the state of america

dear President Obama:

your legacy is going to be a complicated one, and i know you didn’t accomplish as much as you would have hoped. there were letdowns and heartaches, names called, slurs thrown, roadblocks at almost every turn.

but your vision of what america could be helped me realize so many things about the world around me. it helped me engage more politically. most importantly, it gave me the courage to not only accept, but love myself enough to come out.

i want to keep fighting for that america. so i will.

thank you.


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16th Street and New Hampshire Avenue NW, Washington, DC, USA

Mike Maguire - CC


Despite my anger and disappointment over the election, I am remarkably still on the eve of the Inauguration. My level of anxiety has not increased, Depression has not gotten worse, and it’s not out of a sense of resignation. Unlike many…a bigly number of people, even…I accepted the results even as I mourned the outcome.

It is quite frankly the reason why when, a complaint about the winner is met by a reminder that Donald Trump will be the next President, my first thought after “No shit, Sherlock,” is to wonder if they’re saying it to remind themselves…

Far better to pivot to the task of making Donald Trump and his sorry and terrible excuse for an administration bleed for everything they try to accomplish over the next two years, and make sure that a midterm election will stop GOP and Trump Party plans.

Perhaps I can best describe what I feel as resolute calm and determination. I will continue to do my job. My blog will run. I will write.


French contract Savage M1907 pistols

Manufactured by Savage Arms in Utica, New York c.1914-17 for a 40000 units order made by the French army - serial numbers 161754 and 160260.
.32ACP/7,65x17mm 10-round removable box magazine, blowback semi-automatic, military lanyard ring, manual and grip safety.

France started World War 1 without a semi-automatic service handgun and almost immediately realized what a disadvantage it was. Consequently, the French army ordered forty thousand Savage M1907′s, 450 Colt 1911 Governments, and finally more than a million Ruby pistols to equip machine gun and vehicle crews, stretch bearers, etc.
These Savage pistols differ from their civilian counterpart by their lanyard ring.


Springfield M1903 MkI rifle

Manufactured by the Springfield Arsenal c.1903-1918 and converted to use the Pedersen device - manufactured by Remington - c.1918 for the planned WW1′s 1919 Allied Spring Offensive - serial number 1172141.
.30-18 Automatic/7,65x20mm 40-round 45° removable stick magazine, originally a bolt action - bolt replaced by a semi-automatic pistol fitting snugly in the rifle’s barrel.

A clever device brought to us by John Douglas Pedersen, lauded by Browning as the greatest gun designer [sic]. Springfield M1903 rifles were converted to MkI’s by removing the bolt, replacing it by what was basically a pistol, and cutting an ejection port in the left side of the frame. This turned the rifle into a pistol-caliber semi automatic rifle to give greater firepower to American soldiers.
The converted rifles however were never used, as WW1 ended before they were shipped over. They were later destroyed in large number to avoid them falling into the wrong hands, but the cartridge had a second life as the 7,65x20mm Longue for French service pistols of the interwar era.

Eight years ago today,
I walked into my second grade classroom
and didn’t know what my teacher was showing on the projector.
I didn’t know what the word “inauguration” meant,
or what the words our new president spoke really meant.
I’d heard the words liberty and justice for all.
Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
All men are created equal.
And that is what I learned to associate with America.
Today, I know what is happening.
I know what an inauguration is,
and I know what those words really mean.
I know that they don’t mean what our reality currently is.
And I am scared for the second graders of today.
The second graders of today who are learning
that liberty and justice for all doesn’t mean much
to our new leader.
Who are learning that maybe all men all created equal,
but all women and all immigrants and all
people of color and all disabled people and
all religions and so many others
are not given the same chances.
When you have to sit down and tell a bunch of
nine year old children that they have to be
bigger and stronger inside than
the leader of the free word-
that’s a problem.
And I’m scared for all the second graders of today.
—  of life and liberty // c.r.h.