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A letter from Prompto, before your wedding.

Hi there, beautiful.

We made it. We actually made it. We’re getting married today! I think I’m just about ready, Ignis and Gladio were shocked that I could tie my tie by myself and it was hilarious. I hope your getting ready process is going well, I can’t wait to see how stunning you look!

I always had a feeling it would be you. Call me a fool, yeah I see you doing that little laugh of yours, but I did. You’re just… perfect? No, perfect doesn’t even begin to describe you. I can’t think of a word which describes you though. Oh! Indescribable. That works. You are so wonderful that you are indescribable. Boom.

A lot of people say that they ‘can’t believe they’re getting married’ in the build up to their weddings. Me? I fully believe we are getting married, today is proof. What I can’t believe is that you actually love me. Part of me has always been in shock about it. Remember the day we told each other we loved each other for the first time? Best day of my life.

I’ve always wanted to find people who accept me and love me for who I am, you know that, what with my different past and all. I have the guys, on one side, and then I have you. You showed me a new kind of love, one I never thought I would neither get or deserve. I know my self-doubt and self-worth issues have been a problem sometimes, for both of us with our own stuff, but every day you’re helping me with them. I’d like to hope that I’m helping you with yours too. I want you to see yourself like I see you, and I’m going to keep trying to help you with that, as I know you’ll help me.

You’re making me believe that I do deserve the love that you give me, that I do deserve you. And, boy, what a person to deserve. You’re basically on Astral tier for me. When I first saw you I genuinely thought you were Shiva’s daughter or something, or maybe even Shiva herself. You’re so beautiful. You laugh at my jokes too, which I am forever thankful for, shows me that I do have at least something resembling a comedic bone in my body! Seriously though, I love everything about you. All your quirks, your habits, your attitude, you. Just you.

I’m excited to get married, but I’m also nervous. I’m scared of letting you down, of not being the husband you want me to be. I want to do everything with you, the house, the pets, the kids, everything. I just love you so much, I want to give you everything you want. Your happiness is my happiness, just as mine is yours. We’ll end up in an endless cycle of happiness if we’re not careful!

I feel like I’m rambling a little. Am I rambling? You can judge that. It’s not my fault that I can’t hide my feelings for you very well, I never have been able to. I mean, you called the proposal almost a week before it happened because of how giddy I was. You really get me. I don’t know how, but you do. Everything you do for me makes me want to be a better person, for you and Noct and everyone. I can’t thank you enough for that, honestly. I don’t think I’ve ever stopped thanking you or telling you I love you since we got together, and I’m not sorry about it.

I’ll end this here, I imagine you still have some getting ready to do. You’re the most important person in the world to me, I hope you know that. I can’t wait to start the next part of our lives together. I love you. I love you. I love you. You’ll probably be sick of me saying that by the time tonight is over, but hey, what can I say? I love you.

Love you always, and thank you for loving this goofball.

P. x

PS. Threw a few photos in of our favourite memories together. I thought you would like to see ones we’ve shared as we get ready to make so many more.

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Are you not posting no hope no fear cuz you're angry with us readers?

At first, yes. 

But the real reason is started sometimes ago when my main job has been dragging with no new development, it makes me scare that I will lose my job. 

Then a friend of mine decided to post a picture of her cutting her wrist. Now Im not easily swayed by word, but I got traumatized pretty easy with picture like such. She didnt mean for it to scare me, but it still haunts me. You all know how my father ended his life, Im too close to comfort. 

 Then suddenly period hormone kicked in, it got me good. I started hate everything everyone, I despise myself for being no good. I envied and shit I dont want to talk to people. 

 Then I got a serious cold, which made my throat hurt like fuck for 2 weeks. 

 Then two roomates decided that they want to leave, now I have to look for new roomate or I will have to handle the rent for those two. I tried to be cool about it, but honestly I am scare. 

 Its kinda a mess right now with my life and I lost the motivation for it, I had done the newest part, but at the same time I dont want to post it. It means I have to rush to next Tuesday again. 

 Im the loner type so I used to be alone with my mind since no one can understand me anyway, if I feel extremely stressed and hateful I will retreat to myself and wait til things work out. I really want to do it, but I also know that I have to move things myself, no use in being a coward now I have been in worst situation before. 

 Thats the best sum up for your question.

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George Lucas 2010, at the Clone Wars Writers’ Meeting: 

The core of the Force–I mean, you got the dark side, the light side, one is selfless, one is selfish, and you wanna keep them in balance. What happens when you go to the dark side is it goes out of balance and you get really selfish and you forget about everybody … because when you get selfish you get stuff, or you want stuff, and when you want stuff and you get stuff then you are afraid somebody is going to take it away from you, whether it’s a person or a thing or a particular pleasure or experience.

Once you become afraid that somebody’s going to take it away from you or you’re gonna lose it, then you start to become angry, especially if you’re losing it, and that anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering. Mostly on the part of the person who’s selfish, because you spend all your time being afraid of losing everything you’ve got instead of actually living.

