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Mutant-friendly bars were hard to come by. So when you found one in the middle of New York, you had to check it out.

However, before you even finished with your first drink, a man decides to sit next to you. “So what brings you here, Chere?” he asked in a charming Cajun accent.

“Drinks and good service. You?” you asked.

“Having a guys’ night out with a couple of my teammates. Some kinda bonding thing,” he replied. “My name’s Remy. And yours?”

You told Remy your name.

A second handsome man walked over. He had strange red sunglasses on. “This was supposed to be a way for us, Logan, and Hank to get to be a better team,” he stated. He then noticed you and raised an eyebrow. “No matter how pretty the ladies you find are,” he added. He gave a nod of greeting to you. “Scott Summers, by the way. Sorry about Gambit. He can’t help himself sometimes.”

You gave Scott a polite smile and shook his hand. “No worries,” you told him. “You and him are probably the most charming men I’ve met in a bar.”

“Speaking of men who aren’t charming,” Remy commented, as the other two men of their group walked over. The shorter of the two led the pair, and the taller one seemed to have blue fur and seemed a bit shy.

“Hello. I take it you’re Logan and Hank?” you asked. You didn’t pay much mind to the blue fur. You were a mutant, too, after all. “Sorry I’m keeping you guys from spending your quality guy time together.”

“It wasn’t very quality to begin with,” Logan commented.

“These three never get along. That’s why I’m here, to make sure there’s no property damage,” Hank commented. “And you would be correct. I’m Hank, he goes by Logan.”

“Well, if it isn’t Xavier’s kids,” a sneer came from the doorway. The group of guys around you turned to look who it was.

“Looks like they’re ganging up on a poor girl,” the most feral of the newcomers commented.

The man with white hair rushed over to you. He moved faster than you could see. “Why don’t you ditch these losers and hang with us?” he asked.

“Why don’t you fuck off before someone gets hurt?” Logan suggested.

“Hey, it’s not finder’s keepers when it comes to flirting,” the last of the new group stated, playing with a lighter in his hands. “Let the pretty girl decide if she wants us to fuck off or not.”

“Pyro, Magneto, Sabretooth, and I’m Quicksilver,” the super-speedster introduced his group.

You had to take a moment. Did you seriously have eight guys flirting with you? “Uh, Remy and Scott kinda won me over here,” you stated.

“You heard her. Scram,” Logan told the other group. Sabretooth seemed to growl at Logan, before being scolded by Magneto.

“Enough,” he told his companion. Magneto handed you a folded slip of paper. “We would be glad to have you when you realize Xavier’s views are too idealistic.” He then turned and left, his three companions following him.

“Well, I need a drink after that,” Remy said, flagging down the bartender. “I’ll have a scotch, and give her another of what she was drinking.”

EXO Reaction when they want to take a picture together with their child but their child refuses

Me 99% of the times. Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Being creative* “Guess we’ll have to play something… and let mom take the picture without baby realizing”


*A little heart broken*


“Oh no pic? But I was going to give you of my ice cream after it…. how sad..” *Knows his son pretty well*


*Papa is really sad* “My little girl… I thought she had the picture thing in her blood… I guess I’ll have to teach her” *Is a picture maniac xD*


“Guess I’ll have to bring the chocolates to convince my little one…” *Choco always works*


*A little embarrassed* “It’s okay baby… we’ll do it in another time… I’ll make sure of that…”


“Dad is so sad now…..” *Who’s the child, again?*


*Pouting the whole day**


*Letting his sadness go with milk shots xD*


*Trying so hard to convince his little baby* “Please??  I want a new screen-paper for my phone… say yes? Baby please?” 


“This unicorn is so sad because his baby doesn’t want to take a picture with him… unicorn is feeling so lonely” *Who would say no, after that*


*All he has to do is wait a few minutes, give his son a kiss and take the pic xD* “There! See? It wasn’t that hard”

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Fic request for anon

An anon wanted a RichJake fanfic with with “Jake calming rich from some kind of panic/breakdown because hes scared how people will feel about him being so different from when he was controlled by the SQUIP”

So here it is :00

Title: Through The Door

Words: 1339

Fandoms: Be More Chill

Pairings: Richard Goranski/Jake Dillinger

Characters: Richard Goranski, Jake Dillinger

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How does one go about keeping net neutrality in place? And why exactly is this a thing that needs to be done?

This question is terrific because it hits right at the heart of the problem, which is that nothing needs to be done to keep net neutrality rules in place. Most people really like net neutrality when you poll them about it — even the cable company lobbying group has released polling that shows that. So right now net neutrality is the law, and to undo it, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has to show “substantial proof” that the market for internet access has changed enough to justify a change — otherwise he’ll lose a court battle. So he’s spending millions of dollars trying to develop that proof, and he’ll spend millions more fighting the inevitable lawsuit. All to change a law most people like!

