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Aftermath, Part II

(The letter comes by raven, stained by weather, sealed by twine.)

Squire Rivercroft,

My time in the City has shown me many things.  The depths of the depravity of souls, beyond anything demons inflict on us.  The heartache of love turned to hate.  The tragedy of children forced to grow old before their time, dealing with horrors some grown souls have never dared imagine.

In all of this, there are a few souls who stand up to represent the best that can be found within the souls of mortals.  Hope.  Charity.  Conviction.

You had a moment of weakness.  From what Lady Reinhardt implies, it was likely at the behest of dark sorcery.  But what you said, though tinged with anger and frustration, needed to be said.

Secrets poison the soul.  They turn into resentment, as you saw when the magic forced it to the surface.  Though this was likely not confronted in the way you would have wished, at least now it can be faced.  You can move past this with the Lady Reinhardt, and you can both grow.  Her in her awareness of what she means to you; as for you, facing this will allow you to stop wondering at the possibilities and find your own path.  Your own love.  Your own future.

I am truly sorry for what passed between us.  Blows and words.  You were right.  I am a man of ideals that perhaps no soul can live up to.  Gilmina deserves better.  Lady Reinhardt deserves better.  You deserve better.

I wish you clear conviction and a path of truth and honor.  I will find a way to make this up to you some day.  Until then, I know you will find a way to be a knight of justice, morality, and compassion.  All of it is in you.  I truly believe that.


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So all 6 parts of my pynch soulmate AU wip are up on AO3. I hope this is helpful!

BBRae Week Fall 2015 - Day 7 - Halloween!

The day had finally come. It was Halloween. The dead would rise and walk alongside the living, all sorts of monsters would take over the cities and villages, and mortals would appease their rage with offerings.

Or at least, that was what legends told.

Everyone chose the best costume and went out trick or treating or partying, or they would stay at home telling ghost stories or watching horror movies. Whatever activity was chosen, the outcome would always having a terrific time.

Jump City was said to be one of the United States’ capitals of entertainment. Every holiday was a big deal, and meant impressive decoration and spectacles throughout the city. People would always participate on the different activities they were offered. This meant the city’s celebrities would be in for whatever celebration was in store, too.

In this case, it was Halloween night. The Titans had organized a costume party at the tower and both the Titans East and the Honorary Titans would be attending. This year it would be a thematic party centered on geek culture, and the Titans West had filled a box with lots of papers, with character names written on them. Each hero and heroine would have to pull out one and disguise at whatever character they got. A designated person of trust (which everyone agreed that it should be Raven) would pull out Titans East’s and the Honorary Titans’ (except for Jinx and Kid Flash, who were at running distance from anywhere) costumes and send them to them. The sorceress dutifully sent all invitations along with the designated costume, but no one expected her to actually participate.

As usual, the situation had been caused by something Beast Boy said. When Robin explained the plans for the year, Raven muttered one of her trademark “oh joy”. She actually liked Halloween and she’d make brief appearances on the parties, but she’d only accept to take part on some of the traditional activities since those were the ones that “ made sense”. Also, her costumes would always be horror–themed. So when she found out that she’d have to dress as a character from whatever silly crap her male teammates enjoyed, she was beyond upset. Generally, being told what to wear at any time would have a similar outcome.

Of course, it was Beast Boy’s duty to frown upon her lack of enthusiasm.

“Oh, come on, Raven! Would it kill you to do something fun for once?”

The girl’s first instinct was to remind him that she didn’t do fun, but then something clicked in her brain. It was always him, always trying to make her do things she didn’t want to do so she wouldn’t be alone. He claimed to care about her, but he could be extremely mean if she didn’t want to participate. He had once called her creepy, and then she gave away how much that had hurt. Was he really that clueless, or was he just that much of a jerk?

Whatever the case, that time did it. The worst emotion combo there could be took over her mind. Rage wanted to teach the brat a lesson, whilst Brave wanted to prove how wrong he was. As a result, Raven silently glared at the changeling, got up, and took a paper from the box. He didn’t say a word for the rest of the meeting.

Since she wasn’t into geek culture, Raven had to look up who her character was and what the outfit described consisted of. She could have asked her friends, but one of the rules for the party was that no one was supposed to know what the others were dressing as until the day came and they saw one another, she had to investigate by herself.

