the stealer of souls

Soul Stealer || kth


Pairing: V X READER

Excerpt: ‘There was no stealer, just a photographer who was beginning to look amused by the situation, a wide grin spreading across his face that seemed to showcase all of his teeth.’

Genre: fluff, mystery, magic!au

Length: 1.2k

A/N: this is a very weird au but i kinda like it?? also this is much more descriptive than usual so tell me what you think.

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There was something wrong and you knew from the moment you stepped foot in the walled gardens that there was a stealer nearby, it was the way the hairs on your arms raised and quickly you had tucked your hair behind both ears so you would be able to hear their approach. The knife in your hand was heavy, opal edge that glowed a milky orange in the sunset of the night.

This stealer was different, you were used to their movements being erratic, unpredictable and yet you were certain this one was pacing back and forth behind the old apple tree, the bark of which was gnarled with age. You had hunted stealers for as long as you could remember, a tradition passed down from your father and his father before him, to rid the world of the creatures that lurked in the darkness, taking a variety of forms to perform one task, stealing souls.

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halloween masterlist

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trick or treat my ghoulish friends

i hope you enjoy my project that no one asked for and have a good october ( and halloween! )

the trick or treat categories have been mixed so pick wisely ;)

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“ (◡‿◡✿)”
I’m a thief, a stealer of souls, do you really want me to go out dressed like this?”
“..I’ll go put my shoes on.”

long story short, this is all @marshalpizza‘s fault, i have no other explanation 

can anybody please tell marik to give a chop to that cauliflower hair of his pls..

Kiss the Devil (Part 13)

Ricky Horror x Reader

Warnings: Language, violence, mention of rape

You run your fingers down your guitar strings, chewing your lip as you concentrate on the music.

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Yokai: Yaotome

I’m beginning to suspect that this particular yokai is a Crested Ibis rather than a crane. The slightly curved beak, pure white coloration, and the red face is a dead ringer for the bird. Sadly, they’re a rare sight in the wild. Ok, I gathered some unreliable, but interesting sources about this Yokai. Other than being a humanoid bird in Miko garb(complete with kagura Suzu bells) and appearing uninvited to festival dances performed by shrine maidens, she can steal souls! 

From this point forward is my interpretation: Although a monstrous bird at first glance, this mysterious Yokai in Shrine Maiden attire brings great blessings upon those who see her. She will show up uninvited to summer festivals dancing alongside a procession of shrine maidens. It is advised not to be startled by her abrupt appearance and continue the celebrations as normal. Spectators must exercise caution in keeping their mouths shut, for it is said, the Yaotome can extract souls through the maws of bedazzled audiences. Keeping one’s mouth closed can be difficult since its performance are said to be ethereal, other-worldly, and jaw-dropping. Once the procession is over she simply disappears along with the souls that she collected.

Kiss the Devil (Part 11)

Warnings: Language

A/N: I’m just going to leave this free content right here. 

(Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5, Part 6​, ​Part 7​ , ​Part 8​, ​Part 9 ​Part 10)

Maybe this had been a mistake.

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The signs trying to hide their crush

Aries: play fights w/ them and plays rough. treats them like a “brother” or a “sister” to make it look like they don’t like them & ofc when someone asks them if they like em they say “ew no! what the hell ;-)”
Taurus:  tries their hardest not to stare at them, tries to act CASUAL AF & is actually pretty good at it // their crush will go unsuspected until they accidently talk about them waaaay too loud 
Gemini: won’t stop talking about their crush but everything they say about them is probs making fun of them // tbh geminis are pretty fkn bad at hiding their crushes due to the fact that they ALWAYS TALK ABOUT THEM
Cancer: tries not to stare, every time someone brings up their crush they pretend they ain’t listening though they are peepin’ in on EVERY WORD // their crush will probably go unsuspected because they’ll probably NEVER MAKE A MOVE ;-)
Leo: can’t hide it mainly bc they don’t want to. will be rlly sly and try to always be in the same room as their crush & show off for them // they’ll probably end up being found out & will most likely end up w/ their crush bc leos are so irresistibly charming ;-)
Virgo: will try not to stare but will SUCK at it & their will inevitably be suspicion about their crush // but if someone asks and they say no they’ll probably be believed bc idk, they look innocent right?
Libra: libras are lil cutesies so they won’t be great at hiding a crush, they’ll probably be caught blushing and smiling & doing all kinds of cute things so even though everyone will probably know they’ll all think it’s cuuute :-)
Scorpio: might try to avoid the obvious world renowned giveaways like staring and touching their crush but when they stare they will steal the soul of their crush and hold them hostage within their heart soooo.. everyone will realise when they see scorpio being a soul stealer again ;-)
Sagittarius: sagittarius is SO good at hiding a crush, they could literally like someone for 3 years and not have been suspected AT ALL, they just act so cool & calm so when they’re trying to hide it, nobody would even think twice ;-)
Capricorn: capricorns are also good af at hiding their crush, they just look completely uninterested in the person and even if they did stare, it wouldn’t even slip anyone’s mind that it was bc they had love-heart eyessss :-)
Aquarius: aquarius’ seem like the kinda babes to be cool af with hiding a crush, but even though it’s never a dead giveaway, there’s always that suspicious staring and oddly friendly behaviour to be noticed ;-)
Pisces: pisces SUCK CRAP and hiding a crush and most of the time, they won’t even try, or if they do they’ll just give up bc everyone would have basically worked out on their own that pisces was down for the diggity w/ someone ;-)


Can’t believe you made so many hours on the train so beautiful and funny.