the stone of destiny

my heart is no longer heavy from all the things I could not keep and wanted to. i learn that what is meant to be, always finds a way. it was supposed to happen like this. destiny. it was written somewhere in stone that i’d fall in love with you. without knowing from where or why. it would just happen. and then it did. and although you never learned to hold me like I needed for you too- you were honest. you could have never loved me. and i needed that. because you made room in my heart for love, because the part of me that still believes in loving a person has not died off yet. it was supposed to happen like this. i was supposed to lose you. you were not born the man i’d spend the rest of my life with, but you were born the boy who’d teach me that’s it’s possible to start over in your same home country. as it turns out, this heart is still mine even if it’s loving the wrong people.
anyways, i want to say thank you.
thank you for leaving me when you did.
thank you for leaving behind all that room for beautiful things to happen.
beautiful things have happened since then.
this new love, stronger love, is one of them.

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For the overshare, how about 52?

52. Have you ever stolen something?


The Stone of Scone (aka the Stone of Destiny) was once used in the coronation of the Kings/ Queens of Scotland (and later England).

In 1298 the stone was taken to Egland by king Edward the 1st as the spoils of war, where it remained until 1950.

On Christmas day of 1950, four Scottish students drove to Westminster Abbey to steal the stone, but it broke in half during the removal. They buried the larger half before returning to retrieve it later and taking it back to Scotland. The search for the Stone of Destiny proved unsuccessful for an entire year, kept safe in Abroath Abbey under the protection of the Church of Scotland until it was eventually discovered and sent back to Westminster Abbey in England.

However, due to the political unrest in 1996, the British Government decided that the stone would be kept in Scotland when not used in coronations, and has been kept in Edinburgh Castle alongside the Crown Jewels of Scotland since.


                                                                                              ♥  h o m e  ♥


Even if I could go back through the stones, it’s not my place. My destiny lies on Culloden Moore, but I’ll find you,  promise. Even if I have to endure 200 years of purgatory, 200 years without you, then that is my punishment for I have earned for my crimes. For I have lied, killed and stolen, betrayed and broken trust. But when I stand before God, I’ll have one thing to say to weigh against all the rest. Lord, ye gave me a rare woman, God I loved her well.


Gadu, Toa of Stone

Employed as a guard, Gadu cares not for quests of destiny and conquest. Standing guard instead with his mighty shield and staff suits him just fine.

Nameless [complete][marvel]

[read on ao3]

A gun is pointed at him before he can even move from his position, the Soldier’s metal arm steady in its aim. Clint sighs.

“Nemo,” Clint says. “It’s tattooed on your wrist, right here,” he lifts his right hand and taps his left index finger where his palm ends.

The Soldier’s eyes widen. “How do you know this?”

“I put it there.”

The story of starcrossed assassins, entwined destinies, broken friends, and meddling infinity stones. 

Characters: Clint Barton, James “Bucky” Barnes, Natasha Romanov, the rest of Avengers and connected, some OCs; Tags: Canon Divergence, Starcrossed assassins, Memory Loss, Tattoos, Healing, Recovery, Hurt/Comfort, Time Travel; Ship: WinterHawk; Warnings: Violence, Mentions of Torture.

Chapters: 24; Word count: 101k.


On Dec. 7th 2015 I was posting The Nameless One and in January I started writing it. Now, a year later, the story is complete, at a little over 100k words. This has been a long journey, filled with ups and downs, twists and events, intertwining plotlines and cliffhangers.

I haven’t been alone in this, and my gratitude goes to all those who have helped this story along, with providing a listening ear, support, cheerleading, editing and beta’ing, motivation and encouragement. I’m listing them in the order they appeared along with the story: the Cat @followthemuze, Molly @mollynoble, Hraf @hrafnsvaengr, the Catnip @catnipandjaegerpilots, the Hugglesquisher @gingerenvyfics, Tanya @midgardian-lokidottir, Kat @katsdisturbed, Tanouska @tanouska, Ames @huskiesfan-olicity-wintershock.

They are not the only ones. Many many times, the comments on the story pushed me forward, provided valuable feedback and motivation. You all know who you are, you’ve been here every chapter, been here making me feel like my days aren’t wasted. So thank you for that, to all of you.

And to everyone: thank you for reading!


TYPE: Ghost Shell Recording





[Banshee-44] You take care of that gun, Holliday.

[Holliday] Cheers, Banshee. Thanks for the hardware.

[Banshee-44] Knew you once, didn’t I? Saw you at the tower. 


[Holliday] Huh? See you at the Tower most every day, don’t I?

[Banshee-44] Nah, nah. Not the Tower. The tower. You were - aw, hell. Took your gun. Took it. 

[Holliday] My gun? You okay, Banshee?



[Banshee-44] Killed you with it. Was it you? Knew you, maybe. Did I? Killed you anyway. Don’t get to pick who’s on your side when you’re built to win. Didn’t use to, at least. 


[Holliday] And then what?


[Holliday] What happened next?

[Banshee-44] Lotta things happen. Over and over. Gotta kill to stay alive. Gotta kill to - gotta kill to win. Only way. You know what forever’s like. Do I know you from somewhere?

[Holliday] It’s me. It’s Holliday. You were telling me about the -

[Banshee-44] Not a gun you’d recognize. Nah. Only way to win is to kill. Stay alive. Last one standing. Used to be I had an army. Wait. Fought the army. All looked familiar. All looked -

[Banshee-44] Huh.

[Banshee-44] How many resets?

[Holliday] What was it? What were you fighting?

[Banshee-44] Like recognizes like. Dead things. Dead shapes. Dark reflections. I know enough to be afraid. Who ain’t afraid of themselves?

[Holliday] You mean -

[Banshee-44] What was it. Death. Nah. Maybe. Old gods. Old tower. Different tower? Doesn’t matter. Same thing everywhere. You can’t fight it. Can’t fight the world-ender without the right weapon. Told ‘em. Didn’t listen. And then what? You wanna kill forever? Just kill and kill and kill and kill and kill and -



[Holliday] Banshee. Banshee?




[Banshee-44] You take care of that gun, Holliday.

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Everyday People- Sly and the family stone
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When the revolution comes - The Last Poets
Save the Children- Marvin Gaye
My people-Erykah Badu
They Say/Shangrila ft Tay Walker- The Internet
Higher Ground- Stevie Wonder
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I wish i knew how it would feel to be free- Nina Simone
Alright- Kendrick Lamar

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It’s why a warrior doesna fear death so much. He has the hope - sometimes the certainty - that his death will matter.

Parallels in time: In 1745, facing a world without Claire and their unborn child, Jamie returns to Culloden Field to fulfill his destiny // A heartbroken Claire returns through the stones to 1948, finding history hadn’t changed at all.