What she found almost made her take back her bold actions and refuse to even step on the party.

“This is… oh Azar, I understand now why the boys like that stupid movie so much” she moaned. She really wasn’t looking forward to appear dressed like that in front of everyone, and though her mind tried to form plausible excuses for her not to attend the stupid Halloween party, she was aware that if she backed away, she’d be considered a coward.

She might not be into that kind of clothes, but her pride was a lot stronger than her modesty. Mustering up some courage, she started to work on the infamous costume.

And so, the day had finally come.

Everyone had their costumes ready, and they would now show them to the rest of the heroes. Robin happily pranced around the tower in his Speck costume from Space Treck. Like every year, he kept his mask on, which earned him some mocking comments from his friends. The Boy Wonder didn’t actually care about that, as he knew he had aced the costume. He even got some fake ears!

Beast Boy was overjoyed in his Markie McRun from Back To The Past costume. He loved the movies and the character; to the point where he had attended a recent event in which the most famous scene in the movie -when Markie arrived to the future in a time-travelling car- was represented.

When he saw Robin in his costume, he couldn’t help but snicker.

“Dude, you can’t pull out pointy ears!”

“Shut up! At least I’m not wearing a life vest”

And so, an argument about who had the most ridiculous costume ensued. Just then, Cyborg got in the room, wearing a Jon Blizzard from Game Of Crowns costume. He even got a curly black wig.

“Will you two stop? It’s obvious that you both look ridiculous next to me” he joked.

The two males were going to reply when Starfire appeared behind Cyborg.

“How do I look, friends?” she inquired, floating her way to the center of the common room.

“Wow, you definitely got the best costume, Star!” Beast Boy replied, impressed by his friend’s work.

She had to wear a genderbent costume of Lieutenant USA from The Revengers. At first, she had some reservations about wearing something that would hide her skin from the sun, but since the party would be held at night; she decided that not getting sunlight wouldn’t be a problem. She wore the complete outfit, along with the shield; but she had decided against putting on the mask, as it would grease her hair.

“Thank you, my friend” she said, smiling warmly “Your costume is most splendid, too!”

“Ha! She said MY costume is splendid, not yours Rob!” the changeling mocked his leader.

“No way, Star! I look much better than him, right?”

“Oh, quit it, you two! My costume is the absolute best!” Cyborg chimed in.

“I believe that we should see friend Raven’s costume before deciding” the alien princess tried to avoid further fights “Is she still in her room?”

“Forget it, Star. She’ll probably say she’s ill or something” Beast Boy grumbled. She always said she appreciated some alone time, and while most of the time he believed her, he actually knew better. From that time with Malchior, he knew how lonely she truly felt, and he had done everything in his power to tell her that it was okay to open up. But she wouldn’t listen.

His thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice.

“Must you always put your foot on your mouth?”

Everyone’s jaws hit the floor.

It was Raven.

In an enslaved princess Leila from Clash Of The Planets costume.

The sorceress was wearing a metallic bikini painted gold, a golden choker and some khaki boots. A very thin burgundy cloth hung loosely from the bikini panties. She even got a slave chain hanging from her choker.

“Friend Raven, you look glorious!” Starfire exclaimed, flying to her side to give her one of her typical bone-crushing hugs.

“You wouldn’t say the same if you knew how much your boyfriend’s enjoying this costume” the asphyxiated girl thought, glaring at her blushing leader and hoping he’d get the hint. Thankfully, he did, and he quickly focused on something else.

When the alien princess finally stopped her torture, Raven took a furtive glance at a certain green someone. He seemed at a loss for words, again. She mentally cheered.

Cyborg was the next to react.

“Just where do you think you’re going in that, young lady?”

Raven blinked.

“Isn’t the party held in here? I don’t need to go anywhere”

“Leave your sarcastic replies for the grass stain, Raven, I’m serious!” the half-robot exclaimed “That costume’s just indecent!”

The empath crossed her arms in a defensive manner.

“Look, you guys wanted me to participate in this stupid idea. My paper said I had to dress this way, and so I’ve done. And now you bug me because I’m taking part?”