Really all the government has to do to protect net neutrality is leave well enough alone. Which, you might note, is generally a conservative policy strategy.

As for why’d you want to keep net neutrality rules in place instead of spending a bunch of money and time in court to change them, well, there are a few reasons: first, it’s better for everyone if rules and regulations stay the same over time, so companies can plan and innovate around them. Second, I do think it’s important that we think about internet access as a utility to which all Americans need access, which is an important conceptual part of the current net neutrality framework. The digital divide is very real: there are real kids in America today who can’t get access to educational materials because of strict data caps and real people who can’t gain new skills or apply for new kinds of jobs because they don’t have broadband access.

Since I write about consumer tech products, I think the most important reason to keep net neutrality laws on the books is that they prevents internet service providers from screwing with the apps and services that we all rely on every day.

I just wrote a whole essay and video about this, but the main thing is that over half of Americans only have one choice of broadband provider, and 89 percent of Americans only have two choices. That lack of competition means ISPs have a lot of incentives and wiggle room to screw you over, because you can’t run to a competitor. Net neutrality rules recognize that lack of competition and make it illegal to mess with your connection.

The internet is one of the few level playing grounds left in the United States. It let startups like Netflix and Amazon compete with Blockbuster and Walmart and become giants all on their own. Take away net neutrality, and the only companies that will survive will be the ones that can afford the inevitable taxes the ISPs will throw up — taxes they’ve already tried to throw up in various shady ways.

This day of action is symbolically necessary because the FCC majority has stated their intent to get rid of net neutrality as we know it.

In 2015, the FCC adopted strong net neutrality rules aimed at putting you in the driver’s seat when it comes to choosing what legal content to access online. Not your broadband provider – you. We did this by using Title II of the Communications Act, the only authority that courts have said is sufficient to protect net neutrality, to adopt rules prohibiting blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization of internet content. Let me say that again in simpler terms: The court upheld the FCC’s net neutrality rules. We are currently operating under the strongest legal framework that will ensure and preserve a fast, fair and open Internet.

Now the new FCC majority wants to get rid of Title II authority for broadband, which means getting rid of net neutrality rules and the only source of authority that the courts have found to be sufficient and legally sustainable. We need to remind them of what the court ruled. We need to make them think twice about going forward with a plan that the court has twice ruled against. So file your comment, call your federal Representative and Senators and tell them what you think and remind them of what the court has upheld. While you may be one voice, together we are a powerful chorus.

Net neutrality has been one of the guiding principles of the Internet since it was created. It’s what makes it possible for startups to challenge established players, and for disruptive technologies to change how we pay for things, communicate with each other, share stuff, etc. Without net neutrality, the Internet would be more centralized and far less dynamic. Internet service providers like Comcast and Verizon have the technical means to interfere with this whole dynamic by slowing down or blocking websites and charging small players special fees to compete with big players. They realize how valuable it is to have an open, fair playing field on the Internet and they want to use their gatekeeper position to make more money. If this happens, cable companies would get to choose what you can see and do on online, and the Internet will start to feel more like cable television.

Unsung Heroes

Summary: You recount how the Winchesters became heroes to you and the world, and how you learned to believe again.

Characters/Relationships: Sam x reader, Dean

Word Count: 1k

Warnings: none

Written for @mrsbatesmotel53‘s Motel Challenge. Prompt was Something to Believe In by Young the Giant

I’ll give you something to believe in, Burn up a basement full of demons, Realize you’re a slave to your mind, break free

By the end of a person’s stay, a motel room tells a story. The clothes and food wrappers and messy beds are details that let housekeeping know what a person did in town. If there’s sandy shoes, empty sunscreen bottles in the trashcan, and wet bathing suits hanging in the shower, then one could guess that the occupants went out on the lake for an afternoon of boating. If the maids find nothing much at all except a mildly ruffled bed cover, extra business cards fallen on the floor, and some takeout left on a table, then perhaps the person was only there on business.

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Achluophobia: Monday

Title: Achluophobia: Monday, Part 4 of 4
Author: @piecesofscully
Rating: PG-13 - Strong R
Timeline: Mid-season 7
Summary: Mulder and Scully are called on to investigate a possible haunting.
Notes: Final chapter!  Phew.  If you prefer Ao3, this story will be posted in full there by tonight. Link is in my header/bio.  Again, thank you to @bohoartist for all of her beta and support while writing this.  She was crucial to me finishing this, and was a constant source of support. Also, ½ of the multimedia is because of her.  And thank you to my baeta @kateyes224 for all the love and making my writing is the best it can be.

