Riza to her own thoughts. For her part, she tried not to think about it. She wanted to focus on Winry and her big day. But in the end, it did turn out that both bride and groom were right. All the eyes in the room were on Winry and Ed – all of them except for one dark pair of eyes that focused on her with a dangerous sort of intensity that had Riza blushing almost nearly as pink as the dress she was wearing. Alchemists were an awful lot.

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Miraculous Ladybug Fullmetal Alchemist AU where Adrien and Marinette were childhood friends, Marinette gets put in the armor after they try to revive Adrien's mother, and Gabriel joins forces with Father for the return of his wife.

All I’m picturing right now is Marinette and Adrien taking Amestris by storm as the State Alchemist duo, the Ladybug Alchemist and the Shadow Cat Alchemist.

Marinette is the Ladybug Alchemist partially because the armor that Adrien attached her soul to is a dull red with black marks on it, but also because has a very specific alchemy style that involves Xingese Alkahestry and insects, and she tends to bring good fortune to those around her (didn’t really help her during the human transmutation eeeey)

And Adrien is the Shadow Cat Alchemist because of his ability to warp shadows to physical weapons (kind of like Pride in the manga), and because he’s a very sneaky child who really likes cats. He is the one sneaking cats into Marinette’s armor when he thinks she isn’t looking.

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The Sign's State Alchemist title's
  • Aries: The Incineration Alchemist
  • Taurus: The Unbreaking Alchemist
  • Gemini: The Storm Alchemist
  • Cancer: The Healing Alchemist
  • Leo: The Candlelight Alchemist
  • Virgo: The Gemstone Alchemist
  • Libra: The Reflection Alchemist
  • Scorpio: The Nightmare Alchemist
  • Sagittarius: The Lightning Alchemist
  • Capricorn: The Winter Alchemist
  • Aquarius: The Redemption Alchemist
  • Pisces: The Raindrop Alchemist