Where joy, by giving to other people you can’t think about yourself, and therefore there’s no pain. But the pleasure factor of greed and of selfishness is a short-lived experience, therefore you’re constantly trying to replenish it, but of course the more you replenish it, the harder it is to, so you have to keep upping the ante. You’re actually afraid of the pain of not having the joy.

So that is ultimately the core of the whole dark side/light side of the Force. And everything flows from that. Obviously the Sith are always unhappy because they never get enough of anything they want. Mostly, their selfishness centers around power and control. And the struggle is always to be able to let go of all that stuff.

And of course that’s the problem with Anakin ultimately. You’re allowed to love people, but you’re not allowed to possess them. And what he did is he fell in love and married her and then became jealous. Then he saw in his visions that she was going to die, and he couldn’t stand losing her. So in order to not lose her, he made a pact with the devil to be able to become all-powerful. When he did that, she didn’t want to have anything to do with him anymore, so he lost her.

Once you are powerful, being able to bring her back from the dead, if I can do that, I can become emperor of the universe. I can get rid of the Emperor. I can make everything the way I want it. Once you do that, you’ll never be satiated. You’re always going to be consumed by this driving desire to have more stuff and be afraid that others are going to take it away from you. And they are. Every time you get two Sith together, you have the master, the apprentice, and the apprentice is always trying to recruit another apprentice to join with him to kill the master. The master knows that basically everybody below him wants his job.

Only way to overcome the dark side is through discipline. The dark side is pleasure, biological and temporary and easy to achieve. The light side is joy, everlasting and difficult to achieve. A great challenge. Must overcome laziness, give up quick pleasures, and overcome fear which leads to hate. 

These themes are repeated in this 2012 interview with Bill Bradley. One of the themes that came up again was that the two sides of the Force were about selflessness vs selfishness, about a compassionate person vs a person consumed with self-interest.  That we all have good and evil in us, that we all have the compassionate side and the selfish side in  us.  And the idea is to keep those things in balance.

That the Force is based on the core theme of just about every religious mythology ever–the struggle between good and evil, that both are elements present, but that we strive towards the good, towards love. That we struggle to overcome the temptations towards the dark that are part of us, that we embrace love as best we can.

Mirella: You think you can just seduce me and get away with it? Do you want me to tell your wife everything?
Katja: First of all, it wasn’t me who seduced. I was terrified that my marriage would break and I couldn’t think straight, and while I can’t blame anyone but myself for sleeping with you, it was you who started. And Stacie already knows about it.
Mirella: So? When’s your divorce case?
Katja: Not in the near future, not ever. I’m trying to be better and redeem myself from not only sleeping with you but neglecting relations with my wife because of those stupid parties I never needed.
I’d also like to end anything between us, not that there even was something between us in the first place.

