the stares they share


A moment of silence for Donghae in the last GIF putting his hand on Hyukjae knee and trying to caress it in a subtle manner. /youtried

Your skin will touch the same way.
Your lips will kiss the same way.
Your thoughts will think the same way.
Your arms will hug the same way.
Your legs will walk with them forever.
Your senses will work the same.

Because it’s something different,
because people are tied to traditions.

The world is still new.
The world is still an infant.
The world is a spoiled brat.
The world is old cultured.

The world you live in
is a drunk tattoo
we got as teenagers–
we can’t remove it,
we can only simply
cover it with more
stars that the sky
didn’t get to share.

And I’m sorry that
people stare
when you hold hands,
they just don’t understand
and maybe,

they never will.

But as long as you do,
what does it matter?

—  The next time you feel uncomfortable with your sex being the same as your lover because the world painted you as something forbidden. Ask them the color of their heart and ask them what it looks like, what it sounds like and how it feels like to love. I hope they give you the answer that is true, because no matter who you love, our hearts they will always work the same. Nothing can change that. No one can change that. You love because it is love.

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anything else you want to share? i'd even be willing to stare at your grocery list.

I have no grocery list, I have no cash or goat to exchange with groceries ‘)-( ‘

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A Montprouvaire date at the fair ending with Jehan learning of Parnasse's fear of heights once they get stuck at the top of the ferris wheel though

The skyline was both beautiful and infinite, each light sparkling in the night like yet another star in the firmament. Jehan would be at a loss to tell where the sky began and ended. Entranced, they gaze at it all, suspended somewhere in the middle of that boundless universe.

“Parnasse, look! The Sacré Coeur is glowing!”

The Basilica was just a few miles away, burning in the darkness like a white nebula. Jehan tugged Montparnasse’s sleeve, but their boyfriend didn’t budge closer. They turned around with an excited smile, but their enthusiasm was hardly shared. Sat next to them, Montparnasse was staring at his feet, his arms wrapped around himself. He was literally holding himself together.

“Chaton?” Jehan called softly.

They touched his arm. He was trembling.

“Montparnasse, what is it?”

Their tone was as collected as possible, but seeing Montparnasse like this was not exactly common place. Jehan saw him swallow thickly.

“I-H-Heights are not.. I don’t…”

Jehan let out an ever so small gasp. Montparnasse had been strangely quiet and stoic since the beginning of the ride. They had thought him lost in contemplation, but they could bet his eyes had remained locked on his shoes the whole time. A steady hand took a shaking one.

“You numpty. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“You looked very excited to go,” Montparnasse grumbled, sounding both sheepish and grouchy, though he leant into the touch and fondled Jehan closer.

Montparnasse would rather juggle with three bee hives set on fire in a pit of poisonous snakes than admit he had weaknesses. But he was getting better at it. Yet there was nothing he could do to even his irregular breathing. Jehan rubbed his back gently with their free hand.

“It’s okay. You will be walking on solid ground in a minute, I promise. We’ll go grab a full mug of hot cocoa somewhere afterwards, okay?”

“No offense to cocoa, but I’ll need something stronger than that.”

“Spiked cocoa, then.”

sooooo i saw TLSP live last night at sziget and it was amazing and i can barely speak because i sang my heart out during the songs and i can’t believe i saw Miles and Alex they were fucking brilliant and i swear to god everybody in the crowd thought they were going to kiss during bad habits and it was so funny bc until that moment everybody was singing the song but when Alex and Miles were close to each other when they shared a mic everybody went quiet and stared at the big screens and imo they were all disappointed a bit ( me included :D) when they didn’t kiss it was like everybody was a milex shipper 

it was one of the best days of my life ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

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Hello~ may I request headcanons for the akatsuki seeing their s/o in a bikini for the first time?? Thank you :3

Deidara would shamelessly check out his s/o’s body with a smile on his face, and would proudly put an arm around them to let everyone know that they’re with him.

Itachi would try his hardest not to blush because he wouldn’t want to ruin his reputation of being cool and composed, but on the inside he would be breaking down because of how beautiful you and your body are.

Kisame would politely try not to stare, but the sight would remain in his memory for the rest of the day, and he would definitely want to see their body again.