“You weren’t supposed to get that paper!” Cyborg whined “I only put it in so one of the guys got it and we could have some laughs!”

“Well, then you shouldn’t have made an unisex box!” she retorted.

The metallic man was desperate. Sure, it was nice to see his “little sister” taking part in the thematic Halloween party, but not when she was wearing such a skimpy dress -if you could call it that- and lots of male Titans were going to be there. She’d get a lot more attention than what he considered acceptable. Looking around, he saw that Robin had followed Starfire to the kitchen to prevent her from cooking something poisonous. He only had one possible supporter.

“BB, tell her that I’m right! That costume’s just not appropriate!”

The shapeshifter didn’t seem to hear him at first. Blinking, he slowly turned to his best friend.

“I don’t know, man… It looks really good” he answered, his pointy ears turning deep red “A-and it probably took her a lot of work to get all that together, it’d be a shame if she had to throw it away”

Cyborg couldn’t believe his sensors. What in the world was happening?

Before he could form an answer, the doorbell rang. They had arrived.

Muttering something unintelligible, the man left to open the door.

All the Titans were now in the tower, wearing their costumes and having the time of their lives. As Cyborg predicted, Raven’s costume had got a lot of attention. Even though she spent most of the night sitting on the circular couch, a male Titan would always appear to try to flirt with her. She dismissed most of their attempts, making Beast Boy sigh in relief. Just when he thought that maybe he could approach her and spend some time with her, he appeared.

Aqualad a.k.a. Fish Dude.

He had got Bloodpool, the coolest comic book anti hero ever. The tight uniform showed off his lean but muscular body, making most Titan females gawk at him. He had his insufferable confident smile, and every little gesture from him screamed “smooth”.

He was Beast Boy’s friend, but that night he hated him.

Raven didn’t seem bothered by his presence at all. They seemed to be enjoying some small talk, but she was blushing slightly and shooting small smiles, which meant he was probably complimenting her in a more than elegant way. The changeling’s blood boiled. He left to the other corner of the common room, where the kitchen was.

“Cy, look at him! He’s making her laugh” he complained, sitting beside his friend “I’ve been trying to get her to laugh for years, and then that prick comes and in a few minutes he’s got her girly giggling!”

Cyborg then understood why the shapeshifter was okay with the empath’s costume, but seeing him so down, he felt unable to be mad at him.

“I know that feeling, bro” he confessed “It really sucks to see someone else taking the girl you’d die for”

The green teen sighed. He felt like leaving the party and hiding in his room for the rest of the night.

“You know, grass stain” the older hero continued “The Titans East and the Honorary Titans are really cool and all, but you’re the only guy I’d trust around my lil’ sis’”

“Yeah, she obviously thinks differently” the shapeshifter spat bitterly.

Raven couldn’t believe what was happening.

Aqualad, the hottest Titan ever, had noticed her. He was even flirting with her! The empath could barely follow the conversation, nervous as she was. Both her and Starfire had always had a crush on him, but he had never seemed interested in either heroine. But now, he was clearly focusing on her, asking her questions about magic and listening intently. He even told her a bit about himself.

“Yeah, in Atlantis we’ve got some spells for that too” he was saying “I know some Atlantean magic, I could show you someday”

Was he asking her out?

“What do you say?”

He was asking her out!

“Uh… well… I would love that, thanks” she managed to stutter, hoping he wouldn’t notice how red her face was. He smiled one of his prince Charming smiles.

“Great” he replied “Uh… Would you like to go somewhere more quiet? You know, since those two aren’t…” the Atlantean whispered, pointing at Jinx and Kid Flash, who were shamelessly making out on the other corner of the couch.

As if on cue, the pair left. Raven picked some frustration from Aqualad. Then they saw Robin and Starfire leaving, too, and she detected the same longing from the pair as from her partner. She felt apprehension, as she understood why he wanted to be alone with her. Was he only interested in her because of her looks?

Before she could answer, Speedy made the music stop. He had been teased about his elven princess costume, but he wore it with dignity.

“Everyone, listen up! We’re not doing anything Halloween-related, and it’s a shame!” he announced. All the Titans in the common room were silently listening to him “How about we play a horror game?”

The heroes started to talk at once. Aqualad saw his opportunity to impress Raven.

