the star fox

While all of yall are over here freaking out over clown names, us twitter users have just been treated to Feminist Frequency calling out Nick Robinson of polygon for his tweet about jacking off to Krystal from Star Fox.

Imagine being a video editor or publicist or whatever for Feminist Frequency, staring at your phone because you only produce 20 minutes of content a year, and Anita Sarkisian, your boss, writhes into your office demanding to know if you ever jerked off to some naked Avatar-looking vixen from a decade old Star Fox spin-off.

Because that apparently actually happened to several people yesterday.

anonymous asked:

did something bad happen with nick robinson because i don't want my griffin/nick ship to be ruined

Nick Robinson tweeted about how he liked to crank his hog to Krystal from Star Fox as a joke and Feminist Frequency tried to drag him for it to no avail. 


Finally got to continuing this series and altered some of the older ones. Going to culminate in a large image with all the characters featured in the posters. Hope you all enjoy! :D