the stag

Andrew Scott BBC Radio 1 Interview
  • Interviewer:When was the last time you forgot someone's name and you were like 'ah, I know this person'?
  • Andrew:Oh god, well do you know, that's what they say about actors, it's that terrible cliché about actors; 'Oh, hello Darling', because you work with so many people and it gets, y'know that awful thing where you get to that stage where you're like 'we spent four months together, this is awful', but that is why the internet is so fantastic cause you can literally go...
  • Interviewer:So as you meet them you look them up on the internet?
  • Andrew:I did it, do you know what, I did it last week, I was at a play in, uh, I saw a guy that I'd worked with and I was awful, he was such a nice guy and so I just went 'oh, do you know where the toilets are?' Yeah? Took out the phone, googled him, came back and said his name about 77 times after I came back, it was great.