the squirrel prince

anonymous asked:

I just saw a picture of Hugh Dancy attracting squirrels (because Actual Fey Prince Dancy™) and that just reminded me of your squirrel/ animal friends. So really, whatever magical qualities Hugh Dancy has in attracting woodland creatures, you have as well ^_^

Nonny oh my goddddd you are the cutest. <3

I meant to reblog this earlier when it popped up on my dash but then I got distracted bUT


i am deceased tbh. If only my squirrel taming abilities were half as magical and adorable. But let’s look at one of my cuties as well since we’re already here

Squirrels are magic. Hugh Dancy is magic. 

Also now I want a Hannibal au where everything is the same only Will hoards squirrels instead of dogs.