the st. louis arch

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Headcanon that: MC gets stuck in an elevator with the RFA boys & she suddenly has a panic attack! I read somewhere that holding your breath can stop a panic attack and *nudge nudge* some people hold their breaths when they get kissed by surprise hihihihi

This is so cute!!

~I am claustrophobic so I relate to this lol. //war flashbacks of me in St. Louis. “go in the arch” they said “it’ll be fun” they said….i still feel so bad for the random guy riding up with us…

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◉ Yoosung

  • The elevator stopped moving
    • “Yoosung what did you do?!”
    • “I don’t know, MC it’s just stopped moving what the heck?!”
  • You both ran over and started pushing the buttons like mad
    • “Keep going Yoosung we have to get out of here!!!”
  • Still nothing
  • You were shaking by this point
  • Yoosung started to panic seeing how stressed out you were
  • You were both pacing around the elevator on the verge of tears
  • “Think, Yoosung, you have to distract her!”
  • His cheeks turned soooo red
  • You were still rambling
  • Superman Yoosung would save you!
    • “-much I didn’t do in life already and I don’t even know how long this air will last us an-”
  • Marches towards you and grabs you hard, cutting you off
  • Kisses you mid sentence
  • Omg you weren’t even thinking about anything else in that moment
  • The elevator dinged and the doors opened
    • “Ah! Run before it closes!”
  • He grabbed your hand and pulled you out
    • “Sorry about that, MC…it was the only thing I could think of,” he was blushing
  • You looped your arm in his
    • “No, I liked it…come on, let’s get to the apartment. I want you to do that again!”

◉ Jumin

  • You guys were coming back from lunch in the C&R building
  • And the elevator stopped
    • “This is odd…” Jumin pushed the buttons to try and get it rolling again
  • Nothing was happening
  • Jumin was so busy focusing on pressing the buttons
  • Then he whipped out his phone but had no service?
    • “What a strange string of events. MC, could you check your phone and-”
  • He turned around to see you struggling to breathe
  • “Why didn’t I know she doesn’t like small spaces?”
  • He didn’t hesitate for a moment after that
  • Whips you close to him so fast!!!
  • Pulls you in for a deep kiss
  • And you keep kissing and kissing
  • and kissing
  • The doors open and you’re still kissing
  • Jaehee is just standing there…
    • “Ahem…Mr. Han……Mr. Han?………..Mr. HAN!”
  • He pulls away from you finally and you step out
    • “We got stuck. I needed to calm her,” he explained
    • “Interesting…Well, I hate to pull you away from your rescue mission but there are documents that need signing.”

◉ Zen

  • He pushed the button once again
    • “What the hell? it’s not working?” Zen noted
    • “Are you sure you’re pushing the right thing?” your voice was shaky and you ran over to press it for yourself
  • Nothing was moving
    • “See?” Zen replied
  • Oh no
  • You dropped your shopping bags
    • “Zen use your strength and pry the doors open!!” you screamed
    • “Pry the…are you insane? I mean, I AM strong, but. I don’t think i coul-”
  • He stopped himself
  • You were shaking really bad and it looked like you were having trouble catching your breath
  • Your eyes were really wide
  • Protector mode-activated
  • Swirled you around
  • Pressed his hand against the small of your back and another on the back of your head
  • Pulled you in for a sweet kiss
  • He felt you relax and wrap your arms around him
  • The door popped open soon afterwards
  • He grabbed your bags and then scooped you up
  • Carrying you in his arms
    • “Don’t worry, Princess! Your knight will always be here to save you!”

◉ Saeyoung

  • It had been a while now and you didn’t feel any movement
    • “I think this stupid thing is broken,” Saeyoung said casually
    • “Very funny. Press the damn button already,” you huffed
    • “I’m serious. It doesn’t work,” he slammed the buttons with his hand and then kicked the wall lightly
    • “Saeyoung. I swear. If this is another prank I’m going to kill you,” your voice was stern but quivering
    • “MC, I swear. This isn’t a prank, I can’t get it to go.”
  • You pushed him aside and slid your hands down the wall of buttons, trying to press anything to make it work
    • “Work damn it, WORK!”
  • You were panicking and hitting the buttons now
  • You started to cry
  • Saeyoung was getting flustered at you crying
  • He didn’t want to see you panicking like this
  • You felt a tug on your arm and Saeyoung pushed you against the elevator wall
  • Wiped your tears away
  • He pressed his lips into your own and was kissing you deeply
  • The elevator doors suddenly opened
  • But you stayed right where you were and let them close again


