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[ 4/29/17 ] 💦

Guys we hit 3k followers yesterday! Thank you all so much for supporting me and pushing me to make content 💕

Here’s a MASSIVE sticker haul! My mom surprised me today with all these Japanese stickers and I’m so happy!



I checked out the Asian food market near my house yesterday looking for ingredients to make okonomiyaki, and I found baymax sticky notes and these cute ghibi film washi tapes. They were reasonably priced so I grabbed them <3

Welcome folks! 📚

Here you have some ideas for journal entries / bullet journal / lists :

1. Favorite songs though every phase of your life

2. A quote that you would hang in the walls of your own home.

3. Describe your personal style.

4. Some things that you learned in high school and you will remember your whole life.

5. A list of things that makes you really happy.

6. Things that you want to accomplish in the future.

7. List of TV shows that you currently watch.

8. Users in tumblr that inspire you.

9. Love quotes that mean the world to you.

10. Books that made you learn something important.

11. List of people you would actually thank.

12. Songs that you would play for cheer you up.

13. Animes that you want to watch.

14. Your fashion icons.

15. List of things you want to do before turning certain age.

16. Things that you would like to receive as a birthday present.

17. What means every single colour for you.

18. Things you would like to buy for each friend of yours.

19. List of websites that would be useful in your future.

20. Places that you want to visit (near you).

Hope you like it, I make it kind of different and any question or idea for another post just message me or ask.

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1.11.17 | 11:54 AM

“They say that the best blaze burns brightest when circumstances are at their worst.” -Howl’s Moving Castle

I chose this quote for the “full year calender” because I wanted to remind myself that if things get down to the hardest to cope with situation, I can make it through. (look at the cute lil Calcifer I drew in there ♡)


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