Friday, Part 1

Saturday, Part 2

Sunday, Part 3


Lindsey is unusually somber in the morning, laying in bed until well past breakfast, refusing to come out of her room.  She doesn’t budge when Claire taps on the door, or when she sneaks in quietly, doing her best to not create a scene.  These days Claire’s unsure of the best way to proceed with her daughter, seeing as the simplest of things can set her off, so she walks on eggshells and prays for the best.  

It wasn’t always like this.  She remembers what it was like when they were able to communicate, when they were able to talk openly about whatever was on their minds.  It was only a few weeks ago that they would discuss her daughter’s life over morning coffee, making plans for college applications and guessing which football player was next on Rosie’s boyfriend list.  She sighs to herself, wishing for the days when life was easier.  Wishing for the days when her daughter wasn’t a complete stranger.

She tiptoes across the floor and seats herself at the edge of her daughter’s bed.  “Come on sweetheart, you need to get up.  It’s after 10.”

Lindsey keeps her eyes closed.  “Don’t want to.”

“Are you feeling alright?” Claire asks as she places her hand on her daughter’s forehead.  “It doesn’t feel like you’re running a fever.”

She sighs as Lindsey continues to lay still, motionless.  

“Lindsey, you can’t stay in bed all day.  It’s your last day off before school tomorrow.  Don’t you have any homework?”

“I finished it,” she replies simply.

Claire remains seated for another moment, then leans forward and presses a kiss to her cheek.  “Alright,” she says softly as she walks to the door.  She turns before walking out and adds, “I’ll come back and check on you in a little while.  You rest.”

Lindsey doesn’t respond.

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Tom King asked his 7yo daughter about a romantic scene for Bruce and Selina. Let me state that a different way. A 7 yo girl playing with action figures came up with a better relationship between them than we've had from professional writers since Hush.

B-b-bu-bu but I thought girls didn’t read comics!

31 Days of Ouija Blogs: Day 7- Basic Ouija Board Rules

Here are a few quick questions to ask yourself before you play the Ouija board.

-Do you want to play because it sounds fun?

-Do you want to talk to random spirits in your area?

-Are you bored on a Saturday night with your friends and want to explore the paranormal?

-Do you want to ask some fun, hypothetical questions and see what you get?

If you answered yes to these questions, congratulations, you are going to have a great time playing the Ouija board. Now on to the next set.

-Are you playing so you can contact a deceased loved one or celebrity?

-Are you attempting to contact a demon or evil entity?

-Are you playing while deeply afraid of what could happen?

-Do you have certain trigger words that could cause you harm?

-Are you under the influence of a mind altering substance?

If so, you should probably steer clear from Ouija boards, as you are probably playing with the wrong intentions.

But if you are going to play because you want to have a fun time playing a board game, great! One of the most important rules is to not take it so seriously. It’s a game, and it has always been a game. If you treat it as something serious, like a sacred divination tool or a demon portal, you’re not going to get desirable results. You’ll only contact some troll spirit who will lie up and down and either say everything you want to hear or do their best to terrify you. But if you treat it like a game, and go in with good intentions to have fun, then spirits will have fun with you. Next important rule, you’ll get whatever energy you put into the board. Start positively, you’ll get positive spirits. Play it fearfully, or with negative intentions, you’ll get negative spirits.

To start, a lot of people recommend setting up protection for yourself, which is fine. Protection is not always necessary, especially if you don’t feel you need it. If you do want to, find something that makes you feel safe. It could be your favorite book, or blanket, or article of clothing, or the Hamilton cast recording; if it makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, keep it with you. As long as you feel safe, you’ll be safe. The next is, before you start to play, to announce out loud that you are going to play to have fun, and you will not welcome any spirits who want to be mean, who maliciously lie, or any spirits pretending to be something they are not, such as a demon or a deceased family member. Also state that, if anything like does try to come through, you’ll end the game automatically and cut off any energy they had hoped to gain from you.

So now you’re ready to begin. A lot of people want to warm up the board by moving the planchette, but that’s really unnecessary. I’ll have a post about starting a session later in the month, so for now I’ll just say, start it however you want. You could recite some little chant like in the movie, or say something like, “Is anyone around who wants to speak?” or even “New board who dis?” Say whatever you want.

If you’re lucky enough to get a reply, go ahead and ask some questions. Remember to not ask questions you don’t want to know the answer to (like when you’re going to die, or things like that) and please don’t be rude to the spirit. You’ve invited someone to play a game with you, and if you’ve done so taunt them, they could want revenge. It’s also best to not ask them questions they may not want to answer, such as how they died. If you want to know about a question like that, ask them permission first.

