the stag magazine

Bill Everett, October 1968. 

Back before Marvel Comics was its own entity, Marvel was owned by a parent company, Magazine Management Co., who produced a number of magazines alongside their comics output, many of them men’s magazines. 

This non-Code approved spy spoof one-shot comic collected a number of strips featuring the titular feline that previously appeared in various mags, and were drawn by a number of noted good girl artists of the day, including Wally Wood, Bill Ward, Bill Everett, and Jim Mooney, with Stan Lee as a contributing writer.

(Like Mad Magazine, they worked around the restrictive Comics Code by the loophole of format – even though this black and white magazine was comic strips, it wasn’t considered a ‘comic book’.) 

Magazine Management was bought out by Perfect Film & Chemical Corporation in 1968, right around the time Pussycat here got her only solo outing, and Magazine Management would eventually be formally renamed Marvel Comics Group in 1973 … although several magazines like Stag and Male – which started out as 'men’s adventure’ pulps with fiction, girlie cartoons, and only the occasional pin-up in a bikini, eventually became straight-up cover-to-cover nude pictorials with sexually explicit articles – were published under the 'Magazine Management’ banner until the mid-to-late 1970s, when they were finally discontinued. 

Stag had first been published in 1942, not long after Timely debuted Captain America, and had a run of 314 issues until the final one in 1976, long after Spider-Man and the Hulk had become pop culture icons.

And that, kids, is the story of how Disney eventually bought themselves a former porn publisher turned superhero entertainment empire.

Sleeping lion 6

Pairing: Phan

Genre: fluff/ angst

Warnings: mpreg / operation (not Graphic) 

Summary:  A Baby, what could possibly go wrong with that?

Thanx to my Beta manlylester

Part 5


It was harder to organise a wedding than I thought. We couldn’t agree on the location and who to invite. Phil wanted to invite everyone. He even mentioned a YouTube live stream. I would like it small, only our close relatives and friends, somewhere private. The only things we were quick to choose were our suits. I will wear a black one with leather applications including a black shirt and a leather bow tie. He chose the white one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s suite in The Great Gatsby.

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