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Lins notebooks look like mine lmaoooo
Maybe it’s a songwriter thing ???


I just love how Seokjin starts with the rap part and then forgets the lyrics and starts mumbling. OBVIOUSLY Taehyung knew the lines and we know why. Kim Taehyung you can make it to cypher 5 !! Fighting ✊

So this is kind of late, but fuck it

If you need to come up with a new password, or even a bunch of new passwords, for instance because a bug in the internet’s encryption software has left all your social media accounts unsecure for the past two years (lol), there’s an easy way to make great passwords that you’ll always remember.

Start with a favorite quote. A line from a book, a song lyric you love, just something that you know you’ll remember verbatim. For an example, I’ll refer to the work of contemporary prophet Freddie Mercury.

I see a little silhouetto of a man. Scaramouche, scaramouche, will you do the Fandango?

Now, take the first letter of each word. So: ISALSOAMSSWYDTF

15 characters. Nice. Most passwords on the internet are required to be between 8 and 16 characters long, so pick a phrase with a suitable length.

Now convert it into calculator code. You know: I = 1, S = 5, A = 4, B = 8, T = 7 and so on.

That gives us 154L504M55WYD7F.

Pretty good! But we’re not quite done. There are some characters that repeat, since the quote I picked used multiple As and Ses.

So alternate the repeating characters. The first S becomes a 5, the second S remains an S, the third S becomes a 5, and so on.

The final password is 154LS0AM5SWYD7F. Gibberish to anyone who looks at it, secure from the casual cracker, but all you need to remember is what phrase you used!

Stay safe out there.

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Some Malvie Headcanons
  • Headcanon that Ben was totally cool with it when Mal admitted to him that she had feelings for Evie.
  • Headcanon that Evie loves running her fingers through Mal’s hair and Mal doesn’t mind it because it’s actually quite soothing after a long day of plotting evil schemes.
  • Headcanon that when Evie has to stay up late to study for a test, Mal stays up with her and quizzes her, not letting her sleep until she’s memorized the info she needs to know.
  • Headcanon that when Mal and Evie get hot and heavy, Evie swears like a sailor, moaning curse words and muttering them in breathy sighs.
  • Headcanon that Evie’s the first one to make a move and ask Mal out, telling her the two of them should stop dancing around their obvious sexual chemistry and go out on a date.
  • Headcanon that Mal is a very cuddly person and enjoys nothing more than staying in bed on the weekends with their curtains drawn and their limbs entangled with each other.
  • Headcanon that Mal likes being the little spoon, enjoying the comfort of having Evie wrapped around her. During the winter months they take turns being the little spoon because Evie gets cold easily.
  • Headcanon that Evie likes to watch Mal draw and Mal likes to watch Evie sew.
  • Headcanon that when they finally graduate Auradon Prep and get their own apartment (a two bedroom shared with Carlos and Jay) they argue on what colors to paint their room. Evie wants a dark shade of blue and Mal wants a dark purple. When Evie finally relents on letting Mal paint the room, Mal surprises Evie with a dark blue room with a pattern of darkly toned purple swirls.
  • Headcanon that on Sundays (when Jay goes to professional-league Tourney practice and Carlos goes to support him) Evie cooks breakfast for Mal in her underwear. They blast classic rock songs and dance around and sing along to the lyrics loudly.
  • Headcanon that Evie starts up her own line of clothing and quickly learns that business is a hard trade to get into. When she comes home late at night after a long day of pitching her ideas, Mal is always waiting for her with a warm cup of tea and a soft blanket fresh from the dryer. Mal does it every night without missing a day.
  • Headcanon that Mal was appointed representative of the Isle of the Lost and given a position in Ben’s court as one of his advisers.
  • Headcanon that every morning Evie has an outfit laid out for Mal and a steaming cup of coffee ready for her.
  • Headcanon that when Mal’s sick, Evie calmly nurses her back to health. When Evie’s sick, Mal, in turn, overreacts and babies her, not that Evie can complain. She loves it when Mal feeds her.
  • Headcanon that Evie makes Mal a little lunch every day to take to her many meetings and always leaves a cute little note in the bag. Sometimes they’re words of encouragement or praise, other time they’re sappy love notes or the occasional suggestive comment. Mal keeps them all in the drawer of her desk and on her bad days goes through them to cheer herself up.
  • Headcanon that Mal ‘borrows’ a horse from the royal stables and takes Evie on a ride through the forest. They stop in a little field of grass where the trees aren’t as thick and Mal has set up a table with chairs and candles and flowers. After eating when they’ve moved to the floor for cuddling and stargazing, Mal proposed to Evie.
  • Headcanon that at their wedding, word gets to Evie that Mal is freaking out about not having something blue at her wedding. “I have something old, something new, something borrowed, but what about the blue, Jay? Where’s the blue!?” and Evie goes over to the room Mal’s having her little fit in and tries to calm her down. “Old, new, borrowed, blue, that’s how it–Evie! What are you doing, get out of here it’s bad luck–” and Evie shuts her up with a kiss which instantly relaxes the girl. “I’m your something blue.” Evie tells her, motioning to her blue hair.
  • Headcanon that they both cry at their wedding, but not nearly as much as Jay does.
  • Headcanon that they honeymoon in a privately owned cottage on the shores of West Auradon. They spend their nights together, very much awake and active, and their days lazily entangled with each other.
  • Headcanon that they both want to adopt a child but aren’t sure how to approach the idea, so when they Evie gets the guts to confess her desire, Mal is completely over the moon. They decide to adopt a child from the Isle of the Lost.
  • Headcanon that Mal and Evie have insecurities about being like their parents, but reassure each other that they aren’t them constantly.
  • Headcanon that as a graduation gift to Evie, Ben granted her royal standing in Auradon, officially making her a princess again. This made Evie eligible to own a castle. While Evie was planning for their wedding, Mal snuck off and made arrangements with Ben to put a down payment on a small castle not far from Auaradon Prep. She surprised Evie with it by blindfolding her and carrying her over the threshold when they returned from their honeymoon.
  • Headcanon that their children, a pair of twins, boy and girl, are very mischievous kids. Evie and Mal both co-parent, neither taking the roles as the strict one or the relaxed one.
  • Headcanon that Evie and Mal’s give their kids the childhood they never had.
BTS Reaction to you (foreigner) rapping to one of their songs perfectly

