the steel trap


Overwatch Cosplay Junkrat Steel Trap Poseable Puppet

Now Available on my Etsy!

A perfect accessory for all you Junkers out there! This hand-held puppet is ready to snap up your enemies, or crack a terrible joke! Can lay wide open flat like the trap it is, or be left in a face-like position, as seen in photos. Pressing down on the pedal will make the “lower jaw” swing up and down for ‘talking’ and 'snapping’ action! 

This cosplay prop is hand made to-order, so please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping. Lightweight resins and even lighter foam for soft and light fun! Not intended for children.

Limited Edition of 25! First come, first served.


  • Oh boy she freaks out, she’s running around trying to find out what happened/ why they’re upset. 
  • she keeps zooming in and out of the room with various items to try and cheer them up. She’s brought hot chocolate, wrapped them in a blanket, and brought in items they know S/O enjoys
  • When none of that works she practically tackles S/O in a hug, and she refuses to let go until they feel better
  • “It’s okay love. I’m here for you whatever it is.”


  • Honestly he’s not the best at dealing with crying people, he just doesn’t know how to react. What he does know is that he doesn’t like seeing S/O upset no matter what
  • He would bring out his steel trap and do his little puppet routine with it, he juggles his bombs, he tries everything to get a smile on his S/O’s face (His emotes)
  • When that doesn’t work he runs off as fast as he can to ask Roadhog for help
  • Seeing him leave makes S/O more upset till he comes running back into the room and hugs them. 
  • He lets them cry on his shoulder, while reassuring them that he’s there and everything’s okay

Overwatch Junkrat inspired Steel Trap Necklace

Now Available on my Etsy! $25 ea.

The perfect necklace to show off your Junker Pride! Whether you’re a Junkrat main, or just love Overwatch, this Steel Trap inspired fanart pendant is also a great gift for the explosives expert in your life!

Pendant: 2" x 1.75"
Chain: 18"

Cast resin, available in silver or gold powder finish, with adjustable chain to complete your look! A nice compliment for your cosplay, or casual wear.

Since these items are hand-made to order, please allow 1-2 weeks before shipping. TA!

More German Junkrat Lines (I tried to write some of them down while playing):

“You won’t get rid off me that easily” (after respawning)
“Now we know who’s really wearing the pants here” (After killing an enemy Roadhog)
“I give it a ten!”
“Oooi, quite decent.”
“Evil enemies get a little bomb… or two… OR THREE.”
“With best wishes~”
“And it made BOOM~” (saying it in the melody of a German song from the 80s “and it made zoom~”(Klaus Lage - 1000 und eine Nacht))
“So many enemies waiting to be blown up, I can barely hold myself back!”
“This is my point! MINE! … or do you want a piece of it too?”
“This could turn out well.” (After placing steel trap)
“Farewell, my darling.” (After placing steel trap)
“Time for a tire change!” (When ult is ready)
“I’ve prepared something.” (After placing concussion mine)
“Healing. HEALING. HEALING!!!” (calling out for healing)
“Full throttle!” (when Mercy boosts)
“Made a blunder, eh?” (when someone stepped into steel trap)
“Free home delivery!” (when shooting at someone(?))
“I’ve lived through worse things.” (after respawning)
“I’m simply a late starter.(bomb reference)” (after respawning)
“One head, one Arm, one leg. Everything still there.”
“I’m surrounded by lunatics and freaks… WONDERFUL!”

terezi cornering dave in the hallway and smirking like careful dave karkat’s cuteness might seem harmless but honestly it is a steel toothed trap that once sprung might be impossible to escape you better watch out

vriska constantly “accidentally” walking in on wherever they’re hanging out trying to catch them in the act, not even sure what act, just AN act, for god’s sake give us a fucking clue

kanaya watching them give each other merciless shit one day and act like best friends the next and overhearing dave talking karkat down from some vriska-induced rage or another and wanting to meddle SO BAD but having no idea HOW where do you even BEGIN with this karkat what are you doing

and all rose has to do is raise her eyebrows slightly and dave heats up like a furnace


Light is decent at singing- not incredible, but still pleasant. However, his memory is like a steel trap. He rarely sings in front of others, but will correct their lyrics in a heartbeat. L on the other hand has a habit of singing in the shower, and is incredibly good. Literally- near angelic. Light complains to him about his “ear-splitting voice”, but secretly loves it and starts to look forward to being able to hear L sing. L of course sees this and so makes an effort to sing more “accidentally”. He asks Light subtly what music he likes, and a few weeks later, a cover can be heard from the bathroom. Light appreciates this tremendously and starts “misplacing” lists of his favorite songs. Essentially, two lovestruck idiots that are subtly not subtle.


Borderlands Appreciation Month → [BL1] Day 2: Favorite NPC

“The contents of the Vault are rightfully the property of the Atlas Corporation. But you?
You belong to me.“

kelzthalassunwhisper  asked:

Cielya meets the almighty Kelzygosa! Setting: Borean Tundra. - and she's in her dragon form :3 have at it Zookeeper! Treat her like a zoo study if you like!

Cielya sat on a large rock near her campsite. Her journal was beside her, with pieces of paper scraps sticking out in a bookmarking fashion. Her focus at the moment was that of the Marsh Caribou. The stags and does quietly grazed on the tundra’s dried grass. She heard of reports of game hunters in the area so she kept an watchful eye out for any steel traps that might have been laid down for them. 

Occasionally she heard the gurgling warbles from the Grolocs as they scavenged around the mushy water pools. In the distance, she could make out the fuzzy outline of the Tuskarr fishing village Relatively everything was quiet. 

That was until an arrival of an odd creature. Well odd in the terms of what it was exactly doing there, Cielya wondered. The large blue dragon, seemed quiet far off from its supposed habitat.  

“Oh!” she exclaimed standing up and reaching for her journal. “I haven’t seen a blue dragon this south from Coldarra. I mean sure the protos are indigenous to the Storm Peaks, but still I wonder, what brings you out here?” she asked cautiously making way forward. 


I suppose now would be a good time to reveal that i have a memory like whatever the opposite of a steel trap is. 

A hole made of cottage cheese?

It’s selfish to want them both, Percy tells himself, in the thin hours of morning when he can’t sleep and sits at his work-table, taking his gun apart over and over as if he’s looking for secrets in its metal guts. It’s selfish, and it’s wrong, and they’re twins – tall and identical and perfect, all dark elegance and long, silky hair and a razor’s-edge of something feral and hungry and angry just beneath the surface.

He’s always liked sharp things, hungry things, things with teeth – and the twins are sharp all over, lined with teeth, in their own unique ways. He wants to stick his hand into the steel trap of their souls, just to see what it would feel like when they slammed shut around his wrist, what it would be like to be caught there. Trapped. A wild animal wounded by the bladed edges and honed points of their love, bleeding out in their arms.

The smoke curls around the soft insides of his chest, an over-affectionate cat, crawls up his throat until it chokes him, and he digs a thumbnail into the soft meat of his palm until it bleeds. Another mark to add to his collection. It’s selfish, and it’s wrong, and he knows that him and his guns and his smoke are bad news of the worst kind. They don’t need that in their lives, don’t want that in their lives – don’t deserve that in their lives. Don’t deserve him.

But, by god, does he want them both.
Imperfect Timing - Azurai - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
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In which Coulson’s brain operates like a) a steel trap (sometimes) and b) a Swiss stopwatch (always), Clint is kind of messed up, and learning to get along from Day One is an exercise in cautious affection.

Origin story. May not be entirely MCU compliant, and definitely takes a running jump away from comicsverse, but hopefully enjoyable nevertheless. Written as a gift.