the stoogies

Okay, hear me out. For season two I want an episode without Julian. For whatever reason Juluan has to be out of the tower for at least 90% of the episode. I want an episode with just the stagehands being goons, breaking something, and the panicking because Julian isn’t there to blame. Don’t ask me why, but I picture them as the French version of the three stoogies when no one’s looking and Leticia puts the fear of God into them with her massive biceps.

Pagkatapos daw umamin ni Hello Kitty na hindi talaga siya pusa. Si Jollibee umamin na rin daw na hindi siya bubuyog. Sino pa mga aamin? Na apat talaga ang member ng Three Stoogies? Hindi talaga daga si doding daga? Hindi saging si B1 at B2? Hindi talaga clown ang mascot ng Mcdonalds? Isang parol si Patrick Star at hindi star fish? Pero higit sa lahat, nag aminan na ang lahat. Hindi pa rin tapos ang Please Be Careful with my Heart.