the state hermitage

David Rijckaert - Peasant Woman with a Cat

between 1640 and 1642

oil on canvas

Hermitage Museum, Saint-Petersburg

Symphony No. 5 In B Flat major, D.485 - II. Andante Con Moto
St. Petersburg Orchestra Of The State Hermitage Museum Camerata
Symphony No. 5 In B Flat major, D.485 - II. Andante Con Moto

Zu Ehren Der Großen Franz Peter Schubert 🎵

( January 31, 1797 - November 19, 1828 )

Symphony No. 5 In B Flat Major, D.485 - II. Andante Con Moto

By Composer Franz Schubert

Performed By The St. Petersburg Orchestra Of The State Hermitage Museum Camerata

“The youngest daughter of Russian Emperor Nicholas I and his wife Alexandra Feodorovna, Alexandra Nikolaevna (nicknamed Adini in the family circle) was just fifteen years old when she posed for Christina Robertson in the summer of 1840 at the imperial summer residence, the Great Peterhof Palace… Contemporaries praised untiringly her unworldly character, her angelic kindness, her meekness and gentleness… Robertson showed her with a bouquet of cornflowers, fully in keeping with the lack of artifice that made her so loved.  To her left on the balustrade lie an open album and a pencil.  For Alexandra, drawing and particularly music were not merely part of acquiring the accomplishments of a noble young lady; she was a talented singer and took lessons from the renowned singer Henrietta Sontag.  But tuberculosis put an end first to her lessons and then to her brief life: she died just a few years after the portrait was completed.” 

– from An Imperial Collection: Women Artists from the State Hermitage Museum.

64 days in heaven and hell (108)
Day 22, November 13
At this time, Van Gogh felt comfortable in Gauguin’s presence, whom he saw as a great artist and a friend. He was now ready to try new things. Gauguin encouraged him to work from memory and imagination.

I’m going to set myself to work often from memory, and the canvases done from memory are always less awkward and have a more artistic look than the studies from nature… (Letter 718 to Theo, November 10, 1888)

He painted this vibrant summertime bullfight scene on a drizzly day in november.

Vincent van Gogh, Les arènes d’Arles (Spectators in the Arena), November 1888. Oil on canvas, 73 x 92 cm. State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia (F 548, JH 1653)

Caspar Netscher - Portrait of Mary Stuart II


oil on canvas

Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg

Statue of Zeus, The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg.

This is a Roman copy of the statue created by Phidias for the Temple of Zeus at Olympia. It was discovered in the excavations at Domitian’s villa near Lake Albano.

It is made of marble, gilded wood, and stucco. It is 3.5m in height, and weighs around 16 tons.