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With a stroke of his pen, Trump can completely undo the historic victory at Standing Rock

In a historic but conditional victory for the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, the United States Army Corps of Engineers chose not to grant an easement Sunday allowing the Dakota Access oil pipeline to burrow under Lake Oahe.

But the victory depends largely on a friendly federal government being in power. The administration of President Barack Obama was sympathetic enough to delay — if not definitively block — construction on the pipeline by supporting a re-route plan and more thorough investigation of the project’s potential environmental impact.

But there’s no guarantee President-elect Donald Trump will honor the decision. The new president-elect isn’t just openly antagonistic toward environmental causes; in 2000, Trump bankrolled a series of racist attack ads to prevent the St. Regis Mohawk tribe in New York from building casinos that competed with his in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The campaign claimed that Mohawk-run gambling facilities would bring “increased crime,” “broken families” and “violence” to the area, according to the Los Angeles Times. Read more

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The presentation of Standing Rock as a “non-violent” event erases the fact that forcing the Oceti Sakowin to take this approach was itself an act of colonial violence. Don’t co-opt the strategy at Standing Rock as part of an anti-gun/pro-pacifism ideology, because it ignores the nuances of our anti-colonial struggle (and rather blatantly that our culture is historically not pacifist.)

And DO NOT use it as a means to police the organizing methods of other communities.

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‘It’s the silver water serpent coming from the air to beat the black snake’

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe and other protesters of the Dakota Access Pipeline temporarily won their battle Sunday when the pipeline’s builder’s were denied a permit to continue construction underneath the Missouri River.

The defeat of an energy company by indigenous activists shows what nonviolent unity can accomplish.   

The chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in North Dakota told Reuters on Monday that he would like people who are not Sioux to leave the protest area near the route of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

“I’m asking them to go,” Dave Archambault III told the wire service, saying that the Obama administration “did the right thing,” and that he hoped to “educate the incoming administration” of President-elect Donald Trump.

“Nothing will happen this winter,” he said.

Throughout the summer and fall, members of the tribe have been joined by protesters from elsewhere. In November, some protesters were injured when police used concussion grenades and water hoses to disperse groups of demonstrators in freezing weather.

Standing Rock Leader Asks Those Who Are Not Sioux To Leave Pipeline Protest Area

Photo: Cassi Alexandra for NPR

The victory at Standing Rock serves as a bright moment in what has been a dark year for civil rights movements and people of color across the world. Isolationist movements like Brexit, the election of Donald Trump and the resurgence of white nationalism in the U.S. have put the sovereignty and safety of refugees and indigenous people around the world in jeopardy. The Standing Rock resistance, for many progressives,represents a tangible victory at a time when protest has seemed ineffective.

“We don’t often get these victories without bloodshed,” said Richard Gonzalez, an indigenous veteran. “We demonstrated to the world that yes, there is a way.”

Some of the indigenous here are skeptical, after centuries of abuse, that the federal government has suddenly come to their rescue. But even as the future of the Standing Rock struggle remains uncertain, the Lakota people have demonstrated, through resilience and unity, the way forward for resistance movements as racist, xenophobic and authoritarian power flexes its might.

— Jack Smith IV, The victory at Standing Rock shows us all the way forward

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Gay Aphobe: Headcanoning gay characters as ace is homophobic because it steals representation from the gay community


While many are rejoicing now, others stay cautious, saying the fight is not over. No-DAPL activists like Stephanie Big-Eagle are making sure people never forget the historic fight at Standing Rock:

“The Thunderbird represents Great Spirit, who watches over and guides all of the protectors at Standing Rock. The tail of the thunderbird is a tipi, which represents the woman (life-giver).

“Beneath the tail flows the river of life, carrying within it the seven bands of the Oceti Sakowin (Great Sioux Nation), whose ancestors foretold of a time when all nations would heal and unite as one after many generations of suffering.”

Tattooers in 34 States + 15 Countries raising $81K+

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Sunday was a historic day at Standing Rock, but the major Sunday shows completely ignored the protests again!? 

While the main Sunday shows ignored it, CNN’s Brian Stelter and MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid covered #NoDAPL in depth. And of course, no one covered this story better than Amy Goodman and Democracy Now.

“This isn’t a tattoo fad or a bandwagon to hop on. This tattoo is very significant to me, my roots, history, my elders, and the future of my relatives.” - Carl “Charly Horse” De La Riva (@carldelarivaart)

Tattooers in 34 States + 15 Countries raising $81K+

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