“I know! Today the spirits are supposed to come to the world of the living. I say we try Charlie Charlie!”

Most of the people in the room seemed to agree. Raven just stared at the young man, dumbfounded.

“You can’t be serious”

“Come on, Raven, don’t tell me you’re scared of a stupid game” he laughed, while Speedy gathered the material required to play.

“It’s not that!” she rebutted “You have no idea what you’re suggesting, that’s not even the game’s real name!”

“Hey, it’s okay to be afraid of the supernatural” he joked “But as I told you, I’m used to it. It doesn’t scare me. Just play with me, I can assure you that nothing bad will happen to you”

“Do you even listen?” she gritted her teeth. Seeing that no one was listening to her warnings and the only other person with enough knowledge about the supernatural was who knows where doing who knows what with her speedster boyfriend, she decided to leave the heroes with their stupidity.

Aqualad didn’t even try to follow her, as he was too invested in conversation with Argent, whose comic book heroine costume was no less revealing than hers. She felt like a complete idiot.


The empath turned to see Beast Boy. He looked worried.

“Don’t you want to play with them?” she bitterly said.

The changeling shook his head.

“You told Fish-dude they shouldn’t play”

Raven sighed.

“He’s an idiot. He just wanted to impress me and have his way with me” her head fell “But I was a bigger idiot for thinking he was genuinely interested in me”

The empath felt a hand caressing her cheek and lifting up her head softly.

“He’s the biggest idiot” he told her with a confidence she had never seen before “He just saw your looks, and he didn’t even bother trying to get to know you. He doesn’t deserve someone like you”

Raven couldn’t help but blush at Beast Boy’s comment. He also felt that his words were genuine.

He could be so sweet sometimes…

“Thank you” she replied, smiling softly and making his heart skip one beat.

“No problem, Rae” he sighed “Anyway, why is that game so bad?”

“Ignorants like Aqualad think that it’s a new game someone made up on the internet” she explained “But the truth is that it’s much older. It comes from Latin America and it was traditionally played by young women, in order to find answers about their future love life”

“It doesn’t sound too bad” the changeling admitted.

“It is that bad. You are summoning spiritual entities in order to ask the questions. It’s not a small deal; if you do anything disrespectful or wrong, something really bad could happen to you” the sorceress cleared out “The supernatural isn’t something people should mess with”

Beast Boy nodded in understanding. Then, a wicked idea crossed his mind. He grinned and put a hand on Raven’s shoulder.

“I know what to do! We’ll teach Fish-dude a lesson!”

Many Titans had gathered around Aqualad, whom they had name Ceremony Master. He was sitting on the floor with Argent’s head on his shoulder. In front of him lay a piece of paper and two pencils forming a cross. On the paper there were written the words “yes” and “no” twice.

“Are you there, Charlie?” he asked. “Will you let us play?”

Suddenly, the upper pencil slowly moved towards the “yes” sign. Everyone in the room gasped.

“Okay, now make your questions, one by one”

“Why don’t you start?” Speedy requested, looking a bit uneasy.

“Okay, since you’re chicken shit” the Atlantean smugly replied.

“I’m not!”

“You’re so!”

“Why don’t you just ask the spirit?”

“Fine!” Aqualad spat “Is Speedy a total chicken?”

The pencil moved towards “no”. The redhead snickered.

“See? I was right!”

“Well, why don’t you ask something now, since you’re so smart?” Aqualad growled.

“Okay, Charlie” Speedy nervously managed to say “So… are you a friendly spirit?”

Everybody in the room audibly gulped when the pencil moved towards “no”. Argent tightened her grip on Aqualad.

“Do something!” she pleaded “That spirit’s pissed!”

“I… don’t know…” the Atlantean stammered.

The heroine was visibly scared, like everyone else in the room. Since the guy she was holding onto had no idea what to do, she decided to speak up.

“Are you… are you going to hurt us?”

The pencil pointed at “yes”. Then, a shadowy apparition came out of nowhere, screeching like a banshee. It had red eyes and jet black tendrils, and it was reaching out to trap the heroes.

None of them had run faster or screamed louder in their whole lives. In less than one second, the room was empty.

