the stomach one tho

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Can you do a headcannon with Evan in which the Reader is on the chubby side? THANK YOU IF YOU DO THIS!!



-firstly, Evan absolutely adores you

-he's just like

-”They’re so soft????????They’re so squish????I love them?????”

-Loves to hug and cuddle you because you're thE SofteSt pERson hEs ever Known

-hates it when you feel self-conscious

-”I don't get it, Evan, why would you like me anyway?”

-when you say things like that he is sHOOK???????


-”I, um. I know th-that you don't think t-this but, I love every part about y-you and um, yeah…? I th-think you're cute and soft and, um, yeah.”

-he’s even more shook when he finds you crying in front of mirrors

-It hurts him so much and he starts to cry too only on the inside tho lmao,jk

-”H-hey now (y/n) why d-don't we just, um chill out? We can cuddle if you want? O-only if you want t-to, it’s totally fine i-if you don’t, um but we can?”

-you accept his offer, duh

–He would never go into detail while you’re around but he loves to hold your sides

-he holds your sides when you cuddle tho, so you know he does

-and you love it

-but you won’t admit it

-and when he falls asleep he mumbles how much he loves you and your body

-When he’s feeling suPer confident (which he only is when you’re alone togeather) he’ll even go as far as to kiss your stomach only if he asks one million times to tho

-Evan is too cute to not love every part of you lmao

i love how this gif shows so many different types of people―there are those ones diligently working and writing, those ones in the back sitting down calmly, those ones that are walking away, and well, meanie. i don’t think i really have to explain what the heck meanie is doing because i don’t even know tbh.

sorry to report that the ao3 tag generator is still hilarious to me

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Kuroken When Kuroo wants attention he'll tickle Kenma's tummy so he'll put his game down but now Kenma just lies on his tummy so he can't so their nights are usually Kuroo trying to find the exact place where Kenma is ticklish to make him laugh (it's a plus that his laugh is like a song from the heavens) so he'll lose his game and Kuroo can steals and pay Kuroo attention ( he only does this on games that auto save so he doesn't have to start again BC he knows how much Kenma cares for them)

kenma’s basically done for tho when kuroo finds out that his back and spine are literally feather sensitive tho omg. 

one day kenma’s lying on his stomach on the bed so kuroo cant get to his tummy and fuck up his gaming streak, and kuroo’s like plotting a way to get his attention now since his most vulnerable place is unavailable, and so kuroo purses his lips before shoving kenma’s shirt up to his neck, and he starts kneading his shoulders and back firmly first, letting kenma relax and think he’s just getting a simple, safe massage, and once kuroo’s got kenma all pliant and trusting, he presses his palm flat between kenma’s shoulder blades to hold him down, and then he uses his other hand to drag the tips of his fingers SUPER LIGHTLY down the knobs of kenma’s spine, all the way to the dip in his lower back, and kenma makes this surprised strangled noise and shudders, violently enough that he drops his game console and fists his hands in the sheets, and when kuroo grins and walks his fingers back up his spine, kenma finally squirms and giggles and shoves his face into the sheets and kuroo smiles cause he finally got the two things he’s wanted; a) kenma’s attention and b) kenma’s laughter B)