the stoner channel

okay guys be honest is there any market at ALL for a youtube series of me getting more stoned than humanly possible and singing Disney tunes? because that is something I can fuckin DO. like if I ever had a calling that is IT.

Fursona Generalizations
  • Canine: Basic af but still nice and willing to be your best friend in a heartbeat. Possibly still living in 2007 and is overemotional.
  • Feline: Easily flustered by affectionate things. Has a 50/50 chance of being a kink machine and/or fan of anime. Very territorial.
  • Reptilian: Overall very chill. Shares memes with their peers often and sins regularly. Has a shrine to Bowser from Mario. Possibly annoying without knowing.
  • Dragon: Filthy kinksters. Is either super chill or a douchebag with rare in-betweens. Also a slim chance of being a stoner to channel their inner dragon flames.
  • Bunny/Rabbit: Pure and innocent with powerful emotions. Handle with care as you would an actual rabbit. Prefers butts over boobs and may or may not be into twinks.
  • Raccoon/Red Panda: Either pure and innocent or perpetually depressed. Generally fun to be around, but have tendencies to be extremely cynical way too often. Likes chubs and is an art hoe most of the time.
  • Bear: The dad and/or mom friend. Extremely affectionate and uses :) a lot o3o of emoticons 0w0. Has a belly related fetish of some kind 9 times out of 10.
  • Insect/Arachnid: Is sad that barely anyone has a sona like them, very fun to be around either way. Commissions porn often.
  • Fox: See canine. Also has a chance of having oversaturated colored fur (though that applies to most furries, foxes are especially guilty of this).
  • Primate: See insect/arachnid.
  • Aquatic: Most likely a shark. Very cocky and snarky, but has their heart in the right place. Has a thing for mermaids/men.
  • Skunk: Mostly innocent. Has more of the tamer kinks out there and is somehow able to show resting bitch face during text chat. Their personality is a wild card, ranging from an innocent angel to the biggest asshole you'll ever meet.
  • Swine: Disgustingly positive. The dad friend who likes to talk and play video games. Most likely has security issues.
  • Bull/Minotaur: Another wild card, but mostly positive. Is basic af like canines, but doesn't admit it.
  • Sheep: Easily excitable, but mostly down to talk about anything. Generally nerdy and is smol with a slight chance of being a closet freak.
  • Hybrid: Pure, unadulterated shitposter. Has a habit of wearing jokes thin and uses "ironic" humor to mixed results. The chance of them being a sinner is decided by a coinflip, but overall very happy people.