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headcanons for Zen, Seven, Jumin, & V when MC is insecure about her body after her pregnancy (because of weight gain, stretch marks, stomach flab, stuff like that). thanks so much aaa

I love writing about body positivity so this is a great request, anonny! Hopefully this made sense and is fluffy enough, I want everyone to feel happy in their bodies! So thank you for the request and I hope that you enjoy! ^^


  • Since the birth of your little boy, you and Zen had barely any free time
  • Between his musicals, your work, taking care of your child, RFA parties, and the media, the two of you rarely saw each other until it was bedtime and the two of you were exhausted
  • While truly grateful for everything, Zen missed his alone time with you and wanted to change it
  • So one night, Zen put his son to bed early and cuddle up in bed next to you with you happily accepting his embrace
  • He started to soothingly rub your back, to which you hummed in content, as his hand lowered to your tummy
  • You pulled away from Zen’s tender touches, face turning red as you lepted out of bed to go to the restroom
  • But Zen was quicker and caught ahold of you via his arms around your waist and questioned why you were against his touches
  • You tried pulling his arms away, struggling as you explained that you still have extra skin and stretch marks due to your son’s birth and that compared to his perfect body, you felt disgusting
  • Without warning, Zen gently lifted you up and settled you back onto the bed, trapping you with his long arms as he slowing moved your shirt up to reveal your tummy
  • Zen spent the night placing soft kisses over your tummy, telling you how stunning your body is and how much he admires you and how thankful he is for you to have given birth and give him the family that he’s always dreamed of


  • After the birth of his daughter, Jumin tried his very best to become the best father and husband that he could be
  • He would come home earlier at nights in order to spend time with his little girl and you
  • But when he would have to attend parties and late night meetings, you would sometimes sit your daughter on your lap as the two of you watched Jumin deliver speeches at the events
  • You couldn’t help but feel ashamed of your body after looking at the swarm of model-bodied woman that went to the events
  • One night after your daughter was asleep and Jumin was at work, you wanted to see if your old cocktail dresses fit you
  • When you couldn’t fit the dress over your stomach, you broke down and started crying as the pool of fabric surrounded you
  • Much to Jumin’s surprise, he saw you, a sobbing mess on the floor, and immediately rushed to you
  • Without thinking, you cried into his chest as you said between tears how gross your body was due to giving birth and hwontou couldn’t get rid of your extra skin
  • Jumin gently pulled you back and with a look of sincere confusion, questioned why you thought that your body was any less than perfect in his eyes which made you cry harder at the compliment
  • After calming you down, Jumin spent the night whispering how beautiful and perfect your body was, secretly ordering you new dresses to help you realize just how amazing your body was even with extra skin


  • Never in his life would Seven had imagined he would feel such happiness
  • His brother was safe, the RFA was flourishing, he was married with you, and most recently you had given birth to your son
  • After leaving his previous hacking agency and getting a job with cyber security, his work load seemed to double
  • Seven barely had time to spend with you and your son, only quickly grabbing some food and occasional shower breaks
  • But one night Seven got done with work early and told you to rest as he played with his son before bedtime
  • After finally getting the little one settled down for sleep, Seven opened your bedroom door to find you poking your tummy
  • Seven smirked and flopped himself onto his side of the bed, poking your stomach as well
  • But you pushed his hand away, whining about how many stretch marks you had and how you still had extra skin due to giving birth
  • Seven felt ashamed for not realizing your doubts sooner
  • You suddenly felt his skilled fingers tickle your sides and around your stretch marks, causing you to burst out laughing while weakly trying to push him away
  • Seven refused, saying that he would only stop when you promised to not have any more negative thoughts about your body
  • You agreed and Seven smiled, warning you that if you ever had any more bad thoughts about your body, he would tickle you and love you until you forgot all about them


  • Giving birth to twins was both a miracle and a new source of stress in yours and V’s lives
  • The toll that your body took from giving birth coupled with actively taking care of your little boy and girl and your hormones being a mess
  • Basically, you were a hot mess
  • Especially when V brought up the topic of photographing you and your little twins
  • You were still covered in stretch marks and extra skin, your insecurity made your anxiety skyrocket
  • V quickly noticed your nervous state and laid his twins down for a nap then leading you to the bedroom
  • You told your husband in a fast voice that your body was still recovering and that you still felt gross, continuing by worrying that your body would never fully look normal again as you pulled your hair from stress
  • V wrapped his arms around your shoulder, giving your temple a soothing kiss as he let you vent out your worries
  • Once you were out of breath from so much talking, V steadied your shoulders and looked you straight in the eyes as he told you how beautiful you looked
  • He didn’t care what kind of scars would be on your body nor did he care if you had any extra weight
  • You listened as he laid you down ontop of his chest saying how you loved him even if his eyes would never fully heal and that he would always love you even if your body never fully healed
  • V’s love for you would never end no matter what your body looked like