Choi Minki Harry Potter AU

  • choi minki was the bane of your existence
  • as a slytherin, he was your absolute rival– you two were always competing in class to get more house points and to be more correct
  • you were always able to do better than him in potions, while he beat you in charms, but everything else was fair game
  • to be honest, you weren’t really sure when exactly the whole rivalry thing had started, but even the sight of choi minki made you want to punch something
  • especially considering he was so handsome– how the hell did god think it was fair to give someone so smart good looks as well?
  • your housemate, minhyun, was also good friends with minki, and seemed to find amusement in the whole thing
  • and it wasn’t even the fact that he was a gryffindor that caused it- you had plenty of gryffindor friends
  • no, there was just something about choi minki that made your blood boil
  • one day, you were in divinations when minki was asked a question
  • “mr. choi, can you describe a method used in ovomancy?” trelawney had asked, raising an eyebrow
  • minki had simply shaken his head,and you scoffed in your seat
  • the attention of the class turned to you two, and minki rolled his eyes
  • “what, you know the answer, ms. know it all?”
  • “aw, thanks,” you said in a sickly sweet voice, “i appreciate the compliment. and yes, professor trelawney, ovomancy uses eggs, cracking them open to see which way they fall.”
  • “Very good, (y/n),” trelawney beamed, clapping her hands
  • minki rolled his eyes again, “literally why would you need to answer that question?”
  • “Um, maybe because someone here couldn’t?”
  • “you should just let professor teach her lessons.”
  • you got to your feet, glaring at minki, “yeah, and part of her lesson was asking for students’ input.”
  • “and she asked for my input,” minki shot back, getting to his feet as well
  • “and your input was wrong,” you snapped, “god, can you stop blabbering before i hex you into next week?”
  • “oh please, i’d like to see you try.”
  • and that was how you and minki destroyed half of trelawney’s tea cups, sending charms and hexes at each other in the middle of class, ending up in the hospital wing with various afflictions
  • “this is all your fault,” minki snarked, “if you hadn’t answered, i wouldn’t have hexed you in the first place.” he was in the hospital bed across from yours, and leaned up onto his elbows to look at you
  • “yah, you’re the one who got hecka butthurt about the whole thing,” you snapped, crossing your arms
  • yeah, the two of you were insufferable
  • one time, you were walking down one of the corridors on the fourth floor when you heard someone groan
  • a group of younger slytherins were hexing the shit out of this muggle-born second year, and you rushed over, wand brandished
  • oppugno!”
  • relashio!”
  • you looked up to see minki striding towards the cluster of people as well, wand pointed out
  • the two of you started sending jinxes and hexes like there was no tomorrow, wands flicking quickly as you separated the idiots from the poor second-year
  • once they were all clustered together, one of them sporting huge boils on his face, another with cat paws and a dolphin nose, you glared at them
  • “you lot aren’t slytherins,” you hissed, “you’re cowards. leave.” they just stared at you, in complete fright of such an older, more powerful slythering, “i said fucking go!” you waved your wand at them, making them all scramble off
  • “nice teamwork,” minki said from behind you in a slightly amused voice, supporting the limp second-year with his shoulder
  • you rushed to his side, helping him support the poor kid
  • “i did it for him, not for you,” you retorted, looking the other way
  • “well, regardless, we worked well together,” minki chuckled as you sniffed, rolling your eyes
  • you were studying with some of your friends in the slytherin dungeon– or actually, ranting about how irritating minki had been in transfiguration– when one of your friends had commented that maybe you hated minki so much because you actually liked him
  • “actually how does that make sense,” you wrinkled your nose
  • but the more you thought about it
  • you realized that you were fucked
  • seeing minki in class the day made your cheeks heat up as you remembered the words of your friend from the day before
  • you tried to brush the thoughts from your mind, even asking one of your housemates to the yule ball
  • you were actually looking forward to it, making the attempt to dress nicely and impress your date
  • however, he ended up being a total asshole, and at one point during the ball, he even asked you if you were gonna hook up with him at the end of it
  • furious, you stormed off, heading back to the dungeons like the apparently unlikable person you were
  • “(y/n)?” you heard choi minki say tentatively, and you groaned, turning around
  • the last person you wanted to see to remind you of all your failures
  • “are you…crying?”
  • “no!” you furiously wiped at your eyes, trying to cover your face with your hair so that he couldn’t see
  • “you have been crying,” minki said, concerned
  • he walked up to you, holding out a handkerchief, which you timidly accepted, blotting your eyes with it
  • “what happened?” he asked, clearly worried, “why were you crying?”
  • you shook your head, “it’s nothing.”
  • “you’re crying, though,” he pointed out, “it was clearly something.”
  • you sighed, shrugging, “i guess tonight just reminded me how useless I really am.”
  • “you’re not useless, (y/n),” minki said fiercely, “you’re one of the smartest, wittiest people I know, and any guy would be lucky to date you.”
  • you rolled your eyes, “minki, you’re just saying that to make me feel better. you literally hate me.”
  • “(y/n),” minki said softly, looking you straight in the eye, “i don’t hate you, and i know that you don’t hate me.”
  • you stared at him for a moment, clutching the handkerchief a little tighter
  • then suddenly, you were kissing, his lips on yours as your back hit the stone wall of the corridor, winding your hand behind his neck
  • when the two of you parted for hair, you stared at minki, who smirked back
  • “like i said, any guy would be lucky to date you,” he said with a small smile, reaching down to hold your hand
  • “well, i guess you got lucky, choi minki,” you teased back, your normal self back once again
  • somewhere in the castle, minhyun was giggling bc he totally called that

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Hey, I'm a future ap spanish student and I'm still having trouble with tildes and like certain rules and such. Do you know any cheat sheets I can use just to get me started? It's really hard for me sounding out the words because I feel like everything needs a tilde lol. Thank you so much and your blog really helps out ❤️

You’re going to want to check out the rules of esdrújula because that explains a lot of the tilde rules.

(I’m not sure how well this is going to show up as an image)

Monosyllabic words (only one syllable) are written without a tilde (fe, ve, dio, fue, vio, guion), except monosyllabic words that require a diacritic accent mark  and él as opposed to tu and el

Monosyllabic words are classified as tonic (dé, sol, ve) and atonic (de, con, su)… meaning some are vocally stressed and some have no vocal stress.

[this is why you see tres and seis without accent marks but then dieciséis and ventitrés do, because they need to show people where the accent should be]

Polysyllabic words are accented visually according to the placement of the tonic stress [where you put the vocal accent]  within each word, and the letter it ends with.

