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Imagine Jared Leto is your Friend’s hot Dad Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Hidden Proposition

I stared back at Mr. Leto in curiosity. This man is so mysterious.

“Kerri, finally!” Allegra called. She ran up to me as her curly brown locks bounced around her. We were opposites: her ringlets versus my straight brown hair, her straight up and down frame, versus my curves. I smirked, feeling bad for making her and the other wait. “You take forever up there, girl,” she shook her her head in disbelief.

“Oh hey, Dad, didn’t see you there,” she acknowledged the mystery watcher.

He nodded, “Don’t stay up too late, girls.” His smile was warm. His eyes drift to mine and he winked before disappearing into the hallway. I turned to Allegra, praying she witnessed what I just saw.

“Stop drooling, Kerri.”

My eyes widened in shock, “W-what? I don’t know what you’re talking about-”

 “Try, just for once, to not gawp at my dad?” She asked teasingly.

I rolled my eyes, “Well, I guess I can try?” I mimicked her.

She hit my arm and we laughed as we walked into the living room.

Everyone was sound asleep. My three friends lay in front of me, sprawled out among the couches and armchair with layers of blankets and sheets enveloped them. The movie was almost over. The white glow from the TV screen illuminated their faces every so often, not like I was watching it. My mind was ablaze with thoughts of Mr. Leto’s naked glory - how the water droplets clung to his bare torso haphazardly, made him glisten when the light hit him just right. And of course, how could I forget the crème de la crème moment when that towel dropped. My jaw dropped at the thought of it. Gravity is a beautiful thing.

I heard movement behind me and turned to find Mr. Leto making his way around the corner from the steps. My heart skipped a beat.

“Oh hey, Kerri.  You still up?” he asked softly. His white tee glowed in the light.

“Yeah. Someone had to finish the movie,” I coughed out a laugh, darting my eyes back to the screen, masking any trace of blushing. He doesn’t know I saw him, I mean God, I hope he doesn’t figure it out. If his smarts match his looks though, I’m doomed.

Mr. Leto glided across the living room, tidying up our empty plates and candy wrappers. Man, we’re some messy girls.

As he bent over, his shirt lifted ever so slightly, revealing his gray boxer briefs and his upper back - that nice, smooth back that I witnessed earlier. I leaned over to get a better look - I just couldn’t help myself, I wanted in on this mini peep show.

In an instant, Mr. Leto straightened up and turned to me.

I recovered quickly and leaned back in the chair. I pulled the blanket in my lap as nonchalantly as possible. That was too close.

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