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Daytime Pines!

[Sunset: Stanford; Sunrise: Stanley; Midday: Mabel; Midnight: Dipper]



I have friends who haven’t caught up yet. don’t look at this, spoilers.

So I’m not usually super interested in all the Gravity falls alternate universes, buuuuuuut I read this funny comic by humming-fly​ and suddenly my creative juices exploded. In a less traumatic universe where two twin brothers didn’t fight and instead bought a boat and traveled the world, there comes a day when their two great niece and nephew come to spend the summer with them on their boat of mystery. hilarity ensues. long buried mysteries become uncovered. the  show ends up being heart wrenching anyway.

Most of these were inspired by the title sequence. so what do ya’ll think? 

Baby in the making *Partially NSFW*

               When Stanley had first found out that he was pregnant he was without a doubt terrified- his heart beat was frantic and many tears had been spilled, yet after talking to his twin about the discovery, after confessing his fears and inner turmoil- and hours of passionate kisses and bouts of love making- Stanley found himself excited at the thought of soon having a baby to coddle and love…

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Daily Doodle! 3/24/16
I don’t know if this has already been done, but I thought I would give it a shot! I thought about that meme with the psychic reading ‘your’ mind, and then being “WTF?” Also I was watching “The Last Mabelcorn” today….