1. Agudas [sharp] = The stressed syllable is the last one / ultimate

  • el telón = curtain [theater]
  • el colibrí = hummingbird
  • el señal = sign / signal

2. Llanas [flat] or Graves [deep/serious] = The stressed syllable is 2nd to last / penultimate

  • el árbol = tree
  • el lunes = Monday
  • el tema = subject

3. Esdrújula = The stressed syllable is 3rd to last / antepenultimate

  • la gina = page
  • modo/a = comfortable
  • único = only / unique

Sobreesdrújula = The stressed syllable is right behind the 3rd to last [due to conjugations and commands for the most part]

  • gamelo = tell me [usted command; “tell it to me”]
  • maselo = eat it [usted command; “eat it (up)”]

Words that are agudas take an accent when they end in a vowel OR when ending in consonants N or S (not preceded by another consonant)

  • acá = here / near
  • el comité = committee
  • aquí = here
  • revi = [3rd person] revised / reviewed
  • el iglú = igloo
  • la razón = reason
  • el compás = rhythm / compass [mathematics; not sailing which is brújula]

When they end in more than one consonant they don’t have an accent mark. And there’s also no accent mark when they end in Y


Words that are llanas/graves have an accent when they end in a consonant OTHER than N or S

  • el piz = pencil
  • la rcel = jail
  • el nel = tunnel
  • el rax = thorax

They also take an accent mark when they end in more than one consonant, and when they end in Y.


Words that are esdrújula or sobreesdrújula ALWAYS have an accent mark.

(It doesn’t matter what vowel or consonant they end in, they’ll always have accent marks)

Make A Heart Open - Chapter 1

Okay so I decided to post my multific here as well, for anyone who prefers to read on tumblr. It can be found on AO3 here

He was trying to get his life back; get his little sister back. She just wanted to start hers over and forget about everything and everyone who had hurt her. Each other wasn’t part of their plan.

Betty Cooper x Jughead Jones

Chapter 1

Mommy will be right back, okay?” the young mother crouched down, kissing the toddler gently on the head, before turning toward the older boy.

Keep reading

ouroborosxiii  asked:

Have you noticed a change in the community that follows you or just in general? The longer I look on the internet the more jaded everything appears to be. People thrive off negativity and people seem to be more scared to lay back and say whatever they want for a fear of being lynched. Does any of this remotely resonate with you? Thanks for making art and it's appreciated!

It’s always kinda been a thing.

To me it more started ramping up around 2014 / 2015, for some reason. It kinda plateaued last year I feel, though I still see callout posts and a desire-to-crucify.

People have a hard time accepting characters, writing, or even writers that are less than perfect. I’ve dealt with callouts in the past so I’m not really afraid of them, but to those people: critique is fine, analysis is fine, and being critical is fine, they’re tools to help works and authors grow; but ultimatums, sweeping statements, accusations, and rage makes it very hard to take dissent seriously. I don’t have any intention to overstep my bounds and I genuinely believe that about most others.

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Hey! So I'm really interested in witchcraft, but don't know where to start or what "area", I guess, I'd want to peruse? I was wondering if you had a masterpost/list of some sort of all the different types of witchcraft and what it entails, because I'm the type of person who wants to try EVERYTHING, and having a sort of list would be great for eliminating areas that aren't me/I'm not drawn to, so I don't go around trying everything I see:D. Thank you!!

Hey!! You sound like me when I started lmao. Actually I have a tag for that.. I believe there’s two posts on there with a bunch of witch types!! It’ll be…

And I also have a beginner witch tag too which a bunch of random information good for beginners! That’s..

Remember, don’t feel like you HAVE to pick one craft or path! You never have to pick just one, and you can make a combination of one. I mix cosmic and death magic, so I like to call myself a void witch (or Plutonian witch)! You may find yourself eclectic, or you may find yourself falling in love with one/a few things!!

Keep me posted on what you discover! :)

The Way You Turn Me On

Status: One – shot

Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Heavy fluff and hard smut

Word Count: 3.3 K

Summary: Namjoon and you have been best friends for years but can one night help change that into something more? Starting with getting his towel off first though.  

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

  Namjoon kept fidgeting in his seat, waiting for you to come to the coffee shop you both favoured and spent majority of your time together. He leaned back, sighing whilst stirring his coffee, thinking about how the last conversation you both had was last night and how intriguing it was. The two of you talked about everything and anything but for some reason, last night’s talk had made him restless. You were talking about platonic relationships and about how you envied them, Namjoon had went along with your ramble as he wanted to be supportive but inside he was yelling because all he had wanted to do was ask you out as more than just a friend, as something more than just platonic. So that was what he was doing, right now as he sat there in the coffee shop waiting for you to come in with that bright smile of yours, ready to pour your thoughts to him and only him.

  He took out his phone, checking it in case you had texted him you weren’t coming or any of that sort but there was no news from you. He gulped down the rest of his coffee, downing it like it was last until he heard your voice.

“Woah there, couldn’t wait for me huh?” You said, laughing lightly.

  Namjoon took all of you in like he did his coffee, noticing how you lolled your head to the side slightly, letting your wavy hair fall. You were in a deep red sweater with skinny jeans and boots, with earphones jutting out of your ears and the music loud enough for Namjoon to recognize that it was your favourite song, ‘(your favourite song)’. You also had brought down your back with you to read, much to his amusement.

“Earth to Namjoon?” You waved your hands over his eyes till he got back to reality, “Are you okay? You look like you saw a ghost.” You asked whilst sitting down on the seat across from him. You took off your earphones, waiting for a response. More like I just saw an angel, Namjoon thought.