The apparition turned into a laughing Raven. A tiny green ant emerged from under the pencils, and turned into Beast Boy. He was bending from laughter.

“Dude, did you see their faces? They’re not coming back in years” he managed to say between fits of laughter.

Raven sighed, finally able to stop.

“Do you think Robin will get mad at us?”

“Nah, he’s too busy making out with Star somewhere” the changeling replied.

“What about Cyborg? He wasn’t even playing”

“Well, just a moment before you left, Bumblebee came and… well, they’ve disappeared together”

Raven sighed, smiling softly. At least the Titans West wouldn’t find out about their little prank.

“Hey, Raven?”

The sorceress turned to the shapeshifter. He had one fist up, pointing at her and waiting. Feeling a smile forming on her face, she brought out her own fist and made it collide with his.

The pair spent the rest of the party together, laughing at the heroes who came back after realizing no evil spirit was chasing them and exchanging sly grins when the three disappeared couples finally came back.

Once the party was over and everyone went back home, the Titans West cleaned the tower from the remnants of the event. When they were done, it was really late, so they all left to sleep, except for two people.

“You know” Raven said “I’ve had quite a nice day. Thanks”

“Me too, Rae” Beast Boy replied, beaming brightly. This time, she didn’t bother to correct him, as her mind was occupied with something else.

“I’m really disappointed about Aqualad, I thought he was more mature than that” she grumbled.

Before he knew what he was doing, the changeling was holding the empath’s hands.

“Don’t be! I told you, he doesn’t deserve you!”

“He’s a prick, on that I agree” she conceded “But it’s not like I could do any better. He was only interested in me because I’m wearing this” she motioned her revealing costume “Many of the Honorary Titans tried to flirt with me today, but all of them wanted the same. I misread him, I thought he was different… but in the end it was all the same” she finished sadly.

“That’s not true!” Beast Boy insisted “True, you look really hot on that” at this point Raven’s eyes widened, but the changeling felt that he should keep speaking “But there’s so much more to you! I know it, I’ve seen it, I…”

The shapeshifter was suddenly hushed by one of the sorceress’ thin fingers, that she placed on his lips. The smile she was displaying was the biggest and brightest he had ever seen.

“You don’t need to say anything” she whispered “I’m already hearing it from your heart”

Raven then removed her finger from Beast Boy’s lips, only to replace it by her own. The changeling nearly melted into the kiss.

It had, indeed, been the best Halloween ever for both.

In Qrow’s defense

People deal with stressful situations differently.

For example, Blake ran away after accidentally revealing she was a fanus and a member of the white fang. She also stayed up day and night trying to find out information about Torchwick all throughout Volume 2. She admits herself that she ‘runs away’ from her problems. This is something some people do not agree with, because running away from problems solves nothing.

These are flaws, it means she is human (Or Fanus).

The same goes for Qrow, who by the way is also a very stressed out character. Let’s remember that Qrow lost both his sister and his team mate and friend. We see how deep bonds can form on teams just from watching teams like RWBY and JNPR, Weiss even started to let go of her prejudice of fanus for Blake’s sake and well being.

Some people might argue that Qrow shows no signs of caring about anything, but I disagree.

Those are probably tear stains on Raven in this picture, he obviously misses his sister a lot.

Look at the face Qrow makes when Yang mentions her mom.

That’s not the face of a man that doesn’t love his sister.

Qrow deals with the stress by drinking, by fighting, by yelling and in this case, by making comments. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t love Yang and this doesn’t mean he is not supporting her. It means that his niece might have broke a guys leg on TV and he has no idea what to do.

His bad behavior is a defense mechanism, it is used to cope with his problems. It doesn’t make his actions right, but it doesn’t make him a complete jerk either.

I am not at all surprised that he would see Yang, and try to turn it all into a joke. 

Qrow is a flawed character and that’s ok.

Also, let’s be honest:

This man loves his neices

Coffee Girl (Calum Imagine)

Info: It’s been such a slow day at work, and you’re ready to leave. You’re too bored to even notice the person right in front of you. You are machine like when you give him the coffee and as he turned to walk away you feel an immense sting. At the same you both pull your hands away and the coffee splats all over your uniform. You look up at the guy, and instantly your boring day has turned around.

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