the static sea

There’s a channel no one talks about, but everyone knows exists. No one looks for it, and yet everyone’s stumbled upon it at least once.

In a sea of static, all you hear is names. An almost robotic voice drones on methodically. Something about it shakes you to the bone. You feel like you aren’t supposed to hear these names, but you can’t turn the station.

You’re transfixed, mesmerized. Then, you hear your own name. Whatever spell was on you is broken and you change the channel as fast as you can. You’re shaking. You feel disturbed for reasons you can never properly articulate.

The radio never feels the same afterwards. Every time you move through stations, there’s a sense of fear. You’re terrified of stumbling upon that channel again.

No one who’s looked for it ever finds it. It doesn’t want to be found if it knows people are looking. Until they hear it themselves, some people think it’s just a legend. A ghost story.

You wish it was just a ghost story.


Jimmy and Brandon performed some acoustic versions of their songs and put them on the online.