Alex: Thanks for the movie. You really didn’t have to pay- Oh crap.
Ren: Everything alright?
Alex: *sigh* Yeah, I have to run home. My aunt had to leave early.
Ren: Oh shoot. Did you want me to come with?
Alex: U-uh. Are you sure?
Ren: Yeah, of course. It’s no problem.
Alex: O-ok! Well, it’s not like he needs 24/7 care or anything… I just feel better when he has someone there. He’s just starting to… forget things.
Ren: Ah. Well it’s no problem. If you want to go home by yourself though, I understand.
Alex: Oh no, no! I’d love to still have someone to hang out with. I just really need to get home…for piece of mind.
Ren: Alright! Let’s get going.

I Am On The Verge Of My Love

I can’t live with your ignoring,
I can’t live with your rejection,
I can’t see myself in agonisingly,
Hence, I am stopping here
because I want to heal myself…

I am on the verge of my love,
I promise that I will live without you,
And there will not be any grivenaces..
I promise that I will bear the wounds,
And there will not be any pains..

Now that I am about to lose you completely,
I start feeling that I am leaving everything consistently…
I don’t know why I am craving so much,
Sitting in the dark and sobbing as such,
The tears of loneliness are slaying me from inside,
And this self destruction is the verdict of mine…

I am on the verge of my love,
I am on the verge of my smile,
I am on the verge of my cry,
I am on the verge of my life…

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Why do Dead Enders even care about Rose? She is not a love interest but only Alternate Hook's daughter. They should be relieved and thankful that their ship is safe in SB. Why so threatened?

Because they resent that Wish Hook and Alice exist at all.  They legitimately resent that we’ve not seen Emma tell Hook she’s pregnant, that we didn’t see her give birth.  That we haven’t seen the kid.  That we don’t know it’s gender.  You know… all the things that make lovely fan fic and terrible television.  I personally think it’s in part because these are the same people who have never respected fan based creativity so they can’t take the pleasure in seeing those things in fan fic because it’s somehow not legitimate.

They want the show to admit that season 7 was a mistake and that none of these stories matter and Rose and Alice stand for everything they hate and also their own futility.  A month or so back one of them started ranting about how stupid Alice was on a tweet of an Alice funko I had made.  There were several of the Dead Enders who were offended that Creation might dare book season 7 actors as guests because they don’t consider season 7 part of the show.

It’s like they’ve taken the standard fan tactic of saying “X season didn’t exist” and just assumed for some bizarre reason that they got to state that for everyone including a convention company.  

But it’s a whole mass of weird contradictions.

I had a recent wakeup call about this realization. If your focusing on everything you don’t want, you get everything you don’t want. Switch the channel, and start energerizing higher truths. What is a higher truth? Instead of saying we don’t have enough x, flip the script there is always more than enough ________(insert your desires). The more we focus on what we do want the closer we ALIGN with energizing a higher truth. Change your perspective, change your story. 💜 #awakeningtips, #awakening #kundalini #inspiration #meditation #spiritjunkie #desiremap #focus #coredesiredfeelings

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i strive for the confidence to be able to post vore on main but also i'm terrified. thanks!

well once you get past the fact that literally fucking nothing matters it gets easier

also, not directed at you, maxy, but i make a lot of shitty jokes. literally if cringey shit pisses you off so much, why didnt you unfollow me from the start

i had not one, but 2 whole vore centered davekat comics

they were jokes yes, but so is this. the only difference is that i purposely took time on it to fuck with everyone

but yeah forreal. i would never post porn on here, or like nsfw nsfw shit, but i will maybe sometimes post gross joke fetish art and if that makes you uncomfy, get out or blacklist?

I tag EVERYTHING i can like if theres something u want tagged ill probably do it? but yeah anyways HAPPY 2018 GUYS XD

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Hiya can i please request p with Taron please thank youn💕

Thanks for requesting, anon!

