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Two for One.

So a few weeks back I sort of got a 2 for 1 deal on revenge, but to explain how I need to give a little backstory.

The first a**hole I met in college. A**hole classmate. He was in my major. He was the laziest a**hole ever. Our department was lacking students so they allowed him into the program to avoid budget cuts.

Anyone unfortunate enough to get stuck with a**hole classmate on a group project was pretty much doomed to do the whole project themselves. It was a project built for a group of people to complete in a month. Being in his group was an automatic C. He never did work, and in my case, managed to lose all of our work after taking it home to copy it. Despite contributing literally nothing, he felt entitled to put his name on the project, and display it in his portfolio.

If he wasn’t allowed to get his way, (we stopped letting him sign his name on our projects, he failed senior and junior year), he badmouthed you and threatened to call all of your future employers.

My senior year at that school I got a job in my field. It was honestly just a crappy job that was marginally better than the unpaid externships we’re expected to do. I had a crappy boss, a**hole boss. He had me do all the dumb office stuff like make him coffee, and complain that I was bad at it (I don’t drink coffee). He was the typical spoiled brat son inheriting a company from his dad. He was fond of reminding me that if he knew how to use the software and the tools I did, he could also do my job, and that he was learning how so that he could get rid of my position.

To the revenge. I’m out of school, I got a much better job offer, so I politely told him to go eat a d*ck. Of course I got fired for insubordination, but I get that sweet unemployment pay until my next job kicks in. He fired me at an inconvenient time for his company. Their biggest company is expecting prototypes from us. Four of them. No one knows how to do them aside from me. Their customer will be there in three weeks. In a panic, nice supervisor asks if I know anyone that can do job.

I check facebook, a**hole classmate is still unemployed. I tell him to apply. He thanks me profusely. Nice supervisor thanks me profusely. Asshole classmate goes to interview with asshole boss, proceeds to badmouth me. Claims he carried me the whole way in college. I check his online portfolio, my projects are on there with my watermark still on them. a**hole boss hires him.

Their customer comes in one week from today. Nothing has been done. Asshole classmate calls in sick too much. Nice supervisor calls me to tell me she is quitting because a**hole boss is taking out his anger on everyone. Asshole classmate complains that no one appreciates him. That customer has been waiting for that prototype for 3 months. He is over 70% of their current business, and is not happy with them. They will possibly go out of business because of this.

Also, I got my friend who is an attorney to send a**hole classmate a cease and desist letter to take my work off of his portfolio. I posted that letter as well as screenshots of him stealing my work on our field’s professional network. Good luck getting a job now.


Since 2011, more than 4 million Syrians have been forced from their homes in the face of the ongoing war in the country. Roughly half them are children.

Swedish photographer and twice-winner of the World Press Photo awards Magnus Wennman has been photographing Syrian refugees in refugee camps across the Middle East and on journeys across Europe as they flee a conflict that shows no signs of stopping. His photo project Where the Children Sleep captures the suffering that hundreds of thousands of children caught in bloody war have been subjected to. All the captions below are by Wennman.

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