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Guess Who’s Back

Me. It’s me. 

I’m finally back. I’m really sorry for the long hiatus friends - I’ve been extremely sick for a while (and in the hospital), and for the past week and a half I’ve been working 14hr days to catch up with my work. 

I promise I haven’t abandoned you (like everyone seems to be speculating) and I never would. I’m not ‘procrastinating’ either. I’m also sorry if it’s been ‘annoying’ that I haven’t posted. I’m trying my best, I swear. 

((I’ve had a lot of chapter 25 finished for a while now, but haven’t posted it because I’ve been getting messages this last month telling me that I should just not post chapters if they’re ‘too short’?))


I’m planning to get chapter 25 out either Thursday or Friday, and then we’ll be back to a normal schedule. I should be able to get you a preview tomorrow as well. (I’m hoping there’s still some interest in YCPfE.)

I will also do my best to catch up with messages and everything else. Thanks for sticking with me. ❤️💕 

potdreads  asked:

is that wicket master patch for sale or is rhat a thing of the past............

hi!!!! they should be on sale by next week! i’m making them now :))) only 25 will be available so stick around for updates!!!


[MESSAGE] SEVENTEEN Japan official site open!!

People You May Know (Part 21)

Girl Meets World Fanfiction

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AU: She’s his tutor. He’s the star player of the lacrosse team and the most popular guy in school. They live in polar opposite worlds, but not in ones you might be used to with this kind of story. Riley Matthews has perfect parents who love one another unconditionally. She has a 4.5 GPA, is expecting to get accepted into an elite writing program for high school students at NYU this summer, and has friends who support her in every way possible. Lucas Friar lives in a world of secrets and lies. His parents are in the middle of a brutal divorce, his dad’s company is going bankrupt, he’s failing 11th Grade English, and his girlfriend is cheating on him with someone he cares about. When their worlds intersect, their lives are changed in ways they didn’t think were possible.

Summary: Riley finds herself in a dire situation. Lucas shows her friends and family how much he cares about Riley. Riley and Lucas figure out what they need to do in order to cope with everything that has happened these past few months. 

Note: 4 more parts guys!! I’m ending on 25. Thanks for sticking with me and this story for so long. <3

Chapter 21: Learning to Fly


Growing up, I was never one to romanticize what it was like to fly like the rest of the children my age. Whenever my parents took me to the park, I would see girls and boys pretending to be super heroes, wearing their makeshift capes made of towels or blankets, jumping off benches or tall rocks, imagining that they were suspended in the air for longer than just a millisecond. But that kind of thing never interested me. I always liked having my feet planted firmly on the ground. I liked being able to look up at the clouds and dream about what it would be like to touch them, instead of actually doing it. The appeal was in the dream for me, not the reality. 

And because I never grasped the idea of flying, the thought of falling was even more of a foreign concept. Falling never even crossed my mind. What it would be like to feel your stomach drop as you made that fatal descent to the ground. To feel the wind in your hair and your clothes like it was shooting right through you. Those were feelings that I didn’t think were possible.

So regardless of how I felt about flying, I could tell you, without a doubt, that I would choose it over falling in a heartbeat.

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gardenwittch  asked:

can you recommend some good multi chapter exr fics?

oh my god ok WELCOME TO MY CHAMBER. There are so many fantastic fics to recommend, I don’t know how many recommendations you want so I’ll stick to 25 I have edited this number many times bc I trawled through my bookmarks finding too many good fics. This list is in no way comprehensive, I’m sure there are many awesome fics that I just haven’t discovered yet :)

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These pictures always make me happy, because they remind me of the progress I have made, and how much healthier I am than before. I need to stop stressing about gaining a pound or two and focus on staying healthy and sticking to a regular exercise routine. I had lost 25 pounds or so when this was taken. I need to love myself and stop seeing faulure. mattjosephdiaz are you proud? :)