P = Pregnant (How do they react to their partner being pregnant? How are they during pregnancy?)

Originally posted by imagine-vansandbvnds

Taron would be absolutely ecstatic finding out you were pregnant. He would be so excited and so in love and just wouldn’t be able to keep it a secret. You’d both agreed to keep it from the public until you were around 4-5 months and started showing properly but in interviews where he was asked about you, he struggled to keep quiet, dropping subtle hints now and then. It wasn’t long before fans pieced it all together and found out, meaning you and Taron had to confirm it.

During the pregnancy, he’d be all over you. He’d always make sure you had everything you wanted and would never let you do anything for yourself to the point where it got annoying. He wouldn’t go away to film unless you came with him because he didn’t want to miss anything and wanted to make sure that both you and the baby were safe and happy.


hi there! i’m mary and i’m looking for some simblr gems!

i just redid my blog and started over so my dash is pretty empty! if you would like/reblog this so i can check out your blog that would be cool :) i’m interested in pretty much everything, be it story or casual gameplay!! i just want to get to know some people and interact more with the community ;)

have a wonderful day! 

Another day, another asshole on tumblr faking suicide because they weren’t getting the attention they wanted.

@markiplier: I owe you an apology. I was quick to grab my torch and pitchfork when the rumor spread. I’m a scientist, I should know not to draw conclusions until I have actual evidence, but…all that went out the window the moment someone yelled “fire” in a crowded fandom.

@The people who legitimately took things too far: you still suck.

@The people involved in starting the suicide hoax: How dare you. What were you trying to accomplish? Mark’s attention? Were you hoping he would drop everything to visit you In the hospital? You weren’t IN the hospital. Supposing you got your way, you got an improvised Make A Wish that you didn’t deserve. How were you thinking you were going to explain that away? I have watched a loved one die of organ failure. I sat there every goddamn day in the ICU for weeks, holding his hand as his body slowly gave up on him. In all of this, your bullshit narrative was the only thing that “triggered” me, and I had flashbacks to sitting there watching his vital signs whittle away to nothing. So fuck you. Fuck you for causing a group of well-meaning strangers from around the world to worry about your lying ass. People like you are why mental illnesses are still seen as a fucking joke. My illness is not a prop for you to use to get what you want.

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I was always made fun of in school said I was fat and ugly and that no one would even touch me because I was disgusted.I had a miserable life so far I'm 19 . But this is for you and for anyone on this Tumblr reading this.I made my decision. I am fixing everything.I'm getting hot. I making my coin and getting into uni and I'm gonna start having a good life. Yall can do it. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING U WANT DON'T GIVE UP.LIFE IS A BITCH. but we a bigger bitch and we gonna make life our hoe and be savage.


So ive talked about naughty things made nice, and this is one way to do it!! This could have been “chocolate and peanut butter cookies”….OR…. you can make it like this!! The HEALTHY WAY. If you are wanting to make a change and finding it hard, try doing it without cutting out everything all at once… instead start to create healthy versions of the things you want and slowly remove the unhealthy habits from your life!! @anettvelsberg

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story time hoes

a few months ago i used to spam my snapchat story (add me if you want @/wilhelminabeann) with random selfies of me edited like this, and people didn’t mind them, so i looked for different ways to make the whole drawing shizzle more precise and i ended up doing these types of things.

earlier my friends started sending me selfies of themselves and i’m sh00k bc they appreciate them so much and they now use them as pfps on everything????

i might share some more art like this later, but here’s the finished one :)


I’ve hit 121 followers over night and I can express how thankful I am for everyone who’s followed me and continued to support my account this past week! When I started this blog, I never expected for it to grow so much in such a short time span. I appreciate all of you who’ve consistently been there and liking everything I post! I’ve been happier than I have for the past few months seeing such love from people I’ve never met and the kindness given to me. I hope to do something for hitting 100, but I’m not sure exactly what I’ll do. I can’t build, I’m not the best at making Sims but I want to do something! Again thanks so much, I love all of you! ❤️💙💚💜💛

Special dinner.

Pair: Yoongi x reader 
PG: +13. (soft, but not entirely)
Word count: 1.600

You were really trying your best to cook something delicious for Yoongi. He called an hour prior saying he was free after practice and he wanted to spend some time with you, it had been so long since you’ve done something special, you thought cooking was something ‘easy’ to do yet would be a pleasant surprise to Yoongi.

