the starship mechanic

Fives - Priceless

Dating a clone is always going to come with its own set of challenges - and the latest one is that Fives seems to feel…replaceable. Well, you’ll just have to set him straight about that.

Wordcount: 2221

Warnings: Insecurity (not reader’s), drinking

Notes: Fives is so wonderful and precious ok I really love him and I’ve been waiting to write this for like weeks.

“We should do this more often,” you remark wistfully, taking another sip from the bottle and staring out over the skyline. The air’s just a little chilly - cooler than normal for Coruscant - but he’s so close to you it doesn’t matter. The dark grey fabric of his under-armor clings to his chest and quite frankly, you’d be a liar if you said you didn’t appreciate that.

“What, sit outside the barracks and drink? Yeah, we’re really living the dream,” Fives says, but he’s got a soft sort of smile on his face as he looks at you. 

He’s right, in a way - it’s not much in the way of dates. But he ships out tomorrow - again - and so this time with him, no matter how you spend it, is infinitely precious. Just being this close to him (man, he smells amazing) is sweet enough to make your chest ache.

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I didn’t get a screenshot of it last night and I’m trying to stay away from my big computer tonight since I have to be up kind of early tomorrow, but a Vashi headcanon spawned from one of the things I received in a pack–a floating mini-droid pet

Vashi spent her earliest years in Imperial space with her mother, who was something of a starship mechanic by day, Imperial intelligence informant by night. Vashi’s mother was a skilled infiltrator and an excellent improviser, but a particularly risky mission got her in hot water, and she had to leave the Imperial fleet with young Vashi

thing is, they kind of stole a ship to escape (the ship that would later become Vashi’s own), and while on the run, Vashi needed something to do. one of the pieces of junk aboard the ship she and her mother stole was what remained of a miniature probe droid, used for basic observation. not super-useful in the grand scheme of things, but fixing it up gave Vashi something to do

in the end, the mini droid earned a reputation among Vashi and her mother for being near-indestructible. no matter where they ended up, what kind of tangles they got into, the mini-droid survived, and was always fixable by either Vashi or her mother

basically Vashi’s mother turned smuggling into a family affair, and was the one who started out doing it as a means to survival, but didn’t particularly like it. one day when they stopped on Coruscant, Vashi’s mother decided she was done, and wanted to settle down. Vashi, being pretty young and adventurous and full of wanderlust, wanted to keep going on her smuggling work. Vashi and her mother got into a pretty serious argument about it, and in the end Vashi’s mother said Vashi was free to go and could even take the ship, but she wouldn’t be there if Vashi landed herself in a mess too big to handle. she would basically be on her own. the last thing Vashi’s mother gave Vashi before she left was that miniature probe droid, and Vashi still has it to this day.

young Vashi decided that was a risk worth taking, and left Coruscant that day. her mother still lives there, but Vashi’s too ashamed to contact her now, not even necessarily because she’s doing not-necessarily-legal things, just because she’s not proud of how she left. for a while it was just Vashi and her mother, surviving on their own, and their relationship had always been very strong. she regrets how she left and doesn’t really know how to face it, or resolve it