- Admin Au

Jin: He would clap enthusiastically, absolutely amazed by your performance. “Please teach me how to rap!” he says, laughing. “You can take my spot in Bangtan if you like.” He pretends to leave the room so that you can sit down where he was before, next to the rest of the members. But he would be so blown away and would compliment you a lot on your rapping skills.

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Suga: Yoongi would join in, evenly matching you word for word as his excitement grows, adding punches in the air and a range of facial expressions that end with a shared smile between him and you, who is out of breath from your performance and impromptu collaboration. “Good job,” is all he says, but it expresses all of his faith in you.

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J-Hope: Hoseok would immediately start to scream like he did on that one Japanese show when both him and Taehyung witnessed Yoongi starting to rap coolly. He’d somehow go lower and lower to the floor and fall backwards, his shrill voice cutting through the air but not upsetting your performance as you continue on, a smile on your face from his antics. He would really be amazed and would ask you a lot of curious questions after he had gotten back up.

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Rap Monster: Namjoon would start applauding with such gusto, having loved your performance. “How long did it take you to learn that?” he asks you, shooting millions of questions because of his now-peaked interest of who you are and what you do. He would ask for an encore, wanting to join in if he could.

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Jimin: Jimin would start whooping encouragingly, then melting off into quiet as you continue. A huge smile would don his features as he hears your voice blaze through powerful lyrics. He’d start making lots of exaggerated gestures that line up with the beat and he’d shower you in long-lasting ‘whoooo!’s at the end of your performance.

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V (Jungkook’s polite clapping in the back hahahah): Taehyung would turn up, man. He’d start dancing with all of his energy, shouting the last words of each phrase or sentence as it flies past. “Let’s go! Turn up!” he’d yell in English, laughing. He’d find it so cool that you can rap so well!

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Jungkook: The maknae would be a little shy all in all, because you are a foreigner and someone he is not well-known with. But he’d have a lot of fun listening to you rap so well to their songs, sometimes joining in when a certain verse he is very familiar with arrives. “So cool!” he’d say quietly to you, beaming.

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Hey thanks @an-alien-or-sutin for tagging me in this. I love talking about my favorite albums! and like you, this will probably take me hours. HERE WE GO. (aside from #1, theyre in no order. Im listing them as they come.)

Jakes TOP 10 ALBUMS (for now)

1. Frances the Mute - The Mars Volta : This is still my favorite album after years. The first time I heard this, it blew me the fuck out of the water. I didnt know albums could be this large in scale. All the songs flowed perfectly, and the amount of instrumentation was just dizzying. Its a challenging listen to most, but spend time with it and you’ll see.

