the squirrely dixon

A supply run. That was all it was supposed to be. 

But they had to be seriously desperate if they were looking for medical supplies in a high school. But in these times.. these conditions.. The begging – the living – could not afford to be choosy. He didn’t know why he’d chosen to go in alone. Maybe after months in their small group the reality of this nightmare was just too much. Maybe he was just hoping this would be his last trip, his last scavenge. Maybe his luck would finally run out. Mick was getting tired of this, this constantly moving life, nothing could ever be settled down again. He’d lost his wife. His daughter. Everything that made him whole.

The hallway was dark, and unfortunately, quiet. Staying silent, himself, Mick stuck close to the wall, ears alert for the faint shuffling of decaying bodies, milling aimlessly about. He’d been here before, to pick his daughter up. She’d been sent to the principal’s office. For what, he couldn’t remember. It didn’t matter now, did it. He shuffled past the office door, and held his well-used crowbar a little higher. The red cross light that had caught his eye just over a year ago had long since blown out. The glass had fractured, left behind a mutilated symbol of health. Checking the hall once more, he pushed the door open with some effort. 

Empty. Something didn’t settle right, here. Something was bound to go wrong, and Mick knew it was only a matter of time. He moved towards the nurse’s supplies, mumbling under his breath, doing his very best not to make a single sound, save for the soft shuffle of supplies. Bandages, aspirin, anything. They needed it. As much as he wanted to give in.. He wasn’t going to. He couldn’t. Right?

And while the human scrabbles in a desperate search for saving grace, a small group of undead shamble down the hall. Six, maybe. A few teachers. The janitor, and a young girl. Mutilated, bloodied, looking dilapidated and starved. Their need for flesh was great. A few splintered off, wandered into the gymnasium, leaving four to mix about the halls.