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Investing - A cup of tea and a chat with healthy food box startup Mindful Chef

Investing – A cup of tea and a chat with healthy food box startup Mindful Chef

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I’m sitting in the jam packed kitchen that the Mindful Chef head chef develops the recipes for their weekly food boxes, now sent to 8000 households each week. Rob Grieg-Gran, one of the co-founders and CEO, is with me to offer some advice on founding a company with friends, crowdfunding and marketing attribution. If you are new to food boxes, they take the shopping and decision making out of…

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We’re facing a kind of food revolution, and my generation is driving it.

Not so long ago, when fast-food giants reigned supreme, takeout meant cheap, quick, greasy meals. But a recent Goldman Sachs report found that people under 35 are now demanding food that’s fresh and healthful — as well as fast.

That’s good news for food entrepreneurs like Charley Wang. “We don’t want something that everyone and anyone can have,” Wang says. “We want something that has soul, that has personalization to it.”

Wang is co-founder of Josephine, an Oakland. Calif.-based startup that connects home chefs in the San Francisco Bay Area looking to break into the food marketplace with folks in their neighborhood who are hungry for a good meal.

Why One Startup Is Offering Meals Made By Home Cooks And Middle-Schoolers

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