Fav track : Miranda, That Ghost Just Isnt Holy Anymore

2. Hot Fuss - The Killers : This may come as a shock, but this is one of my most beloved records. Every song stands out. Its a pop record, but It goes deeper than that. Brandon Flowers voice on this album is just heavenly. The final song on this record, “Everything Will Be Alright”, has brought me through so many things and for these reasons, it makes the list. It just has a nice sound.

Fav tracks : Everything Will Be Alright/ Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll

3. Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness - Smashing Pumpkins : This record has been a recent addition to the list. I dont even have to say how huge this fucking record is. It incorporates so many different sights and sounds that span the albums massive 2 hour length, and its almost as if half the songs are Echo and The Bunnymen meet Black Sabbath, and the other half are the sweetest songs you’ve ever heard. Its just a great mix.

Fav tracks : Bodies/Farewell and Goodnight

4. You Are My Sunshine - Copeland : This album brought me through the most difficult year of my life so far. It hold so much value in my heart and mind, and every track is the perfect amount of dreamy mellotron lines and sharp lyrics. From start to finish, its almost entirely perfect. Ive been at risk of wearing every one of these records out, but this one, I can always come back to.

Fav track :On The Safest Ledge

5. Lonerism - Tame Impala : This album is exactly what I think when I hear the term “psychedelic”. This album is layered in so many thick synthesizers and noisy guitars, and its done in the most perfect way. The lyrics all over this album are very personal and relate-able to pretty much anyone in my current age group, and thats why this record has held so much weight lately. And it also helps that the instruments make you feel like your’e floating. This album is just fucking colorful.

Fav track : Music To Walk Home By

6. …Like Clockwork - Queens of The Stone Age : Now, this isnt the most groundbreaking record on this list, but it doesnt have to be. Every last thing about this record absolutely hits it’s mark and doesnt go over board. Its such a tight experience with songs that stick in your mind FOREVER. As you can tell, Im a sucker for good lyrics, and this record does not lack in that regard. From hilarious lyrics like “I got my own theme music. It plays wherever I are” to lyrics that cut my heart in two like “I go missing, No longer exist. One day, I hope,
I’m someone you’d miss“. Its just so well put together.

Fav track : I Appear Missing

7. St. Vincent - St. Vincent : This is the album that made me realize that pop music isn’t all that bad. Annie Clark inspires the hell out of me. She’s put out 4 incredible records that all stand on their own. This particular record best exemplifies St. Vincent as a whole. Every single song is strong. Shes riding the line between dissonant/ugly and harmonious/pretty. It’s surprisingly minimalistic in its approach as well, with not nearly as many auxilary instruments or over dubs as her previous work, yet, its still so powerful and demented. Its honestly a perfect album. Thank you for inspiring me to continue playing music, Annie.

Fav track : Severed Crossed Fingers

8. Congratulations - MGMT : I can’t NOT include this. I love this album so much. It’s one of the most “me” sounding albums that I can think of. So many quirky things all over this record. I absolutely adore the instrumentation and tone of each individual instrument. Andrew’s voice is top notch on this one too, and his lyrics are a little too real for my sad self to handle sometimes. “If youre concious you must be depressed, or at least cynical” like FUCK. This album is super 60′s and I love every last minute of it. I always will.

Fav tracks : Siberian Breaks/Flash Delirium

9. The Family Canvas - Aneirin : No one reading this will know who this band is, but that is ok. Aneirin were a local band from my town from about 5 years ago. Before I heard this EP, I was legitimately one of those kids who would comment on youtube videos and say ‘music today sucks. there is no good music past the 80′s”. I was THAT kid. And then this 4 TRACK EP came along and changed my fucking life. It changed everything. My outlook on modern music. My outlook on music that had screaming or weird guitars in it. Even my entire guitar playing style changed after sitting in my room for HOURS trying to figure out the insanely catchy and difficult guitar parts that adorn every song on the album. I will always love this. Go listen.

Fav track ; The Family Canvas

10. Come Now Sleep - As Cities Burn : Its hard to describe what exactly this album to did to me when I first heard it. But trust me, It did something crazy. This, along with the Copeland record that I mentioned were there when nobody was. I know thats mega cheesy to say, but its the truth and I dont like it either. This album really helped to inspire me musically back then as well. It pulled me out of so many slumps. The guitar playing on this record changed my life. As far away that I get from it nowadays, I will still always love this album. Just dont listen to it when youre sad. You’ll hate yourself.

Fav track : Contact

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