the stohn

You know when you get into a fandom and you look at two characters and you think ‘I wonder if they’re a ship’. Then you look it up out of pure curiosity and find out it is a ship. That’s how you start shipping it and you don’t realize what you’ve just done. As you fall farther and farther down the pit you just dug yourself and then you realize ‘What the fuck did I just do?’

You know when you start shipping something as a joke because you can? Then you realize it’s an actual ship… Sometimes a popular one. Then realize you started ACTUALLY shipping it. And next thing you know you realize how deep into hell you’ve gone. And the realization that there’s no turning back and you’re stuck. Yeah… That feeling sucks… But at the same time it’s amazing and you don’t know why!

If in Generation One by some miracle Frey throws in a “Marina and I aren’t together but are still good friends and now I’m dating Nine” scene said by John then I will forgive Frey for every stupid mistake he’s ever made throughout this amazing, error-filled series of torture

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the fact that John and Nine complete each other?? Like, John was so uptight when he first met Nine, but Nine taught him how to have more fun and then Nine was so crazy but John taught him to be more serious at times and idk, I just think about that a lot