the stomach one tho

i love how this gif shows so many different types of people―there are those ones diligently working and writing, those ones in the back sitting down calmly, those ones that are walking away, and well, meanie. i don’t think i really have to explain what the heck meanie is doing because i don’t even know tbh.

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Maybe centaurs do have more than one stomach tho? Like cows?

Well, cows don’t have multiple stomachs as much as they have multi-compartment one. Both humans and horses have simple stomachs, but I could imagine there being some sort of compartmentalization in centaurs because if we assume their stomach is located in the horse part, due to capacity, then having a very long esophagus that leads from the human mouth all the way to the horse stomach could be a bit dangerous. Like, imagine when you accidentally swallow something you shouldn’t have (like a big chunk of something) and instead of it getting stuck in your throat, it’d get stuck somewhere along your hips. That wouldn’t come back out easily. So I imagine there would be some valves along the way at least…  


(I may need to ask some scientists about this.) 

sorry to report that the ao3 tag generator is still hilarious to me