“I’m alright. How was the trip here?” Namjoon asked, nerves getting the best of him.

“The trip? Joonie, I live right down the street, you know that. It’s not like I made a trip from the Earth to the Moon.” You said, eyebrows scrunching up in confusion and you gave him a warm smile which made his heart flutter.

“You remember my metaphor.” Namjoon recalled whilst looking down, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand shyly.

“Well, it isn’t really a metaphor, it’s a figure of speech, Joonie. Now, where’s my coffee? Didn’t I tell you to order mine first?” You asked.

“Right, I forgot. Let me go do that first.” Namjoon got up and went to the counter, ordering your coffee. He felt the needed to walk off the nervous feeling he felt growing in his chest. He couldn’t stop twiddling with his fingers whilst waiting for your order to be made. Once the barista handed it over to him, he went back to the table and slid it over. You immediately took a sip and muttered a thank you, already engrossed in the book you had brought. Namjoon took a moment, watching you as you had your thumb on your lips and your other hand holding the book steady against the edge of the table. It was now or never, he couldn’t wait any longer.

“Y/n, we need to talk.” Namjoon said, lowering his voice to come off as more serious and hopefully, manlier.

“Uh huh, what is it?” You said, still distracted. Namjoon sighed and took your bookmark and placed it between the pages of your book and closed it. You were about to protest till he waved his hand at you, asking for your time. This time you took it as a sign and nodded, leaning forward to listen to which he didn’t expect and he leaned back a bit to not feel flustered from being too close to you.

“I’ve been meaning to talk about this for quite some time. I just couldn’t, I couldn’t find something, couldn’t think of –” Namjoon started.

“Couldn’t find the right words to say?” You guessed and he nodded, breathing in relief for you spat out the exact words he couldn’t find.

“You know how we always talk about the Sun right? How the constellations kind of, uh, burn bright but that doesn’t degrade the value of the rest around it? I don’t know how to say this, I feel like that scenario can be applied to a lot of things. Like, maybe for-” Namjoon stops talking when you placed your hand over his and squeezed it.

“Namjoon, for the love of God, what is it?” You asked, eyebrows furrowing. Namjoon took a deep breath and decided to just, do it.

“I love you, y/n. I love it when you talk, when you skip down the street calling my clumsy ass to hurry up.  I love how you always ask me about everything and there’s so much I could say but for now, all I ask is if I can go out with you as more, than just a best friend.” Namjoon huffed the whole thing out and waited for your response, eyes looking down at the table. It felt like forever, until you slowly pulled your hand away. Namjoon looked up, to find that your face had dropped and you brought your hand to cover your mouth.

“Namjoon,” You said.

“Yeah? Yes, y/n?” Namjoon asked, leaning forward and trying to reach out for your hand but all you did was avoid it.

“I’m so sorry. I, I’ve got to go.” You stammered and as fast as Namjoon had confessed, you left the coffee shop, leaving a confused and grieving Namjoon behind.


 Four hours later and you still couldn’t breathe. When you came home earlier, you had locked your apartment door behind you, leaned against it and fell to the floor. You hand flew to your chest, gripping it hard for there was a heavy feeling inside of you and until now, it still hadn’t gone away. You looked up at your ceiling and didn’t know how to react. You have and will always loved Namjoon. Heck, you fell for him when you two met in the park all those years ago but once you realized how you both clicked so well, you were so set on never ruining the friendship that you made a vow to do everything in your power to never lose him. Yet here you are, having lost him just by walking out of a coffee shop’s doors. Your phone buzzed and you flipped it over, swiping up the screen to find the dozens of text Namjoon had left you.

04:45PM - Namjoon: Y/n, why did you run out?

04:47PM - Namjoon: I’m sorry, I know how you feel

04:47PM - Namjoon: About this, about us

04:47PM - Namjoon: But I can’t just see you as platonic

04:50PM - Namjoon: Please text me back.

05:20PM - Namjoon: It’s been 30 minutes. At least tell me you’re safe at home.

06:04PM - Namjoon: Y/n… I need to see you. I want you.


   Here he was, begging for you to come back but you weren’t even crawling to go see him. Before you could have another break down, you got another text from Namjoon.


08.30PM – Namjoon: I love you.

   Your breath hitched, and you thought that you were a coward. You felt selfish. You took one more glance at your phone’s screen and those three words were all it took for you to run out of your building.


 Namjoon couldn’t believe it. He had screwed the one chance he had of never losing you. He sighed, he should’ve have never taken that chance. Namjoon turned off the shower and got out, wrapping a towel around his waist. Ruffling his wet hair, he grabbed his comb and walked out into his bedroom and sighed again at the sight of the tiny blue velvet box on his bed. He had wanted to give it to you earlier, a fake promise ring, where he would vow to never leave your side when he would put it on your finger but now his actions had caused you to leave his side instead. The irony of it all saddened him even more as he cradled the tiny blue velvet box in his hands. His attention was refocused on something else now though; his doorbell ringing. He swore under his breath, thinking it was Jungkook and the rest of his friends coming to ‘cheer him up’ by going out to the club. He walked slowly over to the door, with the box still in his hands and reached the door. He bent down to peek through the peephole. Namjoon’s eyes widened and he quickly unlocked the door and pulled it wide open.