Konan wouldn’t make it obvious that she’s looking at their body, because she’s had her fair share of creeps staring at her revealed body and she knows how uncomfortable it can feel, but she would sneak a few peeks at them.

-Admin Will

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this just hit me like a ton of bricks and I knew exactly who to tell it to, Guzma is the true author of my immortal

*stares blankly at the screen*

holy shit


“Kukui, I want to share with you my deepest, darkest, secret.” 


“You don’t understand! This secret should join me in the grave. You have to swear on your life that you will keep this between us!”

Kukui rolls his eyes, “Just tell me.” 

Guzma takes a huge steadying breath and gazes around them to make sure that not a soul was around them. All that could be seen was lush green and sparkling water trimmed with glittering sand. He wipes his brow, the secret weighing on him for too long. He must tell, he must share it with someone he trusts. Only Kukui, he wouldn’t judge him. Surely Kukui would understand why he had to keep it silent.

“I..” The words back up in his throat and in that moment his companion looks on him with deep concern. He gathers himself to speak again, he must continue, “I wrote ‘My Immortal’! It was me and… and…”

His shoulder is squeezed gently, Kukui’s face looks so gentle, so loving, so… 

“I’m not even surprised!” Kukui’s voice is laced with laughter, “Of course you did! I should have known!”

Guzma’s face flashes with outrage, “What the hell is that supposed to mean!?”

Kukui has to take a moment to gather himself, he leans his back against a nearby tree and wipes a single tear from his eye, “Oh nothing, Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Guzma Way!”

Guzma’s hood is thrown over his head, his eyes peeking out with anger, “I hate you so much right now.”

Kukui throws his arm over him and pulls him close, “No you don’t, wanna go flip off some preps?” 

There wasn’t a verbal answer, only a slow nod. 

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Techie staring in awe at the recent gift Kylo gave his big brother. "What is it?" he asks, poking the stuffed ewok's nose. "Kylo says it's called a doll." "What does it do?" "It's a toy apparently." Techie stared at the doll in wonder. Hux later shared it with him, letting him sleep with it. Matt later found out and bought Techie a stuffed animal of his own.

!!!!!! So cute!!!!!

[ @hugonakayama

blaine has never been happier in his life. no one can convince him he’s not ascending to heaven right now; not only did he redeem himself by winning a stupid ring toss game, he got a free iron man mask as a prize. honestly, he’s more pumped about the mask than actually winning. he’s had it on since he’s won it, and blaine has already received his fair share of bewildered stares and happy cheers from children. he likes to think he makes an absolutely great tony stark. blaine’s humming lightly under his breath, focus darting all over the place, before his gaze lands on a very familiar figure. he’d know– blaine’s spent an entire period trying to talk to the unresponsive man. 

still, he might as well. blaine hasn’t had the chance to approach hugo ever since the list was revealed, and it would satisfy his curiousity about the whole leader thing. without any more second thoughts, he bounds towards hugo, effortlessly falling into step beside him. “howdy, roger,” he greets, happily, as he raises the mask, his tone a horrible imitation of tony stark’s voice. “bright day we’re having, huh, mister leader?” he asks, with a wide grin. “what are you doing alone? planning some leader-y plans? ruminating about world domination?”

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Hey, I'm on mobile and have no idea how to ask on your writing blog, but for the drabble-pairing prompts you're doing can you please do Burrfayette, 62? Thank you so much, and I love your writing!!

#62 “It’s only one night, we’ll just share the bed.”

“I’m going to kill Hamilton.”

Aaron and Lafayette stood together in the hotel room, staring at the lone bed, Aaron fuming and Lafayette grinning to himself. Why they allowed Alexander to book rooms AGAIN was beyond him.

“Ah, little Burr, it is not so bad,” the Frenchman said, throwing his bag haphazardly on the ground and proceeding to throw himself on the bed, “it is only one night, we will just share the bed.”

Aaron stared at him as he patted the area beside him invitingly.


“Do not make me come over there and get you.”

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Psssst! I wanted to share with you how I find Hakyeon's short legs and the little squish under his chin to be super cute >///<

pssst~ his legs are wonderful indeed *////* my reaction to this photo was “!!!!!!!!!!” didn’T NEED TO BE ATTACKED OUT OF NOWHERE щ(ಠ益ಠщ) 

and i agree omgdjasfhaldkjfaljd

and and and his moles too eeeeeeeeeeeee

his neck kkk kk as well ngnhnghnhngnhngnghn

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gilbert/hunter - undress

“Do I look alright?” asked Gilbert.

