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I can not express how happy you all have made me. Chapter 19 of “The Ultimate Wingman” was the most important chapter to me for this whole fic and I’m so happy you all have received it well! The image above are the emails I get when you all comment and these were just for this one chapter!

I’m so happy you are all enjoying it and I hope you stick around for the last 6 chapters (ends at 25). THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!!


These pictures always make me happy, because they remind me of the progress I have made, and how much healthier I am than before. I need to stop stressing about gaining a pound or two and focus on staying healthy and sticking to a regular exercise routine. I had lost 25 pounds or so when this was taken. I need to love myself and stop seeing faulure. mattjosephdiaz are you proud? :)