“I love you.” You said, tears streaming down your face.

  You were breathing heavily and your eyes searched for something in Namjoon’s face, waiting for him. He took your face into his hands and kissed you tenderly, one hand around your neck and the other in your hair as you both stumbled back into his apartment and you kicked the door back shut. You continued to kiss each other hotly, tongues swiping at each other and grips getting tighter. He was still wet from the shower, but warm in some parts of his body and your held him closer. Namjoon pulled back and spoke into your mouth, “You drive me crazy.” Hearing him say that only made you grab his hair to pull him into a kiss again, your hands roaming over his lean arms as his hands were firmly on your hips, pressing you harder against him. You felt his member against your thigh and your hands skimmed down from his arms up to his shoulders and down his abs, tracing down his v-line to the white towel wrapped around him. Before you could pull it off, he grabbed your hands and put them around his neck instead. Namjoon looks intensely into your eyes and you, getting lost in his.

“Are you sure about this?” He asks, voice sounding lighter than usual. You nodded and let him pull you towards his bed, pressing your face against his as he kissed you, making you fall back onto the mattress fully on your back, making the bed bounce slightly. He kissed you on your lips one more time, then your forehead, then your neck and all the way down before he pushed off from you and looked at you, lolling his head to a side, his gaze asking you silently once again for permission. You sat upright and nodded, slowly untying his towel and letting it drop to the floow. Namjoon’s face turned crimson and you could feel the heat rush in your cheeks when you saw how hard he was, how big he was. He kept his eyes locked with yours as his right hand sneaked down to stroked his bulge, giving it a few pumps which made it raise a little bit higher. You were taken aback by its movement but was distracted when Namjoon started to fiddle with your jeans. You raised your hips up to him, helping him pull it off you and you raised your shirt over your head, throwing it onto the floor. You were left in your black bra and panties and Namjoon couldn’t help but not groan, but growl at the sight of you.

“Fuck, I thought you couldn’t drive me any crazier.” He muttered, hands combing back through his hair as his gaze burned into you. You blushed, immediately clenching your legs together and pushing your arms to a close. Namjoon stops you, grabbing your arms and holding them over your head against the bed and pushed you up so you both could be in the middle of the bed.

“It’s not fair that you’re not fully naked, y/n.” Namjoon said gruffly into your ear.

“Take them off, fuck, I need you so bad.” You panted and Namjoon didn’t hesitate to reach behind you, ready to unclip your bra when you told him to wait out of embarrassment. Namjoon looked at you and brought you closer, till your bosom was pressing against his chest, with only the bra in between.

“I’ll take it off, and you can slowly lay back down for me, okay?” Namjoon reassured you. You nodded and felt his hands brushing against your back, unclipping the hook easily. He slowly took the bra off and in one gentle pull, your full breasts were against his chest. With your legs around his waist, you slowly backed away, letting the cold air brush against your breasts, making your nipples erect. He felt the heat rush to your cheeks against as he pushed you down on your back, his eyes roamed across your chest as he examined how your breasts protruded from your ribcage. He starts to nip at your breasts, using his hands and tongue all at once as he sucked on them hungrily, kissing down to your stomach. He breathed in deep as he dragged your panties down by his teeth, getting rid of them and pushed your legs apart. Your body writes at his touch as he lowered his hand closer to your pussy and he slid one finger across, soaking that finger in your juices.

“All this for me? Fuck baby girl, you’re so beautiful.” Namjoon said and kisses your inner thighs, biting each side to leave his mark.

“May I?” He asks and all you could reply was a groan and pushed your pussy closer to his face. Namjoon smirked and spread your legs wider, before he went in to give you a long, slow lick across that pussy of yours. He heard you moan and did it again, repeatedly going faster and sucking you. Every now and then he would just lick your clitoris, hard until you reached your high before releasing quickly to drag his tongue across your folds. Namjoon stucked a finger into you, adding another after a while to get you to open up for him.

“Fuck baby, I could eat you all day.” Namjoon growled and dived back in, licking your folds faster as he heard your breaths started to irregulate. He pulled away, going back to give you a long kiss before wanting to position himself to enter when you placed a hand at his chest and made him lie down instead.

“Babe?” Namjoon asked, confused as to where you were going and you groaned when he called you that. “Oh, you like me calling you babe? What happens if I call you a slut?” He smirks, only to have it drop when you didn’t smile back and instead kissed him, his jawline and down his abs till you were face to face with his long and thick dick, precum already dripping from it. You flicked your tongue, taking a swipe at the precum, making Namjoon hiss, and tasted the sourness. You licked your lips, making a click sound and slowly putting him inside your mouth, pressing your lips harder against his shaft and letting your tongue lick the head. You took more of him in and started to suck him off, your head bopping up and down. Namjoon’s hands were in your hair and his head fell back onto the pillows as you continued to take him in.

