the steakhouse

When you must abstain from red meats for the time being because of your gout but the new Outback Steakhouse across from the Palais de Justice is having a 25% OFF SALE for BISHOPS AND ARCHDEACONS

Fic idea: Somebody who absolutely should not have touched the stove touched the stove, and now the entire kitchen is destroyed and has to be repaired.

In the meantime, the IPRE crew is forced to find other places to eat, and are collectively horrified to discover that the twins’ quality cooking has turned them into food snobs. The quest to find a decent meal grows increasingly desperate.

They try a steakhouse, and Magnus isn’t sure the steak is even beef because beef doesn’t usually bounce like that. Lucretia asked for macarons at the little bakery and was presented with macaroons - no one has any idea what she’s talking about when she explains the difference. Merle would kill for one actual fresh vegetable, just one. Davenport caves and decides to take the crew to the fanciest restaurant in the area, but the choice of wine paired with the meal is atrocious and he gives up. Barry tries to find the hole-in-the-wall local places on Lup’s advice, but all he finds is disappointment.

In show of supreme irony, the twins will eat practically anything. The food sucks, sure, but they’ll eat it. They are used to eating food that’s not as good as theirs, they have learned the art of eating to survive. They tell the crew to suck it up and the crew looks on in nauseated horror as they down every atrocious meal with relish.

venus sign dates

aries: japanese steakhouse or bowling alley
taurus: italian dinner or wine tasting
gemini: carnival or road trip to somewhere new
cancer: movies or diner
leo: beach or expensive dinner
virgo:arcade or exploring a town
libra: concert or sports game
scorpio: small café or netflix
sagittarius: cultural museum or dance party
capricorn: thrift shopping or camping
aquarius: zoo or trip to local landmark
pisces: stargazing or romantic restaurant w view

Moonsun highlights of vapp 17.07.18 include:  

Solar bragging about her hanging out with Byul on their one day off after 3 WEEKS OF COMEBACK and going to an expensive steakhouse called VIPS  

Solar talking about how she missed going to noraebang and was trying to get Moonbyul to go with her by singing various songs including Justin Bieber and Adele 

Solar then concluding with Worthless and asking if Moonbyul was watching and listening and exclaiming that she was finally doing a duet with her 

She literally referred to her hanging out with Moonbyul yesterday as a DATE AND THEN PROCEEDED TO GRIN AND GIGGLE ADORABLY