But oh, you were so wrong, there was nothing easy about cooking a Korean recipe.

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Wait I’m out of the loop what’s currently going on with mcr?

well see, first they dropped a whole bunch of videos on their youtube channel the other day and now there’s this thing on their website saying that we need to ‘check back soon for details on the upcoming tour’,

 which, if you ask me, is just to make everyone go crazy. WarnerBros did this at the beginning of MCRX and I can not imagine that there really is a reunion tour coming up. I mean, Gerard just started shooting Umbrella Academy, Mikey mentioned that he works on new songs and he’s got a role in the new Transformers movie, Frank said that he needs time off of tour and Ray lives his life in peace atm..I mean don’t get me wrong, I would give everything for a reunion, but I just don’t want to get up my hopes again, not like last time :/

there’s also this:

(from their website)

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2:34. it’s pouring rain and all I want is to be with you. feel your warmth. feel your heartbeat. listen to the raindrops on the windows. Have our breaths synchronize in harmonious inhales and exhales. Have some classical music gently playing in hushed tones. Everything fitting together like a perfectly made puzzle crafted for only us. Everything going back to the way it was before you started keeping secrets

Anonymously tell me what time it is there and what you’re thinking about

Growing 101

I’m about to chop down my plants and start my next grow. I’ve been thinking about starting a YouTube channel and going over every aspect of growing from mixing the soil to the lights to intake and exhaust ventilation to watering; when to water what nutrients to use, and everything else one would need to know to produce good bud. I’ll also go over some or the basics of concentrate extraction i.e. dabs. Let me know if you would want to watch this I know there are a ton of growing channels out there but this one I would try to cover everything that someone would want to know to have a great small grow room and I would also try to answer any questions ppl have and maybe even visit some other legal grows in MA. So like or msg me if you would be interested in this youtube channel.

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Hi, I want to tell you something :') So, just wanted to say something because Ily and idk. I have 24, and my gf 23. And three days ago I said to her "Hey babe, you know that gay marriage is legalized, right ;)?" and she was like ",,,,i,,, i know,," ok, somehow. we just. start crying and,,, LIKE EVERYTHING WAS REALLY AKWARD. so yeah, I'm fucking engaged. There was no ring, it wasn't even planned. But anyways, I'm the happiest girl in the fucking world now. ps; Ilikereallymuchyourblogandhamilton.

Woooo ♪☆\(^0^\) ♪(/^-^)/☆ congratulations!!!!

Pregnancy headcanons (reboot)


-Vergil’s so excited for you to have his child. He’s been wanting this for a while but has never pressured you on the subject. Practice is just as fun as the real thing ;);)

-He constantly wants to touch your bump.

-Has read every baby book known to man.

-He’s SO protective it’s both endearing and annoying.

-He actually takes a back seat with work and makes you his main priority which is truly amazing until he won’t even let you do the smallest thing.

-He always goes to sleep with a hand on your stomach.

-When it comes to the birth, he’s so calm and collected whilst you’re stressing the fuck out.

- Everything’s alright until he starts doing these weird breathing exercises and you kind of just stop and stare at him, wondering what the fuck is happening.

- You literally grab his face with your hand when he keeps telling you to push along with the midwife although you’re not really sure why she’s there when nurse Vergil seems to have made an appearance.

-When the baby comes you’re both crying and he gives you the sweetest kiss on the forehead before resting his on yours.

-Watching him hold your baby is the most beautiful moment.

-When it’s your turn he sits beside you and the both of you realise that nothing else but this beautiful child matters.


-So Dante’s panicking from the start and he’s also a little bitter because he’s realised his pullout game isn’t as strong as he thought.

-If you want to keep it he’s going to support you but there’s that underlying dread that their childhood might end up like his.

-He’ll admit that he enjoyed the period where you’re horny lmao

-When the baby kicks for the first time that’s when he falls in love with it.

-He starts getting real excited and buying loads of unnecessary shit thanks to the bank of Vergil.

-The labour is the most horrific thing he’s ever seen. He most likely would stay outside in the waiting room hunched over looking all worried and moody or in there holding your hand but there’s no telling with that man.

-If he’s in the delivery room with you, you have to throw in the iconic ‘you did this to me’ scream.

-Dante’s too scared to hold the baby first but after some coaxing he suddenly becomes Daryl Dixon with Judith???

-You can tell he’d literally die for this baby and he almost triggers when the nurse takes them to be checked.