But say the spirit is rude right off the bat. Maybe they start spelling out swear words or say something like they want to kill you. Then you need to put them in their place. Remember that you are the one in charge of the game, and you are granting your energy to this spirit so they can move the planchette. Without you, they are nothing, and they know it. So if they act up, shut down that behavior right away. Tell them that you will kick them off the board and not allow them into your home or life. Tell them you know you’re more powerful than them, and threaten to end the game. Chances are they’ll apologize but if they don’t, end the game. Don’t feed the trolls.

When you’re finished, it’s very important to say goodbye. It’s not because saying it is some magic spell or anything. It’s just politeness. Ending the game without saying goodbye is like hanging up the phone on someone without saying goodbye. If you’re in a situation where you had to end abruptly, usually the spirit would understand why you didn’t say goodbye and leave you alone. Otherwise, spirits could be offended that you just stopped playing with them and they could be upset by that, and you could wind up with a haunting.

Tomorrow’s blog post will be about playing alone, so I’ll go more into detail then, but let me just state that I do recommend playing with at least one other person. More people means more energy, and you’ll be more likely to get better results while you play. I’ll also talk later about what happens when it spells out random words, when it doesn’t spell out anything at all, and Ideomotor movement.

So to go over the basic rules.

1. Don’t take it seriously

2. You get whatever energy you give it, so stay positive

3. Protect yourself if you feel you need to

4. Stay in control of the game

5. Don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answers to

6. Don’t feed the trolls

7. Always say goodbye

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Had the weirdest dream last night. It started as a nightmare; someone mailed me Jason’s mask and he shows up at my house to get it back. He also tries to kill me, but after we resolve the misunderstanding, he asks me on a date. Like “chh chhh haa??” Then I woke up!😰 Anyone else have a weird dream?

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Tips for Regressors without CGs Pt. 1 !

Hi lovelies, I got a pretty important ask from @little-princess-29 , and it made me realize there are a lot of regressors without caregivers, so I wanted to make this post to help you all out 💖

Cutting here because buckle up kiddies, this is gonna be a long one

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please don't write the typical hard-edged john, delicate paul. It's so far from reality and yet we read it everywhere. i trust you to break that chain of flat characters!

I cannot wait to show you guys what I have in store for those sweet boys <3 you’ll see! 

I keep seeing that “At the moment, nothing” line turned into something romantic or Magnus being the best boyfriend ever (bc he’s so worried about Alec that’s why he’s upset etc) and…I mean he is worried absolutely, but full stop Magnus is allowed to be imperfect and human and that means despite understanding why Alec is freaking out and yelling at him, he can still find it all just too much and slam down those walls – his instinctive reaction whenever he’s emotionally stressed or wounded.

Like, Magnus has a heart he’s guarded fiercely for over a century. His refusal to let Alec risk his life isn’t just about it being for Alec’s sake. It’s also about Magnus because he’s falling in love with him, he only just got him, and he’s really not ready to watch a man he’d hoped would end his 100+ years of being lonely and unloved throw himself into the fire 48 hours later. And yeah, that’s a little selfish but also it’s okay for him to be selfish.

Crowbar - Part 3

Summary: Sam x Reader. The reader is shocked out of her happy existence when she learns that her boyfriend, Sam, has married another woman. Based on ep. 07x08 where Sam marries Becky

Triggers: Cheating (?)

Word Count: 4005 (Part 3 of 3)

Y/N = Your name  

Song inspiration: I Know - Fiona Apple

Please, please, please don’t think that I don’t like Becky after reading this. I love that adorkable fangirl! But this wouldn’t work if the reader shared those feelings. 

Part 1  Part 2

The meeting was a bust. Well, bust wasn’t technically the right word. It was easy to see who was actually behind the whole sudden promotion. The culprit behind this sudden rise in position was clearly the CEO’s wife. The same woman who had almost brought the poor secretary to tears when you were in the waiting room earlier, right before Sam & Becky’s sudden appearance. But when you cornered the wife of the former salesman turned CEO, she wouldn’t speak. Leaving you having to tail her halfway across town to one of those awful brunches that all the high-class ladies held a day later. Hoping she would meet up with whoever was casting the mojo on her way there, and fearing for her safety at the same time. Sure, she was a class A bitch, but she didn’t deserve to die like the others had. She was your only lead, no other sudden lucky breaks had happened, and no monsters were dropping by to offer you a deal or just to let you know they were in town…

Ok, so maybe during a normal hunt that would’ve been considered progress. At least you had a lead, which was more than you would’ve been able to brag about before the fake interview. But you just wanted your Sam back as soon as physically possible. You needed him back. Even in your slightly improved state of mind everything hurt now that you were doing it without him. The smallest breath stabbed at your chest, forcing the pieces of shrapnel that were your broken heart deeper into your lungs as you tried to stay alive. To keep your weakened heart from giving in to the pain so that you could get him back by your side. Where he belonged.

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