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• The Kings Of Summer
• Blue Valentine
• Big Fish
• Kick-Ass 1&2
• Scott Pilgrim Vs the World
• Youth In Revolt
• Palo Alto
• Adult World
• Two Night Stand
• The First Time
• The Theory Of Everything
• All The Wilderness
• Love, Rosie
• What If
•The royal Tenenbaums
• Moonrise kingdom
• The Darjeeling limited
• The life aquatic with steve zissou
• Rushmore
• Bottle rocket
• Stuck in love
• Submarine
• The squid and the whale
• The kids are all right
• Up in the air
• Toast
• Grand Budapest hotel
• Greenburg
• The Spectacular Now
• Ruby Sparks
• Now is Good
• Little Miss Sunshine
• Inside Llewyn Davis
• The Art Of Getting By
• The Descendants
• It’s kind of a funny story
• (500) Days of summer
• Nowhere Boy
• Grand Budapest Hotel
• Art School Confidential
• Away We Go
• beginners
• Her
• Once
• Drive
• Elysium
• A place beyond the pines
• Let me in / let the right one in
• The aviator
• What’s eating Gilbert grape
• Seeking a friend for the end of the world
• Zombie land
• Adventureland
• Age of Adeline
• Mr.Nobody
• Staten Island Summer
• Yours Mine And Ours
• The Way Way Back

• Joy • Pan’s Labrynth

The Vanderbilt Tomb - Staten Island

Built between 1885 and 1886, this stately mausoleum was designed in the Romanesque style by architect Richard Morris Hunt and was commissioned by William Vanderbilt, son of Cornelius, the man known at one time as one of the richest men in America.  The Vanderbilts donated several acres of land to the Moravian Cemetery where the tomb was constructed and it holds only eight of the Vanderbilt family members despite being three stories tall and taking up quite a bit of space.

Although it is not currently open to the public, being situated upon private property off the public cemetery, several people have managed to experiment with the curious legends that surround the tomb.  As the tales go, if one is to take a picture in front of the mausoleum, whomever was meant to be in the photo will mysteriously vanish from it after it is developed.  Not only this, but sometimes people appear in the photograph who were never present.

Other ghostly tales include the story of a woman who was fatally killed in an accident on the property whose spirit wanders around as a vague light.  Some have even made the assertion that they have been chased away from the property by a man in a suit that they assume had to have been Cornelius Vanderbilt himself as he seems to vanish into thin air without notice.

Looking up the tracks of the Staten island Railway towards the Grant City Station.