the stationery studio

36/100 | Saturday 19 December 2015

  • Sorted out what I’m going to focus on during the study break.
  • I still have to work, so I need to refresh MySQL syntax for one of our offline projects.
  • Did some Japanese.
  • Watched Whisper of the Heart for inspiration. It’s a Studio Ghibli film and is a must-watch for study inspo and finding what (and who) you love. Cheesy but cute, Japanese but with subtitles.
  • Received a certificate and letter in the mail about being in the 1%. Now for the additional pressure of keeping it up.
  • Treadmill at night.

02.03.2016 I needed some inspiration, and I wanted to give a little bit of life to my desk because it was so white. So I decided to print some beautiful thinks that I found on Internet.

I would like to share with you my pinterest board, where I have pined all this images. Let me know if you use them and I you like them.

P. S: some of the images are in Spanish but the others are in English