It was a loaded question, but the Hunter couldn’t help take the bait.

“Why do you ask?” they said. They were on their stomach on the bed they shared.

“You keep staring,” said Gilbert. He stood with his back to them, facing the full-length mirror set in the corner of the room. He had only just shucked off his shirt and thrown it onto the floor. It had been a long day – sweat covered them both. “Do I look sick again? Do I look fine?” 

He looked handsome, thought the Hunter, though they didn’t say it. Gilbert had regained his complexion; there was nothing sallow about him these days. But still, the man worried, and he prodded himself in front of the mirror. They had had this conversation countless times before. At the very least, such spirited talk meant he was in full health.

“If you didn’t like what I saw, I wouldn’t still be staring at you,” said the Hunter, chin propped up in their palm. They met his eyes in the mirror and smiled. 

“I’m never sure with you. You’d stare at a hangnail if it was interesting enough,” said Gilbert, fumbling with the tie on his pants. “Or gory enough, now that I think about it.” 

The Hunter laughed. “True.”

Runi’s still sleeping.

I forgot to post it, but Nuktuk did his homework in the bushes while Lin awkwardly stared earlier–it was amusing. Sorry I didn’t share. Anyway, Nuktuk has since migrated to the play room and is at the video games.

Lin and Atka are continuing their back and forth. Their relationship is slightly lower than before, but mostly is staying in the same spot.

Ryu is working on his homework now…

And Korra’s gotta go to work!

Ten things game

I got tagged by the lovely @yes-everhopeful , thanks darling 

  1. I suffer from social anxiety and this can lead to some serious panic attacks (as in heart racing, trembling, crying, nauseous, etc.) Such fun
  2. Ideally, I’d like to travel around the world for an entire year
  3. Don’t try to talk to me in the morning before I’ve had at least one cup of coffee. It’s not that I’ll snap at you or anything, I’d just grumble or stare. My body needs coffee in order to awaken
  4. If you share your food with me, we are best friends and you’re basically stuck with me
  5. I love a nice glass of red wine in the evening (or day, just give me wine)
  6. I’ve got two tattoos
  7. My first ever ship was Fran Fine & Maxwell Sheffield from The Nanny 
  8. I can eat ice cream at any given time 
  9. My favourite movie of all time is the Sound of Music (Julie Andrews is a queen, fight me!)
  10. I’m currently obsessed with the song The Game from Oscar and the Wolf 

I’m tagging: @charmingly-evil @sodapop99 @griffinskane @a-kabby-k @artisan-kom-kabbykru @tinkbooklover

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Dreadwing for meme thing :3c

  • First impression: Why u so angry. Why so serious
  • Impression now: I AM SORRY I AM SO SORRY
  • Favorite moment: Every time he throws his bombs with his awsm bomb throwing skills
  • Idea for a story: Dreadwing lives and Skyquake also miraculously lives and also nobody hates anyone, how’s that for a story
  • Unpopular opinion: Don’t have one
  • Favorite relationship: Dreadwing/Soundwave
  • Favorite headcanon: He would be super good friends with Cyclonus and they could both share a window for staring into space purposes.


* after having gone through three resets, they aren’t exactly unaware that time can work in ways that … they hadn’t thought should be possible. they’re grateful for it, though. it gives them the opportunity to meet their friends all over again. to become friends with them all over again, to solve puzzles more quickly and to discover more about the underground.

* however, they can’t really say they’ve ever met themselves before.

* they wonder how much they share in common. the person that they’re staring at looks almost exactly like them, but what if they’re totally different people? did the other frisk climb the mountain for the same reason that they did? ( in fact, maybe they chose a name other than frisk. )


* they tuck their stick into the belt loop of their pants to free their hands.

hello. my name is frisk. is it yours? ‘

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So I've been following you for awhile now, looooooooooooove your blog! But I just realized that you're the gorgeous woman I just stared following on Instagram! Thought I'd share the coincidence, see if you found it as funny as me lol

Hahaha that’s funny! A lot of people follow me here and don’t realise I’m on Instagram also.
Thanks for the kind words 💕