the stoner sage

Something weird happened...

I lost my belly button ring top 3 days ago in the shower. I heard it fall and I couldn’t find it. I looked everywhere for it.

Yesterday I burned sage in the house and charged my crystals since it was such a beautiful day.

This morning I was peeing and literally right in the middle of the tub mat was my belly ring top.

It’s impossible that it was there the whole time.

We have taken showers.

It’s impossible that it was right there for 3 days.


About to wake n bake with a ginormous kief bowl out of “Poltergeist”. I fucking love this bong! This shit is smoother than Mary Jane’s freshly waxed Brazilian! Man this thing gets you way high! In the background are my two chocolope clones I got as babies from my dispensary. In the background is my collection of meditative crystals, minerals, and collectibles.