the star of my life

3am conversations

Boy: “I hope the sun will shine in the morning.”
Girl: “I don’t think it will, because it’s raining.”
Boy: “Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean the sun won’t show up.”
Girl: “I already know that, because after the rain comes the sun. I know that since I found you.” 

Why Keystone and RvB are so important to me. And also Coldplay music.

Be warned this post is sooo long lmao

For context: this chat

there is a whole…;story about why i have so many kids so young
which is also tied into me being an rvb fan
RvB saved me from an evangelical cult news at 11

i realized you could be anywhere between 30 and like 50+ and was like omg

yeah until 2013 I had not worn pants or trimmed my hair since 1999
also this is why i know nothing of popular culture in the 00s

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I gaze out, to the stars. I remember the first time I saw real stars, through the hatch window. They were beautiful then, but now, seeing them here, all around me, beautiful feels like an            inadequate         word. I see the stars as a part of the universe, and having spent my life behind walls, suddenly having none fills me with both awe and terror. Emotion courses through my veins, choking me. I feel so   insignificant  a tiny speck surrounded by a   million    stars. A million suns. Centuries away. “   ( indie poe dameron as written by mikki. promo by @speculae )


Team Teen: Convergence at Gravity Falls, The Complete Saga