the stat ic moved


I felt that the old ones had lost too much quality to properly compliment these two. So now you tumblr peeps can see Mesmic and Mesmyre in their full glory.

New Stats:

“They can change the color of their skin to blend in with the snowy environments, making them extremely hard to find.”

“Their unique coats are highly sought after by hunters. They can alter their skin to change to any color - even some colors unfathomable by human eyes. Its change in colors cause nearby spectators to become dizzy, allowing it to escape pursuers with ease. They’re easiest to capture in the warmer months, when they must shed their coat.”

Mesmic Evolves into Mesmyre at Level 32

Ability: Snow Cloak / Insulate (Increases Sp.Def and Def when hit with a Fire or Ice move) – Hidden Ability: Snow Warning

HP: 60
Attack: 30
Defense: 30
Sp. Attack: 90
Sp. Defense: 90
Speed: 50

MovePool:  Powder Snow, Aurora Beam, Ice Punch, Fairy Wind, Featherdance, Moonblast, Recover, Psychic, Mirror Move, Substitute, Flash, Hail, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Freeze-Dry, Frost Breath

New Moves:
Silk Wrap (Bug, 20pp) –  Increases Sp. Defense and Defense by 2, but reduces Evasion and Speed by 1. (Can use on partner Pokemon)
Cryofreeze (Ice, 10pp) – 80% Acc, Freezes target Pokemon.
Mesmerize (Psychic, 20pp) – Reduces target’s Accuracy by 1, 50% Confuse

Mega Articuno: Ice/Dragon

Ability: Frozen Scales*

(Mega Articuno’s HP and/or STATS are raise if hit by an Ice or Dragon Move)

Mega Zapdos: Electric/Dark

Ability: Solar Night

(Mega Zapdos’s HP and/or STATS are raise if hit by an Electric or Fire Move)

Mega Moltres: Fire/Rock

Ability: Helios

(Mega Moltres’s HP and/or STATS are raise if hit by an Fire or Rock Move)