◉ Saeran

  • He looked angry
    • “This stupid piece of shit,” he kicked the doors
  • He had been pressing buttons forever now and this dumb thing wasn’t budging
  • He was groaning and huffing when he noticed you were being really quiet all of a sudden
  • He turned to see you in the corner
  • Your eyes were all wet?
  • And you were clutching at your chest a little bit taking deep breaths
  • He knew what was happening
  • “Shit”
  • He pulled your shaking frame into his
  • And kissed you hard
  • He didn’t stop until the door finally opened
  • Slowly he pulled away
    • “Saeran…you’re blushing,” you smiled
    • “No I’m not,” he stuck his tongue out at you
  • He grabbed your hand into his
    • “Come on, let’s get out of here before this old piece of crap breaks down again”

honestly i think the reason as to why percy is so hard to place in one hogwarts house is because of the fact that he displays such strong qualities that overlap between the houses. if we look at the qualities that percy possesses compared to the characteristics stated in the sorting hat’s song, he embodies almost all of them. 

foremost, in the gryffindor verse it says that gryffindors are brave at heart, and are daring, have great nerve, and are chivalrous. We have seen throughout many books that he is indeed brave and daring, and he does have nerves of steel at some points (ex, jumping off the st. louis arch and falling with annabeth into tartarus). He also shows great acts of chivalry & this aspect is also seen throughout other parts of his personality

as for the hufflepuff verse, it says that members of the house are just and loyal, as well as being patient and unafraid of toil. clearly, percy displays a lot of loyalty throughout the books, whether it be for annabeth or his mom or for his camp. he is also not afraid of fighting anyone or anything in order to protect those he is loyal to.

in the ravenclaw verse it is less obvious that percy shares some similarities to that house (seeing as it talks about having a ready mind, having a lot of wit & will to learn) however, percy does display these qualities throughout both series, as he wants to learn any different things (ex. learning how to defeat kronos, learning how to unite both the greeks and romans, learning how to change the way he perceives the world). also he shows how witty he is through both his sense of humor and how fast his mind works in different situations (mostly fights, etc)

now the slytherin verse talks mostly about finding real friends, and calls slytherins cunning and ambitious. percy obviously cares a lot about finding his real friends (and he finds them in annabeth, grover, the seven (eventually), etc) so that’s a pretty obvious one. however percy is exceptionally cunning, whether it be in battle or just everyday life. correct me if im wrong, but im pretty sure annabeth in the books has said how intelligent percy is (even though he comes off as stubborn or oblivious at times)

in all honestly im not sure what kind of conclusion i was trying to make by writing all of this out, but the one i have come to is that all of these characteristics, although make him hard to classify in one house, show that percy is an exceptionally strong protagonist that exhibits powerful qualities that make him a hero.

Therefore, i am concluding that this whole sorting thing is kind of backwards because percy doesn’t really fit in any of the houses because he has shown that he belongs in all of them

Just one day left of our first real family vacation.

(despite the gif) I am having the best time of my life on this road trip with my family.

We left Wisconsin last Thursday, and have been to

Kansas City
New Orleans
Pass Christian, Mississippi
Baton Rouge
Hot Springs, Arkansas

And tomorrow we’ll see the St. Louis arch, and be off to home.

This has been an amazing experience.

Feeling so blessed.

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What spooks the spooksman?

Im scared of heights, first f all. I was in the St. Louis arch once and cried because I looked out and we were SO high up…

And lightning, it’s so damn LOUD!! 

Also I had a nightmare about a monkey once and I’m generally uneasy around primates in zoos and would break dwn and cry if there wasnt anything between me and them


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50 Years Ago: A Look Back at 1965

“A half-century ago, the war in Vietnam was escalating, the space race was in full swing, the Rolling Stones were on a world tour, the bravery of those who marched to Selma led to the passage of the Voting Rights Act, and the St. Louis Arch was completed. The United States occupied the Dominican Republic, Malcolm X was assassinated, NASA’s Mariner 4 flew by Mars, race riots erupted in Watts, California, and Muhammad Ali defeated Sonny Liston. Let me take you 50 years into the past now, for a photographic look back at the year 1965.”

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ARCHatlas is an abbreviation of ARCHITECTURE atlas which was the original vision for this blog (not sure if that has been accomplished). Each of them built to commemorate a important person or an significant event in history, each of them a beloved icon of their country. No explanation needed of why they are the best of the best.

Arc de Triumph, Paris, France

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Me watching the lightning thief movie

Me: Annabeth is suppose to be blonde
Me: They are suppose to be 12, not 17!
Me: Wait… Grover should be ginger!
Me: Where are the animals?
Me: What happened to Annabeth’s family life?
Me: Where’s Luke’s scar?
Me: Where is Clarisse?
Me: Where is the scene with Echidna?
Me: He never jumped off the St. Louis Arch!
Me: He never had a shield in Lightning Thief!
Me: Crusty’s water bed store…
Me: Waterland…
Me: …
Me: That never happened…
Me: Wasn’t in the book…
Me: Why are they doing this?!?
Me: Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!
Me: Uncle Rick how could you let this happen?!?
Me: *throws book at T.V.* I am so done