“Just like that babygirl,” Namjoon cooed, lifting his hips a bit higher to help you, “You’re such a fucking slut for sucking my cock.”

  You groaned and sucked him hard again, making him moan louder. You slowly took your mouth off him, watching his body reach to your mouth. You kissed the top of his dick and then kissed his balls tenderly, only making him hiss and grabbing you by the waist and pinning you back underneath him. He kisses you again, of course he loves kissing you, he’s been waiting for so long, and jerks his dick, rubbing your previous saliva on it more before teasing your pussy’s folds with it.

“Namjoon, I want you.” You panted, hands over your head as you felt like you couldn’t take it anymore.

“Want me to what, babe? Tell me and I’ll do it. I’ll fuck you raw.” Namjoon says roughly, kissing your thighs.

“Just fuck me, I need you inside of me, now.” You pleaded and it didn’t take another second before Namjoon slowly slid inside of you, making sure his heads were beneath you at your lower back so he could help support you. He slowly pushes himself in a bit and then takes himself out before pushing himself in deeper, repeating this again till you got used to his size.

“God, you take all of me in so nicely.” Namjoon says as he thrusts into your, raising the pace ever so slowly. He fondles with your breasts, licking down and nibbling them, playing with your warm chest as he fucks you harder, thrusting in and out of you.

“Yeah, cum on my dick babe, cum all over so I can put you back in.” Namjoon said into your ear and you grabbed his back tighter, letting out a loud moan and your hips jerked from his thrusts till you reached your high. Namjoon grabs your neck as you whimpered louder, his thrusts making a loud sound as he slammed against you. Namjoon held your knees and brought your legs higher, thrusting in your faster and gave you a few last slams till he came. He continued his pace, not letting his orgasm stop him from fucking you. He grabs your ass cheek, slapping it every then massaging it.

  Namjoon gets off and kisses you again. You take his dick and place it between your boobs, mushing your mounds against him and letting him shift in between your breasts. Namjoon moans, as you got on your knees and started to suck him again. Namjoon pulls your head back and asks if he could cum on your and you breathed a raspy ‘yes’ before he starts to jerk his dick, moving his hand faster as jets of cum got on your body. He was about to finish his last when you sat upright and took him in, sucking him one more time and making him cum in your mouth. You licked his dick clean and he kisses you, your face in his hands softly but firmly. He lays down on the bed and pulls you to position you to lay on top of him, your breasts once again against him. He stares at your faces, breathing heavily and taking in your expression before pushing a lock of your hair out of your face. Namjoon wraps his strong arms around your back and as you giggled, trying to get away, he pushes you tighter against him, making you shyer as he was still hard against you.

“We just made love and you’re still shy? What am I going to do with you.” Namjoon sighs, smiling at you. He sits upright and makes you sit so your legs could straddle his waist. He brushes his now somewhat dry hair against you and kisses your shoulders. He licks and fondles your breasts once again, kissing them like there’s no tomorrow and gives you one last kiss in the middle between your breasts.

“Made love?” You asked and he nodded.

Made love. Because I love you.” Namjoon says softly, pressing his forehead against yours.

I love you too.” You reply, looking into his eyes. Namjoon kisses you and you both fall back under the sheets, him grabbing you by the waist tightly before you both drift off to sleep.

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Before the replies, two things: 1) My queue ends NEXT Monday, not tomorrow. I don’t know why I thought it ended so soon. Anyway, thanks for the comments and reblogs. I’m suddenly hit by that anxiety that everything I do is awful and boring and I’m disappointing you, and then I have to remind myself:

jk jk. But this first issue is a lot of table-setting and will hopefully lead to more interesting issues down the road, including more sci-fi fare and less internal monologue. Or maybe not? Who knows.

2) I’ll be going out of town this Thursday, 7/29 and coming back Monday, 7/31. I wanted to start the next issue as soon as this one ended but there will be a gap. I need to get some things done before I leave town, sim and non-sim things alike. (:

Anyway, here we go:

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Cliché Love Song - Part 1

Parring: Dean Wincheser X Reader

Word: 712

Warnings: No

Summary: Dean wants to impress his parents and his brother who has everything, and makes his friend pretend to be his girlfriend. It’s all fun, until Dean starts to falls in love with you

A/N: This is mostly introduction. I will do a Jefferson serie, i just wanted to do this now, but don’t worry, you don’t have to wait for this to finish. Tell me what you thought!


Originally posted by frozen-delight

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It seemed so fast yet what happened was by no means sudden.

The gradual changes.
The slow distance.
The never ending promises.

I used to be valued, treasured. You loved me so much and you could not help but show me, reinforce that idea whenever I doubted. I trusted that and told myself I was wrong when it all started to crumble though I was being irrational, jealous, over sensitive, and over bearing. But I was not. I went from being your number one to your last priority. I came behind everyone else when I still wanted everything for you. I kept giving you more and more of myself, and you sucked the life out of me while closing yourself off. The apologies were endless and empty. If you meant it, you would not leave me home alone, crying and heartbroken for at least four days in a week. You would not leave unanswered texts, an empty bed, my chest crushed under the weight of my own thoughts.

You said you did not want to hurt me, but you did not seem to want to change enough to save me. Like you said, people change. I just never thought you would turn into the person that would walk away. You ruined the person I was becoming, after I placed my life in your hands. We will never know who I was to become, and we never will.

Slowly but surely by burning bridges, you set my world on fire. I lost myself in flames, but I learned my lesson. I pity whoever follows you, for they have their work cut out. Who will take the time to mend these broken pieces, these scorched and ashen bones? I hope someday I find them, and learn that my love was never meant to be yours.

skellyia  asked:

sorry to bother you, but can i ask how you make your typography so clean and amazing?

I use the pen tool and draw everything as a vector! I start with a sketch and draw out everything I want in the design, then trace over it with the pen tool. making vectors allowes me to scale and tweak everything without losing that clean edge.

anonymous asked:

we've been dating for awhile. and you used to shower me with so much love and affection. but i'm sure it was just so i'd stay and not leave like the first time. but i don't feel loved by you anymore, all i'm being presented with are your sexual desires. and whenever i want to talk or hang, you never respond. and you're also never the first to text. its summer and i miss you, but due to your lack of presence, i guess you don't feel the same way. i'm starting to feel like an inconvenience.

Go on/off anon and pretend we’re the person you want to talk to, and get everything off your chest

sp00kysc0rpi0  asked:

How do you feel about Jon meeting Daenerys? I know a lot of the fandom ships them (despite her being his aunt) but I never wanted them to meet. It just makes everything more complicated and when he sees Melissanre that could start a whole other war. Idk why I don't want them to meet so badly. Thanks for your time 💙

I understand their needing to meet, and I guess I’d teaming up if it means Dany sees the threat beyond the wall as a real problem (seriously, she needs to do something to convince me she actually cares about Westeros, and doesn’t just want to be Queen because she’s an entitled brat). As far as their relationship goes, I feel like everyone kind of thinks it’s gonna be some perfect team up because they’re ~fire and ice~ and they’re both Important Characters, when I’d be much more satisfied if they actually uh? Stayed in character and were at odds? Like if Jon just shrugs and is like “yeah sure lemme just hand over the North and whatever because you’re my hot dragon aunt and this is what the fans want” it would be??? Terrible. Same if Dany talks to him once and is immediately just *heart eyes*. Like anything, the relationship has to be earned, and so long as it is, I don’t really have any complaints. (That all being said I do hate the incest thing and I didn’t sink six years into this hell fandom for the Bland and Predictable pairing to rule Westeros thx)

anonymous asked:

idk if anyone has mentioned this but when it comes to discovering anything, it's like getting into a relationship with it. So it's the honeymoon stage at first and you want to know about any and everything they're doing. As time progresses, you get comfortable, and you start to understand that this is just another constant in your life. Maybe you'll be fine without it, maybe not. I get that feeling as well, but I still appreciate having them around. But maybe it just takes more time...

that’s definitely what it feels like. I just think the spark for it come and goes for me but idk 

bellecarites  asked:

aries and neptune :)

aries: what are you passionate about?

First things first I’m a student so except breaks I don’t have enough time for generally everything. But hey, it’s summer! I can write and do whatever I want! I like painting. Too much. We have art class on our school and my teacher is a very nice and really talented, hard working one (unlike others I’ve had back in primary school), and I started painting acrylics on canvas at school and now I’m still doing it. It makes me feel safe, you know? When I’m depressed I give myself completely to art, and because it has healing powers I feel better. And I love writing. I’ve started a new novel, a high-fantasy one, it’s about a Wanderer from South (someone who hasn’t got any plans for her life), a pirate captain from The Cold Waters (the biggest sea that separates East and South), an elf from North and a fugitive Princess from West (she ran because she doesn’t want to marry but there’s an another story haha). They go on an adventure in order to find a stolen diamond, which has enormous powers, perhaps uniting the broken kingdoms. And four of them are females! :) Anyway, I like books and travelling and taking photos because it’s nice to look back at the days by looking the photos you’ve taken, and it’s nostalgic. I like playing the piano, too. :))) Ok it got way much longer than I thought, I talk too much about the things I’m passionate about. :)))

neptune: share one of your dreams.

My biggest dream would be to be happy. I am, but I want to keep on being happy. Sunflowers and sunshine, a warm breeze coming from the endless sea, eyes on the horizon and wind flowing your long, white cihiffon dress while you’re sipping from your cherry pepsi cola. I want to do what I love to do and live outside of the city and have a real life, not a clichéd one that involves going to work to see your boring colleagues, everyday is the same of the others. 

That’s it, folks!

More astrology asks here!

this guy realllllly does not like being called short.